Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 476 - You Are Just Outright Bullying My Son Because He Could Not Speak

Chapter 476: You Are Just Outright Bullying My Son Because He Could Not Speak

Gu Mengmeng rolled her eyes at Elvis, but did not question further. She looked at her four sons being thrown onto the ground, frowned, pointed to Jialue and said, “Why does the third brother have no mud on him at all?”

Elvis turned around, met the third brother’s eyes and his look instinctively became much gentle. He opened his hand and Jialue immediately jumped onto Elvis’s foot. With his front paw against Elvis’s chest, Jialue licked Elvis’s face intimately and rubbed his head against Elvis’s chin.

Elvis returned with the howling sound that only wolves could understand, Jialue then jumped behind Gu Mengmeng. With his chin resting on Gu Mengmeng’s waist, he laid down obediently for his mother to brush his fur.

Elvis looked at the mom and son gently, he replied, “Jialue’s eyes resembles yours so much like yours… So clean and transparent. Just looking at his eyes and I could not bear to throw him into the mud too.”

Gu Mengmeng shook her head helplessly. She turned around again and saw that although Kede and Chixuan had mud on their body, it was mostly on their hands and feet, looking like they climbed back up after being thrown down. But Kanwu…”

Seeing Gu Mengmeng looking at Kanwu, Elvis snapped to answer before she could open her mouth and ask, “He jumped in to play himself and refused to come back up no matter what… I couldn’t even stop him, ask Bode if you don’t believe me.”

Gu Mengmeng let out a cold laugh and said, “You are just outright bullying my son because he could not speak. Bode? Does he dare to expose you?”

Elvis’s smile froze and dared not to reply.

Gu Mengmeng sighed and did not question him further. After all, if she scolds Elvis in front of her sons, Elvis’s authority as a father would be greatly reduced.

Taking a long breath, Gu Mengmeng stood up from bed and started naming, “Buns DeXuanLueWu, stand up straight now.”

The four little ones did not know what was stand up straight, but knew that their mother was calling them, so they dashed straight to Gu Mengmeng’s feet and cuddled there. Kanwu even took the opportunity to rub the mud onto Elvis. Looking at Elvis being pissed off but dared not to punish him in front of his mom, Kanwu’s eyes that totally resembles Elvis were full of pride.

Elvis ground his teeth, this Kanwu was surely annoying!

Gu Mengmeng did not notice the mental fight between father and son, she asked the four sons to line up behind her and walked out of the cave.

Elvis had finally gained forgiveness from his wife and the most important thing right now is to make his wife happy, so he could not be bothered to deal with Kanwu, only swiped Kanwu with his tail ‘accidentally’ when he walked past him, swiping Kanwu from the back of the line to the wall at the side. Kanwu let out a muffled groan, but had the backbone to not shout.

Gu Mengmeng heard the noise and looked back to see Kanwu limping back into the line. She turned to look at Elvis, but the latter just shrugged to show that he was innocent.

Once they were out of the cave, Gu Mengmeng saw Lea standing at a distance away. In just a few days of not seeing each other, he had lost so much weight, looking wasted and full of worries, the pair of slender eyes had a thousand years of expectations condensed in it, spurting out the moment he saw Gu Mengmeng, drowning her in it.

Gu Mengmeng bit her lower lips, before heartlessly turning around. She walked past Lea, but chose to ignore him.

If you love, then love deeply. If you don’t, then leave cleanly. Do not flirt, for it hurts others and yourself.

Gu Mengmeng repeated this line in her heart and told herself that she just got to be a little more cruel. Once Lea had accumulated enough disappointment from her, he might just lose all hopes and leave.

Then, maybe…

It would be the best for everyone.

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