After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 22 - : The New Captain

Chapter 22: The New Captain

Zhang Zhiyin who was leading for the first time did not have any experience at all. The example he thought of at the first moment was the head of his unit, Group Leader Uncle. Group Leader Uncle was a very good person. He had a standard Chuanpu. When they went out for dinner, he always stressed that “We do not propose to drink, we only drink at will”, and then after a while, “A cup of respect for a female colleague of mine”, “A cup of respect for the male colleague of mine” “Let’s have a cup together”… Later, when Zhang Zhiyin saw him, he conditioned reflex was to receive a headache like he was drunk.

He shook his head and drove Group Leader Uncle out from his mind quickly. He then went through all the people he met from his childhood to adulthood in his mind. At last, he silently felt that… In fact, maybe he could learn from Boss Yin?

Standing in the doorway of the building, Zhang Zhiyin shook his fist and gave himself an inward cheering. At the same time, he recalled the person deeply imprinted in his mind and quickly adjusted his facial expression.

The entire building looked exceedingly murky. Although it was only nine o’clock in the morning with clear weather outside, the building seemed like it was light-tight, thereby bringing a gloomy atmosphere. Dust was everywhere and the wallpaper was peeling off, revealing old dark yellow walls within them. It seemed to be spattered with blood of unknown origins. This whole atmosphere was just like a scene from a 3D thriller game.

However, did have a thriller element in it. Considering the market factors, it did not make some scenes or pictures too horrible.

As planned, the two speed ability users went out first to explore the path, and then everyone would follow when they indicated that there was no problem.

As it was in the game, there were only five or six loitering elite zombies on the first floor, which were soon wiped out by the team.

The wooden stairs leading inside were rotten and many of them were missing wooden pieces. When the team stepped on them, they made a creaky and groaning noise.

Halfway up, Zhang Zhiyin, who was walking in front, stopped and quietly raised his right hand to signal the people behind him to stop.

If one did not go in and come out, the first small boss strength-type zombie would be lying in ambush at the stairway entrance. As long as someone showed his head, it would pounce and tear off the person’s neck. It was written in the strategy that the skill of this little boss was to pounce and tear. Its defense was average but it was relatively fast. This was a boss with high speed, high attack, and low defense. The key to dealing with it was to restrict its movements.

His expression was calm as he said, “There’s a strength-type zombie with a higher level than the zombies below. It has low defense but high speed. In a while, I’ll attack and lead it down. The first battle team prepares your big moves to attack it directly; then Dadao and I will rush up from both sides and lure it to turn back and fight us… The second battle team will restrain its movements, and the first battle team will use their full strength at it! The assistant team on standby! Be careful not to let it touch your neck, otherwise, it may cause fatal injury.”

After a long speech without breathing, Zhang Zhiyin secretly glanced at the reaction of his team members at the corner of his eye. Zhang Zhiyin quietly breathed out a sigh— the effect seemed to be quite well.

Dadao who was standing at one side. He looked blankly at this powerful and mysterious captain that emerged suddenly. He couldn’t help but whisper, “Captain, how do you know all this so clearly?”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…” At the moment of hearing this question, his heart almost collapsed.

How did he know so clearly? Of course, it was written in the strategy! But could he tell the truth? No…

After two seconds, he resumed Dr. Y’s cool and expressionless face, “I heard it out.”

After more than a year of getting along with each other and looking at the face of the ultimate boss every day, Zhang Zhiyin was more than familiar with him. He learned Yin Nian’s expressions and manners through and through. If you take a look, he really resembled the unfathomable boss.

Zhang Zhiyin himself suddenly thought this was how the legendary couple face came about.

Dadao was still curious: “How do you hear it?”

Zhang Zhiyin: “… Just randomly heard it.”

Having heard that, everyone looked at Zhang Zhiyin’s “no big deal” expression again and had a face of awe: “…”

Sounds like… The new captain was really different…

Unlike in the games, strategies might not always be effective, because the zombies and monsters were no longer a traceable data response, instead, they were more flexible and uncertain. Similarly, his teammates were no longer well-equipped players with reasonable career build who could drink medicine and HP potions at will, but a group of real-life people with simple equipment and diverse abilities. There would definitely be differences between face-to-face fights and controlling virtual characters.

