Am I A God?

Chapter 1105 (END) - Inflate

Chapter 1105: Inflate

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With the flashing of the Space Fold portal, space distorted violently.

Virus, Calamity, Exploding Scorch and several hundred feline robots flashed as they traveled thousands of light years before arriving at a desolate planet.

The planet’s sky was dark and its surface was cracked. The planet was filled with endless deserts.

Strong winds blew constantly in the large desert as the sand swirled around like bullets.

This planet was not inhabitable by most life forms. There were no water sources and the air was filled with grinding sand. The planet’s surface was ravaged by sandstorms. Any spaceships that ventured into the atmosphere would be turned to sieves.

The four marshals felt the hostile environment the moment they landed. They opened their eyes to survey the land a few hundred meters before them.

An energy field repulsed the sandstorm and created a few hundred square meters of silent space.

Zhao Yao stood quietly in the middle and observed the space-folding Long Fur cats.

Zhao Yao was engulfed by his golden armor. His long black hair flowed down from his helmet and rippled in the gentle breeze.

He looked like the golden Saint Seiya.

Zhao Yao was pleased with his styling.

He was extremely pleased that he could wear the Cat Emperor Armor on the outside while the Cat Prince Costume could be worn inside. Both effects could be used together.

With the two items, Zhao Yao could activate four superpowers at the same time.

Zhao Yao’s inflated ego was about to explode.

Seeing Zhao Yao standing obediently, Calamity Marshal laughed sinisterly. “You are waiting there and not fleeing? Are you surrendering?”

“I don’t surrender!” Exploding Scorch’s body burst into flames that broke through the surrounding sandbags and engulfed his companions. With his superior control, the flames with a temperatue of a million degree celsius did not harm any of his companions.

“I’m roasting one of his legs.”

The Robot Marshal’s voice came out from the robot cat, “Don’t let down your guard. He doesn’t seem right…”

“What’s wrong? The four of us are attacking a cat slave and we need to be cautious?” Exploding Scorch charged and fired a thick beam of light made of scorching flames towards Zhao Yao. After an enormous explosion, a sandstorm arose while the earth cracked open. Exploding Scorch created a ravine that was ten kilometers long and three kilometers wide with the attack.

Zhao Yao remained motionless in his position. The ground underneath him was intact. He smiled at Exploding Scorch and said, “Do the four of you like to play games? You’ll have lots of games to play in the future.”

The Robot Marshal became wary. “Be careful! There’s a change in his combat power!”

“What arrogance!” Exploding Scorch roared as white hot flames shot into the sky and penetrated the atmosphere like an erupting volcano.

“I’m going to burn you to death!”

The sandstorm caught fire and the atmosphere burst into flames. From Exploding Scorch as the starting point, the desolate planet gradually became golden red in color.

Exploding Scorch could turn all non-living things into flames with his superpower. Once, he ignited a planet’s atmosphere and turned all life into ash.

Though he had used all his efforts to attack, he saw Zhao Yao standing at his original location and looking at him casually. Zhao Yao was standing in the inferno but he was unharmed.

“How could it be?” Exploding Scorch found it hard to believe. “I used up to 30 000 degrees celsius flames to burn him. From an energy viewpoint, I’m able to burn through a mountain. How can he still be intact?”

Attribute 11, Cat’s Fire Immunity: Complete immunity to all flame attacks.

Zhao Yao looked at the Cat Emperor Armor’s attribute 11 and communicated with the cats using his power of awareness.

“Don’t waste your energy. Flames are ineffective against me.”

“Frankly speaking, I don’t even know how strong I am now.”

Zhao Yao said earnestly, “Perhaps in this universe, nobody’s my match. You’ll help me to test. I’ll stand here and see if you can harm me.”

“You’re too arrogant!”

All the cats felt that either Zhao Yao had become silly or he had gone mad.

Exploding Scorch’s temper flared. “I don’t believe I can’t burn you to ash!”

He continuously scorched Zhao Yao with flames but his efforts were in vain. With the Dark and Sturdy attribute of the Cat Emperor Armor, Zhao Yao’s defenses and darkness were increased.

Zhao Yao thought, “What a good defense mechanism.”

Hundreds of feline robots emitted energy waves and all their cannons flashed with dark rays as they aimed at Zhao Yao.

They were the finest creation of the Robot Marshal. All of them were made using countless resources, efforts, and the best technology.

The robot warriors that Zhao Yao encountered were inferior to the feline robots in terms of power, energy, strength, and weaponry.

