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Chapter 4 - Her Partner Would Be Personally Chosen By Me

Chapter 4: Her Partner Would Be Personally Chosen By Me

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“Little female little female, I am Collin, I am strong and able to protect you, choose me as your partner.”

“Little female little female, I am Barete, I have sharp fangs and claws, I can catch a good deal of prey for you. You will never be hungry again if you be my partner.”

“Little female little female…”

Elvis’s mouth twitched. If everyone had not been obsessed with Gu Mengmeng’s beauty till they lost their minds, they would have realized that he was about to lose his temper. It was an obvious sign of danger.

However, it turned out that males were sex-driven creatures regardless of which world they were in.

Although Gu Mengmeng had always dreamed about being a Helen of Troy surrounded by handsome men, when it actually did happen, she was still shocked. Shivering, she instinctively leaned more into Elvis’s arms. With her hands around his neck, Gu Mengmeng hid her face into Elvis’s neck and decided to be an ostrich.

Elvis was just about to hit the fellow tribesmen, his hand was already halfway in the air but he stopped on the spot. The soft and gentle breath he felt on his neck had made him swoon. Gu Mengmeng’s trust and reliance on Elvis was clearly indicated by her arms wrapping tightly around him, while the unique, elegant scent of a female between his breaths distracted him.

Undeniably, he liked the feeling of being dependent by her,

So much so that the surrounding commotion seemed almost non-existent. His ears could only hear her soft breaths.

Elvis held Gu Mengmeng in one hand and turned the other hand that was about to be used to beat up others to pull up Gu Mengmeng’s hide clothing, wrapping her up again. Delighted by Gu Mengmeng’s reliance, Elvis was in a very good mood, being even gentler than usual when treating the fellow tribesmen, as though the person that blew up moments before was someone else.

“She is still underage and can’t find a partner for now,” Elvis said in a deep voice monotonously, yet asserting an unquestionable dominance. “Lea and I will be choosing her partner after she mature into adulthood.”

Elvis did not reveal the possibility of Gu Mengmeng being a messenger for the Beast Deity, one reason being he was unsure of this himself, and the other being that the current Saint Nazaire was unable to protect a messenger that would drive the whole Beast World crazy for her. This was what Lea had discussed with him, if the next term of messenger arrived in their lifetime and they happened to be lucky enough to find her, then this information had to be kept secret first, until it could no longer be held back.

In the meantime, all they had to do was to make Saint Nazaire even stronger, until they were confident of protecting and keeping her here even if the news of the presence of the messenger of Beast Deity shocked the entire Beast World.

Elvis’s words calmed the seething crowd a little, but just a little.

Barete was one of the best warrior in the tribe, although he could not be compared with Elvis, he was considered outstanding among the rest. The sweet smell of this little girl had made his heart flutter. Just the scent of her body alone was able to make Barete willing to devote himself completely to her and even sacrifice his very life, not to mention her immensely beautiful face.

So he stepped forward with his head held high and said, “Leader, please let me take care of this little girl.”

“You?” Elvis lifted one eyebrow and looked at Barete with anger.

Barete could sense the formidable pressure exerted by Elvis, he would have already knelt down with respect in normal circumstances, but now he clenched his teeth and stood tall. He felt that this was Leader testing his determination…

Of course, it was a not-so-beautiful misunderstanding.

Because Elvis’s rage was not some tests. If not everyone here was a bachelor, or even someone with just a little dating experience could tell that Elvis was being jealous.

Just as Barete was making the request, Elvis had already pictured the details of Gu Mengmeng living happily together with Barete.

With bulging veins, Elvis looked at Barete with squinted eyes, signaling danger.

Meanwhile, sweat had been trickling down Barete’s cheeks. The immense pressure had made it difficult for him to even breathe, but looking at the small female in Elvis’s arms, he stood his ground and did not move back an inch.

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