Back to the Apocalypse

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

With Yu Yue’s guidance, they made it to the park without any incidents.

A moment later, another one of their cars came rushing towards them, as a bolt of ice fired into the distant. Bai Jing recognized this as the manifestation of someone’s mutant ice powers. Xiao Sa’s men must be really talented people.

After getting off the car, Bai Jing was surprised and also found it a bit strange to learn that the owner of the ice power was Xie Minhang. If he was not mistaken, in his last life Xie Minhang should have been a psychic warrior, so how could his powers have mutated into the ability to control ice in this lifetime?

But the reality was that if he could be reborn, then a person changing their mutant powers couldn’t be a big deal. So in fact, after thinking about it, he decided not to probe this situation any further. The more ferocious Xiao Sa’s men were, the more capable they would be at dealing with the current situation.

“Run quickly.” Yu Yue shouted as he pointed a shaky finger towards a certain direction.

Everyone’s minds focused and Bai Jing intently stared at the direction that Yu Yue was pointing towards. Then suddenly, the third car came from a dirt road, followed by more than a hundred vicious looking zombies. He didn’t hesitate for even a moment, as he brought out his gun and coldly said: “Aim for the head and use a silencer.”

Hearing his words, those who had wanted to run back into the cars paused, a cold sweat breaking on their foreheads, and their hearts thundering loudly in their chests. Young master, this is not more than ten zombies but more than one hundred zombies.

Without waiting for them to make up their minds, a solemn and murderous aura surrounded Bai Jing’s whole body, before the muffled sound of bullets firing was heard, one accurate shot after another. Even the man who had previously been doubtful of Bai Jing’s abilities couldn’t help but be impressed by him.

Bai Jing saw them staring, and frowned: “What are you doing?”

Li Yi’s shrugged while shaking the gun in his hand and said: “No silencers.”

They had just stopped in this area so they could reorganize themselves. The sound of bullets firing would definitely rouse the curiosity of other people in the vicinity, or even attract more zombies to their location.

Bai Jing didn’t bother being conspicuous as he took several guns directly from his dimension, before tossing them to the other: “I’ll divide them up yourselves.”

“Thank you young master Jing.” Li Yi smiled. This time it was a sincere thank you. My God! Not only were the guns good, but he didn’t expect that this young master Jing would be such a genuine person. At least towards them, he hadn’t hidden anything.

The ability to use a hidden dimension? Li Yi eyes lit up. The first thing that came to mind was the convenience of moving things.

Bai Jing wasn’t interested in paying attention to him. No matter how he looked at it, he needed to continue concentrating his energy on shooting at the heads of the zombies coming towards them.

Several other people who didn’t want to be left behind on the action also quickly made their move. Then they saw a speck of light shining on top of the car that was approaching them, which then turned into a large flame.

“Fuck! Has someone else awakened their powers? “Liu Wei shouted as the flame came alive. Admiration flashed in his eyes when the fire grew even more ferocious.

Bai Jing thought to himself: that is the ability to control fire, isn’t it? It wasn’t surprising that people worthy of being part of the criminal underworld would awaken mutant powers. What was unexpected was that all their awakened abilities were in the attack category.

Bai Jing sneered, not bothering to take this to heart and only indifferently saying: “In addition to these abilities, when facing a life and death situation, you can experience a breakthrough in your spiritual power, which can also stimulate any hidden potential in your body.”

Liu Wei’s eyes lit up and the others also seemed to have perked up their ears, their expressions eager as they rushed, like a bunch of barbarians, to fight with the zombies.

“Young master Jing, is what you said really true?”

Bai Jing didn’t look at them. Instead he shot at a zombie’s head and then coolly said: “It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. The important thing to know is that if you are scratched by a zombie, you will also become a zombie after seven days. You must be careful.”

Everyone froze. As they stood there silently, shivers run through some, while others began to think about the brothers who had been scratched, thinking about their elder brother’s decisions. At first they hadn’t clearly understand them, but now after hearing Bai Jing’s words…

The energy around Yang WenHao suddenly became dark, his eyes turning red as he aggressively asked while still firing his gun: “How would you know?”

Bai Jing sneered. Realizing that being kind wouldn’t cut it, he said loud and clear: “I will always have information, so you better remember to keep your mouth tightly shut. If it hadn’t been for my respect for Xiao Sa, I would have already sent you to your death.”

