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Chapter 852 - Nine Candidates

Chapter 852: Nine Candidates

“It’s President Alan!”

“President Alan is here!”

“He actually taught an Ascendant State student…”

Outside of Goddess Suha’s Arena—many men with remarkable auras noticed Alan and the others who were approaching. All of them looked at the newcomers earnestly and respectfully.

A lot of keen students also noticed the new arrivals and turned their heads, immediately cheering when they saw Alan.

“President Alan!”

“President Alan is here!”

More and more students turned their heads because of the commotion, not even caring to watch the spectacular battle in the arena.

Even the students of the Amir Royal Academy would hardly have a chance to meet him. He was a legendary figure!

“Mr. President?”

“I didn’t expect that Mr. President would come in person.”

Some guys in the crowd looked at him with awe and passion. For them, the Star State was not their goal, but a stage they would eventually cross; their purpose was to reach the Star Lord State or the Ascendant State!

Offit raised her head, her eyes dead earnest. She craved to reach the Ascendant State, but she had never mentioned it to anyone, because she hadn’t shown enough talent for her to achieve her dream!

She would only be laughed at if she spoke with anyone about it.

However, they wouldn’t mock her if she stated that her goal was to become a Star Lord, because she had a clear chance of achieving it!

However… She didn’t want to just become a Star Lord.

The leader of the Laiyefa family was a Star Lord. Although she belonged to the Laiyefa family, she was tired of such a life. She didn’t want to just become a Star Lord.


An exclamation was heard just then.

Offit couldn’t help but turn around, only to see Mia rubbing her eyes in shock, as if unable to believe her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Offit was puzzled, as it was rather disrespectful to behave like that after seeing President Alan.

“The man next to President Alan looks familiar. Isn’t he Boss Su?” Mia quickly blinked her eyes. At first she thought her eyes were deceiving her, but then she finally confirmed that the man was exactly the boss of that store. The person had the same hair color, height, and aura!

He even wore the same expression as she remembered.

There couldn’t have been two people with such an uncanny resemblance!

She soon remembered that Su Ping was a grandmaster trainer!

Even Star Lords had to treat him courteously. Was he invited to help students train their pets?

The idea flashed in her head and made her feel excited. She had witnessed his training expertise; the man was undoubtedly the fastest and most effective trainer she had ever seen. She wouldn’t have been qualified to ask for a master trainer under normal circumstances—not to mention a grandmaster trainer—to train pets for her!

“Who’s Boss Su?” asked Offit in confusion.

Mia came back to herself and said excitedly, “Sister Offit, look at the black-haired man over there! He’s the grandmaster trainer I told you, and the person who warned us back in the divine residence! I didn’t expect that he would be invited here! Fantastic! The president must’ve invited him to help those listed on the Royal Rank such as yourself. You’re lucky!”

Stunned, Offit’s eyes moved and instantly saw Su Ping, as well as… her?

She was instantly frozen. Xingyue Shen’er?

Wasn’t she on the top of the Royal Rank for ages?

“Is he the grandmaster trainer you mentioned? He looks rather young,” said Offit, withdrawing her gaze and clenching her fists.

Mia said, “Yes. Boss Su must have changed his appearance. In any case, he is undoubtedly a grandmaster trainer!”

Offit nodded solemnly. “That’s true.”

Being a grandmaster trainer, most Star State people would act respectfully before him. She wouldn’t dare do otherwise, either.

However… Why did Xingyue Shen’er come back?

Didn’t she graduate a long time ago?

Offit’s eyes flashed. She couldn’t help but look at the girl again. For hundreds of years, many male students had been fighting for the top place on the Royal Rank, but nobody had ever broken the girl’s record!

She had dwarfed countless males!

She was one of Offit’s role models!

“President Alan!”

“Yuwen Xie pays respects to you, Mr. Alan. I’ve heard so much about you…”

Many people flew over and paid their respects; most of them were Star Lords. Star State warriors were not qualified to meet him.

Alan smiled and said, “How did the communication go? Have the candidates been chosen?”

“Mr. President, duels are being conducted for the selection as we speak. Those who make it to the top ten of the Royal Rank will receive recommendations. So far, nobody has challenged the top five; getting recommendations is basically a given for them,” said a mentor respectfully.

The other people’s expressions changed slightly. Indeed, the top five geniuses on the Royal Rank were strong and had powerful backgrounds. Their backers would be enraged if they were beaten. It was also difficult to beat them, as they had not secured their rankings merely with their background.

The top five on the rank were all super geniuses among hundreds of billions of people!

There might not be one of them in dozens of planets. They were extremely rare!

“So, you’re going to fight for the remaining four recommendations?” Alan nodded and looked at them.

“Four recommendations?” an old Star Lord asked in confusion, “Shouldn’t there be five?”

Alan smiled and said, “There were ten recommendations, but one of them has been given to this young man. You can distribute the other nine.”

Everybody looked at Su Ping, only to be surprised.

He reserved a recommendation directly through the president?

Who is he?

They didn’t dare to scan him too blatantly, but a subtle investigation suggested that Su Ping was indeed just in the Star State.

“I asked the president for one recommendation.” Xingyue Shen’er suddenly stood in front of Su Ping, blocking everybody else’s eyesight. “All of you have a lot of connections; you can always cut in line again, even if you miss the screening phase. It’s better to let your juniors get more practice in the screening matches.”

Some frowned when they saw Xingyue Shen’er, as they didn’t know her, but then more people recognized her and became shocked.

