Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 1562 – The Demon Race Is Doomed If Yang Ye Dies!

Chapter 1562 – The Demon Race Is Doomed If Yang Ye Dies!

Translator: InVader

The Phoenix Domain. Within the Primordial Pagoda.

At this moment, Yang Ye was seated cross-legged in the 3rd level, and sword intent was surging chaotically throughout his body.


It was the backlash from his sword intent!

Fortunately, he was used to the pain it came with.

Around two hours later, Yang Ye had recovered completely under the effects of the Primordial Violet Energy.

Actually, the true heaven defying ability that Yang Ye possessed wasn’t his attainments in the Sword Dao nor was it his physical body, it was his recovery. His recovery was truly heaven defying. After all, logically speaking, an ordinary person would have had to recuperate for a few months to completely recover from the injuries he’d sustained. However, he’d merely used two hours!

Little Sky asked, “What do you plan to do now?”

Yang Ye didn’t speak, and he just gazed at Snowy. At this moment, Snowy was lying silently in the cage without moving at all, and his eyes gradually became icy cold.

When Yang Ye met Snowy for the first time, she’d been imprisoned by the Welkin Wolf Demon King for countless years. It could be said that Snowy feared losing her freedom the most. Yet now, the Divine Phoenix Clan had imprisoned her again. He could imagine how helpless and afraid Snowy had been!

Most importantly, the Divine Phoenix Clan had even extracted her consciousness!

Besides that he didn’t know how Zi’er was right now!

Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes. A long time passed before he opened them again, and his gaze was calm again, “What do I plan to do? Haha! Remember what I said earlier? I’m going to make the Divine Phoenix Clan go extinct! I’ll make them cease to exist on this continent.”

Little Sky shook her head, “Your current strength isn’t sufficient to accomplish that!”

Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “If I can’t accomplish it in a day, then I’ll try for two days. If I fail to accomplish it in two days, I’ll try for two years. If I still can’t accomplish it in two years, then I’ll try for twenty years. I won’t stop until they go extinct!”

Little Sky fell silent for a long time, and then she said, “I don’t know what to say.”

Persuade him? How would she do that? She knew very well that it was impossible. Stop him? But Yang Ye wasn’t the one at fault, it was the Divine Phoenix Clan. So, if she was going to stop someone, she would stop the Divine Phoenix Clan. Unfortunately, she’d tried to persuade them, but the Divine Phoenix Clan refused to listen.

However, she really didn’t want Yang Ye to continue his unrestrained slaughter!

Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “Little Sky, I know that you’re kindhearted, and you don’t wish to see me kill too much. I’m also aware that if you want to stop me, then you might really be able to stop me. However, I’m serious. Don’t stop me. Because I don’t want to treat you as my enemy.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure vanished on the spot.

Once Yang Ye left, Xiao Yuxi who’d been standing silently at the side spoke abruptly, “Can you help him?” She didn’t know who Little Sky was, but she knew that perhaps Little Sky was the only one who could help Yang Ye right now.

Little Sky shook her head, “I won’t help him kill. The reason I helped him make the Eye of the Heaven Dao leave was because I felt the Divine Phoenix Clan should be punished. Yet now, they’ve suffered their punishment.”

Xiao Yuxi fell silent.

Meanwhile, Little Sky sighed softly, “The continent has been peaceful for so long. Is a storm of blood about to rage through it again?”

After he returned to the outside world, Yang Ye noticed that he was beneath the ground of a mountain range. He didn’t emerge from the ground immediately, and he dug his way towards the core of Phoenix Domain.

He was very well aware of what would be waiting for him above ground. So, if he wanted to take revenge, he couldn’t go head-on against them!

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive deep underground, and he was surrounded by lava.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he drew his sword and swung it.


A sword howl suddenly resounded through the Phoenix Domain, and then a mountain range suddenly exploded open. After that, countless torrents of lava shot up into the air like multiple erupting volcanoes. Once they shot up into the sky, the torrents of lava exploded apart like fireworks. In the end, they rained down like a storm!

At the moment that sword howl resounded, over 20 divine senses appeared at the mountain range which Yang Ye had been under. A moment later, over 20 old men appeared in the sky above the mountain range, and the leader of the group was Mo Jiang!

Mo Jiang glanced at the surroundings and spoke in a low voice, “He was hiding here!”

One of the old men by Mo Jiang’s side asked, “Can you locate him?”

Mo Jiang’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then his divine sense swept out. In an instant, a huge area in the surroundings was enveloped by his divine sense. A long time passed before he opened his eyes and said, “I can’t locate his aura!”

The old man spoke in a low voice, “He possesses the Sword Domain, so he can fully conceal his aura. So long as he doesn’t do anything, it’s very difficult for us to find him!”

Mo Jiang glanced at the surroundings. He was about to speak when another sword howl resounded from extremely far away, and then a similar scene appeared. Countless torrents of lava shot up from beneath the ground.

At the moment that sword howl resounded, Mo Jiang and the others had vanished on the spot. In the blink of an eye, they were where the second sword howl had resounded. But at this moment, the area was completely empty, and there wasn’t even a trace of Yang Ye.

Mo Jiang and the others’ expressions became extremely unsightly.

