Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 36: Dig deep tunnels, store grain everywhere!

Chapter 36: Dig deep tunnels, store grain everywhere!

“Haha! It’s raining, we can’t move! Uncle, take your time to settle. Let me have the PSP! Yesterday, what was that ‘Hunter’ game, the dragon was so hard to fight! I must definitely kill it today!” Yang Ke’er grabbed the PSP and ran back to the cave in excitement, leaving Zhang Xiao Qiang to stare numbly out at the sky.

The rain poured endlessly and heavily, that one could not see beyond 10m. The rain water flowed down the hill and gathered in deep puddles right outside the cave. The continuous rain drops caused the water to bubble endlessly, and those bubbles would then be pierced by the rainfall, before the cycle continued.

The other time, it had rained for 11 days straight, how many days would this rain last? Watching this downpour, Zhang Xiao Qiang’s heart turned cold. The previous rain allowed the zombies to evolve, while biological lives started to mutate. What would happen after this storm?

To him, those unevolved zombies were like sheep that feasted on grass. If enough came together as a herd, it was possible to trample on people, but they were not too fearsome. The evolved zombies, on the other hand, were like hunting beasts, and they would rip one’s throats out, tear open one’s chest to feast on blood and meat. It was impossible to defend against.

However, compared to the mutant beasts, the zombies won’t count for much, as they still relied on walking, chasing after flesh and blood to evolve. The mutant beasts would appear at any time, and had intelligence. They had hunting abilities from their innate bloodline, and they knew how to trap, outflank and even ambush.

The various sorts of dangers made one extremely vigilant and cautious, any survivor that could survive till now definitely did not have it easy. The road was just going to get tougher. Thinking to all the humans out there who might perish to all these factors, Zhang Xiao Qiang could not help but sigh.

“Since the heavens want to rain, let it be!” Zhang Xiao Qiang went back into the cave, although his steps were much heavier than before.

The light bulb shone in the darkness, flickering ever once in a while, and the illumination would be dark at times.

“Jiiiiiii” The cutting machine whirled to life, and a burning smell wafted through the air, as Zhang Xiao Qiang lowered his head, carefully carving the mutant beast skin.

Previously, after he spent some effort in carving a few pieces of the skin, he did not manage to find any use for it. Now that he had time on his hands, he remembered the cutting machine and electric drill he found, and decided to make a leather armor.

“Uncle, what’re you doing? It stinks!” Yang Ke’er’s gaze travelled from the PSP to Zhang Xiao Qiang.

“If you find it smelly, go further away! I’m busy now, can’t bother with you!” He replied without lifting his head, carefully operating the cutting machine.

After 2 to 3 minutes.

“Uncle, my tummy hurts!” Yang Ke’er rubbed her stomach, while looking at Zhang Xiao Qiang.

“Think of something yourself, I’m not a doctor, nor do I understand anything about pregnancy.” Zhang Xiao Qiang was still focused on his task.

“It isn’t like that, I just want to take a poop!” Yang Ke’er was slightly embarrassed, as she lowered her head and voice.

“Then why are you spacing out there for? Don’t tell me you’re waiting for me to clean your butt for you?” Zhang Xiao Qiang finally looked up, the corners of his mouth lifted in smirk. His expression was truly irksome.

“You’re so hateful! Uncle, you’re disgusting! Your thoughts are vile!” Yang Ke’er placed her hands at her hips, walking towards him in indignation.

“Huh? Compared to you students? I’m more pure and innocent!” He became unhappy, his heart felt a little sour.

Zhang Xiao Qiang was a traditional male, and only managed to lose his virginity at the age of 27. However, when his girlfriend broke up with him, ending that short 3 or 4 months of bliss, he had not tasted the joy of being with anybody again. There were many a times where he would clutch his pocket money, pacing outside the nightclubs and sex parlors. His palms would soak his money wet with perspiration, and he came close to resolving himself to entering each time.

However, the moment he thought back to those posters about sexually transmitted diseases, it would be like a bucket of cold water that poured over him. His eyes glistening with tears, he would then turn back and run back home, acting like a monk as he spent time with Miss Five (His own hand).

Oh the resentment! How many years has it been since he last done it? 7? Or 8 years? He even forgotten the feeling!

“Uncle! What do I do, the rain outside is so heavy!” Yang Ke’er was slightly anxious as her words brought back Zhang Xiao Qiang’s wistful reminiscence!

Usually, they would settle their big businesses outside the cave, however, since there was a heavy downpour now, the toilet was gone!

“Go solve it yourself, as long as it’s not on the path we use, nor near the water or any of the food items, everywhere else is fine!” Zhang Xiao Qiang brushed her off with these 3 ground rules.

“If that’s the case, isn’t the only place that deepest part of the cave? But it’s so dark in there! I’m scared!” Yang Ke’er gazed towards the darkest corner of the platform, her face full of reluctance.

“Then you can hold it in for all I care!” Zhang Xiao Qiang then ignored her as he continued to work.

Yang Ke’er stood there hesitating, before finally giving in and making her way to the undesirable place, bringing the PSP with her.

‘Don’t tell me this lass also has otaku tendencies?’ Seeing Yang Ke’er walking slowly with the PSP in her hands, Zhang Xiao Qiang thought to himself. “That’s mine! Don’t always hog it!”

“Uncle, come take a look quick!” Yang Ke’er screamed suddenly.

Zhang Xiao Qiang was shocked by that sudden scream, and almost injured himself with the machine.

“It’s just that flat ass of yours, what’s nice to see?! Nonsense!” Zhang Xiao Qiang stood up and hollerer back in anger.

“No! There’s a door here!” Yang Ke’er’s voice travelled once more.

“Door? Don’t tell me that lass wants to seduce me?” Zhang Xiao Qiang thought evilly, as he started to walk over.

A huge metal door stood quietly at the deepest recess of the cave, and the rust was like multiple layer of scales. It was almost impossible to discern the door from the stone. How did Yang Ke’er find this?

“Yah! Uncle, of course you didn’t know about it, it was so dark here! There’re so many rocks here, so I used my hand to guide me along the wall, when I suddenly felt the metal, hence I saw it! I’m good aren’t I?” Yang Ke’er strutted about smugly, having thrown all thoughts about doing her business to the back of her mind.

He knocked the metal door, which gave off a dull sound, and the rust fell like rain drops. The door had been sealed shut, and the lock seemed to have combined with the metal door due to the rust.

“Gu” Zhang Xiao Qiang used a crowbar to pry the door open, revealing a stank smell, “There’s no ventilation within.” He thought to himself.

He held onto Yang Ke’er who was trying to rush in, waiting for the smell to dissipate, before taking out his torchlight to shine in. Yang Ke’er could not contain her excitement as she followed in.

After passing the metal door, they came to a huge space just after a few steps, and the light from the torch revealed a huge aperture in a stone wall. The space was huge, almost a 1,000 sqm, and there was nothing in, only a number of old slogans hanging on the wall.

“Paying tribute to the Great Chairman Mao!”

“A bunch of paper tigers!”

“Dig deep tunnels, store grain everywhere!”

Yang Ke’er recited it at one side, being exposed to something she had never seen before.

“Uncle, what’s the meaning of ‘Dig deep tunnels, store grain everywhere!’” Yang Ke’er asked in curiosity.

“It means digging holes when there’s nothing to do, and filling them up when there’re things to do!” Since he didn’t find anything noteworthy, he replied in irritation.

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