Ancient Godly Monarch

Chapter 2029 - True body of the Buddha Sovereign

Chapter 2029: True body of the Buddha Sovereign

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Yue Changkong’s evil face showed intense panic. The sword light flashed. That evil face trembled violently before being destroyed.

All the evil devils in the surroundings vanished at this instant, they no longer existed.

At the same time, the gigantic devil head akin to a constellation in the external world began to tremble violently. Rumbling noises rang out as it began to shatter and crumble apart. The world of darkness also gradually dissipated. That pair of evil eyes flickered with agony before disappearing. Qin Yuanfeng’s body appeared. He was stunned when he saw the scene ahead.

Earlier, he was trapped by that illusion and he was preparing to break out from it. But all of a sudden, the illusion heavenly dao suddenly collapsed on its own. After that, he saw a bright beam of sword light which slashed apart the darkness. That sword strike was simply too dazzling, exuding a sense of holiness. That definitely couldn’t have been a sword strike unleashed by Yue Changkong.

Evidently, that was Qin Wentian’s sword attack.

“Wentian!” Qin Yuanfeng called out. In the darkness, a golden light flared from a golden buddha body. A sword of radiance could be seen in the figure’s hand. This was none other than Qin Wentian. He slashed the darkness apart and appeared here.

Earlier, if it wasn’t for Little Ye, he wouldn’t have rushed into the dark fog and entered Yue Changkong’s trap. Inside, he was suppressed severely and had no way to connect with the constellations in the sky as he was put into a passive position. He had no choice but to use such an extreme method.

Beside Qin Wentian’s golden body, an illusory figure suddenly took form. It looked like a soul and appeared extremely weak. This soul was also in the form of Qin Wentian. But earlier, this soul belonged to his devil body. That scene earlier wasn’t an illusion he manifested to fool Yue Changkong. Everything that happened was real. If it wasn’t real enough, Yue Changkong would definitely be able to see through it.

“Father.” Qin Wentian’s figure flashed. Two of his figures, one corporeal and one illusory arrived beside Qin Yuanfeng. That black fog hadn’t dispersed completely. The fog gradually converged together in the distance and Yue Changkong’s face actually appeared again. He stared at Qin Wentian as his expression contorted while he coldly spoke, “You played a trick.”

“Didn’t you use Little Ye to lure me inside the gigantic head earlier?” Qin Wentian coldly replied. Any and all methods are considered a type of strength.

“How could I have neglected your avatar. You actually have two bodies, one a buddha, the other a devil.” Yue Changkong grimaced, he had been too careless and this mistake might condemn him to eternal damnation. What about his ambitions now? It has been so long and he finally reincarnated and returned. His purpose was naturally to conquer and rule the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms unchallenged and to walk to the pinnacle of the heavenly dao. If all of his dreams turned to bubbles and froth, how could he be willing to accept this?

“I didn’t expect that you would still survive after that strike.” Qin Wentian coldly spoke. He glanced at Yue Changkong. Behind him, a gigantic figure with a pair of terrifying eyes appeared, staring into the darkness. Light radiated forth, enveloping the surrounding space. At this moment, the time in the entire area seemed to stop, a wave of terrifying dimensional energy sought to cleave the darkness apart, wanting to kill Yue Changkong completely.

If Yue Changkong doesn’t die, it was hard for his heart to be at ease. He would also be unwilling to accept this. He has yet to take revenge for Little Ye’s death. A debt of blood had to be repaid by blood.

The formless black fog was destroyed. Yue Changkong’s face disappeared and reappeared again and again in different locations in the starry space. He stared at Qin Wentian, “Which is your true body?”

“Both are my true body. I’ve long fused back as one with my avatar.” Qin Wentian coldly replied. After he merged with Di Tian, there was no longer any differentiation between the true body and the avatar. He could still split into two but both were his true self, they were completely him. But of course, for the second body, only a portion of his soul was in there. The strength of the second body would also be slightly weaker if he chose to split into two.

In the starry space, the black fog continued to explode. However, there was still a large portion fleeing in different directions. Some of the black fog transformed into spears and halberds of destruction, wanting to extinguish Qin Wentian’s dao, fleeing from Qin Wentian’s control.

“It’s so hard to kill you.” Qin Wentian’s voice was ice cold. His sealing astral soul appeared behind him. A moment later, he activated the sealing energy of his sealing constellation and as he glanced over, boundless sealing light erupted from his eyes. The black fog that was flowing away was forcefully sealed. Although it contained the power to extinguish daos, it would still be tough for it to break the power of the seals.

It was truly tough to kill Yue Changkong. Other deities would have their souls disintegrated from the sword strike he unleashed but Yue Changkong actually still survived. In truth, back then Yue Changkong had already lost his body when he devoured the deities of the Ziwei Divine Court, including his teacher. His soul existed in the boundless dark fog and this fog was endless in amount and was filled with the energy of evil as well as boundless life force. As long as not all of it was destroyed, Yue Changkong couldn’t be killed.

But even so, his carelessness earlier caused him to suffer heavy injuries. He used the majority of his power to devour Qin Wentian. At that time, he was lost with excitement and suffered such a destructive attack. From this, one could imagine how terrifying his injuries were. His injuries were even more serious than Qin Wentian’s.

