Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 39 - I’m So Hungry, I Wanna Eat So Badly

Chapter 39: I’m So Hungry, I Wanna Eat So Badly

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Barete stared at Gu Mengmeng’s eyes, his resolute face filled with strict determination, “I want to protect you.”

Thump, Gu Mengmeng’s maiden heart was tugged on brutally by this not-so-gentle sentence of Barete.

How could she forget? Mr Holy said before that if one avoided the Deity’s Punishment, the rage of the Beast Deity would be vented on his female.

Even though Barete and her only knew each other’s name and nothing else, but this fellow was so persistent in affirming her as his partner and was also willing to risk his life for her.

A touching relationship was not about him being unafraid of everything. It was instead about him being so clearly afraid of everything but because he needed to protect you, he did not shrink back.

The corners of Gu Mengmeng’s mouth curved upwards unknowingly. Barete was indeed a tough man, she was charmed by him!

As they chatted, the rabbit meat was roasted until it was tender on the inside and golden-brown on the outside. The seductive aroma made the famished Gu Mengmeng’s stomach rumble out of hunger. She gulped her saliva and after going through a war with her thoughts, she still decided to tear a rabbit leg for Elvis.

After all, she was not sure how long did she need to stay here for so this boot still had to be licked.

Thus, Gu Mengmeng swallowed her saliva and handed Elvis the left hind leg of the rabbit, as an attempt to fawn him over. Her face clearly wrote the words ‘I’m so hungry, I wanna eat so badly’ but she said, “Leader, would you like to try my skills?”

Elvis did not take the rabbit meat from Gu Mengmeng but this did not prevent him from feeling pleased to a large extent due to Gu Mengmeng’s actions.

She shared her food with him.

Under extreme hunger, she shared the food that she cooked on her own with him.

Thus, Elvis benevolently forgave Gu Mengmeng unilaterally for her negligence earlier towards him when she was chatting with Barete. He smirked haughtily and pushed the rabbit meat back to Gu Mengmeng, replying coldly, “Females have priority to enjoy all the food. Furthermore, as the Leader of Saint Nazaire, I can’t snatch the food from females.”

Gu Mengmeng was long famished, despite this rabbit leg not being seasoned, the aroma from the roasting was enough to let her salivate.

Let alone a rabbit leg, Gu Mengmeng felt that even if she was given a whole cow, she could finish it in the blink of an eye.

But considering the plan of boot-licking, the rabbit meat stopped just before Gu Mengmeng’s mouth as she ascertained once more, “You really don’t want to have a try? I’ll eat it then, there won’t be anymore left once I eat.”

“Eat.” Elvis’s smile was light, and it encompassed a form of connivance. Although it was slight, it was easy to notice the meticulous care in it.

Gu Mengmeng’s tolerance had already been maximized to the fullest. Even if Elvis were to snatch her food now, she would not let him.

Holding the rabbit leg with both hands, she chomped on it in large bites, chewing it well.

Based on the standards in the present world, the way Gu Mengmeng ate looked quite shabby.

But in the eyes of Elvis, Barete, Lea and the bunch of males, it was extremely adorable.

That delicate small face was so deeply satisfied while her tiny mouth that looked as tasty as a cherry was stained with the oil from the food. It did not make her look unkempt but instead, she looked more lively and adorable. Seeing how she was chowing down the food, the males could not help but swallow their saliva too.

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