Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 257: A successful retrea


Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at the indomitable D2 in shock as the incendiary agent inside the combustible metal did not affect the D2 as much as he hoped it would. Zhang Xiao Qiang’s sharp eyes were able to clearly see the white bones under the scalp of the D2 that received the explosion and the faint and thin cracks that resulted from it.

Wang Le was right, the 12.7mm bullets were capable of penetrating through the D2’s skin, but he never expected that the toughest part of the D2 was not the skin but its bones. Most probably, the D2 might have suffered from a serious injury, but the injury was far from being able to incapacitate it. It was still able to withstand the dense concentration of firepower and draw closer towards the formation of machine guns, its mouth constantly releasing howls of pain.

Zhang Xiao Qiang aimed the AA gun at the D2 and was just about to fire, “Bang….Bang…” The D2’s robust body was instantly engulfed in flames. Four thick beams of bullets fired 14.5mm bullets on the D2’s body.

As the flames blew up, the tall body was flung off the ground by the force of impact from the explosion and bullets. The concentrated firepower unexpectedly avoided the D2’s smooth head and attacked its body.

The D2 that flew in the air no longer made another appearance on the battlefield. Its arm and leg were blown apart and it was left with a broken arm dangling from a layer of skin, a large hole in its stomach and its internal organs flying out along with its body.

Zhang Xiao Qiang watched in shock as the D2 flew in midair, all the way until it fell to the ground and rolled a few rounds. In the entire process, Zhang Xiao Qiang did not blink or close his mouth. The D2 that could easily break a bus with its bare hands, could destroy cement walls, was so easily taken out by 14.mm bullets?

The D2 unleashed another howl of anguish on the ground. It was a pity it could no longer stand, and having lost its two arms, it lost its lethality and had turned into a docile sheep.

“OWWW….OWW….” A few furious roars came out in unison as 10 large and robust figures appeared from within the sea of fire.

Seeing the 10 D2s with differing heights, Zhang Xiao Qiang muttered under his breath, “Did we stir up the D2 nest?”

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck….” Zhang Xiao Qiang cursed out loud as the AA gun in his hand continued to spew bluish flames from the muzzle.

The moment the D2s appeared, it was as though they were possessed. They instantly sprawled on the ground and sprinted their way forward. Although they were not as fast as S2s, their top speed was comparable to Type-S zombies. What was even more nonsensical was that besides using their four limbs to sprint, the D2s would make small movements to dodge the bullets. Although they looked clumsy, they were truly able to avoid the bullets firing towards them.

While the D2s moved, the sea of zombies behind them moved along with them. Waves after waves of zombies charged into the sea of fire, those with flames on them sprawled straight to the ground and extinguished the flames. As the sea of zombies blanketed the sea of fire, the flames started to decrease at a speed visible to the naked eye. The flames got smaller and smaller, but the smoke got denser. The originally scattered and aimless zombies once again moved into formation and advanced in a zombie wall formation under the smoke.

At that moment, whatever survivors and sea of zombies were completely forgotten by Zhang Xiao Qiang. The D2s were moving quickly and prevented Zhang Xiao Qiang from having any plans for advancement. The previous kills of the two S2s were by chance, one was stuck on the wall and the other was charging straight at him in a straight line. That was how Zhang Xiao Qiang was able to hit them. But to fight against a fast-moving target, that was much, much harder.

A fast crawling D2 was shot by a 12.7mm bullet in the waist. Following the explosion from the incendiary agent within, the D2 was sent rolling. This D2 rolled back a couple times before climbing back up and advancing once again, the bullet having ripped a large hole in its waist with a few white bones and reddish-black muscles visible, but it continued to crawl as though it felt no pain.

It might have been due to the large bullet hole that had harmed nerves of the D2, but its movements turned somewhat sluggish and its body became slower. “BANG…” another bullet landed right at the wound and shot inside. Instantly, a large burst of flames exploded from the wound and the fried internal organs spewed out from the enlarged wound.

The damnable thing was, despite its charred internal organs, the D2 continued to howl and crawl its way forward. Unknown to what was urging it and pushing it on, a third bullet shot its way into the wound.

“BANG….” The explosion forced the D2 rolling again, the skin and flesh at its waist were completely gone and the only thing linking its upper body and lower body was the spine. The D2 struggled on the ground trying to get up, but its efforts were futile due to it being unable to control its lower body. It opened its large mouth and howled once more before a large caliber bullet shot into it.

“Bang…” Its chin was shot apart. The D2 no longer struggled and laid on the ground and let the flames burn from where its chin used to be.

“Wew….” Zhang Xiao Qiang heaved a sigh of relief. It only took him four bullets to kill the D2, and he finally realized how dependable firearms were by himself. But of course, other people who used the 12.7mm bullets might not be able to kill a D2. But, a 12.7mm sniper rifle might be able to kill the D2 if it howled and the bullet was accurate enough to shoot into its mouth.

At the same time, the thunderous Type-56 Quad AA Gun spewed out for beams of light towards the incoming D2s. The sea of zombies behind had formed up once more, whereby the other HMGs took action and sprayed at them in hopes of lessening the horde. The task of handling the D2s was given to the two 14.5mm caliber machine gun teams.

Countless large bullet holes were formed in the path of the D2s, resulting in soil spewing all over the place. The D2s had their flesh broken apart by the bullets, but as long as there were no fatal wounds, the D2s were still capable of moving towards the gun formation.

A D2 howled and dropped to the ground, one of its thighs was blasted apart and the rest of its leg laid by its side. Once its leg was broken, the machine gun that had landed the shot turned its aim towards another D2. As for this disabled D2, it rolled on the ground a few times before using its two arms and remaining thigh to crawl towards the formation.

Three off-road vehicles protected the gates and allowed the rest of the people to retreat. Zhang Xiao Qiang continued to shout as Shangguan Qiao Yun moved closer to the formation. With both hands on the trigger, large caliber bullets flew out towards the D2. At that moment, there was two focus on the battlefield, one was on the approaching D2s, the other was the sea of flames meant to destroy the horde of zombies.

Out of 10 D2s, only three were left healthy. The others were mostly injured or impaired, but this did not stop them from advancing forward. After emptying the 80 bullets bandolier, he did not rush to change for a new one. He gestured towards the gun formation and wanted them to retreat.

No more vehicles appeared from inside the gates. Three brought another three off-road vehicles and started retreating. Zhang Xiao Qiang no longer wanted to stay on and fight the zombies. He wanted to bring all the members back to base. With their strategy implemented successfully, it was time to retreat.

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