After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Yin Nian stood there and asked the man opposite him calmly, “Do you dare?” His tone was plain, casual and not in the least undulating. As if he were just asking whether you have eaten today.

But in the eyes of others, this was an open provocation.

Wang Feng was, after all, someone with fame and prestige in the base. His expression turned ugly when he heard this, seemingly unable to back down in good grace.

Sang Le stood beside the base leader and wiped away his sweat awkwardly. “Please do not take offense, Dr. Yin has always been like this.”

That was what he said, yet he had no intention to pull the person back or was he going to ease the situation. He just looked at them with an awkward smile, only lacking a ‘Doctor is just like that. It’s not my business nor could I do anything. Please understand.’ written on his face.

For a moment, the base leader didn’t know how to stop them. Currently, there weren’t many Level 6 ability users around and Wang Feng was one of the generals under his command. He was absolutely unwilling to expel Wang Feng for this small issue, so much that there was something suspicious brewing in his mind and a vague idea surfaced— Hope Base’s scale was big and it was getting safer. He was elated to be the local despot. He knew that he would no longer be number 1 if Hope Base combined strength with other bases, hence he was reluctant to join the alliance for the human renaissance. Dr. Yin, however, was a strong advocate for unity among humans. Could it be that he was taking this opportunity to deliberately weaken his power? Otherwise, why was there a need for him to stand up for a team leader? Was it just merely for justice? This reason was simply too weak.

Thinking of this, he could no longer stand by calmly. He personally went to the front: “Dr. Yin, I dare not let you demonstrate your strength. Our base always upholds the principle of justice. Those who betray and deliberately frame their teammates are punished according to the rules. We will never be soft-handed! So…”

Yin Nian looked at him.

The base leader swallowed back whatever that was coming out after his “So”.

Sang Le covered his face. When he saw the base leader coming back with a displeased face, he quickly soothed him by saying, “Mr. Lian, please don’t be offended. The issue of betraying teammates, Dr. Yin loathes it very much, its implacable hatred! He had to personally teach the offender a lesson every time he sees such a thing! No matter who tried to persuade him, it’s useless!” He spoke as if this were true.

The base leader nodded his head with a cold face— This was the first time he was forced back by a single look. But since he had already backed down under the public’s eyes, there was no more reason for him to stop this.

Zhang Zhiyin looked at the unexpected scene in front of him, opened his mouth slightly and closed it again. He completely didn’t have the slightest idea why Yin Nian was doing this; this had nothing to do with his disguise of “Dr. Yin Nian, who was indifferent in appearance but highly endowed with good nature and selflessly contributed to the great cause of human renaissance”. But he knew instinctively that this situation was extremely advantageous for him — If Yin Nian stood on his side and sincerely wanted to help him win, then even if he had no Item Store, even if the opponent was humanity’s number 1, Yun Lietian… He still wouldn’t lose! At this time, he definitely would not have some hot-blooded youngster’s thought about “winning by his own strength” and so on. As long as he could make use of whatever resources and power, he would consider all of as his own strength.

…What’s more, he had long since silently classified Yin Nian as his. It was just that Yin Nian wasn’t aware…

He stared at Wang Feng in his opposite direction with great concentration for fear of any further issues arising. He kept chanting in his heart. “Hurry agree, hurry agree, Boss is going to destroy you. You can’t hide no matter what. Why not agree to this under the public’s eyes, at least you would suffer less, hurry agree, hurry agree…” It never occurred to him that the reason why Boss wanted to exterminate Wang Feng was all because of him. They stared at each other that sparks almost burst in his anxious eyes.

Wang Feng was 1.9 meters tall and well-proportioned, and he could be considered to have a magnificent appearance. He had great momentum and bought an imposing manner wherever he went.

Yin Nian took a quick glance at Zhang Zhiyin who was standing next to him. Seamlessly, a dark ray flashed in his eyes, and he asked again, “Do you dare?” His voice seemed to have dropped another octave and became even more apathetic.

Yin Nian was a Level 6 psychic ability user, while he was a Level 6 wind ability user. Wind ability belonged to special mutated ability, its attack power was very strong and it had a speed bonus. His ability would be advantageous when fighting against psychic ability because it was more of a supporting role as it lacked strong direct attacking skills; according to You Kun’s reaction, he should be stronger than that person called Zhang Zhiyin; Moreover, he was born to battle, while Dr. Yin was engaged in researching. Everywhere he went out, there were a lot of people to guard him. He hardly needed to engage in the fight himself. His actual combat ability was certainly not as good as himself. Don’t mention about winning the battle, if he lost, he’ll just be thrown out of the base. As a Level 6 ability user and together with the Level 4 You Kun, he would be honored as a guest of honor everywhere he went. Although Dr. Yin looked cold, his reputation for being a kind-hearted certainly wouldn’t come to naught. He shouldn’t kill both of them. If he chose not to fight, he was afraid that even if he stayed at the base, there would be no face left for him.

