Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO

Chapter 368 - Lea And I Have Never Done Anything Weird

Chapter 368: Lea And I Have Never Done Anything Weird

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Elvis nodded, then continued, “I find it weird too because I’ve never seen anyone from the Snake tribe in any other tribe… Also, I have a weird feeling about her, it feels familiar, like she was… a stray beast.”

Confused, Gu Mengmeng looked at Elvis and asked, “There are female stray beasts? Aren’t females precious and fought for by every tribe?”

Elvis replied, “Usually that is the case, but there are exceptions, such as… Nina.”

Gu Mengmeng was stunned, and instantly furrowed her brows, “Could the reason that she did not have any mating marks be because, similar to Nina, she was a female that had been abandoned by the beast deity after washing her mating mark, instead of being a half-orc?”

Elvis nodded, and replied after staying quiet for a while, “Other than being abandoned by the beast deity like Nina, there is another case for not having mating marks…”

Elvis’ gaze dimmed, and it seemed as if he felt very gloomy.

Gu Mengmeng looked at Elvis in confusion, then turned to look at Lea.

Lea shook his head at her, expressing that he did not know what was up with Elvis either.

“Hubby?” Gu Mengmeng wrapped her arms around Elvis’ neck, using her forehead to gently touch Elvis’, saying lovingly, “Did you remember something unpleasant? If you don’t want to talk about it, you don’t have to force yourself to.”

Elvis used his hands to push Gu Mengmeng’s tank top to inch her closer to him as he took a deep breath, allowing her scent to fill his airways. Having soothed the discomfort in his heart, he continued, “Another case, would be that a female had been snatched away by stray beasts, giving birth to cubs after mating. In this case, the cubs are stray beasts by nature, hence incapable of leaving mating marks.”

Gu Mengmeng saw an obvious emotion in Elvis’ eyes that were thicker than sadness and deeper than pain. It was a kind of complication that was difficult to put into words, making her chest empty. She did not say anything else, only tightly hugging Elvis’ neck, using the whole of her body to fill up his embrace.”

“Just like… me.” Elvis hugged Gu Mengmeng back tightly, mustering his courage to say these three words.

His identity was no secret in the tribe. He had never tried to hide his background. Until, he met her…

He was afraid she would look down on him due to such a background, straying away and hiding from him, so he had always been humble, cautious, worrying about losing her. For the first time, he felt that admitting that he was a stray beast in nature required such great courage. In that moment, he even dared not look into Gu Mengmeng’s eyes, in fear of seeing her disgust, fearing she would say she wanted to abandon him…

“Silly, you have me, and our four sons, you are the one with a family, how are you a stray beast?”

Elvis’ heart jolted, and he could even hear his blood running in his body.

“I… did not tell you my identity before we mated, do you… not blame me?” Elvis frowned, speaking each word as if he was stepping on thin ice.

Gu Mengmeng chuckled, both her hands on Elvis’ shoulders and looked into his eyes, “Before you mated with me, did you have any special female “friends”?”

Elvis frowned and shook his head upon hearing Gu Mengmeng’s abrupt sentence breakage, “I had no friends, other than Lea.”

Gu Mengmeng had a “I understand” expression while looking at Elvis, then Lea, flirtatiously, with an evil smile on her face.

Elvis scowled, knocking Gu Mengmeng on her tiny head, “Lea and I have never done anything weird, don’t think in a nonsensical way.”

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