If Yang Ye fought them head-on, then they didn’t have to fear him at all while he didn’t possess the help of the stellar sword energy from the Stellar Sword Diagram. Even if he activated it, they didn’t have to fear him because the experts of the demon race had arrived in the Phoenix Domain. So long as Yang Ye showed himself, Yang Ye would die. Yet now, Yang Ye refused to fight them directly!

Yang Ye wasn’t a Rebirth Realm expert, but he was countless times more terrifying than a Rebirth Realm expert. Especially when he chose to avoid direct confrontation.

Suddenly, another sword howl resounded from a corner of the Phoenix Domain.

At this moment, Yang Ye was destroying the core of Phoenix Domain. Actually, if Yang Ye did this in the outside world, the Eye of the Heaven Dao would definitely come for him, or he would be stopped by Little Sky. But the Phoenix Domain was different. It was a world that the Divine Phoenix Clan had created. Even though it was on Sky Sky Continent, it was an independent world. Thus, even if it was destroyed, the effects on Sky Sky Continent would be miniscule.

Needless to say, Mo Jiang and the others were getting anxious.

Phoenix Domain was already severely damaged from the stellar sword energy that Yang Ye had summoned earlier. Now, Yang Ye was destroying Phoenix Dimension’s core. It could be said that if this continued, then the Phoenix Dimension might really be destroyed by him!

Meanwhile, Mo Jiang spoke solemnly, “Ask the Heavenly Dragon Clan, Demon God’s Palace, Phantom Fox Clan, and Devil Ape Clan to help in the search for Yang Ye. Tell them that his strength is extraordinary, and they should absolutely not confront him without a group of at least three Rebirth Realm experts.”

Just like that, countless Rebirth Realm experts started to search madly for Yang Ye. They joined forces and formed a huge web of divine sense that covered the entire Phoenix Domain. It could be said that even the slightest breeze would be noticed by them at the first possible moment, and they would be able to rush over instantaneously.

However, at this moment, Yang Ye didn’t attack again. He was recovering his profound energy and waiting for the best moment to attack.

So, the Phoenix Domain was peaceful again.

Even though it was peaceful, the demon race wasn’t in a peaceful state.

A man and a woman had suddenly arrived in the Demon Territory. Based on their outer appearance, they seemed very young. They seemed like they were only a little over twenty years of age. The man wore an azure robe while the woman wore a white robe. The man held a saber in his left hand while a sword was in the woman’s right hand. Something worth mentioning was that she had no left arm, and the cut on her shoulder was smooth like a mirror.

Once they entered the Demon Territory, they went straight for the Heavenly Dragon Clan. As soon as they entered the Heavenly Dragon Clan’s territory, a dragon appeared before them.

The dragon stared at them and said, “Humans!”

Suddenly, the woman’s sword transformed into a ray of light and vanished on the spot. At the moment it vanished, a lotus flower made of swords appeared above the dragon. A moment later, the flower bloomed, and then almost 10,000 rays of light instantly shot into the dragon’s body.


A moment of silence ensued before the dragon’s body exploded apart and was obliterated.

A Rebirth Realm dragon had been killed in an instant!

Once that dragon was killed, the entire Heavenly Dragon Clan was shocked, and then countless experts from the Heavenly Dragon Clan flashed out from Heavenly Dragon Domain and charged towards the man and woman.

Their expressions didn’t change at all. A moment later, their sword and saber shot forward simultaneously. In an instant, the sky above the Heavenly Dragon Phoenix was covered in sword energy and saber energy.

Around 15 minutes later, they left the Heavenly Dragon Domain.

At this moment, the corpses of almost 10,000 dragons were floating in the sky above the Heavenly Dragon Domain. Something worth mentioning was that most of those corpses belonged to Deities or dragons below the Deity Realm. Moreover, most were from the younger generation while very few Dualism Realm and Rebirth Realm experts had been killed.

After they left, it didn’t take long for them to pay a visit to the Phantom Fox Clan and Devil Ape Clan.

Around 15 minutes later, they left 10,000 corpses behind in both the Phantom Fox Clan and Devil Ape Clan. After they finished doing that, they left the Demon Territory.

Just like what had happened in the Heavenly Dragon Clan, regardless of whether it was the Phantom Fox Clan and Devil Ape Clan, most that were dead were at the Deity Realm or below.

Something worth mentioning was that they’d left a message behind before they left — The demon race is doomed if Yang Ye dies!

It sounded extremely imposing and overbearing.

However, would the demon race be scared by it?

Not only was the demon race not scared by it, it infuriated the entire demon race instead! In an instant, countless experts of the demon race rushed towards the Phoenix Domain, and their target was naturally Yang Ye!

Moreover, the warning bells had been struck in the Demon Territory. The Demon Territory’s warning bells were only struck when the Demon Territory was being invaded, and it was only struck when the situation was extremely serious!

Once the bells were struck, the old geezers of the demon race who were in indefinite closed door cultivation would leave their places of cultivation as well.

Mysterious human experts had come deep into the Demon Territory and killed demon beasts. As far as the demon race was concerned, the human race was provoking the demon race!

However, the Human Alliance of the human race suddenly declared that it had nothing to do with the human race, and it was a private affair between Yang Ye and the demon race! Moreover, the Human Alliance even expressed its willingness to assist the demon race in capturing Yang Ye and the power that backed him.

So, Yang Ye became the common enemy of the demon race and human race!

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