Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 2027 - Epiphany

Chapter 2027: Epiphany

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In the boundless starry space, the gigantic devil head trembled. This head was like a demon star, its eyes shone with a terrifying light, causing fear in the hearts of those who looked at it.

By using his divine sense, Jun Mengchen naturally could feel the situation of Qin Wentian’s battle. His body trembled, feeling somewhat reluctant to accept this. He actually wasn’t able to help his senior brother out?

He worked so hard in cultivation but was his current strength still considered weak?

He was truly unwilling to accept this. In his mind, he felt a strong obsession to grow stronger.

What would happen if his senior brother encountered some mishaps? He could only wait here passively and watch his senior brother and everyone else die? To watch passively as the entire Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms fell into the control of the evil bald donkey and Yue Changkong?

He, Jun Mengchen, was unwilling to see such a scene. He clenched his fists tightly, producing a cracking sound. He closed his eyes as the look of a struggle could be seen on his face.

In the starry space, the light from the countless constellations illuminated the sky. The sight of it was so resplendent and beautiful, filled with boundless profoundness and the battles within the nine heavenly layers were unfolding on a grand scale.

At this moment, although he had closed his eyes, Jun Mengchen seemed to have sensed a truly boundless world. In his vision, within the world, he not only could see the evil head within the nine heavenly layers, he also saw the people fighting in the other battlefields. Qian Yuanfeng and Che Hou were currently clashing violently.

“Everyone is working hard.” Jun Mengchen silently mused.

Qin Yuanfeng unleashed his force of the six paths. These six paths were created by him, and they included the daos of devouring, death, reincarnation, dimension, etc. When the six paths converged, a completely brand new heavenly dao might known as the six path force would be born. When this clashed against Che Hou’s false chaos dao, it was actually not in any way inferior. The battle between the two of them was extremely intense as a result.

Che Hou used his insights into the false chaos dao for his attacks, generating the other daos. Qin Yuanfeng’s six paths force transformed his surroundings into a different spacetime. This type of dao might usage was truly terrifying. When watching their fight, Jun Mengchen’s divine sense seemed to have integrated within their combat completely. Jun Mengchen clenched his fists even tighter as the scenes of their battle imprinted themselves in his mind. He suddenly felt an epiphany.

Space, time, chaos, devouring, buddha, devil. All these daos were extremely powerful ones. They combined the various law attributes, allowing even more daos to be formed. There were some ultimate daos with endless might, but when they are traced back to their roots, what would their origins be?

Where did the constellations of the nine heavenly layers come from? The power contained within them was the power of daos. And for godking-level experts, they resembled constellations when they fought. In that case, could the constellations in the starry space be vestiges left behind by ancient cultivators since an unimaginably long time ago?

Which daos were the pinnacle? What were the true ultimate daos?

There was a saying, chaos was the progenitor of all daos. Everything in the world originated from chaos. The dao of chaos encompassed all daos in the world. Clearly, it is a type of ultimate dao.

What about the dao of world he was cultivating? Can the dao of world represent Heaven and Earth? Could this vast universe, the nine heavenly layers, represent a part of the dao of world?

The dao of the world was also a true ultimate dao. Chaos could give birth to a myriad of daos. In that case, he who controlled the dao of the world, why couldn’t he give birth to a myriad of daos as well?

Jun Mengchen entered a miraculous state, like he was in an epiphany. His will was as strong as ever, and his obsession with growing stronger gave him great motivation.

The boundless starry space, the nine heavenly layers, everything here was imprinted in his vision. If his dao of the world could merge with the nine heavenly layers, what did this mean? Could it mean that with a single thought, he would be able to control the entire world?

Could this be the ‘transcendence’ his senior brother was talking about before?

In the past, his senior brother once said that cultivators were all comprehending the heavenly dao. Through their insights gained, cultivators would be able to control a trace of heavenly dao might and those with higher masteries could even create their own dao world. But in truth, this sort of ‘control’ over the heavenly dao only allowed one to control things inside their domain. For example for the dao of time. One could only control the flow of time in your own domain. For example, when the Buddha Sovereign used time reversal, only the surroundings around him were affected but the flow of time in the other parts of the world remained unchanged.

Hence, the daos which people of the world have mastered, in truth were just minor heavenly daos.

If one day, when he mastered the true ultimate heavenly dao, that would mean that he could control the daos in the nine heavenly layers. At that point of time, that would indicate true transcendence. Despite how heaven-defying godkings are, they still aren’t able to accomplish this point.

At this moment, Jun Mengchen’s mind kept spinning as new perspectives and ideas formed in his mind. All of a sudden, boundless starlight cascaded down on him. He himself wasn’t aware of this. Right now, the connection between him and the nine heavenly layers grew even tighter as he senses grew clearer. He could sense all the details of the battles happening in this starry space. Each intense clash was imprinted into his mind. Maybe this was a sort of display by the dao of the world.

He stared at Qin Yuanfeng and Che Hou’s battle and he seemed to gain some insights from it. He got increasingly immersed within and in fact, he could even faintly sense that Qin Yuanfeng’s cultivation was exceedingly deep and was infinitesimally close to the next step.

