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Chapter 849 - Asking For a Recommendation

Chapter 849: Asking For a Recommendation

Inside the small world, the members of the Alliance of Stars whispered hopefully.

“I heard that there’s a guardian array outside of this continent.”

“This is the first time I’ve come to Michelle. I was told that all the beasts in the sea are tamed, all for appreciation purposes. Every inch of land on Michelle is precious and has been developed.”

“Tell me about it. It’s not easy to immigrate to Michelle. Even those in the Void State aren’t always approved.”

“Is this the Amir Royal Academy? My friend’s granddaughter studies here.”

This time, they had chosen to tag along; both to keep Su Ping company and to select potential students among the contestants.

Of course, they didn’t consider the geniuses whose ranking was too high. Those geniuses would probably not be interested in them, either; they would only choose students they could teach and were satisfied with.

Soon after, they reached the sky above the Amir Royal Academy.

Xingyue Shen’er was no longer able to tear apart the void, mainly because the deeper spaces in that region had been locked by Ascendant experts. Otherwise, the campus might get accidentally caught in battles in the deeper spaces.

Xingyue Shen’er looked up at a statue that was on the back of another statue, which depicted a tall and scholarly middle-aged man. He was the president of the Amir Royal Academy, and an Ascendant State expert!

The statue was quite vivid. Ordinary people would have felt pressured if they saw it.

“President Alan!”

“Lord Alan!”

The members of the Alliance of Stars became solemn, standing straight respectfully when they saw the statue. They knew that the current president was very strong and had personally taught an Ascendant State student.

Xingyue Shen’er, however, raised her brows, as if she didn’t like the president.

“Huh, what an old fogey.”


Just then, a peak Star State man flew over. He glanced down at everybody with a cold and proud attitude. His expression changed a bit when he laid eyes on Xingyue Shen’er, but he still said with pride, “You’ve reached the Amir Royal Academy. Why are you here?”


Xingyue Shen’er raised her brows and said coldly, “Have you just started working here? You don’t know me?”


The middle-aged man was stunned for a moment. He would have scolded her if she were in the Star State, but she was actually a Star Lord. Feeling puzzled, he observed her carefully, only to tremble and widen his eyes a moment after.

“You—You’re Xingyue Shen’er, the one at the top of the Royal Rank?”

The members of the Star Alliance were also shocked.

“Top of the Royal Rank?”

“Damn. That’s the most golden rank in the Amir Royal Academy. Our leader is at the top?”

“Only the super geniuses can make it to that rank. Our leader is so awesome! She deserves to be the unparalleled Divine Lady of the Nine Heavens!”

“I’d like to worship our leader as my goddess!”

“Relax. This is nothing but a minor achievement that our leader has accomplished.”

“Chill, chill…”

Su Ping didn’t say anything, but he found the way everybody tried to suck up to her hilarious.

The Alliance of Stars was truly an interesting group.

When considering other alliances, even if the members wanted to please their leader, they wouldn’t have tried to flatter so blatantly. That girl was the only one who didn’t care. She even advocated it…

“The top of the Royal Rank is nothing. I made it there two years after I came here. It’s no big deal,” said Xingyue Shen’er casually, but there was an obvious delight in her eyes.

Reaching the top of the Royal Rank in only two years was an astonishing feat for the entire academy. Even the other main academies had also learned about the news and invited her to study there.

“Awesome. Our leader is truly unimaginable for us mortals.”

“Brother Heaven Destroyer is probably the only person who can catch up with the leader.”

Everybody remarked while torn by mixed feelings; All of them knew how hard it was to be listed on the Amir Royal Rank. Making it to the top ten was probably a tall order for them!

The middle-aged man had already fallen prey to dumbfoundedness, not expecting the girl to truly be the super genius who had broken the academy records. She was a genius who had graduated decades earlier, but her tales had been spreading even to the present day. Most of the older people on Michelle had almost been able to recognize her!

“I—I didn’t recognize you, Miss Shen’er. What brings you here?” The middle-aged man changed his expression and put on an ingratiating smile.

Xingyue Shen’er snapped, “Am I not allowed to come back?”

“Yes, of course you are. You have got to be kidding, Miss Shen’er. Your mentor will be so much happier to know that you’re back. Your school is your second home, one that will always welcome you,” said the middle-aged apologetically.

Many people in the academy knew that Xingyue Shen’er was not just a super genius but also a child of an Ascendant State parent. She was definitely someone not to be trifled with.

“Humph. It just so happens that I need to talk to my mentor. Help me inform him.”

“Of course. Please follow me, Miss Shen’er.”

The middle-aged man humbly led the way.

The members of the Alliance of Stars had mixed feelings when they saw the change of attitude. They were sort of bigshots too, but they were nothing in front of the Amir Royal Academy; only Star Lords mattered there. Besides, Xingyue Shen’er was not just a Star Lord but also a super genius.

Respect was not earned, unless someone was strong enough.

“The Universe Geniuses’ Contest has begun. You have ten recommendations, right? Have they been given away?” Xingyue Shen’er asked on the way.

The middle-aged man was stunned, but he realized the purpose of her visit. He shook his head and said, “I’m just a gatekeeper. I don’t know anything about that. Do you have anyone you intend to recommend, Miss Shen’er?”

Xingyue Shen’er raised her eyebrows, not even bothering to answer the question.

The middle-aged man smiled awkwardly after seeing that his question had been left unanswered, but he didn’t try to burst into fury. He simply led the way dutifully.

Soon, a man flew over from the forest at the rear. He wore a black and golden robe that was evidently some sort of uniform. There was a golden badge on his chest, indicating that he was a top-tier teacher in the Amir Royal Academy.


The man was white-haired and old; he looked quite friendly. After a cry of excitement, he quickly moved close like an unpredictable snowflake. He instantly appeared in front of everyone, as if he would have used a flash movement.

The middle-aged man who led the way saw him and greeted him respectfully, “Mr. Frenkiel!”

The old man glanced at him and slightly nodded.

The middle-aged man had to bow before Xingyue Shen’er and retreated.

“Let me see… I’ve long heard that you rose to become a Star Lord. The waves of your small world are almost as powerful as mine. Good girl. Haha!” Frenkiel laughed after observing her.

He was also a Star Lord, and also one of the twelve golden mentors in the Amir Royal Academy!

“Almost as powerful as yours? I’ve already surpassed you. I’m just keeping a low profile,” boasted Xingyue Shen’er, as if she would become a student again.

Frenkiel smiled; he was already used to that. He asked, “Why didn’t you inform me of your return? Are you here to visit me?”

“No, I’m only visiting you by the way; The Universe Geniuses’ Contest has begun. Our academy has ten recommendations, right? I want one,” said Xingyue Shen’er casually.

“By the way…” Frenkiel put on a bitter smile, but he wasn’t truly upset. He knew that the girl didn’t mean what she had just said. He asked, “Why, do you have anyone to recommend? There might not be enough recommendations. There’s a lot of distinguished candidates this year. There are also some of the president’s friends who wanted recommendations too. I’m afraid…”

“You’re afraid?”

Xingyue Shen’er lost her cool after hearing that. She said, “It’s not easy for me to return to my academy, yet I can’t even have one recommendation? I’m the pride of the academy. Is this how you treat your pride?”

Frenkiel: “…”

Where did that come from? he said helplessly, “Don’t be too childish. The competition for recommendations is truly fierce. You’ll definitely get a recommendation first if you haven’t reached the Star State. We’ve never treated you unfairly, have we? Right, who are you seeking the recommendation for? I’ve just remembered that you’re just too proud to know people who are under the Star State. Isn’t that right?

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