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Chapter 473 - The Real Cruel Thing

Chapter 473: The Real Cruel Thing

Sandy paused for a while then said, “Actually, I have no say in who you want to mate with. But… I feel that you are the happiest when Lea and Elvis are both by your side. I want you to be happy all the time… Will you… think that I am being a busybody?”

Gu Mengmeng shook her head, leaned into Sandy’s arms and said, “You are my bosom friend, you surely have all the rights to speak up in matters concerning me, because I know… you are the one treating me the best in this world.”

Sandy blushed and said shyly, “Not really, Elvis and Lea treat you well too.”

Gu Mengmeng sighed and said, “Elvis is my husband and my children’s father, he should be treating me well. But Lea… because he was treating me so well, I couldn’t base my happiness on his pain and torture. That will be so cruel…”

Sandy cupped Gu Mengmeng’s small face and looked straight at her with her round eyes. She said seriously, “Do you know, what is the real cruel thing that you are doing?”

Gu Mengmeng was stunned for a moment, before shaking her head, confused.

Sandy said, “Remember when you fell into the river last year? That day, Lea came running into my house, asked me to cook a pot of water shuttle and bring over to you. I was still angry at him that time and could not be bothered to be scared of him, so I took a wooden stick and beat him up, trying to chase him away. He took a few hits without moving at all. If not for Bode stopping me, I might have beaten him to his death that day…”

Gu Mengmeng was so surprised, Sandy would really do anything for her.

Sandy’s first time rebelling against Nina was also because Nina was talking behind Gu Mengmeng’s back.

Lea… was someone that she was so scared of, she would even take the further path if she met him on the road, yet Sandy was fighting with Lea for her…

Sandy recalled and continued, “I was so angry back then and asked him to get out! I told him to stop acting to be such a nice guy in front of me, if he really cared so much about you, he should have cooked it himself and bring over to you! And guess what he replied?”

Gu Mengmeng thought for a while but could not imagine how Lea would answer in that moment.

Sandy replied, “He said, he doesn’t even have the right to shed tears for you, not to mention preparing food for you… I couldn’t understand it at that time, but afterwards I heard from Collin that you sang a song for Lea, the lyrics had a line like ‘I’ve already lost the right to shed tears for you’?”

Gu Mengmeng looked down and said softly, “It is ‘I’ve already lost the power to cry over you’.”

Sandy said, “Yes, this line. You don’t even know how soulless Lea looked when he said it… I was even thinking I could walk straight through his body… There was no liveliness at all and he was just dead.”

Gu Mengmeng managed to force a smile and said, “Didn’t you hit him with a wooden stick? The stick did not land on air, how could you walk through him?”

Sandy blushed and said, “Hey, that was just a metaphor. Think about him, Lea looked so scary in the past, if he was spreading the intimidating vibes like before, why would I dare to hit him? That day, he didn’t even have the frightening feel on him… He was just like a snowman, soulless, yes, soulless.”

Gu Mengmeng’s heart skipped a beat. So at that time, she was not the only one crying over the heartbreak, Lea the perpetrator did not have it smooth either.

Sandy said, “But after the winter when I saw Lea again, he looked like he had a new birth and looking so lively. Didn’t you see how cocky and proud he was when he announced that he is your beast pet in front of everyone? If someone did not know what was going on, he would have thought Lea became your first partner.”

Chapter 474: Mating All Depends on the Mood of the Female

Thinking about Lea’s expression that day, Gu Mengmeng also grinned.

However Sandy suddenly let out a sigh and said, “But just now… I saw Lea in the half-dead look again, saying some words that nobody could understand, something… something like ‘cross the boundary, so you escaped’…”

Gu Mengmeng pursed her lips and kept quiet. She remembered Lea saying the same thing to her on the way back from Sauder, but… She couldn’t take it and backed up.

Sandy said carefully, “You matchmake me and Collin and I am extremely thankful for that. Since I am really happy right now, I hope that you can be happy too… Lea is a good male, even if you don’t want to mate with him now, don’t chase him away. He really could not live on without you…”

Gu Mengmeng bit her lips and said, “But Elvis…”

Sandy sighed and said, “You knew about the battle between Elvis and Lea, right?”

Gu Mengmeng nodded, this had been explained honestly by Elvis during the winter.

Sandy said, “Collin told me that he overheard a conversation between Elvis and Lea by accident once. Elvis said he felt like a thief that stole away Lea’s happiness from him. Taking away is not shameful, but stealing is. My guess is that Elvis has always been creating opportunities for Lea because of this. If you accept Lea, then Elvis just owns an extra position of the first partner compared to Lea. To them, there is no difference to who is on this position. But if you reject Lea… It’s fine if Lea is able to meet a better female and mate with her, but think about that yourself, does this possibility exist?”

Gu Mengmeng was just about to reply and Sandy did not give her any chance and snapped to reply herself, “No!”

Gu Mengmeng almost bit on her tongue. Seeing Sandy had no intentions of letting her interrupt, she simply kept quiet and listened to her.

Sandy said, “Then, there is only one possibility left. Heartbroken because of you, Lea took his own life, while Elvis would live in regret for the rest of his life, because this happiness belonged to Lea originally, he stole Lea’s female, stole Lea’s fate, stole Lea’s life!”

Gu Mengmeng was just about to correct her on the way of using ‘took his own life’, but looking at Sandy being so indignant, Gu Mengmeng did not dare to interrupt, she could only nod her head and show that she had understood.

With Gu Mengmeng’s response, Sandy nodded her head in satisfaction and continued, “So, whether it was from Lea or Elvis’s point of view, you accepting Lea is the best decision for the both of them. You can decide whether to mate as you like, but don’t be pressured into doing it just because Lea was treating you well ad think that not mating is owing him something. Oh please, it’s a natural thing for males to treat females well, if you mate with every single person that treat you nice, how many partners are you going to have? I am telling you that there are no such rules in the Beast World, mating all depends on the mood of the female and nothing else. If I am happy, you can go bathe and lie down and wait for me in bed, if I am not, there is no use even if you lie down.”

Gu Mengmeng was spooked, she thought to herself: Sandy honey, can you be more indirect in your words? I am just a baby…

Finishing her sentence, Sandy sniffed and smiled. She looked at Gu Mengmeng and said, “Alright, I have said everything I could to you, if you are still feeling down, you can randomly grab Elvis and Lea and beat them up. My Collin is here to fetch me home, I got to go.”

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