Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 2327 - Kill Him

Chapter 2327 Kill Him

You Yuan finally understood why Ling Han possessed so much Ancestral King Blood.

F*ck, he had tricked and killed 100 or so Ancestral Kings at once, so it was only natural that he possessed a huge amount of Ancestral King Blood.

He didn’t know why Ling Han had chosen to flee into the Foreign Realm, but he knew just how terrifying this person was. The latter had managed to kill countless Ancestral Kings, so what could a measly cultivator at the Eleventh Leaf of the Eighth Lotus like him do?

Ling Han smiled faintly. With a thought, he immediately reverted to his form as a demon. Even his aura was transformed. He had consumed another drop of Indestructible True Fluid. Even though he couldn’t return to his peak state in a flash, he could definitely unleash his full power for a short while.

You Yuan gritted his teeth. He knew that Ling Han would definitely kill him to silence him. Thus, his only option was to fight as if his life depended on it. He rid himself of all other thoughts.

Moreover, he indeed had a chance. After all, the heavenly tribulation that Ling Han had faced just then was for the Ninth Lotus. That was nowhere near powerful enough to kill Ancestral



You Yuan combusted his blood essence. Like a pond that had been exhausted of water, his unwounded wing instantly shriveled and shrank. However, his aura rose explosively, and his already scorchingly bright eyes became explosively intense.

He was truly going to fight with his life.

This was a monarch star who was willing to combust his blood essence, suffer a fall in cultivation level, and even sustain irreparable wounds. The battle prowess that he obtained as a result would naturally be astounding.

“My chicken wing!” Ling Han exclaimed in disappointment.

“Die!” You Yuan roared. His golden hair billowed, transforming into countless arrows that contained the Regulation of Slaughter as they shot toward Ling Han. This was his most powerful attack. If he were on the receiving end of such an attack, he definitely wouldn’t be able to dodge it, especially at such close range. His only option would be to await death. Or perhaps he could charge forward, and attempt to bring his opponent down with him.


His attack hit its target, with all of the golden arrows slamming into Ling Han.

You Yuan was delighted. Ling Han was truly far too arrogant. He surprisingly didn’t dodge, allowing all of the arrows to hit him.

Even though You Yuan had paid an enormous price, with his cultivation level possibly falling continuously for the next few years, this would be worth it as long as he could defeat Ling Han. It would bring him boundless pride and glory. After all, this was someone who had killed more than 100 Ancestral Kings! Moreover, Ling Han possessed countless treasures. If he obtained these, not only could he accelerate his cultivation, perhaps he could even obtain the chance to become a Heavenly Venerate!

Right at this moment, Ling Han’s jeering voice suddenly traveled into his ears. “Why are you so delighted? Your smile is almost stretching to your ears.”


You Yuan’s jaw fell in shock. His face was filled with disbelief.

‘How is this possible?!’ Ling Han had clearly been hit by his arrows, destructive arrows that were brimming with Regulation of Slaughter. Such an attack should have killed him in an instant, yet he could still speak? Moreover, not only was he speaking, but even his voice was calm and composed. It was as if he were completely unaffected. “Perhaps there’s someone at the same cultivation level who can defeat and kill me. However, that person definitely isn’t a piece of trash such as you,” Ling Han said in an apathetic voice. Looking over, it was as if his body had transformed into an intangible volume of space. Even though the arrows had struck him, they had failed to cause any damage.

You Yuan involuntarily gulped. Despair spread across his face.

His opponent had a far superior grasp of Regulations. In fact, You Yuan hadn’t even realized that his attacks had failed to land. The gulf between them was indescribably large.

“Don’t feel so smug. We’re brimming with prodigies here, so what does it matter that you’ve defeated me now? One day, you’ll die at the hands of a prodigy from this realm. In the not-so-distant future, the elites from this realm will also charge into the Celestial Realm and massacre everyone there!” You Yuan was roaring with crazed laughter. He showed no signs of begging for his life.

