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Chapter 471 - What Are You Conflicted About?

Chapter 471: What Are You Conflicted About?

Gu Mengmeng was utterly shocked, what is this damned practice? Husbands also help their wives to find… find…

Sighing, Gu Mengmeng expressed her loss for words.

Sandy then continued, “Although we temporarily have not mated with beast pets, and have the possibility of not mating with them for our whole lives, but it does not necessarily obstruct us from being nice to them. Take Nina for example, her 40 over partners are more than jealous about that beast pet. As long as she goes out, that beast pet can definitely accompany right by her. Without even exaggerating, it is easy to say that Nina treats that beast pet much better than all her partners.

Gu Mengmeng thought about it and roughly understood.

Even in modern times, many little girls are way nicer to their own dogs than their boyfriends.

For example, if their dog had bitten their boyfriends, the girls would pretend to hit the tiny backsides of the dogs, then say, “Aiya, bad boy, you are not allowed to bite anyone in the future, you understand?” before acting cute to their boyfriends to defend their dogs…

However, if the roles were reversed and the boyfriends bit the dogs…


She had never heard such a real-life event so far, but it doesn’t take much to assume it wouldn’t end well.

Sandy drank a sip of water, then continued, “In the beast world, there are so few females, and there are so many males that will never get a chance to even speak to a female in his lifetime. There are also numerous males who will never get to touch their females other than the one time that they mate. In comparison to them, are you still insufficiently nice towards Lea? What do you even owe him? Why do you feel like you are burdened?

Gu Mengmeng replied, “Lea is so excellent, he should have a wonderful partner…”

Sandy smiled, “What? Did you tie Lea up and prevent him from looking for other females? Or did you ask Elvis to use his skills to suppress him, forcing him to be your beast pet? I don’t think so, he talks about how he is your beast pet everywhere he goes, and his tail goes up to the sky every time he hears anyone debating about it… How is he in any way reluctant?”

Gu Mengmeng replied, “But…”

Sandy passed her cup to Gu Mengmeng, telling her to drink a sip, then continued, “But what? Let me tell you Gu Mengmeng, the males in the beast world are people with one-track minds, and are not the type to change their mind the moment they see someone new. If they don’t like you, then they don’t, you can’t keep them no matter how nice you are. However, once they are attracted by you and get to know you, then even if the beast deity appears before them, they will never give up. If you really feel that you are upsetting Lea by making him your beast pet, then just mate with him, accept him, and everything would be over. What are you conflicted about?”

Gu Mengmeng bit her lip, “I just mated with Elvis, not even for half a year…”

Sandy glared, asking, “What? Did Elvis object?!”

Gu Mengmeng shook her head hurriedly, holding back Sandy, who looked like she was on the verge of looking for Elvis to confront him, “Elvis did not object. In contrast, he kept on creating opportunities for Lea…”

It was only then that Sandy sat back down, “That’s more like it. It is very unacceptable for males to object females to mate in the beast world, because if a female lacks sufficient partners, then she would not be able to receive the best care. Females have biologically been weaker than males, any careless mistakes and they could die, so they should be fully cared for in all aspects. Furthermore, if the female has too few partners, the lack of reproduction could result in lack of heirs. Some tribes have ceased to exist because of this reason.”

Chapter 472: The First Time I Saw Lea Smiling from the Bottom of His Heart

Gu Mengmeng thought of Ian and the Eagle-owl tribe, instinctively nodded her head.

Sandy mistook this nod as Gu Mengmeng approving what she said, hence continued even more excitedly, “You agreed that this makes sense right? You are the Messenger of the Beast Deity, if you feel that this makes sense, it must make sense.”

Just when Gu Mengmeng was about to explain, Sandy started talking again, “What were you saying just now? Something about loyalty and faithfulness… and what others? I can’t remember, something along the lines of owing Elvis if you accept Lea? Then I got to ask you this, what are you owing him? You are the Messenger of the Beast Deity, you have given him the position of the First Partner and the mating authority to give birth to cubs. Owing? What do you still owe him?! Just look at the whole Beast World, how many of the warriors died without having their own children? While he, someone that had a partner and children just in one winter, is not content with that? Does he want to go to heaven?!”

Gu Mengmeng could not say anything to rebut Sandy, she was starting to regret teaching Sandy all the nonsensical modern slang…

Ever since Nina was gone and she mated with Collin, this girl had a total change in personality, being much more cheerful and straightforward, nothing like how obsequious she was when they had just met.

It was actually not a bad thing, with the exception of when she used it to argue with her.

Gu Mengmeng could not teach Sandy about the modern view on marriages, even if she did, it would be something as wild and unbelievable as the ‘Arabian Nights’ for Sandy. The modern view on marriages would not fit in here due to the gender ratio in the Beast World, but as a modern person, she would still feel uncomfortable getting use to the view on marriages here.

Seeing Gu Mengmeng not responding, Sandy kept her temper, before continuing again, “To Lea, you don’t owe him anything, he voluntarily treats you well, while you allow him to do it is the biggest blessing to him. Why don’t you look outside, the number of people wanting to treat you well could queue up all the way from Saint Nazaire to Sauder. But other than Lea, have you given anyone a chance? I am going to tell you this, although nobody knew what Lea had experienced in the past, I could tell that before meeting you, Lea… was like… He was like using an extreme cruelty to waste his life away, cruel to the others and even more cruel to himself.”

Gu Mengmeng remained silent, she had only heard a little of what Lea actually experienced from Elvis, while Lea had said some minor parts before. She could piece out a blurry image, but unless Lea was willing to talk about it himself, nobody, including her, would know the minor details behind his past.

Sandy sipped a mouthful of water and continued, “But, after knowing you, he was like a changed man. No, I should put it this way, the old Lea had been living in the night, but you are like the Sun that lit up his life, giving him a new birth. Do you know when was the first time I saw Lea smiling from the bottom of his heart?”

Gu Mengmeng asked, “When?”

Sandy replied, “It was the first time that you said ‘our Lea’ to me, his eyes were smiling and there was a happy aura around his whole body, making people want to smile along with him. Before that, Lea was always smiling, but never from the bottom of his heart. Man, I don’t even know what was I saying, but… you accepting Lea as the beast pet is never considered owing to him.”

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