Without stopping his shooting, Li Yi quickly maneuvered his way towards them, in the hopes of mediating between them: “Please don’t get angry young master Jing. It’s just that his heart is aching because his brother was scratched by a zombie, and will probably have to be locked up in a cage. Don’t tell me there’s no hope for him?”

Bai Jing shot him a quick glance: “There is. If he can awaken a mutant power within those seven days, then he won’t turn into a zombie. He will need great willpower in order to do this. But…”

Bai Jing didn’t finish his sentence. Not interested in dealing with them any longer, he quickly looked back at Xiao Sa who was in the car, a slight warmth filling his heart. This guy is always so tough, preferring to face everything all by himself.

There were fewer and fewer zombies, but now more than half of them were less than two hundred meters away from where they were. Seeing that the zombies were getting closer, Xie Minhang hurriedly said: “Head for the cars, we fight from there.”

Bai Jing didn’t think twice as he and the others immediately got into the cars then slightly cracked open the windows to shoot out of. Seeing that the situation was now turning for the better, the originally nervous mood turned to relief in everyone’s heart.

Even Yu Yue couldn’t resist the itch to pick up a gun, which he aimed and accurately shot at a zombie’s head, shocking everyone. Liu Wei was flabbergasted: “Little brother, it seems like this isn’t the first time you have handled a gun, right?”

Yu Yue was stunned as excitement started welling up in him again. He didn’t think that shot would be so accurate. He just followed his intuition, and so when he aimed he instantly hit the target. He was feeling quite proud at the moment so he bragged: “Brother, of course this isn’t my first time using a gun.”

It was obvious to Bai Jing that if compared to other people, a psychic warrior would definitely be better. Looking at Yu Yue’s smug expression put him in a bad mood, so he decided to burst his bubble and said: “The gun you previously handled was a water-gun, right?”

Yu Yue’s ego was instantly deflated making him annoyed, but he didn’t dare refute him. His intuition told him that young master Jing absolutely knew about his situation, so he just pretended to laugh and said: “young master Jing you flatter me. I have also used an electronic gun; playing CS (initials for game called Counter Strike) is super fun.”

“Has this kid just been exposed? Anyway, being able to achieve such a performance the first time you use a real gun, not bad.” Liu Wei’s words didn’t hold any less admiration.

Seeing that Bai Jing remained silent, Yu Yue sighed with relief in his heart. This was definitely his bullish big boss so he must not offend him. After all, a man of strong will and principles should always know when to make concessions or compromises.

Xiao Sa opened his eyes and heard the sound of gunshots, making him immediately sit up and be on guard. Seeing the situation before him, he couldn’t help but laugh. To tell the truth, if you studied them carefully, zombies were really not that difficult to deal with. Even with their strength, endless energy and ability to eat people, it took only one bullet to the head to kill them. Xiao Sa also joined the ranks of the fighting by picking up a gun and shooting at the zombies through the gap in the window.

After a while, the zombies were all wiped out. Li Yi really wanted to immediately get out of the car so he could talk, but Bai Jing wrinkled his face in disgust: “Drive to that location in front of us. It’s not as disgusting over there.”

Xiao Sa nodded: “Listen to him.”

“Oh.” Li Yi thought about this as he drove 300 meters ahead.

Bai Jing was silent. He was thinking of his past life, and how during similar interactions, no matter what he wanted to say, he would always be afraid to speak up because someone would surely counter him.

It was a bit annoying, how today he constantly found himself remembering his past life. He bitterly marked captain Yang in his memory. If it hadn’t been for him trying to snatch Bai Jing up as a lab rat, then he wouldn’t be such a weird mood today.

After getting off the car, at once Xiao Sa asked: “How are things? Has anyone been injured?”

“No.” Wang ZiQiang burst into loud laughter: “You missed seeing how wrecked the military vehicle behind us was. It had followed us out of the city, so when we encountered the zombies, we could make it through because our car is sturdy. But their path got blocked up and it’s unlikely that they will escape easily. They’ll probably radio back to their headquarters crying for help.”

Xiao Sa nodded and then asked: “Who awakened a mutant power?”

