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Chapter 15 - Concealed Advance

Chapter 15: Concealed Advance

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Gu Mengmeng threw the wooden stick away before laughing guiltily: “I didn’t hit you on purpose. Whether you believe it or not, I’m leaving first.”

Good-looking guys were precious and the value of love was even higher. However, she would have to sacrifice the two if her life was threatened.

This place was simply not for someone to linger in. Psychopaths were found everywhere. Gu Mengmeng strongly felt that she had fallen into a trap. Although Elvis was good-looking, he was still a demon. To make matters worse, he was a carnivorous demon. Who knew, he could just eat her up upon any little provocation.

Thus, Gu Mengmeng decided. Currently, Elvis was sent away by Nina and there was nobody left in the cave except for the unconscious Nina. Only an idiot would choose not to run!

Gu Mengmeng wanted to enter deep into Elvis’s cave to see if there was anything she could “borrow” for a while to defend herself. But the cave was too dark. Just less than ten steps in, Gu Mengmeng could not see anything. Thus, she gave up her idea of snitching and instead, travel light. Protecting herself was more important.

Gu Mengmeng kept close to the wall and headed outside stealthily like a thief. She did not know that to the senses of an orc, her strange behavior was far from being concealed. Moreover, her fragrance that stood from the crowd and her eye-catching rabbit-skin dress made it difficult to not see her.

Fortunately for her, females in this world had a highly respectable presence. They could do whatever they wanted and even the most unusual behavior would be pardoned and acknowledged. Being males, they had a very high tolerance and acceptance towards the females. Hence, although they had long discovered Gu Mengmeng, the bunch of males could only pretend not to see her since she was deeply immersed in and enjoying the fact that nobody caught her. When they were about to face her, the males avoided the little girl automatically and cleared a path for her, allowing her to enjoy her “concealed advance” to the fullest extent.

When Gu Mengmeng finally realized that she was walking in circles, it was the third time she had walked to the entrance of Saint Nazaire. And this time, Elvis, Barete and the orcs that were originally watching the fun stopped moving to look at Gu Mengmeng, puzzled.

They could not feign ignorance any further, she had been there for the third time…

Seeing how she had been discovered, Gu Mengmeng did not bother hiding anymore. She patted her tiny hands, stood upright and walked openly, waving to Elvis and Barete, “Hi, are all of you busy? I… I was just casually looking around. Please continue, do not mind me.”

Once Gu Mengmeng finished speaking, the whole scene instantly erupted.

“The little girl says she’s here to see me!” A male broke the silence.

“Don’t be full of yourself, the little girl is obviously here to see me!” Another male exclaimed. He had just shoved the male beside him away mercilessly to step forward a little in order for Gu Mengmeng to see him better.

“Come on, the little girl is so beautiful, why would she like you? She is definitely here to see me.” Again, another one who knocked the second male aside squeezed himself in front of Gu Mengmeng.

Previously… was there that many people?

Gu Mengmeng was dumbfounded.

She totally had no idea that just because she took the initiative to greet everyone, her game of concealed advance had ended. The males that followed her all the way stepped forward in an attempt to make themselves familiar to the beauty.

Compared to Gu Mengmeng’s concealing techniques, these males were considered to be experts among the well-experienced. Of course, Gu Mengmeng was not able to spot them. Thus, Gu Mengmeng was taken aback by the scene of dozens of males surrounding her, from just over ten of them initially.

Did they… found out that she hit Nina? That’s why she was intercepted by everyone?

Having the typical guilty conscience, Gu Mengmeng did not catch what these thirsty males said at all.

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