Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 37 - Since You’re Handsome, Whatever You Said Made Sense

Chapter 37: Since You’re Handsome, Whatever You Said Made Sense

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Elvis sat down cross-legged next to Gu Mengmeng.

Yes, he was scared of the Flame Devil.

But even Gu Mengmeng was able to sit so close to it. As the tribe leader and the first warrior in Saint Nazaire, he could not possibly sit further from it than a young female like Gu Mengmeng. Did he still want his reputation or not?

And furthermore, Barete this fellow was kneeling there all the time, not moving an inch. How could he let Gu Mengmeng think that Barete was more courageous than him?

Although Elvis did not quite understand the meaning of a tough man, but it should be a compliment.

The worship gaze of Gu Mengmeng should only belong to him!

Thinking about this, Elvis gave his muscled arm a tug, pulling Gu Mengmeng into his embrace domineeringly. Seeing how Gu Mengmeng was struggling, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Side-kick, didn’t you say that you would not leave me by even a foot?”

Sure, since you’re handsome, whatever you said made sense.

Gu Mengmeng stared at the rabbit meat in grievance and then turned to look at the stubborn Elvis who was unwilling to let go of her. She decided to curve to save the nation, “Leader, you’re hungry too right? How about letting me handle the meat and roast it for you to try a rare sumptuous meal?”

“Roast?” Elvis felt that Gu Mengmeng was glowing with a mysterious hue. She was like a treasure-house filled with secrets and would puzzle one but also enchant one with every action she did.

Gu Mengmeng face-palmed.

Was she dumb to rely on these fellows who survived on eating raw meat and drinking blood in this world where they called fire as the Flame Devil to understand what was cooking and to know what was stir-fry, roast, fry and deep-fry?

Gu Mengmeng, you’re a brave and quick-witted girl, you can do it!

Gu Mengmeng rooted for herself in her heart before squeezing out a slightly flattering smile as she squinted her eyes and said, “It means to handle the meat and make it more delicious.”

Elvis was not convinced, wasn’t rabbit meat just rabbit meat? What was there to be more delicious about…

“Leader, as a sidekick, I have an obligation to provide a better life for you.” Gu Mengmeng nodded her head seriously, deeply touching herself. What a competent and outstanding sidekick she was~

Elvis threw the piece of meat into the crowd. The beasts who were already itching to try showed off their natural beastly strength and shoved each other, just like how a rugby team would fight in the Olympics. After all the chaos, a healthy-looking beast managed to snatch the bloody and dirty rabbit meat. He then walked to Gu Mengmeng in a discreet and stately pace, as if he was a world champion carrying his trophy and looked at her with much expectation.

“How to handle it? Just speak your mind and let Collin do it.” Elvis’s gaze landed on Gu Mengmeng’s face, not shifting away at all.

Gu Mengmeng felt wholeheartedly that this treatment where the males all clustered around her was not what any ordinary person could enjoy. When hundred differently styled good-looking males who all had strong builds and perfect appearances view your order as an honor, it was truly difficult to deal with.

Gu Mengmeng smiled awkwardly at Collin, saying, “Please bring this rabbit meat to the stream and wash the blood and internal organs thoroughly with water, ok?”

“Yeah, of course.” Gu Mengmeng’s politeness made Collin blush, no other females spoke this gently to him before. Let alone washing a piece of meat, he would not say a single word even if Gu Mengmeng asked him to pluck all the hair off his body.

“Thank you~” Gu Mengmeng tilted her head and gave a sweet smile.

“No… no need.” Collin’s blushed even more. He held the rabbit in one hand and scratched the back of his head with the other, backtracking in small steps.


As proven, one would fall while walking backwards.

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