Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 2028 - A Stroke of Genius

Chapter 2028: A Stroke of Genius

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“Six daos world.” Down below, everyone stared at the battlefield in the air as their hearts pounded violently. Qin Yuanfeng broke through suddenly. At the heavenly deity realm, a breakthrough wasn’t like the other breakthroughs in the realms before. One can only achieve a breakthrough if one’s comprehension of their heavenly dao deepened. This was definitely much harder compared to breaking through to the heavenly deity realm from the world overlord realm. The gain in power would also be much greater.

At this moment, the six azure dragons transformed into a dao world. This world contained the force of the six paths, which were akin to six grand heavenly daos and the sole purpose of its existence was to bury Che Hou. In the past, Qin Yuanfeng had already managed to fuse the six paths together but now, it can finally be considered a perfect whole.

In the six daos world, numerous souls constantly flew out from Che Hou’s body. These souls were struggling frenziedly. After that, they either entered samsara, or were devoured, or were killed by dimensional force, or destroyed by the six paths force.

“Are these the experts of the Che Clan? There are so many of them, almost countless in number. These are the lives of the entire Che Clan.” A demon sovereign of the Demon God Mountain stared up at the sky. There were simply too many souls. The six daos world was like a purgatory, delivering these souls from suffering. They actually managed to find release after being fused into the ultimate divine weapon along with Che Hou.

And at this moment, Che Hou seemed to be in intense pain. His expression contorted as his aura grew increasingly weaker. As the number of souls within him decreased, his control over the dao of chaos got striped away bit by bit. After that, the divine weapons vanished, the divine formations he set up vanished, the golden flame vanished as well. Che Hou no longer resembled a human, he resembled a stretch of chaos that has no body instead. A golden chaotic light flashed and after that, Che Hou howled in madness. The light radiating from him was so bright that it was hard for the on-lookers to open their eyes.

After the flash of light, the mass of chaos disappeared as a human figure appeared there. This figure was the appearance of the original Che Hou. However, he looked extremely fragile now. His aura wavered, he stared at everything before him as he laughed out loud all of a sudden. His laughter sounded as though he was mocking himself.

He was the real Che Hou, the original Che Hou, clan leader of the Che Clan. He was no longer fused with that ultimate divine weapon that seized good fortune from the heavens and earth.

“Ultimately, I still failed? I fused with the ultimate weapon and gathered the strength and daos of everyone in the Che Clan within me. In the end, the Che Clan was destroyed and it seems that I’m also going to die here.” Che Hou seemed to be mumbling to himself. His body gradually turned illusory before disintegrating bit by bit as he vanished inside the six daos world.

The powerful human-form divine weapon Che Hou was defeated in one of the godking-level battles and has died.

The six daos world vanished. Qin Yuanfeng glanced downwards, his gaze piercing through the boundless starry space and directly landed on Jun Mengchen. He only saw that right now, Jun Mengchen had his eyes closed, like he was in a marvelous mental state. Qin Yuanfeng understood that Jun Mengchen was in an epiphany. Before this, he already knew that this junior apprentice-brother of Qin Wentian was extraordinary. Now, Jun Mengchen must have gained an epiphany. He would only be stronger after he awakens from this state. In addition, Jun Mengchen used his own insights to remind Qin Yuanfeng, allowing Qin Yuanfeng to gain a sudden breakthrough, killing Che Hou.

If not, if the battle continued, neither he nor Che Hou would be able to do anything against the other.

Naturally, although Jun Mengchen had credit for his break through, the main reason was because of Qin Yuanfeng himself. His cultivation base was already sufficient, he only needed a flash of insight. Also, he fought against Che Hou’s dao of chaos which enabled him to glean some understanding from it which helped his cultivation too. In the end, Jun Mengchen’s words reminded him, the words spoken became the flash of insight he needed, allowing him to break through.

Qin Yuanfeng then looked up. His figure flashed as he moved with lightning speed, flying towards another battlefield. His battle has concluded but there are still three more battles currently ongoing in the boundless starry space. Only by winning them all would the war for supremacy be concluded. Only then could they be considered the real victor. Now, it was still too early.

Those below saw Qin Yuanfeng flying towards Qin Wentian’s battlefield, they couldn’t help but to perspire in their hearts from the worrying emotions. They could only hope that nothing would happen to Qin Wentian.

Very soon, Qin Yuanfeng also arrived at the space above the nine heavenly layers. He stood before the giant head and appeared extremely tiny. He felt like he was standing face to face with an evil-head constellation. This evil constellation reeked of pure evil. Qin Yuanfeng’s body instantly expanded, growing larger and larger, becoming a towering god of battle the same size as a constellation. He lifted his hand as the might of six paths gushed out. Just as he wanted to attack, the eyes of the evil head gleamed with a red light. Its gaze contained the Moon God’s dao, drawing Qin Yuanfeng into an illusion.

