After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Zhang Zhiyin was nervous for the whole time.

Seeing how Yin Nian infiltrated into the justice faction with great fanfare was just like seeing himself entering the base; he was on tenterhooks. He did not know whether he was worried about Yin Nian or for the justice side.

Out of nervousness, Zhang Zhiyin carefully inquired about all kinds of gossip from Xiao Jin.

After visiting Li Zhun, he pretended to be casual and asked, “Xiao Jin, how much do you know about this Dr. Yin?”

Xiao Jin cooperated very well in telling him all the life stories of Dr. Yin that he knew.

Something about being a prodigy since his childhood.

Having numerous awards.

When he was 14 years old, he entered the famous Laboratory W, which was the origin of the end of the world. Dr. Y was also from that lab.

He performed exceptionally well in Laboratory W and was rumored to be equally matched to Y. However, their ideas had always been very different, so they did not get along with each other.

Later, during the outbreak of the apocalypse, he became the only one to escape from the laboratory, hence, bringing out a lot of technology and knowledge that played a vital role in helping humans understand the power to fight against the zombies and the apocalypse’s bacteria.

He took in many surviving researchers, established the ‘Bai Mang Association’, and served as the honorary founder of it. He was neutral to all bases and was committed to promoting humanity cooperation and the revival of humanity.

“That young man is the president of Bai Mang Association, called Sang Le. He is also very talented. It is said that the end of the world broke out just before he was about to enter Laboratory W, so he escaped it.” Xiao Jin said.

“Oh,” Zhang Zhiyin couldn’t help asking, “since all the people in Laboratory W have been killed, who was the one that said Yin Nian and Y is not on the same line as each other?”

Xiao Jin: “It should be Dr. Yin himself.” There was no doubt in his expression at all.

Zhang Zhiyin: “…” He believed that Yin Nian was not a person that would deliberately deceive, but he just had a deceitful face. If he hadn’t known it beforehand, any normal person would definitely not suspect a person who barely spoke was actually making up a story.

Maybe it was not all made up.

In Y’s game setting, it seemed that he was indeed a child prodigy. It was just that there was no explanation as to what had led him to create the end of the world. It was just as if he had suddenly fallen ill, but the majority of players did not pursue it in details.

The next day, the person in charge of the four squadrons called all the squad leaders and took them to the conference room of the base. He said that Dr. Yin and others who had just arrived were going to inspect the vicinity of the base and would be personally selecting a combat team to protect them.

This kind of task was easy and not dangerous, but the welfare was good. They could even get familiar with this group of guests that looked very powerful. Who knows, they might even get some benefits from them, so naturally, everyone was willing.

Generally speaking, Squadron 1 and Squadron 2 would have a higher chance of getting selected, and the newly formed Squadron 4 with internal conflicts were basically not expected to be chosen at all— There was still a probability of Squad Leader 4’s own Team 1 getting chosen. Even so, they still had to go and gather numbers for Dr. Yin to choose instead of being uncooperative.

The leader of Squadron 4 was notified at a later timing. It seemed that the top management of the base didn’t want them to participate in the selection. But when Dr. Yin arrived, he took a look and said this one sentence, “Just these people?”.

Then the base leader called for Team 3 and Team 4 to come.

So by the time they arrived, everyone had gathered.

Yin Nian was seated in the middle of the main seat, while the base leader and Sang Le were sitting right and left of him respectively. It was said that a powerful dragon cannot crush a snake in its old haunts1, but Yin Nian seemed to have no sense of awareness and had grabbed the seating position for the base leader. The base leader also naturally reacted by sitting at his side.

Yin Nian still had a cold and frosty look. He only lifted his eyelids lightly when he heard movement and looked at the new arrivals. He was completely unbothered about them.

They were only ten meters apart, just at the head and the end of the room. Looking at the man, Zhang Zhiyin felt a sudden rush of untimely sourness and an astringent feeling in his throat.

Zhang Zhiyin dropped his head in silence.

Yin Nian suddenly frowned.

The base leader who had been silently observing his expression immediately asked upon seeing the situation. “Is something the matter?”

Yin Nian shook his head and asked, “Have all the people arrived?”

The base leader looked at the room once and nodded repeatedly: “All here, all here. You can choose anyone to protect you.”

Yin Nian nodded and suddenly stood up and went straight to Zhang Zhiyin.

The leader of Squadron 4’s heart was buzzing.

Zhang Zhiyin looked at his approaching figure and lost his thinking ability again.

Finally, Yin Nian stopped in front of him and said lightly, “This team.”

You Kun and the Squad Leader were shocked.

Sang Le frowned as he went over the data of this group at his hands: “This team… Level 4 ice ability? It’s not strong, is it?”

“En,” said Yin Nian, turning back to see him. “So I’ll go with them. You can find another team to protect you.”

After a pause, he added, “You are weak, you need to find the strong ones.”

Sang Le: “…”

He came over and whispered to Yin Nian: “… Doctor, why on earth did you pick this team?”

“Pleasing to the eyes.” Yin Nian dropped these four words and left the room.

It’s not pleasing to the eyes. Yin Nian looked up at the sky and felt proud of his blotched gimmick.

I like him. Why should I tell you that?

…He could stay with Zhiyin for many days and also follow him every day. No, let him follow himself. He can’t go anywhere else…

He paced slowly back under the sun, but his face was still cold and indifferent.

The poor chosen Zhang Zhiyin were lectured by the base leader and the rest of the people in the room. He only returned when it was dark.

Dadao and the rest were very excited to hear this piece of news.

The next day, Yin Nian wanted to visit the water source of the base. There was really no danger at all, so Zhang Zhiyin only took two men, Dadao and Xiao Jin.

He did not know if it was an illusion, but Xiao Jin felt a deep dislike coming from Dr. Yin when he appeared behind the captain’s back.

The journey of these four was somewhat dull.

However, Xiao Jin was a teenager who claimed to be able to talk to stones and he could not stand loneliness the most. He soon began to complain to Dadao about the Team 2 who often made trouble for them.

“You Kun has his eyes grew to the top of his head every day. He thinks that he has a great backer and treats nobody like a human being. Can our captain’s lover not be so powerful?”

Zhang Zhiyin walked silently with Yin Nian in front of him. He did not pay attention to what the latter two people were talking about.

Yin Nian quietly pricked up his ears.

—Could it be that Zhiyin told others that he likes himself when he wasn’t paying attention to him?

…So annoying. I missed another chance to listen to Zhiyin’s confession…

…Then when I go back, I also want to tell everyone that I like Zhiyin…

Dadao: “Oh, the Yang Fu you’ve said last time?”

Xiao Jin: “Yes, it should be him.”

This was a lot more acceptable than the captain having his powerful space ability lover dead. You need to know that high-level space ability users were the hardest to die— they could just escape if they could not win their battle.

Only to see Dr. Yin, who had been walking in front of him in an aloof manner, suddenly turning around to ask, “Whom are you talking about?”

Shouldn’t your captain’s lover be the legendary Dr. Y? —This was the Yin Nian’s heartfelt thought at this moment.

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