Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 256: Sluggish

“BANG…BANG….BANG….” The heads of the three Type-S zombies exploded at the same time. The member was able to make out the clear sounds of the heads exploding. Before the three headless corpses even fell, the member tilted his head back to look.

Behind them, countless running zombies had their heads blasted off as their bodies fell to the ground, one of which continued to roll towards another Type-S zombie that was about to pick up its pace. Right as they were about to collide, the Type-S zombie leaped up into the air and avoided the rolling zombie, but before it could even land on the ground, a 7.62mm heavy bullet exploded its head. The power of the bullet blasted the Type-S zombie’s frail body away.

“Woah…” The member heaved a sigh of relief as he laid on the ground and continued to watch the bullets streaking above him like shooting stars in the sky. He had no interest as to who was saving him. He only that he could live on, and that Xiao Bu that was pulling him was alive, it was enough.

After blasting off the last Type-S zombie chasing after them, Zhang Xiao Qiang stopped and looked at the form of the entire battlefield.

The two men with new leases of life were dragged into the vehicle. As the fleet started to retreat, the dense sea of zombies became soaked with the gasoline from the grass. Two 70mm incendiary rounds landed in the sea of zombies. Aside from a few zombies that were blown away by the red explosion, the rest were instantly ignited into flames. The flames expanded and grew larger as a large regiment of smoke rose from the horde.

It started from one explosion, followed by a second and a third. The smoke rose from the bewitching red flames, although the area with gasoline was not large, the flames were not something a sea of zombies could extinguish with numbers. Countless more zombies blazed into flames, the proteins within their bodies produced a pungent smell that disrupted their senses. The mysterious commands no longer suppressed them and the zombies became chaotic.

Countless human torches moved in all directions within the horde, the flames on their bodies ignited those that were unaffected. Some of the zombies that were set aflame turned crazy and started attacking anything around them, resulting in many other zombies being ripped into shreds.

The scale of the flames was not considered large, but as the human torches scattered, the flames started to spread even further. The fatality of the flames was not due to the high temperature but due to the pungent smell produced from the flames and their bodies which disrupted the commands. Additionally, the air around those unaffected zombies that were further away were blown apart by the sudden heatwave, forming a half vacuum.

Zombies did not need to breathe and this vacuum did not harm them, but the half vacuum pulled the pungent smoke which spread to the unaffected zombies. This caused the zombies behind to turn chaotic as well, either charging forward or retreating backward. Some that were pushed to the ground was even trampled into mincemeat.

The original unstoppable wall was broken, countless bullets penetrated into the chaos and caused even more harm. The flames burned on, the smoke churned and became thicker. Bullets flew across, zombies were burnt to death, trampled to death, some even blown apart by the large caliber bullets. The originally curved sea of zombies slowly formed a hole.

At this point in time, Zhang Xiao Qiang became more reassured. Regardless of how many zombies were there, they were finally somewhat stopped by his team. He looked at the coalfield gates behind him, where vehicles drove out in succession towards the cannons, the badly damaged yet overloaded buses were the first to take the lead, followed by a few dirty cars, then two large oil tankers.

Seated in an off-road vehicle at the front, Three shouted towards the other vehicles behind him endlessly. The HMG by the side aimed at the vehicles filled with people. If they tried to escape, the machine gunner would instantly take fire.

With the powerful HMG behind, they became well behaved. With his sharp eyes, Zhang Xiao Qiang was able to clearly see the man with the blade seated in a vehicle with a bitter smile on his face.

The off-road vehicle with the 12.7mm AA Gun charged out and did a drift outside before driving over to Zhang Xiao Qiang. Yang Ke’er stood loftily in the machine gun post and looked at the sea of zombies. She then turned the muzzle of the AA gun towards Zhang Xiao Qiang and waved at him, almost scaring him to death.

When the off-road vehicle came over, Zhang Xiao Qiang climbed over and knocked Yang Ke’er on the head. He shouted at her, “How can you point this thing at people?!”

Looking at the fleet of vehicles, Zhang Xiao Qiang was happy. The initial assessment was that there were over 500 people, the real numbers even able to hit 700. With them, the time of completion for the construction of the perimeter wall would be reduced to a week. Thinking about it, Zhang Xiao Qiang became more confident in facing the future.

The sea of zombies was temporarily stopped, but unfortunately, good things never last forever. A tall figure suddenly appeared from within the smoke. In the beginning, Zhang Xiao Qiang did not notice it, his focus was on the zombie hordes by the sides, which were steadily advancing and not affected by the chaos in the middle.

Slowly, the zombies by the sides formed a distance from the horde in the center and outflanked the center like a pincer. Zhang Xiao Qiang shouted at the three off-road vehicles with HMGs installed on them and waved his right hand for them to follow up. He ordered Shangguan Qiao Yun to drive closer to the sea of zombies near him.

The four off-road vehicles traveled quickly on the uneven terrain as more and more vehicles drove out of the coalfield gates. Zhang Xiao Qiang was trying to gain more time for them, these people of unknown origins were sluggish due to all sorts of various reasons.

8 out of the 10 minutes that Zhang Xiao Qiang had to give them had passed, but vehicles continued to pour out from the coalfield. Three continued shouting outside the gates, but the speed did not pick up.

Three HMGs and one large caliber AA gun formed a small formation as the pincer-shaped horde of zombies melted under the firepower. Countless bullets shredded the sea of zombies like a powerful hurricane. The endless zombies were instantly ripped apart their bodies turned into small pieces even before the corpses could touch the ground. Bullets that struck the ground blasted pillars of soil that spewed out and dropped onto the zombies like rain.

“OWWW…” A furious roar came out as a large D2 charged out of the sea of flames. IT continued to walk towards the source of bullets. More than 10 machine guns immediately turned simultaneously at it and unleashed bullets onto it.

The endless bullets formed many small holes in its body. As the small holes became larger, the D2 could no longer hold on. It laid on the ground and avoided the bullets awkwardly while crawling forward.

“BANG…” A large caliber bullet struck its bald and glossy head. “BANG…” The 12.7mm bullet produced an explosive effect as a red burst of flames enveloped the head.

“OWWWW…” The D2 unleashed a howl and shook its head before moving forward again.

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