Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 9

Chapter 09 “Descent of the Adorable Baby Fox (9)”

A strong emphasis was made on the last part while she narrowed her eyes.

“Mother, its I who brought these foxes here.” Biting his lip, a layer of water starts leaking out of Bai Xiachen’s eye, “I want a daddy. Can you choose one of them to be Daddy?”

Hearing those alarming words, the foxes staggered in unison and stumbled to the floor, their bodies shivering with fright.

Oh my little ancestor, can you not say something so scary? Be your father? Even if we got a thousand lives we wouldn’t dare!

Seeing the tears slowly forming on the boy, Bai Yan instantly softened her tone: “My baby, a fox cannot be your father, he must be someone your mother I agrees with. Do you understand?”

Knowing the danger has subsided, a glimmer of success flashed by the young boy’s iris. He knew this would work because it had never failed him before.

“Then why don’t we go find Daddy?” Bai Xiaochen jumps into his mother’s embrace.

Soft, mellow and small with a milky fragrance, he smelled nothing like a fox.

Against that demand, Bai Yan’s face instantly stiffened up.

Once again, the dangerous gaze of that man reappeared in her mind. “Mmm, your father is already dead.” Bai Yan randomly makes up an excuse to smother the idea.

“Mother, are you fooling me because I don’t read much? Daddy is alive, I can feel his existence.” Bai Xiachen purses his lip. Due to anger, his cute little cheek had taken on a reddish tone.

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Having her lie pointed out so openly, Bai Yan found herself in an embarrassing bind: “This… the truth is, mother here don’t know who your father is either. But if we do find your father, what would are you going to do if he wants to take you away from me?”

Going silent, Bai Xiachen honestly never considered the problem.

Daddy’s going to make himself and mother separate?

No! That won’t do! I won’t leave mother!

“Mother, I don’t want a father anymore, he will take me away.”

Bai Yan didn’t stop that sort of thinking. To her, this son was her all. She will never allow another take him away.

And if anyone really dares to rob her son…

She will die if she has to in order to kill him!


Liu Huo Kingdom.

Inside a certain residence, a seductively evil looking man makes an uncharacteristic sneeze.

Can it be someone is talking behind my back?

Must be those ministers of the Demon Realm.

Whatever, the urgent task at hand is to find that woman. How dare you rape me six years ago!

Just thinking of how he lost his virginity as soon as he came to this land, the seductively evil looking man would find his tooth itching with anger. If that woman were to stand in front of him now, he might lose to his impulses and shred the person to bits.


Back over at the dainty looking bamboo cabin, Bai Yan had already sat up from the couch, her body lazily stretching itself.

“Baby, tomorrow we will go see your grandshifu to say farewell, it’s time we left this place.”

Note: shifu is the Chinese way of saying master. I wanted to use it because it sounds better in this sort of story.

It’s been five years…

I wonder if those people still remember my existence.

Narrowing her eyes, even the temperature around Bai Yan had dropped as a result of the frost in her body.

“Mother, are we going to leave now?” Bai Xiachen jumps up and down with excitement, his happy face filled with innocence.

Hearing this, the foxes still inside the room all exhaled in relief, thank goodness, this little ancestor is finally leaving. Now we won’t have to be constantly on edge.

“Mother will bring you back to find your uncle. It’s been five years, I wonder if he’s doing well.”

In the Bai House, there’s only her brother Bai Xiao left whom she cares for.

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