Astral Pet Store

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Uncommon Cultivation

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“Is this long-lost archaic cultivation practice?”

Su Ping came back to his senses. This was a reward from the system and it had to be of high quality. Currently, what he wanted the most was a method to cultivate astral powers. This reward could not have come at a better timing!

“Cultivation of astral power…”

“Feel the energy between the heaven and earth around you and store it in the original cores of the body cells, then weave and compress the energy in the original cores to construct the original force vortices, to later use the countless original force vortices in the countless cells to affect the external energy through the body to exert astral skills…”

The “Chaos Star Chart” offered a detailed explanation on how to cultivate it, which had ushered Su Ping into an entirely new world.

As of this moment, Su Ping had achieved a true awakening. He evolved from a regular person, to step into the world of battle pet warriors. He had witnessed the use of extraordinary powers.

Su Ping closed his eyes at once and focused his mind on the miraculous cultivation presented by the “Chaos Star Chart.”

The first-time cultivation attempt was difficult as well as exhilarating. Su Ping lost himself in the process.

In the extreme tranquility, he appreciated himself and the world.

Soon after, Su Ping felt that some hazy astral power was floating around him, gentle and subtle, like grains of sand. His consciousness gathered those grains like a pair of hands. The astral power seemed to have heeded the call of his consciousness; they slowly flew toward him and seeped into his skin, falling into the original cell cores.

This process was smooth, which surprised and excited Su Ping.

And yet.

Those original cores inside the cells, while appearing to be tiny, they seemed to contain an entire universe!

The mist-like astral power entered the original cores as if they had fallen into another universe; they became quite minute after that.

Su Ping gathered and absorbed a vast amount of astral power from his surroundings. However, his perception and the range of his consciousness could reach were limited. He could only gather astral power from an area within a two meter radius around him.

The gathering of astral power was still soft and slow. Su Ping could not accelerate the process. No matter how anxious he was in his conscious mind, he could not expedite the gathering of astral power. Rather, it would cause a disturbance and slow down the absorption.

While he seemed to be surrounded by astral power, the astral power that could be taken into the original cores in his cells were significantly small in quantity.

How could so little astral power form a vortex in the original core, not to mention filling up the latter?

While continuously gathering astral power, Su Ping’s excitement gradually disappeared. He slowly realized that this astral power cultivation could not be done overnight, and the astral power had to be accumulated over time. The real difficulty was how to persevere!

While gathering astral power was easy and the process was unhindered, to make astral power vortices, he had to do the same thing and repeat the same behavior, day in and day out. That required outstanding patience and a will of steel that could endure the increasing boredom!

That was the “hardest part” in cultivation!

“The first state of the ‘Chaos Star Chart’ is the Star Vortex State. The main focus is to gather astral power in the original cores to form vortices. Once that is done, I can unleash astral skills and affect the world outside.

“The second stage is the Star Body State!

“The original cores should be stuffed with astral power to substantialize the vortices. The sudden outburst of strength would be like countless stars exploding within the body. Just the physical strength alone will make me like a human-shaped beast, enabling me to fight pets of the corresponding rank of the power type and even higher!”

“The third state is the Star Chart State, which is too far in the future for me right now…”

Su Ping slowly opened his eyes. The first two states of the Chaos Star Chart did not require any skills and relied only on the accumulation and convergence of astral power.

He had been cultivating until his consciousness felt tired. But Su Ping realized the astral power gathered in the original cores were still low in density. It was hard to form a wisp of energy, let alone a vortex!

He had to admit that this was a disappointing result.

Such frustration was also the “devil inside” that could hinder cultivation. It would discourage people. That was why cultivation was not easy.

“Right. I have three ‘Original Force Pellets’.”

Su Ping’s spirit was lifted when he remembered the other reward.

The Original Force Pellets could improve a persons’ astral power cultivation. Such items that could have this direct improvement effect were highly valuable in the federation and only the powerful and the rich could afford them!

That was why those glamorous talents were usually from families with strong connections. It was as difficult as to climb up to the sky for the general public to enjoy the same resources. Not even one in the general public could be found with such connections… in a million.

Su Ping took out the pellets from the storage space with his mind.

Three coffee-colored Original Force Pellets appeared in his hands.

Each pellet was the size of a thumb. Su Ping took a sniff. There was a faint scent.

“How do I eat it?” Su Ping asked the system.

“Chew them so you don’t choke,” The system replied.


Why did he find those words familiar?

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. He threw one of the pellets into his mouth; he chewed it slowly and then swallowed it.

While he was chewing, he felt some concentrated astral power flowing into him, into his stomach and then to the rest of his body.

Soon, Su Ping noticed that the density of astral power inside the original cores in his cells was increasing. Previously, it was pitch dark in the original cores with some feeble astral power drifting. At the moment, the amount increased more than a hundred times and they had formed wisps of astral power!

“This one pellet’s effect is equal to when I cultivate for hundreds of days!” Su Ping’s eyes glowed brightly.

He closed his eyes instantly and focused his mind on the original cores in the cells. He transformed the astral power into belts of energy and wove them together into an hourglass-shaped vortex base.

“Too little astral power to form a vortex.”

Su Ping took another Original Force Pellet without hesitation.

The astral power inside the original cores in his cells increased and were surging in wisps.

Su Ping gathered the astral power into the hour-glass shaped vortex and arranged it as the outside wall of the vortex. Halfway through, the astral power ran out again.

He made a determined effort and took the last of the Original Force Pellets.

Soon, while the Original Force Pellet had been seemingly burnt up, the rich astral power was injected into all of the original cores in the cells. With one gesture, Su Ping finished the walls of the vortices.


All of a sudden, Su Ping felt his body tremble, as if he had bumped against the world!

An unprecedented powerful force came from all over his body and then it flooded to reach every part. He felt as if he could tear a tiger into pieces!

In his body, there was a petite vortex in each of the original cores of the cells; they were swirling slowly in the darkness of the original cores.

A strong force would be generated with each swirl. Su Ping felt a continuous flow of strength!

Also, the feeble astral power that adhered to his skin like specks of dust were being pulled into the original cores by the vortices. Slow like a turtle, the vortices were growing.

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