This world was filled with blood and darkness, as well as countless divine weapons. Evil devils spawned all around him and rushed towards him, wanting to trap him here.

“Kill.” The force of the six paths erupted forth, destroying the evil devils.

And as for Qin Wentian who was inside the head, he was also seeing a similar scene just much more terrifying. Qin Wentian was deep inside the head which YueChangkong transformed into. In this world, everywhere here contained the power of the evil daos. If an ordinary deity was to enter, their body would instantly rot away and be devoured by the evil devils.

But Qin Wentian transformed into a devil sovereign and vanquished all the evil-attributed attacks that were aimed at him. But even so, the evil devils here seemed endless, there was no way to kill all of them. The corrosiveness of evil was present everywhere, wanting to exhaust Qin Wentian to his death.

Qin Wentian’s gaze was extremely terrifying. He understood that he has already fallen into the center core of Yue Changkong’s dao world. In here, he also knew that he was in some sort of illusion, he might be within the influence of his heart devil. In fact, even these devils he killed might not truly have existed. This was why they were endless in number.

There seemed to be no way for him to gain victory in such a battle.

The devil Qin Wentian transformed into grew increasingly larger as he continued to kill the evil devils. He fused all his daos together and unleashed them in destructive attacks, but even after a long time had passed, he still couldn’t kill all the evil devils. Finally, his devil energy was drained, he started to feel fatigued. There were more and more injuries on his gigantic devil body, it felt increasingly tougher to continue persisting.

But Yue Changkong’s true body didn’t appear at all. Yue Changkong wanted to slowly grind away at his energy, exhausting him to death. And after another long period of time passed, one of his arms was slashed off. Qin Wentian howled in rage and became more violent. His broken arm showed signs of regenerating but before it could be regrown fully, his other arm was slashed off as well. He roared in agony, seemingly extremely miserable. He kept suffering the attacks as the evil devils began to devour him, leading to parts of his body disappearing bit by bit.

And at this moment, an incomparably bright light shone in the darkness. Qin Wentian’s head in his devil form was beheaded, and the darkness seemed to turn still.

His devil body was split in twain. The sounds of a soul struggling could be heard. That seemed like Qin Wentian’s soul.

“Has it finally ended?” At this moment, an evil voice echoed out. From the darkness, a head floated over. This head belonged to Yue Changkong. He was now staring evilly at Qin Wentian’s soul.

“Qin Wentian, I shall inherit everything you possess.” Yue Changkong laughed maniacally. His head flew towards Qin Wentian’s soul as he began to devour it. Qin Wentian’s soul struggled, yet a terrifying dao might erupted forth from Yue Changkong, locking his soul down. His soul had no way to escape. Many of his insights of his daos now entered Yue Changkong’s mind.

“How satisfying. All your comprehensions, insights and memories shall become mine. As long as you give in now, I can promise not to kill your women. I shall take good care of them instead.” Yue Changkong grinned. The feeling of satisfaction intensified as an intoxicated look of enjoyment appeared on Yue Changkong’s face.

Qin Wentian’s soul roared futilely, struggling madly. But the more he struggled, the more intoxicated Yue Changkong became. He truly enjoyed this feeling. He closed his eyes, fully lost in the moment.

But at this moment, that destroyed devil body suddenly emitted a sound. In the next instant, a supreme beam of light shot out, cleaving apart the darkness. Golden buddhic light and a golden radiance fused together, a figure flew through the air, shining with holy light as a sword of buddhic energy materialized in his hands. He seemed capable of transcending space and time as he slashed out with his sword.

This sword strike was too swift, even quicker than time. Yue Changkong, who was intoxicated, suddenly opened his eyes. After that, when he saw that holy and resplendent figure, disbelief filled his face. “Impossible.”

That holy and resplendent figure was actually none other than Qin Wentian.

In that case, who was the person he killed earlier? Who was the person he devoured?

That definitely wasn’t an illusion. He truly devoured Qin Wentian’s dao, devoured his comprehensions and memories. That was truly Qin Wentian’s soul. Only then would he be so mesmerized and intoxicated by the taste, completely ignoring everything else, focusing solely on that. At that point of time, he felt no wariness because he believed he had already become the victor.

That was the moment when he was the most relaxed. But at that instant, such a swift and powerful sword attack suddenly struck out, as though it came from beyond this world!

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