Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 470 - Is It A Damned Convention To Keep Performers?

Chapter 470: Is It A Damned Convention To Keep Performers?

Gu Mengmeng nodded, finally heaving a sigh of relief. She hugged Sandy’s waist, leaning in her embrace, just like how Sandy laid in hers when she was hurt previously.

Whining a few times, Gu Mengmeng looked up at Sandy, “Sandy, I’m so upset…”

Sandy caressed Gu Mengmeng’s hair softly, “Both of them know that they are wrong. If you are still angry, then let them both fight, make them beat each other till they are badly battered… then you can calm down and forgive them.”

Gu Mengmeng smiled, “This time, they are not the ones in the wrong, but me…”

Sandy opened her eyes wide, “How would you be wrong? You are Gu Mengmeng, the messenger of the Beast Deity!”

Gu Mengmeng rubbed Sandy’s little face that had gotten rounder, “Messengers of the Beast Deity are people too, they have times when they are also greedy, weak, helpless and deceitful.”

Sandy was incapable of understanding such deep words, but she understood that Gu Mengmeng was really feeling very upset then. She had never seen Gu Mengmeng so low, and could not help but feel her heart ache. Her eyebrows sloped to form the shape resembling the Chinese character of “eight”, as she asked gently, “Then, what exactly happened? Can you tell me?”

Gu Mengmeng thought about it, yet found herself not knowing where to start. Laughing bitterly, she sighed, “I mated with Elvis, yet could not forget about Lea… I have both of them at the tip of my fingers, torturing all three of us. Lea did not have a title, so he got belittled by everyone. Elvis was worse, his newlywed wife was unfaithful to him, cheating on him emotionally, yet he not only had to act like he wasn’t conscious of it, he cooperated with my deceitful ways in fear of him being abandoned. Two such excellent males are suffering due to my selfishness, yet none of them came to blame me, but pampered, gave in, took care of me, in fear that I would even be a little unhappy…

Sandy blinked, asking, “Isn’t that good? Then why are you angry?”

Gu Mengmeng looked up, “Good? What good. My inability to let go of Lea is disloyalty to Elvis; I allowed Lea to fantasize about me, yet I couldn’t even give him a title, that is unjustified; I’m neither loyal nor just, so I feel so much guilt when I face those two males daily. The more I wish to make it up, the more I owe them. I have been stressed so much I can’t breathe…”

Sandy asked, “Haven’t you already given Lea a title?”

Gu Mengmeng looked at Sandy confusedly, clearly writing the four big words “What do you mean?” across her face.

Sandy responded, “Isn’t he your beast pet? The whole of Saint Nazaire knows that.”

Gu Mengmeng frowned, “What kind of title is beast pet…”

Sandy replied, “How is a beast pet not an identity? Which female does not have a beast pet? It’s just that most of the beast pets are half-orcs or disabled beasts that are incapable of transformation, none of whom have Lea’s level.”

Gu Mengmeng looked at Sandy stiffly, and could not bring herself to say anything in that moment.

Damn… Is it a damned convention to keep performers?

Sandy could tell that Gu Mengmeng did not believe her, so she continued, “The one that Nina used to ride out, is her beast pet; Maya had two beast horns as her beast pet. And for me, I never had a beast pet in the past, but I found the rabbit you bred especially cute, but since wild rabbits do not live for long, Bode helped me to find a rabbit beast to be my beast pet, so I’m breeding that at home. I can bring it out to show you next time.”

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