“I’ll prevent the arrival of this day. However, it’s a shame that you won’t live long enough to see it!” Ling Han threw a punch, striking You Yuan’s face. The monarch star from the Hundred Battles Academy instantly exploded into a cloud of blood and flesh.

With a grab, You Yuan’s Spatial God Tool landed in Ling Han’s hand.

“Hand that over!” There was a cold humph, and a man from the Demon Race had already shot over from the distance. His eyes were fixed on the Spatial God Tool in Ling Han’s hand.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, xiu!

Another four people dashed over, with not even half a second separating their arrivals.

Ling Han pondered for a moment before saying, “Oh, so it was you five who caused the collapse of the spatial passageway? Moreover, it was also you people who were hunting You Yuan, causing him to suffer greatly?”.

“Since you already know, why don’t you hurry up and obediently hand over that item? Perhaps we can leave you with a full corpse,” one person said.

The five people were all at the Third Leaf of the Ninth Lotus. Thus, any one of them could easily suppress Ling Han.

There were only three minor levels in the Ascending Origin Tier-Small Accomplishment, Great Accomplishment, and Consummate level. The gulf between each minor level was significant, and the notion that king tiers were invincible at the same cultivation level and that emperor tiers could challenge those one tier above them was no longer relevant.

King tiers and emperor tiers were indeed stronger than ordinary cultivators at the same cultivation level. However, even monarch tiers would be unable to suppress those a tier above them. Instead, they could only remain invincible at the same cultivation level. Only monarch stars could challenge those a tier above them.

Thus, any one of the five people at the Third Leaf of the Ninth Lotus could easily suppress Ling Han, who was only at the Eighth Lotus. He couldn’t do sh*t, no matter how freakish he was.

Ling Han shrugged, and said, “I’m going to die anyway, so why don’t I take a gamble?”

“In that case… your death will be torturous beyond imagination!” a single-horned demon said. This was a weird group of people. Three of them were demons, and two of them were angels. In normal situations, they would be loath to even stand next to each other.

Ling Han chuckled, and said, “You people couldn’t even capture You Yuan, yet I managed to kill him. That being the case, is your attempt to kill me anything but a wild dream?”

“Different people have different strengths. A superior battle prowess doesn’t imply superior speed!” one of the angels said. One of his wings was larger than the other, and they were more so covered in a lifeless gray color.

“You mean… I’m not fast enough?” Ling Han mused.

“Enough nonsense. Capture him!” the single-horned demon said. He reached over to grab at Ling Han.

With a flash, Ling Han instantly summoned tens of thousands of illusions.

The single-horned demon lashed out with his palm, causing the illusions to shatter one after another. However, the five elites all furrowed their brows as they looked into the distance. Almost two kilometers away from them, Ling Han was standing completely unscathed. He even waved at them, saying, “That’s enough playing for today. Goodbye!”

These people were all at the Third Leaf of the Ninth Lotus, and Ling Han was aware that he was certainly no match for them. Even though he had also advanced to the Ninth Lotus, facing off against them would still be an uphill battle. To say nothing of battling against all five of them, simply rivaling one of them would already be a huge feat. “Regulations of Space!” the five elites exclaimed. Frustration washed over their faces.

The other monarch star had already been troublesome enough, evading capture for over 50 years. However, this person was even more troublesome-he could actually wield the Regulations of Space! This caused them to feel a sense of despair. How in the world could they capture him?

Unless the gulf between their cultivation level was immense, capturing Ling Han would be simply impossible. However, those at the Eleventh Leaf of the Eighth Lotus were powerful enough to rival those at the First Leaf of the Ninth Lotus. In other words, their major tier was essentially identical. Thus, their attempts to capture Ling Han were destined to be futile.

In terms of the ability to flee alone, the Regulations of Space were, in fact, even more impressive than the Regulations of Time.

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