Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 258: Sea of zombies on their tail

When Zhang Xiao Qiang’s vehicle arrived at the vehicle formation, He Wen Bin was already prepared, Zhang Xiao Qiang’s Type-92 battalion guns were back in their vehicles and the survivor fleet could be seen retreating.

The battlefield instantly calmed down. The original formation position had been occupied by the D2s, aside from reaping the harvest of empty bullet shells, they found nothing. Zhang Xiao Qiang joined up with two large trucks that carried the Quad AA Guns. When the zombies finally extinguished the sea of flames, the outermost zombies finally arrived outside the coalfield.

Suddenly, three small vehicles charged out with the intention of fleeing in another direction. More than 10 Type-S zombies pounced onto the three vehicles. Seven to eight of them were sent flying by the collision, while the windscreen glass was broken. The driver inside stepped on the pedal hoping to increase his speed, but the Type-S zombie on his vehicle clawed into the roof of his car.

One of them charged straight into the dense horde. After colliding into a few zombies, it was instantly drowned and disappeared. The driver in the second vehicle could not see the road as two Type-S zombies had the windscreen blocked. The car accidentally knocked a slanted mound and flipped to its side with its two wheels in the air.

The two Type-S zombies on the vehicle fell off. The vehicle then knocked into an abandoned car and flipped in the air. “BANG….” The vehicle smashed onto the ground and all the glass shattered. By the time the vehicle was drowned by zombies, no one managed to climb out.

When the last vehicle saw the demise of its companions, they swerved their vehicle in hopes of throwing off the Type-S zombie on their roof, but it stayed plastered on their vehicle.

The zombie used its claw to tear at the galvanized sheet metal while using another to claw at the vents. After colliding into a few ordinary zombies, the vehicle came to a sudden stop. The intense inertia flung the Type-S zombie away. When the car started up again, it actually started driving towards Zhang Xiao Qiang’s fleet.

A pity their windscreen had been broken, the spiderweb cracks blocked the driver’s vision. After driving out a hundred meters, it collided into something again. The car doors opened as three men jumped out and waved their hands frantically while running towards Zhang Xiao Qiang.

The men screamed and ran at the same time with more than 10 Type-S zombies hot on their tail.

At that moment, if Zhang Xiao Qiang just gave the word, he could have easily saved them, but he did not do so. He quietly watched as the men ran for their lives.

In truth, these men had hurt Zhang Xiao Qiang’s feelings. He had brought so many people and wasted their ammunition in saving them, but they were unwilling to trust him. Since they have already made their choice, they were responsible for themselves. Even if they were eaten by zombies, they could not hate Zhang Xiao Qiang for it.

The men watched as Zhang Xiao Qiang’s fleet drove further and further away. The last man knelt down in despair and dropped his head to the ground. Following that, a Type-S zombie pounced onto him……the two men ahead of him were finally exhausted and fell to the ground as the zombies closed in behind them……

Standing on a small mound, Zhang Xiao Qiang raised his binoculars and watched as the darkness converged together, while an abandoned car yellow with dust drove over to Zhang Xiao Qiang.

“Creakkk….” The car stopped. Three jumped out and walked towards Zhang Xiao Qiang.

“How is it over there? Did the zombies split up?” Zhang Xiao Qiang placed the binoculars down and the dense darkness in his vision became small.

“Brother Cockroach, I’m afraid that the situation is not great, the zombies are still forming together and not letting our backsides off…”

Zhang Xiao Qiang’s face immediately darkened, “Trouble, this is going to be huge trouble.”

Zhang Xiao Qiang’s initial strategy was a success, he had destroyed the fastest S2 zombies, saved Three and the other survivors that included a strong number of 600-700 that would increase the completion speed of the perimeter wall. At the same time, they probed and tested the strength of the zombie horde and even killed off four powerful D2s. But, the troubling part was the zombie horde at the county had been attracted to Zhang Xiao Qiang’s fleet and followed behind the fleet tightly like spirits demanding for vengeance.

The power from the internal combustion engine was strong enough for the vehicles to shrug off the zombies easily, especially after the S2s with fast reactions were wiped out. But Zhang Xiao Qiang could Zhang Xiao Qiang run to? He could hide away temporarily, but he could not run forever. His base was in the direction of the horde and if the sea of zombies were to engulf the place, where could he possibly lead his two thousand over people to?

“We need to get rid of them outside the base.” Zhang Xiao Qiang decided. Having spent so much effort on building his base, his initial plan of getting rid of the zombies outside had to be pushed earlier in advance.

After thinking about it, Zhang Xiao Qiang shouted at Three, “Get He Wen Bin to bring 30 members to detain the citizens, get Wang Le and his men and all the AA machine guns over. We have sufficient ammunition and he had the time to fix them up. If any of the guns get stuck while firing, I’ll be the first to shoot him instead.”

Three immediately took off. Zhang Xiao Qiang had long prepared for martial law, how could he not?

A few minutes later, He Wen Bin brought the man with the blade and Three over.

“Brother Cockroach, I got Zhang Huai An to lead his men to detain the people, he is more than enough to handle that while I can aid you here.”

Zhang Xiao Qiang nodded his head, Zhang Huai An’s main job in the base was to guide and lead the people after all. He looked at the man with the blade, then spoke to Three, “What happened in the coalfield? Why were they so confused?”

“It’s nothing much, just that they witnessed how Brother Cockroach killed those S2s, but there were two that were still alive and struggling…”

After being saved by Zhang Xiao Qiang in the coalfield, Three and his men pushed their way among the crowd and attempted to move forward. Although Three and his members used the stock of the guns to hit the people, they were still resistant.

Only with the appearance of the man with the blade and his holler did the people start to listen. Apparently, the man with the blade was trusted by them and upon hearing his shouts, the crowd immediately took the initiative to open a path.

After that, Three and the rest saw Zhang Xiao Qiang and the others being ambushed by the S2s but succeeded in killing them. Corpses and pieces of flesh laid around the battlefield, but that was not the main point. The most crucial thing was how Yang Ke’er simply stopped and ignored the S2 after beating the S2 half to death.

The two S2s that had their heads smashed by her shield did not die immediately. They rolled on the ground until the crowd got close. They opened their mouths and revealed their sharp teeth. After being chased by the S2s for the entire night, all the male and female survivors no longer dared to advance.

Three cursed and was about to shoot the zombies when a figure charged up. With two blade strikes, the two half-dead S2s had their heads sliced off. It was the man with the blade that did the job.

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