After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 30 - Conjecture

Chapter 30: Conjecture

The end of the world was a stimulus and had brought in a tremendous change. Some people became more cautious and were afraid of causing trouble; while some others became unscrupulous and lawless, and they only regarded strength as the criterion.

You Kun did not care at all that they had offended Zhang Zhiyin of the same squadron, even to the point of going out of their way to deliberately exclude this new group.

Hope Base was a large base that had been stabilised. It had good protective measures, safe surroundings, and gathering more lands for farming was not a frequent case. Normally, the patrol task was not serious and didn’t hold too much danger. Instead of saying that different teams were clearing up potential dangers, it was more like they had divided the areas populated by the zombies into regions and assigned them to each team. Each would hunt the zombies that appeared in their own designated area to gain the crystal nucleus for their ability upgrade.

The area Squadron 4 was responsible for was not large in the first place, and the area allocated to the two teams was even smaller. Even without Zhang Zhiyin’s team, the two groups could finish the task by putting in more effort and time. The crystal nucleus obtained from the task would all belong to them except for those that needed to be handed in, but now the nuclei shares would have to be divided with Team 3. They were naturally not willing. If this was in the game, then towards them, Team 3 would be the people who suddenly appeared and kill-stealed1 their monsters.

Squadron 4 had just been set up. The squad leader was originally the captain for Team 1, a taciturn metal ability user. Rather than being an impartial judge and properly coordinating the relationships between his different teams, he preferred to devote his time improving himself and his own team members.

Neither of the two new teams meant much to him, nor did he want to make trouble for himself. Therefore, he only glanced at the note You Kun had brought and signed his name, which read “Squadron 4: Team 2 and Team 3 should be paid in the ratio of eight to two”.

You Kun shook the note on his hand at Zhang Zhiyin, passing by him with a voice that was just audible to everyone: “I didn’t expect Captain Zhang to disagree with the seven-to-three distribution, so I fully considered your opinion and changed it to eight-to-two.” He showed a fake-to-the-extreme smile that everyone could see.

“It’s not fair, captain!” To tell you the truth, Zhang Zhiyin had been working hard without complaining in his real-life work because of his undisciplined and apathy towards dispute nature, as a result, he had been suffering silently. So, he had never encountered this kind of ‘obviously bullying you’ situation. At that time, he had no idea how to deal with it effectively. He could only frown and protest to the leader of Squadron 4.

“Go out and later about it later. I’m busy now.” The squad leader’s response was to refuse to talk, raised the automatic door and shut them out.

“Captain, how could they do this!” Xiao Jin was in his adolescence period, his face was full of indignation, “Let’s leave, we have our abilities, why stay here to suffer this kind of anger!”

“We can go, but what about the people who came with us? It wasn’t easy for us to settle down and we’re moving out again? Don’t forget how hard it was for us to get in here. The captain gave them what that person left him… Just for everyone to have a chance to live in peace…” Ah Kong preached to his younger brother and her eyes were getting red. “Moreover, the world is like this, we are not strong enough to go anywhere without encountering a situation like this.”

Old Zhu sighed and said nothing. He came up and patted Xiao Jin on the shoulder.

Ah Mu also approached and whispered, “Captain…”

Zhang Zhiyin waved his hand: “I’m all right. We’ll have to endure for the time being first. There’s always a way.”

Xiao Jin was still a teenager, his temper came and went quickly, but he found You Kun more and more as an eyesore.

But he was young and lively, and he could talk to anyone. In a few days, he was familiar with many people in the base. He heard a lot of gossips, some of which were real and some were false.

The other day, when several members of the team were eating together, he began to say with great enthusiasm: “I heard one thing today. Dining hall Master Wang quietly told me that his great-nephew is in charge of logistics. What he said must be right. The source will be reliable.”

“I’m telling you that why that You Kun is so arrogant is because he’s hugging someone’s thighs. He is on intimate terms with the base’s powerful Level 6 wind ability user. He himself is also a special ability user with a Level 4 psychic ability. Others are afraid of trouble. Naturally, they will not provoke him if possible.”

