Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 40: The Sun is out!

Chapter 40: The Sun is out!

“How?! How?! Why is it like this?!” Zhang Xiao Qiang cried without tears, watching Yang Ke’er running the platform. He felt depressed.

His back injury yesterday had gotten better, however, neither his strength nor agility had gained much boost. He tried exerting his strength and found that it had increased about 20%, in other words, he could contend against a D-Type, whereas his agility was on par with an S-Type.

However, what’s the point? In the past, he had killed the D-Types and S-Types like stepping on cockroaches. He was still as helpless if he were to meet a D2 now! The same goes for if he met a mutant beast, wouldn’t he still have to hang on for dear life like a cowboy again?

Zhang Xiao Qiang griefed silently, on what basis did Yang Ke’er become such a strong person, whereas he became an unkillable cockroach?!

Why was it that lass had just slept soundlessly for a night and instantly gain a huge strength, whereas he had suffered in torment only to become an unkillable cockroach?! Furthermore, if he was injured, he would become a hungry ghost!

“Don’t tell me… is it because of my name?!” He felt depressed again, “All because of that stupid show!” A few dark clouds that couldn’t be seen by other people surrounded him, he was truly aggrieved!

“Sigh!!!!Sigh!!!” He let out a deep sigh, there was no choice, he was stuck with it. After all, his name was selected by his parents, and he had lived with it for 30-over years.

Although it was truly a hard youth for him, having to endure the teases and the insults from girls. He couldn’t even lift his head for over 10 years. However, in comparison, he had lived till now, those old classmates and girls must have become zombies too!

“Uncle, stop sighing! Don’t worry, I’ll protect you!” Yang Ke’er came over with a proud look, her head held up high, eyes aiming at the ceiling, her little chest also puffed out, so much so that even her ‘small quail eggs’ hugged tight by the military uniform.

“……..” He was speechless and became even more dispirited, looking at this little sparrow-like lass in front of him.

“Uncle, be assured, from now on, anyone who bullies you, I’ll hit them! Whoever you want to beat up, I’ll join you!” Yang Ke’er patted her own chest and promised him.

“At least you know how to repay favors! I didn’t take care of you for nothing then!” Zhang Xiao Qiang felt a little consoled, before suddenly thinking: “Wait, then aren’t I the one relying on her now?!”

His man’s pride dashed the thoughts of relying on her in the future.

“I gave you a little smile and you thought it was love, give you a little sunlight and you think it’s freedom? Look at yourself now! Have you done your practice for today?!”

He snapped at the lass, who had forgotten herself.

“What… I’m already stronger, can’t I just practice less?”

She immediately shot back, albeit timidly.

“Have you seen an ant killing a cat before? Just because it’s strong? What’s this attitude of yours? You have wings now and want to fly is it?”

He lectured her sternly, his face a steely expression, not budging.

Yang Ke’er shuffled over to her training spot while grumbling under her breath: “No matter how an ant trains, it would be unable to defeat a cat ah! So stupid, how can you make this comparison?!”

“What are you muttering about? Don’t think I can’t hear you! You still don’t want to get going?” Zhang Xiao Qiang suddenly barked out behind her!

“It’s nothing! So annoying, you’re less like an uncle, and more like an auntie.” Yang Ke’er picked up the Beast Horn Spear that used rebar as its pole and continued her practice.

“Silly thing, you still want to try me?” Zhang Xiao Qiang was feeling a whole lot more smug now. The proverb ‘those with brains would lead’ was truly spot on! Then he became depressed again, a man shouldn’t be hiding beneath a lady’s skirt, instead one had to brave challenges!

He started to hype himself up, remembering the details from the day before, “That lass drank 80% of the cup that day! I only took in half, maybe the difference in amount is the cause?”

He thought to himself excitedly, thinking that he must have found the reason, and rushed towards the pail.


“Why is there no reaction? No drowsiness, no shitting, why is there nothing?” Zhang Xiao Qiang was grabbing onto a toilet roll, as he sat on the bed and waited. However, reality was cruel, he did not have any reaction!

“Maybe it’s only effective for females?” He was truly distressed, this was the agony of not being able to contend with a girl.

“Maybe it’s only effective the first time round?” He could feel the suffocation of being suppressed by that lass.

Macho-ism was the only main ideology that Zhang Xiao Qiang was going for in this world, and had been putting his effort. He had no chance in the past, now, after much difficulty, he had managed to let Yang Ke’er have a taste of what it means to rely on a man. However, the tables have been turned.

He lamented continuously: “Being a man is sure not easy, especially one that weathers everything silently!”

“He, Ha, He, Ha!” Yang Ke’er was practicing her spear thrusts diligently, as beads of perspiration formed and flowed down the shape of her face till her chin, before dripping together with the rhythm of her movements.

Zhang Xiao Qiang watched her mutely, and started to hold less hope for the strange rainwater. He decided that it truly must be effective the first time round. It seemed that Yang Ke’er gained strength as well as a boost in looks, whereas he only got the boost in looks. Although his strength and speed was enhanced somewhat, it was negligible compared to Yang Ke’er.

“The apocalypse does not rely on one’s face to earn our feed!” He cried out inwardly, not feeling jubilant over the improvement in looks. Even if he became as handsome as a toyboy, there were no more sugar mummies in the current world!

The rainwater this time was definitely something good. The first time had been different from the second time, with the first giving Zhang Xiao Qiang an experience as though he had been tortured and tormented by the Japanese soldiers during the Occupation. Just that little bit of rainwater was enough to almost send him to heaven.

The second time felt more like some sort of slimming tea, other than the discomfort of the asshole, every other part of him was fine. After drinking an entire cup, there was no other issue. It seemed to be some sort of boost for humans.

“My precious!” After thinking up to here, he gazed at the huge pail of rainwater and had a hint of excitement in his eyes, no matter what, he definitely had to store this first.

Seeing that huge pail of water, he still felt it was not enough, even if he couldn’t use it, he can leave it for his future son!

As he daydreamed, he sighed again: “I don’t even know who or where my future wife is.” That lass? But her figure? He couldn’t consider it no matter what.

Good stuff will never be enough, as Zhang Xiao Qiang hoisted the pail up in preparation to go collect more, he saw the perspiration-drenched Yang Ke’er. The otaku side of him reared his head, and the slogan reappeared in his mind: “If one can sit, don’t stand, if one can lay down, don’t sit, if one can save strength, don’t use it at all.”

“Anyway, she has strength now, if I don’t utilize it, it’s a waste!” He felt no shame at his current epiphany and called her to lift the two pails to collect more rainwater.

“Kuang dang” The plastic pail landed on the floor and spun a few rounds, before rolling to one side.

“Oh! The sun is out! It’s been a long while since we saw the sun!” Yang Ke’er began cheering under the sunlight.

For the 4 months after the onset of the apocalypse, the weather every day had been dreary, with dark clouds hanging in the sky, not allowing even the sliver of sunlight through. It gave the world an even darker and grim feel to it. Now that the rain had stopped, and the sun came out, the golden rays shone on the land with a radiant light.

The warm rays of sun washed over Zhang Xiao Qiang, yet his heart was cold: “Don’t tell me that if once men touch ‘it’, they really become unlucky? Why is everything not going my way?”

Seeing Yang Ke’er rejoicing under the bright sunlight, Zhang Xiao Qiang suddenly remembered an old childhood rhyme: “The sun is out, and the girl smiles brightly!”

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