Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 7: Zombies That Love The Rain

Zombies That Love The Rain

31st Jan 2013, Thursday, the virus outbreak happened a month ago. It has been 11 days since Zhang Xiao Qiang returned from the roof. He was now training, doing 3000 leapfrogs instead of 2000, increased number of push ups, sit-ups, high leg lifts etcs. Right now his main weapon wass the spear and his ranged weapon was the MP9 sniper crossbow. It doesn’t matter if it was melee or ranged, he was ready. Only by increasing his training, can he continue to live in these more and more difficult times.

Rushing forwards, he used his waist to thrust the spear in his arm. Once, then again, and again, ten thousand times of practice in 11 days. This made Zhang Xiao Qiang become more proficient at the spear. The practice everyday made his belly bulge disappear, there were even traces of muscle on his chest. The high leg movements made his body more flexible, so at least he doesn’t run out of breath after a running a few steps.

Thinking back to when he first started, large amounts of exercise made Zhang Xiao Qiang’s body ache all over. Now after a week, even though its the apocalypse, his physical state has never been better, he cant even remember how many years its been since he last exercised!

Everyday he sweated a lot, making Zhang Xiao Qiang’s water reserves gradually deplete, so he couldn’t shower and his body started to let off a stench. It made him feel a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t care, he was used to the stench, what could be worse than the smell of a corpse?

“huff… ”Zhang Xiao Qiang put his spear down, picked up a water bottle and unscrewed the cap, took a sip in his mouth, then he gurgled it for a while before swallowing. Although he felt thirsty, he put the cap back on and put the bottle back on the table. He looked at his watch, it was 5pm, due to habit he picked up his binoculars and went to look out the window.

There has been a heavy rain since 11 days ago till now, the sky was mostly black with some patches of light, this made the window hazy, and the zombies downstairs were standing still like telephone poles, the whole street looked like a strange landscape.

Using the binoculars he saw the zombies open their mouths to catch rainwater, and although he couldn’t see the facial features of the zombies, he felt like the zombies really liked rainwater, it seems as if even their need for flesh has decreased.

This is a strange feeling, Zhang Xiao Qiang has never had any kind of sixth sense, he also thought that a sixth sense was nonsense, but now this feeling randomly started to form in his mind. His subconscious decided that this feeling was true, so he put down the binoculars, patted his face, wanting to forget this strange feeling that this mindset was giving!

Picking up the soft shell of the Yellow Crane cigarette and lighting it, he sat on his bed and stared at the smoke rings in a daze. The strange feeling did not disappear but became even more intense. Zhang Xiao Qiang suddenly thought of something to try, and in that moment his urge for violence overtook his mind. He stood up to look for a raincoat.

After putting on the raincoat, Zhang Xiao Qiang took his spear and went outside. He walked downstairs to the first floor, the 11 days of heavy rain caused some water to start pooling and the heavy rain flushed out the stench in the air. He took a deep breath, it felt like it had been years since he smelt this kind of air with no stench. Even though there was no smell, the air had an additional smell that tasted like rust.

The zombies were also standing in the garden in the rain, with their mouths open catching water. Zhang Xiao Qiang tiptoed towards the garden, the rain kept falling and he caused many ripples in the puddles that he stepped on. When he stepped in the water it caused a small wave to blossom which turned into a large ripple.

“30m, 20m, he got closer and closer to the zombie, his heartrate increased, carrying the spear with 2 hands tighter and tighter, with two deep breaths, he rushed at the zombie. 10m, 5m, 2m… “

Zhang Xiao Qiang stood within 2 metres of the zombie, he raised the head of his spear in case the zombie lunged at him. He carefully observed: the zombie did not appear to care about Zhang Xiao Qiang standing next to him, it just continued to catch the rainwater with his head. He noticed that after the zombies were drenched in rain for a few days, their skinny cheeks became rounder, their claws also had more meat, and he couldn’t really see their bones.

Zhang Xiao Qiang took two steps back and looked around using the dim light. The number of zombies in the garden had increased from 30 to about 40, many zombies in the hallways and houses walked out, and were outside in the rain.

Zhang Xiao Qiang saw this and was taken aback, he was ready to run. He raised the spearhead against the zombie, and ten thousand practices of this assassination technique led to this day. He stabbed the spear into the eye of the zombie, and then pulled it out. The zombie fell to the ground and made a big splash in the puddles.

Zhang Xiao Qiang was afraid of waking the other zombies and started to run. After running 10 metres he looked back, all the zombies quietly were standing there. He felt a rush of excitement: killing zombies that don’t move is even more fun!!!

Seeing the sky getting darker and darker, Zhang Xiao Qiang rushed over.

The 21st zombie had fallen from Zhang Xiao Qiang’s spear, and the route to the canteen had finally been cleared. Visibility was rapidly decreasing so he had to take this opportunity.

He rushed to the front door of the canteen, he wanted to become the zombie’s boss, Zhang Xiao Qiang rushed in, he felt around and couldn’t find the light switch. He found a large carton, he will put whatever he finds in there. In the end he found a couple boxes of cigarettes. He strapped 2 buckets of mineral water and strapped it with a braided belt to the spear, using it to bring it back to his house.

Carrying the water and other supplies on the spear felt like climbing a mountain. Zhang Xiao Qiang could barely breathe, with the galvanized pipe on his shoulder, the burning pain did not stop. He clenched his teeth and walked home one step at a time; he could barely see the path already. The heavy rain was still going, a month’s worth of rainwater poured down the neck of the raincoat, gradually reducing his body temp.

Only with persistence, and even with his legs staring to give out, the arms carrying the spear started to tremble. He gained a second wind and ran to the house, finally reaching the platform. Seeing the house seemed to help regain some of his strength, he used this last bit of strength and rushed into the corridor.

With one foot in the corridor and the other still outside, his body could no longer hold on. With the supplies on the spear, he dropped it onto the ground. Zhang Xiao Qiang lied on the floor, panting desperately for air. He turned around, lying on the cement ground, looking at the stairs and the ceiling, continuing to pant.

After 7 to 8 minutes his breathing slowed, and he sat up against the wall. Mineral water, rice, lobster sauce, canned fish, various biscuits and cigarettes scattered around him.

“ha! haha! hahahahaha…..”

Zhang Xiao Qiang laughed loudly, he didn’t stop laughing. The laughter continuously rang out, and tears started streaming down his face, the tears ran across his cheek onto his chin and dropped into the raincoat.

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