Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 32: What Thing?!

Chapter 32: What Thing?!

Yang Ke’er was currently running around the platform continuously, while Zhang Xiao Qiang was currently sharpening a wooden stick, sticking it into a beast horn, and tested its durability. The beast horn was light, yet sturdy and extremely tough, after being shaped into a spear, it was a whole lot lighter than the steel spear. He displayed a number of spear techniques, carefully executing the moves in case the beast horn came off.

“Pu” He stuck the beast horn through the ground, and the head pierced into the ground smoothly. Even after shaking the spear, it was still considered sturdy. He found some metal nails and used a hammer to lock the beast horn in place.

“Pu, pu, pu” Following the sounds of the hammer falling, the spear was driven further into the ground, and before he knew it, he realised that the beast horn had been driven about 40cm into the ground. Even when he tried to push the spear body, it did not move. He tried to yank it up, and could not pull it out.

Zhang Xiao Qiang bent down and peered at the spearhead. It was lodged deeply into the ground, and the ground beside it had already started to crack, with some earth and soil shaken loose.

“Shit, that’s sick.” The layer of soil was only about 30cm thick, and below it, was a layer of rock. The beast horn had actually penetrated the rock and was stuck in it.

“I didn’t use strength though?” Zhang Xiao Qiang looked at the beast horn in frustration, grabbing another beast horn and tried stabbing at the rock. “Pu” The beast horn actually drove about 2, 3cm into the rock.

“There’s a way!”

Zhang Xiao Qiang used the other beast horn to dig up the beast horn spear. He looked at the rock that had a hole carved out, then looked again at his beast horn spear. There was not a scratch on the spear head, the beast horn still as sharp as before, and the entire surface was shiny. It seemed as though Zhang Xiao Qiang’s earlier actions had no effect on the beast horn.

“What an amazing weapon!” He let out a sigh, “I’m afraid that it can pierce even a D2!”

The sky was turning dark, and the clouds were likewise obscure. Zhang Xiao Qiang drove the tractor along the road in the countryside, as Yang Ke’er squated in the trunk, with some food resources beside her.

“Which house already?” Zhang Xiao Qiang asked as he drove. “It’s the 3rd one! Uncle, we haven’t even touched the food in the cave yet, and they won’t be gone so soon, why are we sourcing for more?” Yang Ke’er asked in confusion.

“Why do you care so much!” Zhang Xiao Qiang did not bother with her and continued driving.

Although he had decided earlier to find a survivor’s base in WH City, it did not mean that he shouldn’t prepare a backup plan for himself. That cave could be considered a secret hideout, and it was an excellent place for storing resources. The more the better. Since it was a peaceful time now, he wanted to make use of the opportunity to stock up.

Having searched through 3 houses in the afternoon, they found a few thousand jins of rice, as well as other food. He felt it was not enough, and hence they were on the search again.

The tractor stopped by a river, which was only about 6m wide. The water was not deep, and one could see the pebbles and soil beneath the water. The riverbank was narrow, with wild grass growing along the sides. There were also all sorts of plastic bags and bottles as well as some glass containers that were clustered at one side, causing the water to be quite murky.

There was a small bridge overlooking the river, and on the opposite bank, there were a few double-storeyed houses there, with some vegetable grounds surrounding them. However, due to the lack of care and tending, there was no vegetable growing.

Zhang Xiao Qiang stopped the tractor by the bridge, as he brought Yang Ke’er across, wanting to give her more experiences in dealing with zombies. However, even after creeping up to the first house, there was no sign of any zombies.

“Seems like there’s something wrong?” He looked through his binoculars, noting that the village was extremely quiet, with no sign of light or smoke anywhere. The two of them proceeded with caution.

There was a building that looked somewhat new that stood at the edge of the village, with a brick house on either side, and the building was surrounded tightly by over a hundred zombies. However, there was no sign of any activity above.

