After Brushing Face At The Apocalypse’s Boss For 363 Days

Chapter 93

Chapter 93

The people in the game company was very efficient, it took less than a week before the promised doll was sent over to him. The doll was packed in a big paper box of nearly two meters. Two express delivery brothers helped him to move the box into his house. They thought that Zhang Zhiyin had bought a piece of large furniture.

He wondered what kind of material was the doll made of because it was quite heavy when he held it. Zhang Zhiyin guessed that it must be at least 70 catty. What’s more, its skin was delicate and it felt soft, even its short black hair was soft and smooth; The eyes seemed to be inlaid with black gemstones. Zhang Zhiyin suspected that it was a new type of synthetic material as it looked very spiritful as they gave out a sense of oppression.

The doll looked like it was alive.

As a young man with normal hobbies, Zhang Zhiyin hadn’t been exposed to things such as dolls since he was five years old, and he didn’t know any relevant information. He only saw such a real-like doll before on the internet where someone was keeping it at home. His doll might be more exquisite and realistic than those real-life dolls on the Internet because of better materials. Zhang Zhiyin could only lament that he hadn’t been keeping up with this kind of technology. He didn’t expect technology to be so developed now.

He lifted the doll out of the plastic foam in the box and put it on the sofa in his living room for the time being. The doll was wearing the classic attire of Dr. Y in <Tomorrow>. Its joints were surprisingly flexible. After being placed on the sofa by Zhang Zhiyin, its sitting posture was very natural looking. With those reflective eyes, it seemed that it was staring at Zhang Zhiyin wherever he went.

In a trance, Zhang Zhiyin thought it was the real Yin Nian. In one of the most ordinary afternoons, it watched himself walking around. It looked with such attentiveness like it was looking at the whole world.

Zhang Zhiyin shook his head and dispelled that idea.

He went online to check the maintenance method of such dolls, and inadvertently found a variety of ways one could use a real-like doll for, and it practically opened the door to a new world for him.

However, looking at some photos of netizens’ dolls accompanying them to eat and read books, Zhang Zhiyin thought it was pretty good.

At dinner, he set up two sets of chopsticks, then he took Yin Nian Doll to the dining room. He put it on the chair opposite him and had it to accompany him to eat.

He must be ill, and it was a very serious illness.

Lying in bed at night, looking at the doll who was placed beside him and one head higher than himself, Zhang Zhiyin thought of this. The doll design was extremely high-end with movable eyelids and eyelashes. Zhang Zhiyin leaned over and reached out to help it close its eyes. He was anticipating to go back to his <Tomorrow>’s world in his dream today and gradually fell into a deep sleep.

In his sleep, out of habit, he moved to the doll’s side and rubbed against it.

The doll quietly opened its eyes, and its lips seemed to curve into a smile. Then it turned over lightly, reached out its hand, and very naturally, hugged the man who was next to it.

Yin Xiaoxiang ran out of its nest, slipped into the bedroom, jumped into bed cleanly and looked at Yin Nian. It tilted its head. “Ao?”

Recently, Yin Nian had been absent, and most of the space on the bed had been occupied by it.

Hearing the sound, Yin Nian stared at the kitten and raised his arm to push it down with his finger.

After falling to the ground, Yin Xiaoxiang consciously curled up at the foot of the bed and softly mewled.

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