The soul of one of Qin Wentian’s bodies was almost devoured but he still had another body. Also, he possessed the Undying Scripture. The Undying Scripture was heaven-defying because it has immense recovery capabilities. Given his current cultivation base, his regeneration was even more terrifying than before. Hence, while he was fighting, he was also recovering simultaneously with great speed.

Qin Yuanfeng also took a step forth at this moment. He punched out. The force of the six paths was like angry dragons rushing out from the ocean, shooting forth in the starry space, chasing after the black fog before directly devouring it. This joint-attack by father and son wanted to eliminate the threat that is Yue Changkong completely. This man was too dangerous. They would certainly not show any mercy.

Mo Qingcheng and the others could see the combat in the air. Smiles could be seen in their eyes. Qin Wentian was fine now, he managed to break free from his predicament and was now joining forces with Qin Yuanfeng to destroy Yue Changkong.

Qin Yuanfeng was victorious and now, Qin Wentian also won his fight. This made everyone feel hope.

Out of the four godking-level battlefields, they already won two. Also, Qin Yuanfeng was now stronger than before. Jun Mengchen was currently also in a marvelous state of epiphany. If this continues on, they truly had hope to win this war for supremacy.

Now, only the battles between the Grim Reaper and the heaven devouring godking, as well as Beiming Youhuang and the Grand Devil Lord remained. Even if they couldn’t win outright, it was enough if they continued to drag the battle on. After Qin Wentian and Qin Yuanfeng finished Yue Changkong, they would be able to rush to the two other battlefields and finish the two remaining enemies off.

“Trash.” Just at this moment, the Grand Devil Lord who was fighting against Beiming Youhuang suddenly spoke in a cold voice. Black lotuses filled the air, wanting to envelop the space Beiming Youhuang was in. At the same time, black lotuses also began to grow within Beiming Youhuang’s body. The battle between the two of them was a battle between their souls.

But even so, the Grand Devil Lord actually still had the time to observe the other battlefields. The word ‘trash’ which he spoke, was naturally referring to Yue Changkong and Che Hou.

Back then, Yue Changkong went to the western world wanting to form an alliance to attack the Heaven Vault. The Buddha Sovereign agreed. But when the time came for them to really attack the Heaven Vault, Yue Changkong and Che Hou simply stood aside to watch, only acting after that. Although he didn’t say anything, how could he not understand Yue Changkong’s intentions? Even so, he didn’t care about it. He believed that Yue Changkong and Che Hou could be exploited. In the following battles, they would show their value. But now, both of them actually lost so quickly. This made him extremely unhappy.

“You should be worried about yourself instead.” The Imperishable Heaven Lord’s illusory figure coldly spoke.

“Worry about myself?” The Grand Devil Lord opened his eyes. His gigantic body exuded imposing might, unexcelled in the world. He stared at the Imperishable Heaven Lord and spoke, “Do you really believe that the current you still has the strength to contend against me? Did you think that once the western world army enters the cycle of samsara, this seat would have no way to kill you?”

“Laughable. I’m only fighting with you because…” The Grand Devil Lord icily spoke. After that, the black lotus of darkness bloomed in Beiming Youhuang’s body, radiating a soul-rending force. In an instant, the roots of the lotuses spread out and forcefully invaded Beiming Youhuang’s soul, implanting their seed in her.

Behind Beiming Youhuang, the Imperishable Heaven Lord and the wills of many ancient heavenly deities from the ancient battlefield surged into her frenziedly, passing their strength to Beiming Youhuang to fend off the invasion. A powerful killing might was unleashed, flooding towards the black lotuses.

But at this moment, those black lotuses took on human form. They actually took on Qin Wentian’s appearance. These figures were like planting their seeds in Beiming Youhuang’s dao heart. Beiming Youhuang’s soul trembled violently, she couldn’t bear to kill them.

“This is your heart devil. He is the Buddha Sovereign and has perfect mastery in all the buddha arts. Now that he became a devil, his power to bewilder the hearts of others would only become stronger. Don’t be tricked.” The Imperishable Heaven Lord reminded. Beiming Youhuang gave a loud shout, her long hair fluttered in the wind as she decisively directed the killing might towards the figures resembling Qin Wentian.

Blood flowed from them, one of them stared at her fixedly, “Youhuang, you want to kill me?”

His voice echoed out, reverberating ceaselessly in Beiming Youhuang’s soul. This caused Beiming Youhuang to lose control of her dao heart. How could she want to kill Qin Wentian? How could she?

It was fake. Everything was illusory. She mustn’t be fooled.

She didn’t allow herself to waver.

“KILL!” Beiming Youhuang’s eyes flashed with resolve as she continued. Those figures disintegrated under the powerful killing might. At this moment, golden light flashed as a golden buddha appeared. It was as though this buddha was unkillable and invulnerable.

“Are these your true forms? Godking of the Western Region.” Beiming Youhuang felt a chill in her heart.

From the start of the battle until now, the Buddha Sovereign has never shown himself. Now, he actually appeared in her soul. Was that his true self?

“It’s me.” That figure admitted. “I’ve always been present, and I’m everywhere. It’s just that you aren’t capable enough of discovering me. I wasted time and fought with you for so long not because I couldn’t kill you. It was only for me to obtain your soul dao art. Now, in this world. There will no longer be anyone capable of blocking me. Leaving you aside, even if the Imperishable Heaven Lord revived and came here with her peak power, she would no longer be able to do so.”

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