Previously, the Robot Marshal could not bear to use the robot cats against Zhao Yao. However, there was a limit for space-folding units, hence he deployed his elite feline robots to deal with Zhao Yao.

Hundreds of positron cannons that could penetrate a space cruiser and flatten a continent fired on Zhao Yao.

From outer space, one could see a shocking bright ray erupt from the flames and sandstorm. It was like a rising sun and it caused a large expanse of land to collapse, crack, and sink. Sand and mud were kicked up and they formed a violent sandstorm that looked like the end of time.

Zhao Yao did not do anything in the face of this terrifying attack. He hugged his chest with both his hands and stood motionless. With the attacks… he became darker and darker.

With the simultaneous attack of the positron cannons, Zhao Yao’s body was damaged 8% and the Ultra Rapid Regeneration healed him immediately.

Every simultaneous firing of the positron cannons could only damage up to 8% of Zhao Yao’s body. As Zhao Yao became darker, his damage dwindled.

More than half of the feline robots exploded as they crashed to the ground.

Another two feline robots were vaporized by an unknown energy. That was the Cat Emperor Armor’s 0.1% chance of a ten times reflected damage.

Only the feline robots attacked while Zhao Yao stood motionless. However, more than half of the feline robots were destroyed while he remained intact. With the Dark and Sturdy attribute of his armor, he and his armor became darker.

Zhao Yao looked at the feline robots who had stopped attacking. “They’re weak. Even if they had more robots, they would still be like wild grass to me.”

Calamity Marshal hid among the feline robots and surveyed Zhao Yao who was shrouded in a dark mist. He was so nervous that he shed his fur continuously. “This guy… Why is he making me feel like I’m in danger?”

He flicked his paws as he incanted curses.

Zhao Yao frowned as he looked at Calamity Marshal and shook his head. “I advise you not to attack. You’ll die.”

“Humph.” Calamity Marshal would not listen to Zhao Yao. Instead, he used all his effort and activated his curse superpower.

More than half of the curse attack was reflected by Zhao Yao’s Superpower Resistance which was 83% effective due to Level 73 of Sphynx cat and the +10 Level increase of the Cat Emperor Armor.

Calamity Marshal was only successful in making Zhao Yao bleed as the rest of his attacks were reflected back onto him.

He screamed in pain and almost passed out. He trembled continuously as he had used up more than half of his energy. With sicknesses and poisons affecting him, he grew weaker and weaker and lost all combat capability.

Zhao Yao shook his head. “He didn’t die? He’s pretty lucky.”

Exploding Scorch was preparing for his big move. He traveled at a high speed towards Zhao Yao and transformed the sand and gravel in the atmosphere into flames.

From Zhao Yao’s location, a flaming sandstorm that stretched over a thousand kilometers was formed. From outer space, it looked like the desolate planet had opened one of its eyes.

“Burn all to ashes!”

It did not matter whether the temperature of the fire sandstorm was in the thousands or millions of degree celsius as the Cat Emperor Armor provided Zhao Yao with full immunity.

Zhao Yao opened his eyes and the flames with tens of thousands of degrees celsius were unable to harm his eyeballs.

Zhao Yao let the flames slip into his eyes, nose, and mouth as he said, “I’ve told you that flames were ineffective against me.”

“Let’s not talk about your small sparks, even if I bathe in the sun’s core, I’ll think that the temperature will be too low. Try other moves.”

“This is infuriating!” Exploding Scorch was too shocked to react. “What’s with his body? My flames were unable to harm him?”

The Virus Marshal’s mecha opened up and he created poison clouds that flew towards Zhao Yao. His body was made of poisonous organisms and there were billions of sickness and poisonous viruses cultivated by the Long Fur Tribe. Some viruses could easily wipe out an entire civilization and survive in harsh environments.

New sicknesses and dangerous viruses were created every second.

If he soaked himself in the Pacific Ocean, all life on Earth would perish.

Zhao Yao let the poison cloud engulf his body as his dark body’s defenses increased with the peeling of his skin which was immediately healed.

Zhao Yao inhaled all of the poison cloud into his mouth.

Virus was shocked. “Is he mad?”

Zhao Yao’s internal organs, muscles and nervous system failed rapidly but they were immediately regenerated.

With the shocking power of his lungs, Zhao Yao sucked in the poison cloud and flames as though he was the eye of a level ten typhoon. Then he spat out everything with a loud pop.

Zhao Yao wiped his mouth and smiled. “This is strong. Are there any other flavors?”

Virus was dumbstruck as he gazed at Zhao Yao. He was unable to react.

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