However, as to what the next step was like and how powerful it was, Jun Mengchen had no idea.

After all, after the heavenly deity realm, there were no clear demarcations. Everyone was known as heavenly deities as they could control heavenly daos.

But it was precisely this realm that the gap in strength between individuals could be like the distance between the heavens and earth. Ordinary heavenly deities, the peak-level deities who were either sect leaders or clan leaders from the various hegemonic powers, old monsters like the old Qiankun Sect Leader, and even Qin Yuanfeng and Che Hou’s tier of deities, were all known as deities despite the strength difference between each level being exceedingly great, impossible to surpass. Each improvement would result in one’s strength becoming greater but as to how strong exactly, no one could say for sure.

For example for Qin Wentian, after many years of accumulation, his cultivation base was already deep enough for him to fight equally against godkings. This meant that unknowingly, he has also reached the godking-level.

“Uncle Qin.” Jun Mengchen called out. He naturally didn’t use his mouth but used his divine sense. In the air, Qin Yuanfeng who was fighting sensed the communication. His eyes gleamed with sharpness as he turned his head. From the energy fluctuations and the aura, he recognized the speaker. The speaker was none other than the junior apprentice brother of his son Qin Wentian.

“Uncle Qin, the force of the six paths in your hands have already become perfect, comparable to six grand daos. However, I feel that you can improve things a step further and continue to evolve it, transforming it into the six daos world.” Jun Mengchen’s voice continued to ring out in his mind, causing Qin Yuanfeng’s eyes to gleam with a bright light.

The force of the six paths could continue to evolve, transforming into the six daos world?

Through his two lifetimes of cultivation, he had cultivated all types of daos and even entered the Divine Mausoleum to learn about the daos of the deities who had fallen there. He combined his insights from his two lifetimes, transforming them into the force of the six paths. He further refined this within the Divine Mausoleum. In there, he had no distractions. He became the tomb keeper, the master of the Divine Mausoleum, the moon god also gave him some benefits. He then slowly began to merge the six different daos together, forming the force of the six paths, allowing him to unleash his current tyrannical might.

During these years, he has been slowly trying to probe to understand the greater truth. How should he continue to advance the six paths?

He had no way to understand it but cultivation was simply just like this. Sometimes when you are stuck, you would never be able to understand it forever. But once you gain an insight, everything would become clear to you in an instant.

With a single sentence from Jun Mengchen, it seemed to have sparked something, causing Qin Yuanfeng’s heart to tremble. At this moment, Che Hou flew towards him again. Che Hou seemed even stronger, he used his false chaos dao to manifest a myriad of daos that could exterminate all living things. Flames began to manifest, these flames had the power to incinerate the world and Che Hou was cloaked by the flames.

“Burn.” He spoke. The world-incinerating flames infused their properties into the countless divine weapons. In the next instant, the area around him turned golden as the world-incinerating flames grew more intense.

The golden divine flames could truly incinerate everything in the world. That, in addition to the power of all the divine weapons, how strong was he exactly?

“Six paths, six daos, six dao worlds!” This voice kept repeating in Qin Wentian’s heart. In a few short instants, it was unknown how many times it had repeated. His eyes were as calm as ever, his hands were as steady as ever too. Despite the fearsome scene before him, his will didn’t waver.

“Kill!” Che Hou waved his hands. A moment later, the golden flames erupted forth, illuminating the starry sky. The countless divine weapons burned with the golden flames as they soared through the air, aiming for Qin Yuanfeng. Qin Yuanfeng seemed as though he was in a daze, standing there and doing nothing. He was about to be swallowed by the golden flames.

“Yuanfeng!” Luoshen Qianxue’s expression froze. Her heart pounded violently when she saw this.

“Father!” Qin Kexin’s gaze stiffened as she stared in that direction.

The boundless destructive might seemed about to swallow Qin Yuanfeng. A smile finally appeared on Che Hou’s face but this smile was as cold and mechanical as ever.

But at this very moment, Qin Yuanfeng acted. He punched out with his fist, manifesting the force of the six paths which took the form of six azure dragons. The dragons roared and flew towards all directions, expelling everything as they continued to stretch out. They rushed towards the chaos divine weapons as the force of the six paths transformed again, enveloping them. This entire space trembled violently as a strange change occurred, the force of the six paths seemed to contain unfathomable might.

“Break.” At this moment, Qin Yuanfeng coldly spoke. In the next instant, within the chaos dao, six destructive dao forces that could exterminate everything began to form. These six different types of forces then merged into one, forming resonance with the great dao. The heavens and earth cracked, the true force of the six paths appeared in the sky, causing the destructive might of the golden flames and divine weapons to be turned back upon Che Hou.

“How can this be possible?” Che Hou saw his attacks born of his dao of chaos being turned on to him. His gaze was exceedingly cold. He transformed into a beam of light and wanted to flee. But in the next moment, his expression changed. His surroundings seemed to have become a world formed by the six daos from the six paths. No matter where he fled to, he wasn’t able to move out of the six daos world.

“Refine.” An extremely cold voice rang out. The power of the six paths madly erupted forth. Che Hou’s body trembled violently. In the next instant, countless faces actually appeared on his body, belonging to countless souls of the Che Clan!

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