“It was me, big brother.” Liang LaZhan came forward. At the age of twenty, he was still a little shy, so he blushed and said, “I-I-I. At that moment, I was just so scared when I saw a zombie come over and try to grab me, that I had even forgotten the window would block it. All I could think about was how I didn’t want to die, then my mind went black, and somehow – I don’t know how – I awakened my powers.”

Bai Jing turned to face him. He really couldn’t understand how it was possible for such a shy person to be the wielder of the power of fire. It was completely inconsistent with his temperament.

“You’re a good kid.” Liu Wei patted his shoulder, though his heart was filled with dark and angry thoughts. Gritting his teeth, he thought to himself: why can’t I also be this lucky.

Yang WenHao decided to confront Xiao Sa. He had already calmed down, although his eyes were still bloodshot: “Brother, tell me honestly, is or isn’t Wen Jie going to turn into a zombie. He is still so young, and hasn’t even graduated from university. I’ve worked my ass off in the seedy criminal world, and it was all for his sake. So tell me, now what am I supposed to do?”

Xiao Sa flashed a questioning look towards Bai Jing.

Bai Jing nodded. Were there still doubts about this? Since Xiao Sa couldn’t bear to answer the question, then it was up to him to do it for him. Xiao Sa couldn’t always avoid confronting this, sooner or later he would have to deal with this matter.

Upon seeing this, Yang WenHao smiled miserably. In his heart, he had already believed the worst possible scenario: “Brother, how could you not tell me this sooner? At that time my dad was away at sea working for my uncle, but you had seen this development in my younger brother, so how could you have kept this from me? If you had warned me sooner, then Wen Jie wouldn’t have been so reckless and wouldn’t have been scratched. He is only 19 years old this year!”

Xiao Sa was silent for a moment before answering: “I said, but no one believed.” In fact, if it wasn’t for Bai Jing convincing him with proof, let alone his family, he himself wouldn’t have believed.

Everyone suddenly remembered that their elder brother had indeed mentioned something like this. It was only that at that time they had just dismissed his words since they couldn’t figure out what he was talking about.

Yang WenHao’s complexion suddenly became deathly pale. Yeah, hi brother had mentioned it, but at that time they simply didn’t understand him and people were too busy complaining about him behind his back. Then later, the events following the lightning incident pushed those words even further out of their minds.

No one took their brother’s words seriously. He still remembers how his younger brother had joked after coming back, saying that it was a resident evil crisis. They hadn’t actually expected that if someone got scratched by a zombie they would truly get infected.

Bai Jing’s had a curious look in his eyes as he asked: “What’s going on?”

Xie Minhang, who had a good impression of Bai Jing, pulled at the hem of his clothing, and motioned for him to hold off that question for later.

Bai Jing nodded his head and didn’t follow up with any more questions. In his past life, Xie Minhang was one of the few people who had been good to him, so helping him out in this lifetime could also be considered as good karma. Resolved to put forth his good intentions, Bai Jing decided to listen to him and remain silent.

Seeing that everyone remained silent, Xiao Sa apathetically said: “First we go to the garage to change cars, then we head back.” Since it was still early, he had originally wanted to use this time to gather supplies, but seeing that everyone’s mood was now ruined, he decided it was better to just forget about it.

Bai Jing heart was anxious. He wasn’t worried about the others, but about Xiao Sa’s difficulties. After getting in the car, he hesitated for a moment before asking: “Was I being meddlesome?”

Xiao Sa shook his head, then saw his kitten’s cautious expression. His heart immediately filled with unbelievable happiness over how concerned his kitten was for him. He gently touched Bai Jing’s waist, before pulling him into his arms, and then closing his tired eyes: “No, don’t let your imagination run wild. I was only thinking about possibly leaving N City.”

When Xiao Sa made this statement, Li Yi – who was currently driving – was shocked: “Big brother, you mustn’t abandon your brothers. Anyway, Wen Hao’s heart is just in a lot of pain, so just ignore him.”

Xiao Sa stopped him from speaking further and said: “I won’t argue with him anymore. We’ll discuss this once we get back to the base.”

Nowadays he was at a breaking point. He was exhausted from worrying about Bai Jing and having to deal with his subordinates. Since following him out of the clan, Xiao Sa has had to shoulder all their responsibilities and blame, and that burden was too heavy. He wasn’t afraid of responsibility, but of those uncooperative followers of his.

Perhaps his original decision to bring them along with him had been wrong.

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