Astral Pet Store

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Daily Life

“It’s working!”

Su Ping sensed that the wisps of astral power that had been compressed by him were absorbed by Su Lingyue. That compressed astral power was more condensed than the drifting astral power.

As such, Su Ping was helping others to improve their astral power cultivation!

He had mastered another skill but…

“The effect is just as I have imagined. But this ability is of absolutely no use. I cannot even satisfy my own cultivation needs. Why would I have time to feed others like a fool?”

Su Ping shook his head. He stopped the export of astral power from the vortex in his chest.

“Did it stop?”

Su Lingyue was about to stand up and check when she noticed that the richness of astral power in her room had returned to normal. That, she did not expect.

“I have heard from my teacher that the astral power around some powerful experts is incredibly strong. Did a powerful person walk past the window just now?”

Su Lingyue was surprised. She got up and lifted the curtain with cartoon bears, then she opened the window to look outside.

Their house was by the road. It was the dead of night; nobody was walking in the street.

Su Lingyue was confused. She paid closer attention. The astral power had returned normal, so she failed to pick up any clues.

“He must have left.” Su Lingyue was disappointed and frustrated.

The ones that could increase the richness of astral power around them were the best battle pet warriors. They were idols admired by many. It was a pity that she had missed seeing such powerful warriors who had passed by her window.

“But, there will be a day when I will become one of the best powerful warriors!” Su Lingyue promised herself with her chin raised. Then, she closed the curtains, hopped onto her bed, and let herself sink back into her comics.

“Let’s try vortex synchronization.”

In his room, Su Ping tried out many ways to cultivate. It was the first time he had experienced astral power and he was very interested in it. He tested out many different ideas, abandoning himself to the pleasure of it.

Halfway through, Su Ping noticed that Su Lingyue seemed to have stopped in the room across the hall. She must have fallen asleep.

Su Ping looked at the time. It was late, two in the morning.

“I should turn in as well or I won’t be able to get up tomorrow. I can try more things when I get to the store.”

Su Ping yawned and stopped trying new things. He created a regular vortex inside of him to continue the common way of cultivation. At the same time, he took out his phone and searched for some lousy movies to lull himself to sleep.

In less than five minutes, he had fallen asleep.

“Time to get up,” an overly sweet and sexy voice said to him.

Su Ping opened his eyes slowly. He saw some light. The day had come.

He rubbed his eyes and turned around toward the voice. A ghost face with blood all over it leaped into his eyes.

Compared with before, this ghost face was bleeding more violently and there seemed to be some maggots crawling.

“Did she have to be so disgusting so early in the morning?

“Is she trying to affect my appetite so she can eat my breakfast?”

Having experienced the Chaotic Realm of the Undead, Su Ping had become immune to such stuff. Compared to the strange things in the Chaotic Realm of the Undead, this ghost face was beautiful enough to feast the eyes.

“Mwah.” Su Ping threw the ghost a kiss.


It wasn’t the voice of a question, but the sound of contempt.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and threw a look at the girl by the door. “Can’t you make something new? Aren’t you bored?”

“Disgusting!” Su Lingyue gave him a scornful stare. How could he accept this? He was a pervert indeed!

Su Ping rolled his eyes as he noticed how she disliked him. Why couldn’t he give that ghost face a kiss when you made your Phantom Flame Beast become that ghost face? Could you be reasonable?”

Su Ping was not in the mood to bicker with her. He resorted to the ultimate skill to get rid of her. He lifted his quilt and said, “I slept in the nude.”


All he heard was a sneer.

Su Ping was surprised.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before. What’s the big deal of sleeping nude?” Su Lingyue did not care.


Su Ping was embarrassed. His head was buzzing.

“She had seen it? When was that?”

Why was there no memory of it at all in the original owner’s head?

Right. They ran around naked when they were kids…

“You still remember that thing when we were so young?” Su Ping was astounded.

“Do you think that my head is like your pig’s head? I am a genius. A genius, do you understand?” Su Lingyue sneered. She waved her hand. A black ball snuck out from his bed. It was that Phantom Flame Beast named “Snowball.”

The Phantom Flame Beast crawled up with effort; it glared at Su Ping and then hopped back onto Su Lingyue’s shoulder.


Su Lingyue turned around and slammed the door shut.

“It seems like compromise is no longer working? Do I have to return violence with violence?” Su Ping looked at the trembling door. He shook his head and heaved a sigh.

By the time he got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast, Su Lingyue had almost finished hers.

“Yueyue, have you finished breakfast?”

“Hurry up. We need to leave now.”

Some girls were saying outside the door.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows. He saw three girls about the same age as Su Lingyue. Her classmates for sure.

“Coming.” Su Lingyue put on her coat very quickly.

Su Ping frowned. The voice Su Lingyue used was completely different when she talked to him, rude to say the least. At the moment, her voice was refreshing, soft and pleasant at the same time. Anyone would picture her as a polite fair lady by the sound of her voice alone.

Soon, Su Lingyue changed her clothes and left with her classmates.

They had stepped into the yard but Su Ping could still hear them. After all, he no longer had the constitution of an average person. His hearing was quite acute.

“Is he that good-for-nothing brother you told us about?”

“He appears to be dispirited.”

“He looks useless but he’s handsome. Yueyue, your family has such nice genes.”

The girls were chatting.


Su Ping was speechless. “What made you think I was dispirited?”

Those people didn’t even have the basic ability of proper judgment but their aesthetic judgment was godly. As such, they could be forgiven.

“This sister of mine is quite popular amongst my classmates. But that is just a false appearance. Only I know about her true self!”

Su Ping snorted. He finished up his breakfast quickly, bade farewell to his mother, and rode to the store.

At the store, Su Ping asked the system to evaluate all the pet food he brought back from the Chaotic Realm of the Undead.

That included the blood-red bead he snatched from the throne of bones.

The pet food came in many different sorts but the system had no difficulty in identifying them. Soon, the price list was presented to him.

“Many good items.”

Su Ping didn’t know all the items but he could recognize their value just from the pricing. The average price was around seven to eight hundred coins. Only a few had a price lower than five hundred coins!

Of course, there were a couple of food items that were of little value, with a price of merely a few dozen coins.

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