Astral Pet Store

Chapter 848 - The Amir Royal Academy

Chapter 848: The Amir Royal Academy

“Have we arrived?” Su Ping asked the moment he saw Green Lady.

The astonishment in Green Lady’s eyes was gone; she looked at Su Ping’s naked upper body without batting an eye. “Yes.”

Relieved, Su Ping asked, “Was there any trouble on the way?”

After all, she had been pushing the planet all the way; there was no telling how many meteorites and other obstacles she could have met on the way. The people on Michelle had very likely done something as they saw the planet approaching.

A crash would have led to a huge disaster.

“Nope,” Green Lady said briefly. The Ascendant guy’s thought from that planet had been pushed back and no problem arose from this; it was pointless to mention it.

Su Ping looked at her; it didn’t seem that she was lying. He then nodded and reached out to Xingyue Shen’er via the Lord Badge.

The call soon went through. Su Ping informed her that he had finished his training.

“Okay, I’m on my way.”

Su Ping hung up and then put on a new set of clothes he had found in the store. Once he got out he found that the queue outside the store was still filling up the street. He would probably never end training even if he were to work all day for years.

Countless customers had turned up; business would never end.

Su Ping raised his head and saw an enormous planet—although it seemed more of a continent in the void than a planet. It was only possible to see part of it from Rhea, the rest went beyond their view!

Rhea was to the planet what a bean was to an egg.


Xingyue Shen’er flashed out of the void, raising a round of exclamations.


Xingyue Shen’er was about to talk when she saw Su Ping; she was stunned and wide eyed. Su Ping had concealed his aura, but she clearly sensed that the man was different from how he used to be!

He already had peak Star State combat ability in the past.

Still, he seemed to be breaking the limits at the moment!

However… Was it possible for someone in the Fate State to fight a Star Lord?

There was a gap of two major levels between them!

Xingyue Shen’er came back to herself after a moment. She shook her head and thought that it was impossible no matter how talented Su Ping was; nobody had managed such a feat in all of the Universe Geniuses’ Contests!

“Has the contest started?” Su Ping instantly asked.

Xingyue Shen’er nodded and said, “The screening phase has begun, but it’s not impossible. I can recommend you to the Amir Royal Academy so that they save a spot for you.”


“Should we go there now?”


Xingyue Shen’er was about to move when a few members of the Alliance of Stars arrived; O’Neil was among them.

All of them were astonished to see Su Ping, as they could detect that he had become even stronger.

“Brother Heaven Destroyer…” O’Neil coughed and said, “You missed the Pet Contest, but I’ve seen your pet’s performance and it could have won the championship easily. Here are three Transcendence Fruits. Please keep them.”

Su Ping finally noticed he had completely forgotten about the Pet Contest, mainly because the situation on the Blue Planet had angered him to no end and missed it. He accepted the black boxes and said, “Thanks. I’ll help you train your pets when I get a chance. You can also come to see me if you need other help.”

O’Neil’s eyes glittered. He knew that Su Ping was a grandmaster trainer able to handle Star State pets. He had the idea that Su Ping had been training pets with inferior cultivation for fun, as it would have been very exhausting for him to train Star State pets.

O’Neil held back his excitement and said carefully, “Thank you very much, Brother Heaven Destroyer!”

Su Ping nodded.

Xingyue Shen’er and the others all looked at O’Neil weirdly. They knew how precious the Transcendence Fruits were, yet the guy had generously given three of them to Su Ping right then and there.

“Are you a good pet trainer? Do you have any certificates?” asked Xingyue Shen’er curiously.

She had noticed that those close to Su Ping were calling him Boss Su in his hometown. HEr curiosity was piqued since O’Neil had once again mentioned that Su Ping could train pets, as the former seemed to be very excited about a promise of the latter.

“I had a level-8 certificate in the past. I’m not much of an expert, just a beginner,” said Su Ping truthfully.

When Xingyue Shen’er and the others thought he literally meant it, he added, “But it shouldn’t be a problem for me to train your Star State pets.”


Everybody was lost for words.

You say you’re just a beginner, yet you want to train our pets?

Do you think we’re your experiment subjects?

Nobody was interested. They would rather not have their precious pets be Su Ping’s toys.

“It’s getting late. We should go to Michelle,” Xingyue Shen’er said, ignoring Su Ping’s proposal.

Before they left, Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan, Green Lady and the others to carry on with business. They could do normal training even without him.

While normal training wasn’t as profitable, it was more efficient and could be conducted more frequently.

“Let’s take my spaceship.” said Xingyue Shen’er as she took out her spaceship.

The members of the Alliance of Stars had almost all arrived. Some had even gone ahead to Michelle so they could meet their friends.


The spaceship flew out of Rhea’s atmosphere and entered Michelle after being inspected at the space station.

Su Ping instantly realized that Michelle’s astral power density was three times that on Rhea and ten times that on the Blue Planet when they got closer!

A three-time gap meant that cultivating there for a year was as productive as cultivating for three years on Rhea!

People who reached the bottleneck prior to the Legendary level would need an environment where astral power density was suitable to make breakthroughs; this meant that anybody on that planet could become a Legend as long as they were talented enough. More astral power would be needed by the time they reached the Ocean State and their cultivation speed would drop. That would be the time when aptitude and hard work played a more important role.

Su Ping could not help but remark, “This is an excellent environment.”

He decided he would consider modifying the Blue Planet when he advanced to higher levels.

“Michelle is one of the top ten planets in Silvy,” said Xingyue Shen’er casually.

Su Ping became even more earnest.

The ranking was only in Silvy—such a planet was probably nothing remarkable in the star region or the rest of the Federation!

How vast would the top ranking planets in the Federation be? All of them were probably cultivation sanctuaries that people had to wait in line to enter!

Xingyue Shen’er stored the spaceship upon arrival and led everybody to a continent along with the deputy.

“Michelle has twenty-two continents, and the Amir Royal Academy is on the one named Paratian,” said Xingyue Shen’er and tore into a deeper space. They then traveled through a channel for half a minute. They appeared in the sky of a continent when they reappeared.

The continent was extremely spacious. Enormous ships were docked in the seaside of the continent. Waves were surging further away, and scary shadows were moving about deep under the water.

Next to her, the smiling deputy leader said softly, “Miss, you’re back.”

Affection popped up from her eyes. She chuckled and said proudly, “Yes, I am. Let’s see if those kids have broken my records!”

All those present were stunned after hearing that. Did our leader graduate from the Amir Royal Academy too?

Su Ping aside, all of them knew that the Amir Royal Academy only admitted talented students from powerful backgrounds. All students came from families that at minimum ruled a planet. People like O’Neil were only mediocre in such an institution. Most of the remaining students had Star Lord parents.

The distinguished ones among them—such as Xingyue Shen’er—had Ascendant State experts as backers.

“Let’s go!”

Xingyue Shen’er was giddy and excited to return to her old school. She quickly carried everyone to the biggest city in the Paratian Continent.

The city was right at the center of the continent. It was mentioned as a city, but its size was actually half the size of their Blue Planet. The Amir Royal Academy was right at the center of the city.

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