After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

But Zhang Zhiyin was hungry. He couldn’t withstand the temptation to sniff at the things inside the dish, which was something similar to the soup and milk Yin Xiaoxiang ate daily. He then turned his head to the side in disdain.

I give you chocolate every day, but you give me fish paste… This is not fair!

Sure enough, the person to fall in love first was doomed to be haggard in the heart and mind. Zhang Zhiyin crouched in Yin Nian’s hand and hmphed twice, making a sound similar to a small wheezing. His expression was filled with resentment and wrongfulness as he looked carefully at Yin Nian with aggrievance, as if he had suffered mistreatment to his body and heart.

After becoming a cat, it seemed that Zhang Zhiyin’s way of thinking had also begun to decline to a younger age.

Looking at him being like that, Yin Nian instantly surrendered—

But at the same time, he finally found out that there was really something in the world that he did not know. He didn’t know what should be given to the Zhang Zhiyin who had become a cat.

But Zhiyin’s eyes were so pitiful.

Could it really be that he had no ability to raise him well?

Yin Nian frowned and he thought about it for a while. He put the tip of his left index finger into Zhang Zhiyin’s slightly opened mouth and touched his gums.

Sure enough, he had not grown any teeth yet.

“So you can only eat this.” Yin Nian gently put Zhang Zhiyin on the ground. He followed how Zhang Zhiyin had poured milk into his hands that previous time before reaching out his hand to entice him, “At least eat a little? En?”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…” Although he was now a cat in the eyes of the boss, he was still unable to resist the temptation to be fed personally by Yin Nian.

Zhang Zhiyin strode forward with his paws reservedly, but he accidentally stepped directly into the milk dish that had been laid aside by Yin Nian—because he was too weak and feeble, the milk dish remained unmoved, but the milk spilled on his chest, and his right forepaw became sticky too.

Zhang Zhiyin stood still and raised his right hand in front of his eyes, staring at it in resentment, “Ao?”

Yin Nian quickly pulled out a few paper towels from the side and held him in his arms to give him a brief wipe. Then he carried him, preparing to give him a bath.

And he happened to bump into Meng Kali who appeared and disappeared as he wished.

The moment Meng Kali saw the kitten, his whole person became excited. Unlike in the past where he would tremble in fear whenever he saw the doctor and dared not approach him, he seemed to want to go forward to Y’s side instead.

Yin Nian’s hand that was hugging Zhang Zhiyin tightened. He warned with a cold face, “If you dare touch him, go to Yu Huo there and never come back.” The emotionless black eyes were written with a bright ‘I will do what I’ve said’ expression.

Yu Huo’s newly built base was full of vicious and wicked people. The atmosphere of the whole base was foul. Meng Kali was definitely not willing to go there, let alone staying there forever.

He took a few more glances at the kitten that was nestled in Yin Nian’s embrace before drifting away reluctantly.

Before he disappeared, he heard Boss said, “Go find some good shower gels for cats and bring them in within three minutes.”

Yin Nian filled his bathroom sink to a shallow level with an appropriate temperature before sending the cat in his arms into it. The shower gel had not arrived yet, so Zhang Zhiyin laid at the edge of the sink and looked at Yin Nian.

When Meng Kali sent in the shower gel, he saw his boss looking at the cat. From inside and out, the aura he emitted was of a complete fondness even though there was no emotion expressed in his eyes or face.

Yin Nian took the shower gel and made Zhang Zhiyin a body of white bubbles. He then washed him with clean water before drawing him out of the water.

The hair sticking to his body was very uncomfortable, Zhang Zhiyin who was standing in Yin Nian’s hand could not help shaking himself like a real small animal. The water beads splashed onto Yin Nian’s face.

Yin Boss was unexpectedly good-tempered, he only wiped himself casually and flicked his forehead lightly: “Mimi, stop making a fuss.” Then he dried his fur bit by bit with a hairdryer he took out from nowhere.

The newly washed Zhang Zhiyin was fluffy like a ball.

Yin Nian fed him some milk and carried him to bed.

Zhang Zhiyin felt nervous for some reason.

As the ultimate villain of the world, the boss unexpectedly did not go to sleep but instead rubbed his hands on the cat.

