Astral Pet Store

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: A Price of 20,000

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“This price…”

Su Ping was surprised at the price marked.

Each of those edibles could be sold at over a hundred coins, and that would be at least one point of energy if converted.

Many of them could be sold at three or four hundred, or even seven to eight hundred, which could be converted into many energy points!

To make it better, it merely cost him one point of energy to teleport to a cultivation plane.

At this rate, the revenue generated from this one trip was over a hundred times more than the cost!

That being said…

Su Ping felt that such matters weren’t all that pleasing once he recalled the 30 times he died.

Besides, the fact that he could make this much money was attributable to the fact that the cultivation plane he chose was of a surprisingly high-quality and at the same time, to the free chances of revival provided by the system.

Without the 30 free deaths, he couldn’t have had the chance to collect that much food.

“Anyways, all in all, to collect food in a cultivation plane is a very good deal. When I can no longer enjoy free deaths, I can buy them. It will only cost me three energy points for 30 deaths. There is no doubt I can make more money than that. It is just those deaths that are disgusting…”

Su Ping shook his head. He wasn’t afraid of instant death. It was the slow torture that he was scared of.

“The price for Scarlet Stone Fruits is 130 coins per fruit. That plant I picked must have twenty-some or thirty-some fruits.”

Su Ping remembered when he was harvesting the Scarlet Stone Fruit. He began to check the actual number. His assumption was right. There were 34 coins!

If he could sell them all, he could have at least 40 energy points!

Just the Scarlet Stone Fruit alone could generate massive profits.

“Well? The price for this one…”

All of a sudden, Su Ping saw another type of food that was floating in its lonesome on the side. It was like a strange-looking tree sapling, but with leaves of seven different colors.

“Colored Buddha Leaf, 20,820 coins per fruit…”

Su Ping thought he had read the number wrong. Upon a closer look, he was sure he read it correctly. How could it be over 20,000 coins?

Startled, Su Ping noticed the effect of this food. This wasn’t the average pet food, but a type of herb that could be regarded as an intelligence enlightening treasure!

“It can help a pet develop its intelligence by a large margin, so that the pet’s power of understanding can be greatly enhanced!”

The power of understanding was of critical importance to pets!

The pets that had the power of understanding could learn strong skills easily and comprehend their masters’ instructions in battles.

Also, the progress and evolution of pets with the power of understanding would come much easier for them when compared to average pets!

In particular, in the same race, pets with a stronger power of understanding would usually be the rulers in their respective race. They could defeat others of the same race easily because of their better understanding of their powers, and their skills in battle were far superior!

In a nutshell, the power of understanding was something that could enable a pet to grow and become a ruler of its race!

Su Ping had a faint memory that he seemed to have harvested this thing next to a pond. It wasn’t a risky journey. Rather, it was surprisingly easy. He didn’t check it carefully back then. He just picked it up after confirming that it was food. He didn’t expect that it would be the most precious among all the food he had harvested.

“That is over 20,000… and I can make two hundred energy points when I sell it?”

Su Ping did the math. He was over the moon. This Colored Buddha Leaf alone could solve the problem of him buying the “Awakening Potion” and he would have some extra money left!

“This trip was so worthwhile!” Su Ping was thrilled. All of a sudden, he felt some extra deaths would not be a problem.

Soon, Su Ping calmed himself down. He asked the system at once, “Is it possible that we have set the price too low? If it’s used on an advanced pet, the effect produced would not be something that can be bought with merely 20,000 coins.”

Su Ping was sure that if this plant could inspire an advanced pet to learn a rare ability, even adding another zero to the current price would be considered a cheap price. He had beginner’s luck as the buff to help him stumble upon this plant. Usually, people could not find a place to buy it even if they wanted to!

“The host doesn’t have the right to negotiate the price,” The system replied coldly, “The Colored Buddha Leaf is not the best food to improve the power of understanding. This is just a usual kind of herb. At best, it can exert influence on ninth-rank pets. A price that can be converted to 300 energy points is reasonable!”

Su Ping almost flared up. “The effect is already incredible when the plant can influence ninth-rank pets. The ones above the ninth-rank pets are king beasts. There are few and far between in this entire continent. What more do you want?”

“There is no need to say more. To go on would incur pain experience as punishment!” The system went straight to the point without the slightest hesitation in a colder tone.

Su Ping indignant. The system was being unreasonable!

In the end, Su Ping had to compromise. He heaved sighs as he checked the remaining food. When he had the total price calculated, his mood turned for the better.

“Now, the food is ready. All I have to do is to sell them!”

Su Ping took a deep breath. He opened the roller shutter door to welcome in the sunlight.

He spent over half a day on the cultivation plane but only an hour had passed in the real world.

Su Ping went back to the store. He sat behind the counter to search for information on pets in the federal government resources on the computer, so that he could adjust to this world faster while he waited for customers to arrive.

Not long after, there came one.

“Sir, please give me a bag of food for a Conflagration Canine.” A young man in leisurewear came in without looking up from his phone.

Su Ping turned his sights away from the computer. He searched on the shelf and finally found some food that a low-rank canine pet could eat. “Here you go. Three-leafed Flame Grass, just the food for the canine pet of the fire family. The price is 380,” Su Ping said.

“Okay.” The young man in leisurewear answered without thinking. He was just about to pay when he suddenly raised his head, shocked. “How much?”

“380.” Su Ping frowned. “This food can increase the intensity of fire elements in pets of the fire family. With a long-term administration, there is a chance that the low-rank pet in the fire family can evolve into a more advanced pet,” explained Su Ping.

“Intensity of the fire element? Evolution?” The young man in leisurewear raised his eyebrows. He looked at the counter behind Su Ping. The prices for those foods stunned him. When he saw the “Colored Buddha Leaf” at a price of over 20,000 coins, the young man said nothing and left right away.

“Sh*t. This must be an inn run by brigands. It’s just some dog food and you’re telling me about evolution. F*ck you…”

Su Ping watched as this young man left, interspersing his talk with curses. Su Ping pulled a long face. He was angry but he managed to suppress it eventually.

Judging by price alone, it might seem high. But that food had excellent quality and was reasonably priced. He didn’t fool anyone. Rather, as far as he could tell, he was sacrificing part of the profit!

He started on the wrong foot, But Su Ping was not frustrated. As long as his goods were of high quality, they would be eventually sold. Gold is bound to shine!

“Hi, do you sell bird food?”

At noon, another customer came.

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