Zhang Zhiyin said with a volume that could be heard by all his teammates, “Get ready.” For the first time, he was leading so many people to fight bosses. His heart was actually so nervous to the point of crying. But his face was straightforward, his voice calm and his eyes focused. In everyone’s eyes, he had the image of a calm and steadfast new captain.

Everyone quieted down, and the noise of the zombies wandering upstairs became distinct. Xiao Jin, who was setting out with the team for the first time, turned white in an instant.

The young man was only seventeen this year. On normal days, he should be at the age of studying. As a psychic ability user with low initial combat effectiveness, he had been doing logistical work with Lao Zhu before. Not long ago, his ability had just been upgraded to Level 2, and he awakened a new skill, “Mind Interference”, so the leader let him come out to practice it.

Zhang Zhiyin gave him a soothing look while secretly concentrating on gathering his ability. His hands condensed out an icicle and he quickly went forward to the place where the sounds were emitting from.

Generally, any Level 4 ability users would find it difficult to accurately aim their ability at this kind of situation, but Zhang Zhiyin had a Level 2 precision ability, so it was different for him. Usually, under any normal circumstances, this ability was a chicken rib, but when used in conjunction with his ice ability at critical moments, it could have extraordinary effects.

A low, hoarse roar reverberated and a black silhouette rushed down rapidly with after images echoing behind it. Zhang Zhiyin spread both his hands. The ice wall that he had prepared was instantly broken by the zombie. But this moment had won them an opportunity, and the several ability users behind were prepared to attack it.

At the same time, Zhang Zhiyin leaped behind the little boss along with Dadao, a metal ability user. The icicle and metal spike that had been long prepared by them instantly went into the zombie’s chest.

The injured zombie gave a snarl. It turned around and chased after Zhang Zhiyin upstairs.

Battle Team 2’s restricting skills and Battle Team 1’s attacking skills consecutively kept pace with one another. Some of the members were unable to react in time or had problems coordinating, but this did not cause too many bugs.

The first boss had few skills and it was more conventional in its attack. Over time, the team members gradually took control of the battle. Seeing the boss’s attack and evasion getting more and more ineffective, the atmosphere in the team gradually became relaxed.

Some experienced veterans and Zhang Zhiyin were getting wary. Zhang Zhiyin’s experience came from the common sense of playing games. A dying boss would always go on a rampage for a while.

“Watch out, all retreat!” Zhang Zhiyin took a step forward to the little boss while he warned the team.

But after all, he was not certain. At the same time that he spoke out, the little boss had taken a swift leap and flashed past two people. It approached Xiao Jin, who was standing at the outer side of the assistant team.

There seemed to be a saying that psychic ability users would tend to attract zombies more so than the average person because their spiritual fluctuations were stronger and more easily perceived by these mutated creatures.

Xiao Jin subconsciously used his only aggressive skill, which was to disrupt the mind, but it only stopped the zombie momentarily.

His arms were tightly wrapped up by the zombies with its yellowish prominent eyes staring straight at him. Its two long, narrow, black and rusty teeth were already touching his neck.

But everything stopped suddenly.

Zhang Zhiyin stood behind the zombie with a slight warp of his mouth. His face was calm and a drop of cold sweat slipped from his temple, undiscovered by anyone.

The back of the zombies had melted into a large hemispherical hole. An icicle had penetrated it, thereby piercing its body.

In that short time, he used his freeze-break and icicle to knock out the last bit of blood from the little zombie boss.

The zombie boss fell to the ground and everyone looked at Zhang Zhiyin with more respect in their eyes.

Zhang Zhiyin covered his mouth and coughed. He pretended to be calm and said, “Take a rest and we’ll move on in another fifteen minutes.”

Then he looked for a corner expressionlessly. He leaned back and lowered his head slightly.

His actions could not be more free-spirited.

But if there was someone who had played and entered the instance dungeon of the Abandoned Laboratory, he would find that his pose was almost identical to that of the Dr. Y inside.


Chunapu: A mix of Standard Mandarin and Sichuanese dialect

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