After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 27 - : Revive

Chapter 27: Revive

Yin Nian put Zhang Zhiyin on his bed and lightly tapped his nose.

At the same time, he whispered, “Zhiyin GeGe? And you said you want to protect me? I still have to save you in the end…”

He was unable to resist being intimate with his movements. He caressed the exposed neck of the person with his palms and gently branded a shallow kiss on his face and neck.

The contacts from just now were like a gate that unlocked a stream of fierce tigers, and it could never be closed again. He kissed the man gently and heavily over and over again, but he was still unable to restrain the tide that was about to spill over from his heart.

Yin Nian held his head with his hands. He released Zhang Zhiyin and stood up in a hurry, covering his eyes with his hands in slight bewildered. He might be sick, just like those ordinary people, he had caught some kind of disease, hence he was like this, unable to control himself.

Yin Nian did not seem to like having a very big space.

His room was not big, it was even full of things such as notes, books, laboratory equipment, desks, and so on. There was only a narrow single bed in the corner that was covered in white sheets. Even if it was without pillows, it still did not look like it was suitable for a living person to sleep on it.

Now Zhang Zhiyin was lying on that bed.

Yin Nian stood quietly beside him and looked at him. Eventually, he reached out and moved the man to the other side. Then, he squeezed himself on the bed gently and carefully.

The two men lay side by side with no distance in between them.

Yin Nian experienced this kind of atmosphere for a while and closed his eyes in satisfaction, then he quickly opened his eyes again to confirm the person beside him before happily closing them again. The corners of his mouth turning up into a faint and seemingly radiant smile.

After about three minutes, Zhang Zhiyin’s slightly anxious expression gradually disappeared, and his face became flat and robotic.

Yin Nian slowly opened his eyes.

That person should have woken up.

Sure enough, it was impossible to sleep with him the whole night just like that night.

His eyelids quivered slightly, before slowly closing again.

Zhang Zhiyin probably didn’t know that there was a time difference of about 20 minutes while he slept in one world and woke up in the other.

Zhang Zhiyin was absent-minded the whole day. He was constantly worrying about whether he died in the end or not. After so many times, he also realized the rules. If there were no special circumstances, he would sleep at night, and half of a month could have passed in the world of <Tomorrow>; However, only a few hours would pass in that world even when he spent the whole day working. Sometimes, it would only be around 40 to 50 minutes.

In the evening, Dajia came to find him with a bottle of wine.

Dayi had just gotten a girlfriend, she was his colleague from the same company. So, he had not been hanging out with his two bachelor friends recently.

First, Dajia complained tearfully about his sad dating experience in the past two weeks. When he saw Zhang Zhiyin’s indifference, he then complained tearfully about his heartlessness.

Zhang Zhiyin was thinking about the other world with all his heart. In between, he helplessly asked, “Then how?”

Unexpectedly, Dajia’s brain circuit was different from ordinary people. In this short second, he quickly jumped over the channel and changed the topic. He returned back to normal and said, “Right, Zhiyin, did you know it (the game) has been bought over?”

Zhang Zhiyin: “I didn’t know.”

After thinking for a while, he asked in coordination, “Who bought what? Isn’t the business pretty good? Two days ago, I also read the official website that the number of players has broken a big mark.”

“The former owner has made enough money and has withdrawn from the game industry in preparation to toss in the banking industry. However, the management has changed, but the rest of the game team should remain unchanged.” Dajia said, “It seems that the new company who took over is called ‘123 Love Stories’. They started in the internet novel industry. They even worked on novels that girls love to read and had been running for more than 10 years.”

“Do these novel makers have nothing to do? Why are they doing games…” Zhang Zhiyin inwardly thought. He could hardly hide his worries behind indifference ⁠— he was really anxious that the business would fail quickly after the change of ownership — how would he meet Lord Boss in the future?