Wang Feng thought it through and took two steps forward. He gave a slight smile and arched his hand, saying, “Please let me win.”

Yin Nian ignored him and went back to Sang Le, “Take out Dx320.”

Dx320 was the latest development of Bai Mang Association. It could simulate various scenes of the apocalypse and let the ability users fight and train themselves inside it. Base commanders could also use it to simulate a scene of a zombie attack, so as to improve their leadership strategies. All in all, it was an eschatological virtual trainer. This time, when Yin Nian and his group of people visited the different major bases, they also promoted the latest products including Dx320.

At this time, it was more than appropriate to use this product to simulate the battle scene for the battle between the two sides.

It was the first time Zhang Zhiyin and the other two came into contact with this device. The Bai Mang Association helped them wear a black forehead protector.

The girl in charge of Zhang Zhiyin said, “Are you ready? It’s starting.” Zhang Zhiyin felt his sight going dark and a sense of weightlessness came. The very next second, he had appeared in a vast desert.

This was exactly like those legendary virtual reality online games, it was unexpected that the technology at the end of the world became more advanced than those of reality. Was it true that the Great Crisis had further stimulated human creativity? For zombies to be created and hence causing widespread disasters, it really suggested that ‘s world might be much more technologically advanced than it was of today’s reality.

There were thick, moving sand dunes beneath his feet, and every step was difficult to go through. Zhang Zhiyin’s equipment and items were not reflected here. He felt a lot weaker, a little unable to adapt, and had difficulties trying to maintain his balance.

Suddenly a hand reached out and held his arm. “Be careful.”

Looking back, Zhang Zhiyin saw Yin Nian’s cold face.

Zhang Zhiyin’s face blushed involuntarily, and for a moment he didn’t know how he should organize himself…

What should I do? We touched, touched, touched… as a living person, I made contact with the living Yin Nian!

He stabilized himself and tried to remain calm as he said “Thank you” to the expressionless Yin Nian.

Before he could open his mouth, the next second, he saw his right hand sliding down and it was holding his hand calmly: “It’s all right, go slowly.” His intonation was natural as if he hadn’t noticed that he was holding the other party’s hand.

Zhang Zhiyin’s lips pursed, as if he was being hypnotized, he dared not move at all, for fear of breaking this hard-won dream. Really, he didn’t want to think of anything but walk on the sand dune hand in hand with Yin Nian. He wouldn’t feel tired even if they walked slowly for an hour.

He lowered his head and unconsciously showed a smile on his lips. He felt warm in his heart— from the hands that were sticking together to the breath of the person around him, it went all the way to his heart.

He was immersed in this dreamlike atmosphere and could not extricate himself until he suddenly realized one hour later. He looked up at Yin Nian and said, “Aren’t we here to fight?”

A trace of regret flashed through the eyes of Yin Nian, and he continued to look coldly and calmly. “It’s all right, you don’t have to worry about it.”

In reality, Yin Nian, Zhang Zhiyin, You Kun, and Wang Feng all sit quietly in their chairs, connected by the device and the Dx320. In the virtual scene projection screen, ice blades, wind arrows, and invisible mind attacks were fiercely performing. The vast sand dune desert ignited everyone’s fighting enthusiasm! Everyone around was all nervous about the battle and continuously shouted it was satisfying. They all inwardly thought that the new product of Bai Mang Association was great. The players could fight freely in the virtual scene without injuring themselves or wasting their energy. If they also had an opportunity, they would apply for this training.

The base leader inwardly frowned and his mind buzzed with ideas. Could it be that Dr. Yin didn’t have such complicated ideas, but he just wanted to take this opportunity to promote their new products? No, it shouldn’t… He shouldn’t be so bored…

In the same virtual setting, You Kun and Wang Feng were sweating heavily somewhere in the desert, making every effort to deal with “Yin Nian” and “Zhang Zhiyin” who were in front of them. They were feeling extreme fatigue and the sting from overusing their abilities, but they gritted their teeth and persisted because they firmly believed that their opponents were the same, even more so, unable to hold on than themselves!

In the same virtual setting, the tired Zhang Zhiyin and Yin Nian laid side by side on a dune. Both of them didn’t talk just as if they were afraid of disturbing each other. Instead, they only silently felt for each other’s breath and temperature.

The breeze was blowing, time was still.

Unknowingly, Yin Nian’s mind illusion had already covered everyone.

Only for him and the person next to him, he retained a piece of reality.

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