The genius who became famous in the Amir Royal Academy decades earlier had turned into a Star Lord?

What has she been eating to grow so fast?

It is said that she’s from an Ascendant State family… Once they thought about that, many people dropped their dissatisfaction and wore bitter smiles.

If you think practice is good, why don’t you let the young man next to you do that?

Isn’t it a waste of time?

Time was extremely precious for geniuses; it was pointless for them to fight the worthless garbage!

Those who didn’t know Xingyue Shen’er frowned, but they held back their fury when they saw that Alan was smiling in silence, knowing that she surely had a powerful background.

Exclamations began to spread out in the arena.

Very soon, the ongoing battles ended.

Alan looked at the arena and smiled. “Let’s go and check out the growth of our kids.”

Nobody disagreed. All of them followed him.

However, many were looking at Su Ping with unfriendly eyes, thinking that they had just been robbed of a spot for the recommendations.

The students near the arena became more excited after President Alan and the others arrived. The host resumed the matches at that point.

A student rushed out from the crowd and proudly entered the arena. “Let me!”

“The Golden Dragon Warrior!”

“He’s Hescranton!”

“The sixth on the Royal Rank! He’s here to show off!”

“Let the foreign competitors see what kind of geniuses our academy has!”

Everybody outside the arena was cheering.

A dozen men were also watching close to the stage; some of them changed their expressions and frowned.

The rest of them remained calm.

“Hehe, let me deal with him,” said a sexy woman. She wore knight armor that highlighted her breasts and bottom, and was carrying a sword. She summoned a unicorn dragon as a mount.

“She’s from the Knight Kings Family!”

“I heard that she’s the eldest daughter from a knight king family. She grew up in a mysterious realm of theirs and has never studied in any academy. She’s unimaginably strong!”

“Humph. They’re nothing in front of the Golden Dragon Warrior!”

All the students cheered for the Golden Dragon Warrior.

The female knight in the arena, however, remained calm.

They instantly summoned their pets and fought fiercely.

What shocked the audience was that both of them had mastered laws!

They were in the Fate State, and still they had mastered the power of laws and fought in the tertiary space; their pets were in the Star State too and were very strong!

It was clearly an ultimate Star State battle!

“Is that the performance of a top ten genius of our academy…” Mia mumbled to herself.

Offit frowned solemnly.

It was of note that she was also on the Royal Rank; she held the seventh place!

She was already at a high position in the Amir Royal Academy; countless people looked up to her!

Her standing on the Royal Rank even influenced the Laiyefa family’s standing in Silvy!

She had received the attention of many forces that adjoined her family due to her potential!

However, the battle she was witnessing was too fierce. Offit almost felt as if they weren’t fighting for the recommendations, but the championship of Silvy!

The fact was that more than a hundred billion people would be screened out in every contest.

A few minutes later—the tertiary space was torn apart; the two warriors reached the fourth space of the arena, where the battle ended half a minute later.

Surprisingly, the winner was the female knight!

The Golden Dragon Knight had been crushed; his golden armor was ragged, and his pets were heavily wounded!

The cheering students instantly fell quiet when they watched the female knight return triumphantly.

Many mentors looked at Alan awkwardly. After all, it was an embarrassing sight for their own student to be beaten so badly.

Alan, however, smiled and wasn’t upset at all; he had been in the Ascendant State for a long time; such trivia would no longer disturb his peace.

“Humph, useless garbage.”

In the crowd, the white-haired young man snorted and flashed from the crowd to the arena.

The audience were excited again by his appearance.

“Silver Lord, who ranks third on the Royal Rank!”

“Silver Lord! He’s my favorite!”

“I’ve already fallen for him! He’s so handsome!”

“I’m wet!”

A lot of girls were crying. They might be geniuses, but Silver Lord was a genius among geniuses, a monster who ranked third on the Royal Rank!

The Star Lords from other organizations changed their expression and looked solemn when they saw him appear.

Outside of the arena—a pair of the formerly casual looking men frowned.

“Who’s going to fight me?” the white-haired young man coldly announced from the arena, just like a king.

Even though he was only in the Fate State, he had indeed shown the potential of a king!

The students then looked at the outsiders who were there for the recommendations. The latter hesitated, not daring to challenge him.

“Humph, nobody?” said the white-haired young man with a sneer.

The frowning guys next to the arena remained silent .

Moments passed, but no one responded to the challenge. The host had to declare the white-haired young man as the winner.

The Golden Dragon Warrior had been defeated earlier, but then Silver Lord intimidated the competition. He had won pride for his academy again.

Next up, other geniuses that weren’t on the Royal Rank appeared and fought each other.

Some fought the outsiders.

Ten names were finally settled in the end.

Only the fifth place was pushed down from the top five on the Royal Rank. The other four won by default; no one challenged them.

The former fifth place was pushed back to ninth place and nearly lost the qualification.

The rest of the candidates were the outsiders, including the female knight.

There were ten of them in total!

Offit took part in the match too, but was defeated by a strong and confident outsider; he had grasped four laws and caught Offit unprepared.

The announcer received a message when he was about to announce the candidates for the recommendations. He turned around to look at Alan and was stunned for a moment, since he instantly recognized Xingyue Shen’er; he wasn’t expecting that Michelle’s famous genius would return.

He held back his surprise and made an announcement.

“The nine of you will receive recommendations from our academy. You will directly participate in Silvy’s Galactic Matches of the Universe Geniuses’ Contest!”

The young man at the left end of the line was stunned and couldn’t help but look at him. “Sir, are you sure? What about me?”

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