“It’s the same thing as ‘acting while excelling in singing’ now. Isn’t society now paying attention to the development of intellectual property in the whole industry? Online fiction counts as the upstream industry, while movies, TV, and games count as the downstream industry. Valuable novels are taken to make movies and games. It is normal to buy an existing well-done online game as a stepping stone to enter the online game world. Didn’t Ah Li make some website, called Shuqi that contained stolen novels in order to enter the online literature world? This is then called no regard to the tactics. It’s normal for online literature companies to make games. Last time, didn’t Wanmei originally make games, but later it went on to making movies? By the way, Wangmei also made a vertical integration, and later itself sold to Baidu…”

“…” Zhang Zhiyin was enlightened and he could only say, “… Oh.”

Dajia looked at his expression and finally concluded: “You are a native Chinese and you don’t know all these.”

Zhang Zhiyin: Why do I need to know this when I study Chinese?

He only heard Dajia carelessly adding a sentence: “I heard 123 love stories is not very good with their server. Enquires could not be submitted on their own website, I do not know if you will lag when playing the game in the future… but Qinglang should leave the server even if it withdraws its capital?”

Somehow Zhang Zhiyin remembered before he woke up, the big blood-red “found” that appeared on the Item Store’s page.

It was more than nine o’clock when he sent Dajia away.

Zhang Zhiyin was anxious to see if he was dead or not. He logged in to the game hurriedly and intended to give a box of chocolates to Boss before he went offline. He found that even in reality, the game’s Item Store could not be opened. The official announcement said that there were some regional system problems and it was being urgently repaired, and Zhang Zhiyin’s region was shot with this unlucky piece.

How much would this cost them? Zhang Zhiyin was distressed by the game company. But there was no way out. He said goodnight to Boss, got offline, and went to bed.

At the same time, Yin Nian sat up sideways as if he had a premonition. He frowned slightly, touched Zhang Zhiyin’s face, then picked him up and walked into the space portal.

When Zhang Zhiyin woke up, he found himself in a place not far from the base, which should be the resurrection point here.

Sure enough, he was still dead. But it was a good death this time as there wasn’t much pain.

There were many zombies wandering around, which was several times more than usual. He did not know how much time had passed since he collapsed. Seemed like the base must have been in an emergency.

Zhang Zhiyin frowned and opened the Item Store. This time it went smoothly, and in case the server could not be connected again, he bought 10 flags and put them into his own small space. Now he used one of them to fly back to the base.

Everyone in Yulin Base was fighting desperately.

Half of Dadao’s body was blackened but he was still standing on the front line. He summoned two metal thorn to attack the two lightning elemental zombie leaders.

The assistant group stood on the defensive tower and threw stones downward.

Their faces had been numb and there was no joy like the first time they hit the zombie from that attic.

“Team leader, the defense wall could no longer withstand.”

“We don’t have much stone left.”

“Has the first and second batches retreated?”

“Retreated, the third batch is preparing.”

“Well, let’s hold on a little longer.”

The road to the north was clear. There were not many zombies. If they headed there, they should be able to find a big force that would be willing to take them in.

Since the end of the world, ability users seemed to be one level higher than ordinary people, and bullying of the weak had become a matter of course. But this was not the case at Yulin Base. Here, those left behind believed that having greater ability meant having greater responsibility. Like their leader, and their captain, who clearly had assets to seek a better way out, but they still chose to stay.

Everyone resisted almost mechanically just to endure for a few more moments so that there would be more time for the evacuees. And they themselves would be the last to evacuate and also bear the responsibility to be on the rear.

The leader waved two fire dragons and attracted the overwhelming attacks of the zombie leaders. Just now a thunder struck through his chest, but he seemed to be all right and were still in high spirits.

One of the assistant group’s precision ability users suddenly shouted with a trembling voice, “Look, isn’t that the captain?”

“Li Zhun!” The group leader called to stop him immediately. Captain Zhang was no longer here. He looked with his own eyes at the youth that always seemed to have a cold face and have not many words struck to ashes by the rapid lightning attacks.

But he soon lost his voice and could only repeat Li Zhun’s words in amazement——

“Captain, Captain is back!”

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