The members who already had a lot of opinions about You Kun expectedly showed their disdainful eyes.

Only Old Zhu hesitated and said, “Isn’t that wind ability user a man too?”

Dadao immediately patted the table and said, “I am right to say that the surname You is not acting like a man.”

Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t help saying, “In fact, this has nothing to do with that.”

The members did not understand him for a moment and turned to look at him.

Zhang Zhiyin didn’t know how to explain it. After holding back for 20 seconds, he calmly said, “The person I like isn’t a girl either.”

It was inappropriate to say that he liked men because Zhang Zhiyin himself was not sure whether the one he liked was really a human being or not.

The team members’ elbows slipped so much that they changed their expressions the moment they heard the words. Their faces were filled with sincere “So what”, “This is normal”, “Our captain is the real man”, “You Kun indeed had personality and character problem…”

Hope Base was a big base, and information converging in here was even more abundant.

Xiao Jin heard a lot of rumors like “Yun Lietian, the leader of Yuntian Base, and his son Yunchu, are very strong, also, his son is very handsome”, “The person in charge of the East Area of Base No. 1 is really as excellent as their male colleagues, too amazing’, “Renaissance Base Leader has so many girls quietly liking him, but why isn’t he getting married”.

The child was very curious, and had already held two main pieces of information: “Captain’s lover is a high-level space ability user who could make space items” and “Captain’s lover is a man”. One day, on a whim, he couldn’t help but to quietly ask the uncle he was familiar with that had grasped all kinds of gossip: “Uncle Zhang, I have something to ask you, you know. Do you know any powerful space ability users?”

“Why, finding a boyfriend for your sister, Ah Kong?” Uncle Zhang laughed, “Ah Kong herself is a space user, she should not look for space users, she should look for some other ability user to match her.”

“No, I’m curious and just asking.”

“It depends on how you define ‘powerful’. The captain of the second team in Squadron 3 in our base is a space ability user and the captain is rather powerful.”

“Should have the ability to make space items, such as storage space, and space talisman that can transfer people away during critical moments.” Xiao Jin said.

“Then you asked the right person.” Uncle Zhang was proud to say, “I just heard the space ability captain mentioned that space ability users above Level 6 can make space items, but they are rather energy-consuming, they will not do it for others easily. But I haven’t heard of anyone who can do that sort of space talisman…”

Uncle Zhang put on a thoughtful expression and suddenly brightened his eyes. “To a man of that degree, there is someone in line with it! Yang Fu, the leader of the Renaissance Base, is the most powerful space user at present. If he can’t, then nobody can.”

Xiao Jin’s face brightened as if he had realized something.

The leader of the Renaissance Base; young, promising, handsome, advanced space ability, male… So far still single! The captain also often possessed good things of unknown origin, unlike what ordinary people could have.

Needless to say, when they first came to their base, the captain wore a white shirt of good quality, a normal ability user would never choose white clothes at the end of the world where fighting was frequent. There was also the captain’s cat, which was round and smooth, but how could ordinary people keep cats? All these details show that the captain was of a good origin.

And the Renaissance Base was one of the five leading bases today, if the captain came from there… and his lover was also the leader of the base… all of this made sense.

Xiao Jin told her sister Ah Kong about this. The girl’s brain filling ability was even stronger. Soon, according to Xiao Jin’s information, she helped him to perfect several details, which greatly enhanced the credibility of this conjecture. Gradually, Dadao and Ah Mu also knew about it. No one can actually prove this, they just believed in it silently.

Human beings were just so strange that double standards were everywhere.

Xiao Jin was such a double-standard and defensive teenager. When he found that You Kun was a little pretty boy2 clinging onto thighs3, Xiao Jin silently disdained him when he deduced the conclusion that “the captain’s lover is the leader of the Renaissance Base”. When he saw You Kun, he would continue his silent contempt and also added a sentence: “Arrogant? Our captain’s thigh is much thicker than yours!”

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