Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 14: Massive Meal

Massive Meal

Zhang Xiao Qiang woke up. He was woken up by something. Yesterday, fiercely fighting with the evolved cat used up all his strength and energy. He couldn’t remember anything of what he did after he got home. His belly was on fire and a similar feeling was stimulating his taste buds. There was only one thing on his mind, “eat”.

Zhang Xiao Qiang ran to the living room, grabbing the bag and opened the zipper. He poured everything onto the ground. All kinds of food, cigarettes and mineral water were scattered all over the floor. He knelt on the ground, picking up a bar of chocolate, opening it and shoving it into his mouth. He didn’t chew. He swallowed it in one mouthful. Various food packaging bags were constantly falling onto the ground. Zhang Xiao Qiang’s hunger was controlling his mind. He only knew how to tear open wrappers and shove food in his mouth.

The ground was filled with all kinds of torn wrappers and empty metal cans. The food slowly reduced until it completely disappeared. The feeling of hunger grew stronger and stronger. He ran into the kitchen, opening the rice bag and scooped out raw rice, shoving it in his mouth. His mouth was chewing and making crunching sounds. The dry broken rice was making his throat sore as he swallowed, causing him to choke and roll his eyes. He didn’t even get the chance to drink some water. He was just continually shoving food in his mouth. When there was only 5kg of rice left in the bag, he was satisfied.

Raw eggs were cracked open. Egg white, egg yolk and egg shells were all swallowed. Chinese cabbage; he didn’t care if it was the leaf or the stem, he ate them both. He was like a hungry locust, crazily eating any kind of food that he could see.

When he couldn’t find any more food, he slowly came back to his senses. It looked like a devil had been there, raiding the entire kitchen.

“Did I do this?” Zhang Xiao Qiang was sluggish.

What just happened to him felt like a dream. Not remembering anything after waking up. What was enough for half a month was finished. Whatever the taste, whatever the texture he couldn’t remember it. With all that food in his stomach, his stomach still didn’t feel bloated. It still felt like he wasn’t full yet!

“Maybe my digestive system is mutated?” Zhang Xiao Qiang was baffled.

He couldn’t understand and was too lazy to figure it out. This was also his greatest advantage, he never had to come to a dead end. [TLN: I think it means that he would never get stuck in a certain mindset] The slight tickle on his right shoulder reminded Zhang Xiao Qiang of yesterday. He was wounded. The clothing and wound were stuck together. It was dried and stuck to his body. He carefully took off his shirt and used a wet rag to clean out the wound, slowing revealing it.

“It can’t be?” There are too many things that have surprised Zhang Xiao Qiang today. He clearly remembered that yesterday, there was a wound up to half an inch deep on his shoulder. It was 5-6 cm long. Now the wound was a closed, dark brown scar. It seemed like with gentle removal, the dark dried blood would naturally fall off, not leaving a trace of injury.

“I’m superhuman now?” Zhang Xiao Qiang was surprised by his own healing ability. Could it be that after being affected by the rain, his healing ability was enhanced several times?

“Isn’t that spoken of in legends? The <>?” he let his thoughts run wild.

“At least I don’t need to be afraid of being hurt?” Thinking of all the food that he ate, he wanted to yell.

“Or maybe I shouldn’t get hurt anymore, otherwise I would gain a zombie-like appetite”, Thinking of this he got a chill. He didn’t bother with the wound anymore. He started to check the burnt spear. The galvanized pipe was a little deformed but still could be used. Some pieces of wood could be attached to the head of the pipe. After securing it with some nails, he tested it in his hands, “Its alright”

And the MP9 sniper bow was put together with the weird tooth, <> that caught Zhang Xiao Qiang’s attention. Holding it in his hands, they were covered in dirt. After using some water to wash it clean, it looked like some kind of red quartz, with a mottled dark colour along with a rugged form. It was somewhat warm to the touch. The longer it was held the higher the temperature. “Can it be used to heat water?” Zhang Xiao Qiang thought as he put it into his pockets.

There was no food left in the house, he needed to go look for more.

“No electricity, no food and the canteen downstairs is quickly running out of food. I can no longer stay at home, I need to escape” Zhang Xiao Qiang resolved.

Zhang Xiao Qiang would rather stay at home if possible. Because this place had no communications, no media and no people, there nothing to gain here. Outside there was many dangers: countless zombies and variations of dangerous cunning animals but there was also an unpredictable future.

Picking up his spear and opening the iron gate, he went out to look for food. He walked to the entrance of the stairs and saw the mutated cat’s body. There were 19 zombies tearing at its corpse. A thick smell of blood and stench came over. There were 2 S zombies and 6 D zombies there. Zhang Xiao Qiang’s appearance gathered the attention of the zombies. The two S zombies were already starting to rush towards him.

He didn’t have much time to think. He turned and ran away from the zombies that were running towards him. The two S zombies were close behind Zhang Xiao Qiang. After running a path of half an arc he looked back. The S zombies were even closer. The six D zombies were still back there, not having a reaction.

“S zombies run faster than me” Zhang Xiao Qiang was a little worried.

The S zombies were only 3-4 steps away. They were about to catch up.

“Fight.” He put his right foot down and his left foot took half a step back. He suddenly twisted and thrusted.

“Kill!” Zhang Xiao Qiang yelled. The spear pierced the zombie’s forehead. He swiftly twisted the spear around and pulled it out.

The other S zombie was already right before him. It swung at Zhang Xiao Qiang’s face. He took half a step back with his right foot, avoiding the zombie by turning his body. A dried and skinny arm carrying a stench waved past his nose. Then he put his hands in the air and drew a circle, slamming the back of the zombie before him. The zombie fell forward to the ground. Zhang Xiao Qiang took a few steps forwards and killed it with the spear.

Zhang Xiao Qiang breathed a sigh of relief. The six D zombies were just stepping towards him at normal speed. Zhang Xiao Qiang didn’t dare to be careless. Bringing the 6 D zombies in a circle, he wanted to lure them and kill them one by one. Too bad zombies only instinctively follow him which allowed him this opportunity.

Zhang Xiao Qiang stole a glance at the corpse of the cat. The body was mutilated. There were still a few ordinary zombies eating, “I’ve got a plan” Zhang Xiao Qiang would lead the 6 D zombies to his side.

As expected, the D zombies and the normal zombies collided, causing a commotion. Zhang Xiao Qiang decided to take advantage of the rare opportunity. Rushing behind one of the D zombies, he thrusted his spear. He then retracted his spear and the D zombie fell to the ground, pinning a normal zombie onto the ground. The rest of the D zombies walked past the cat corpse and started walking towards him. He didn’t have time to kill a second one. Zhang Xiao Qiang brought the remainder of the D zombies around. 5 of them, 4, 3, 2, and after the last one had been dealt with, Zhang Xiao Qiang leaned on his spear to catch his breath.

There were 7 zombies remaining. One of them was still pinned onto the ground by the dead D zombie. With the fierce fight that had just occurred, it didn’t gather their attention. Other than flesh, they didn’t care about anything else. Even with Zhang Xiao Qiang standing behind them he was still unnoticed.

Zhang Xiao Qiang stabbed them to death one by one.

Looking over on the platform, there were 15 zombies that were scattered everywhere, giving Zhang Xiao Qiang a sense of accomplishment.

“The zombies on the street were lead here by the smell of blood” Zhang Xiao Qiang came to a conclusion.

After resting, he prepared to go downstairs to look for food. He walked over to the entrance of the stairway and saw hundreds of zombies downstairs.

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