“There’s someone up there?” Looking through the binoculars, Zhang Xiao Qiang came to a conclusion.

“Should we save them?”

That was the important question!

He was currently hesitating, this could be considered the 3rd survivor he came across, and the 6th survivor that Yang Ke’er met. Other than the both of them, the rest had met their ends due to various reasons.

The survivability of humans in the apocalypse was too small, Zhang Xiao Qiang also hoped to meet more survivors, but the number of zombies in front of was too daunting.

“If it were just a few, or a dozen, I would still consider, but I don’t have any choice now!” He decided to give them up, and hoped to scavenge for more resources before they attracted the zombies.

“Wait over here, I’ll go drive the tractor over!” He turned to Yang Ke’er and said.

“Uncle, look!” Yang Ke’er pointed to behind Zhang Xiao Qiang, exclaiming.

The zombie horde had started to shamble over towards them, led by 2 S-Types, while the D-Type and ordinary zombies were behind.

“Run!” Zhang Xiao Qiang grabbed Yang Ke’er’s hands and started making for the river.

“Are you hurt anywhere?” Zhang Xiao Qiang asked as they ran.

“No! Why?” Yang Ke’er had a incredulous expression as she replied.

“Then could you have touched something with blood?” He pressed again.

“Blood? Oh, Uncle, en, that, does that count?” Yang Ke’er replied with embarrassment.

As they spoke, they came to the bridge, the S-Type drawing closer, dashing ahead of the rest of the horde by a large margin.

“Let’s talk later!” Zhang Xiao Qiang gripped his beast horn spear tightly and turned around to meet the lunge of the S-Type, intending to take down the most threatening S-Types first!

The 2 S-Types lunged towards Zhang Xiao Qiang, who sucked in a deep breath and thrusted forwards. The front S-Type stopped suddenly, its body turning rigid, as the beast horn pierced through its brain, emerging from behind. He then twisted the spear, causing half the head to be sliced off and sent flying.

Just as he adjusted his stance, the other S-Type came swiping at Zhang Xiao Qiang, and he hurriedly brought the spear up to block, preparing to thrust forwards yet again.

“Peng” Came the sound of a sniper crossbow from behind, as the S-Type found an arrow in its eye socket with a “Pu”, before it slumped to the ground.

“Uncle, how was that?” Yang Ke’er had a smug expression.

The D-Type and the other ordinary zombies were still a distance away, hence the pair walked slowly towards the tractor.

“What did you say that thing was?” Zhang Xiao Qiang was a little doubtful.

“Uncle, you’re so bad, it’s the thing that happens to girls every month!” Yang Ke’er rolled her eyes, with an expression as though Zhang Xiao Qiang was lacking in common sense.

“Oh! It sure is a huge wound!” He nodded silently, before stopping as he realised something.

“Hey, didn’t you say you were pregnant?” He looked at her in bewilderment.

“What does a pregnancy have to do with that?” Yang Ke’er had a similar expression as she retorted.

“That’s true! Are there any relations?” Zhang Xiao Qiang was thoroughly confused now, he had never studied this in biology before!

He took a look at the double-storeyed house on the opposite bank with a look of pity in his eyes, “There must be so many resources inside!” After turning his gaze away, he inadvertently noticed that the bridge was made of cement, but the barrier in front of the bridge was made of red brick, possibly due to some scrimping of materials. If one stomped hard enough, the red bricks could be shaken loose.

With an idea popping in his head, he exclaimed: “I’ve got it!”

If he destroyed part of barrier on the opposite side to accommodate 2 or 3 people, then drive the tractor to block the centre of the bridge, it could seal the bridge.

“Give me that item!” Zhang Xiao Qiang immediately told Yang Ke’er.

“What thing?!” Yang Ke’er had a strange look.

“Your sanitary pad, tampon, whatever that has your ‘blood gelatin’!” Zhang Xiao Qiang replied with a serious expression.

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