Back to 1985: Spicy Pretty Wife

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Back to 1985: Spicy Pretty Wife




Back to 1985: Spicy Pretty Wife

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Everyone in the capital courtyard knows that Si Moyan is not close to women. He was criticized when he was a child.

He was going to die alone. But suddenly one day, Si Moyan not only brought back a woman, but also slept people.

This sleep was terrible. After that, he completely became a favorite wife crazy devil.

“Si Moyan, I want the land in the center of a.”

“I‘ll transfer it to your name tomorrow.”

“Si Moyan, I want the plane.”

“wife, the plane has stopped in the backyard.”

“Si Moyan, I want the moon in the sky.”

“no problem, my husband will take you to heaven and pick the moon.”

Gu qiaoyue said that the greatest gift God gave her was not rebirth, but this man.

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