He sat on the bed and put Zhang Zhiyin on his lap. He exerted a little force on his hands and trailed his fingers over Zhang Zhiyin’s fur again and again.

Because of his animalistic instincts, Zhang Zhiyin felt very comfortable at first and he soon relaxed. He nested in the legs of the boss and almost fell asleep. But soon something went wrong.

Yin Nian seemed to think it was not enough, he turned him over and began to touch his soft stomach. Then he touched his limbs, legs, claws, tail, ears and all over his body. There was no spot left untouched.

Zhang Zhiyin’s fur was standing up, but he dared not resist and didn’t have the heart for it. He shivered all over his body as he let Boss Lord touch him, occasionally letting out a few “auwo, auwo”.

He was still unable to respond due to disbelief— the person in front of him was Yin Nian. A Yin Nian that was alive, could move, could talk, could feed him and bathe him.

Although he was just a cat in his eyes.

Zhang Zhiyin felt wrong again.

At last, Boss Yin felt satisfied with touching him, so he raised Zhang Zhiyin with both hands and kissed him gently on his forehead.

Then he murmured in a low voice, “Mimi is really good. I like you very much.”

Zhang Zhiyin: “…” His feelings seemed to had ridden a roller coaster, feeling fire and ice at the same time1.

Yin Nian leaned to the side, placed the small ball, Zhang Zhiyin, on his chest. He gently encircled his hands around him and then went to sleep.

The next day, before Zhang Zhiyin woke up, he felt someone poking him in the belly.

Yin Nian was clearly very happy poking him but his face still remained expressionless.

Zhang Zhiyin snored and moved his paws. He couldn’t resist and went on sleeping.

In his imagination, Yin Nian should be the kind that placed themselves above the common populace, his existence was the male villain version of the Little Dragon Maiden2 with unattainable power. But in fact, his room was rather messy. Thick notebook materials and unknown equipment were piling up all over the table, and all kinds of materials were also piling up in the corner beside the table. He was completely unlike those people that were neat and tidy everywhere.

However, Zhang Zhiyin sadly realized that Yin Nian who’s actually like this was still cute in his eyes— he was clearly sitting on the top of the world but he seemed unable to take care of himself at all. He had no quality of life to speak of, but he still desperately wanted to take care of a cat.

The next day, Zhang Zhiyin tried fish chowder and found out that it was quite delicious. It was not like the kind of food that Yin Xiaoxiang ate that was especially for pets. But he’s still too small. After two bites, he was full.

Then he saw Yin Nian eating all the remaining fish chowder and milk without any hesitation or expression.

Zhang Zhiyin was in a dilemma.

Y, he… was too good to himself? There was literally no bottom line. There was nothing in line with his character design. Did the game company add the attributes of “although anti-social and anti-human, he is unexpectedly good towards innocent animals” to increase the charm of the villains? Or did the 123 Love Stories company that bought the game changed the game settings?

But… Zhang Zhiyin silently covered his eyes with his paws.

It seemed that he liked Yin Nian even more after this one day of interaction.

He’s hopeless.

“Mimi, you have to stay here and don’t run around. Some parts of the base are dangerous.” Yin Nian squatted down, he took Zhang Zhiyin’s words from before seriously. He saw the kitten staring at him blankly and covering his eyes with his paws. Obviously, he was not listening to what he had said at all.

Nevermind, it’s better to keep him in his own sight.

Even if Yin Nian wasn’t able to see what was happening, he was able to sense what Zhang Zhiyin was doing. However, he still had that habit of seeing that person to reassure himself.

Otherwise, if he hadn’t happened to see him, his Zhiyin might not be there anymore.

He still had palpitations whenever he thought about it.

Yin Nian’s eyes darkened and he went into the bathroom with the kitten in his arms.

Zhang Zhiyin did not react to what had happened. He lay on the curve of Yin Nian’s arm, stretching out his paw and hitting him in the face: “Ao?”

As a result, the paw was grasped.

Yin Nian shook his paw and said, “Be good, don’t make a fuss.”

Zhang Zhiyin was put on the washstand, and then he saw Yin Nian begin… to remove his clothes.

“Ao…” Suddenly getting stimulated, Zhang Zhiyin hurriedly lifted up his laid paws again and covered his face in silence.

His eyes were still peeking at the side.

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