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Chapter 32 - The Most Severe Punishment on A Male by The Beast Deity

Chapter 32: The Most Severe Punishment on A Male by The Beast Deity

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Gu Mengmeng dissed them deep down in her heart: Were there no other goddamn fresh ideas? Everything was just about females and females. Was it worth it to sacrifice their lives just for the ridiculous rage of the Beast Deity?

Gu Mengmeng rolled her eyes in her heart but looking at the two males before her, one kneeling there after being implicated by her while the other being her benefactor who saved her life just last night. Although she disliked their idiocy and superstition, she could not say much. After all, everyone had the right to believe in their rightful set of beliefs.

However, forcing Gu Mengmeng to watch Barete suffer under this sunlight for three days, she was still unable to do it.

Thus, Gu Mengmeng sat next to Barete in a fit of a moment, elbowing Barete’s arm and asked, “Aren’t you a male virgin? You don’t even have a female, why are you scared of the Beast Deity venting his anger on your female?”

Barete blushed slightly and fixated his gentle gaze that was forged from his flesh and bone on Gu Mengmeng.

Gu Mengmeng pointed at herself with her index finger, asking, “Don’t tell me you’re afraid that the Beast Deity will vent his anger on me?”

Barete nodded his head.

The Beast Deity’s rage will extend to the female and this was the most severe punishment on a male by the Beast Deity.

Although Gu Mengmeng was not his female yet, Barete still could not take the chance and let Gu Mengmeng risk her life.

Gu Mengmeng was pretty dumbfounded but at the same time, touched. Thus, her attitude softened by quite a lot and she continued asking, as if she was chatting with him, “Besides kneeling under the sunlight here, are there other rules needed to be abide by?”

Barete shook his head, expressing that he had no idea. Then he looked up at Mr Holy, as if he was troubling him to answer on his behalf.

Mr Holy deliberated for a moment before answering, “No, as long as they can maintain human form for three days, this means that the Beast Deity has forgiven them.”

“Oh~” Gu Mengmeng meaningfully nodded her head, then gave an extremely sweet smile to Barete while tilting her head.

“Mengmeng, go back first. This is the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment, it won’t be good if you sat here for too long.” Barete was a little worried, he was afraid that the Beast Deity will vent his anger on Gu Mengmeng after realizing that she climbed onto the platform.

But, Gu Mengmeng paid no attention, and she raised her chin, saying, “What is there that’s not good? I’m a young female, a favorite of the Beast Deity, no matter what I do, I would not get punished.”

“But…” Barete wanted to say something but was interrupted by another voice.

“Gu Mengmeng.” Elvis appeared with a darkened face while holding onto two wooden sticks, one thick and one thin.

Elvis should not be blamed for his anger. He rushed off frantically to find her some wooden sticks just because he was worried that she was too hungry and was more worried that she would die from the punishment of the Beast Deity. But her? In a split second, she actually climbed onto the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment and even huddled so closely with Barete who was still receiving the punishment.

“Leader~I’m here~” Upon hearing Elvis calling for her, she stood up immediately, waving at him.

Elvis’s anger was entirely dispersed by Gu Mengmeng’s delicate and bright smile. He took a large step forward and climbed up the Platform of the Deity’s Punishment easily just in a step. He said as he passed Gu Mengmeng the wooden sticks, “You can eat now, right?”

Gu Mengmeng clutched onto her stomach, giggling guiltily.

How nice was she to forget that she was still famished because of Barete?

Seeing how Gu Mengmeng was aware of her mistake but did not correct it, Elvis was annoyed but amused at the same time but he was at his wit’s end and could only sigh, saying, “Hurry and eat.”

Gu Mengmeng nodded her head eagerly and sat down crossed-legged. Observing the wooden sticks in each of her hands for a long time, she passed Barete the thinner one and instructed, “Come, help me sharpen the tip a little.”

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