Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife

Chapter 343 - The Corner of M City Fell

Chapter 343 The Corner of M City Fell

Early the next morning, Tian Mi still struggled to get up. She had already made an appointment with Su Jing in the afternoon. She didn’t know if You Xuanyao had thought of where the old place was.

Although Tian Mi was still a little unhappy when it came to You Xuanyao and Su Jing’s past, if she could solve the problem, Tian Mi also felt that You Xuanyao would rather talk to Su Jing face to face.

Moreover, You Xuanyao was carrying Tian Mi, which confirmed Tian Mi’s status. At the same time, she also told Su Jing that You Xuanyao’s woman was Tian Mi, and she was already in the past.

“Where is the old place?”

During breakfast, Tian Mi couldn’t help but ask You Xuanyao.

“I really can’t figure it out. We know each other abroad, but we’ve actually stayed in China for a relatively short period of time, so I really don’t know where M City is.”

“Then where do you think our old place is?”

Tian Mi wanted to guide You Xuanyao to think of something, so she wanted to take their old place as an example.

“We should be the private guild hall in the suburbs. There’s still February 30. We have too much space.”

Tian Mi felt quite happy after hearing You Xuanyao’s words. She couldn’t help but laugh. There were really many places where the two of them were in a hurry. If Tian Mi told You Xuanyao the same place in the future, would they go to the wrong place?

“Then I will tell you where you will go if I meet you at the same place.”

You Xuanyao looked at the naughty Tian Mi, frowned slightly, and said.

“Of course it’s a private guild hall. There’s a bed inside.”

Being spoken so openly by You Xuanyao made Tian Mi suddenly feel a little embarrassed. It had been a long time since he had talked about the first intimate place he had met.

Tian Mi suddenly couldn’t laugh. The place where she and You Xuanyao used to be was their first intimate place. Wouldn’t the place where You Xuanyao and Su Jing used to be their first intimate place?

“Well, the place where you and Su Jing first met, could it be the same place she mentioned?”

“What was that first time?”

Tian Mi was originally unhappy, but she didn’t want You Xuanyao to ask back. Her heart was even more awkward. You Xuanyao must have done it on purpose!

“It’s fine now.”

Tian Mi stood up and sat on the sofa, not preparing to continue eating.

‘”Are you jealous, silly girl? I said it’s all in the past. Besides, there’s nothing to remember about our place. How about we go back to the private clubhouse to celebrate after meeting her this afternoon?”

“There’s nothing worth remembering. What is that place?”

Tian Mi didn’t expect that she would ask further. Wasn’t this just adding to her obstruction? Tian Mi felt a little regretful when she said it, but since she had said it all, she would listen to You Xuanyao ‘s words.

“At that time, I was nervous about my studies. I had just taken over Yue Kai, so I didn’t have time to date. Even if we met, we were all in Yue Kai’s staff canteen. I would meet you when I had the time to do anything.”

Regardless of whether what You Xuanyao said was true or false, Tian Mi felt quite satisfied after hearing it. Alright, let’s end this topic here. Tian Mi is not a woman who doesn’t know what’s good for her. If you continue, You Xuanyao will definitely be unhappy.

Wait, what did You Xuanyao say just now, that the two of them were dating in Yue Kai’s staff cafeteria?

“Employee canteen? Did you just say employee canteen?”

Being asked by Tian Mi, You Xuanyao also reflected that at that time, the place where the two of them dated the most was Yue Kai’s staff canteen. Wasn’t that the old place referring to the staff canteen?

The incident where the restaurant manager drugged Tian Mi a few days ago also came from the staff canteen. It seemed that the staff canteen was really a troublesome place.

“Yes, it should be the staff canteen. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have thought of this place.”

You Xuanyao highly praised Tian Mi’s contribution to this matter. If it wasn’t for Tian Mi sacrificing herself, for example, how could You Xuanyao think of the staff canteen and make his little girl angry?

You Xuanyao lowered her head and kissed Tian Mi’s lips, placing her on the sofa.

“We have to go to work. We still have serious matters to attend to today.”

“There’s no problem going later.”

“Seven times this week, you’ve already exceeded the standard.”

“Then change it to twenty times. This way, there is no way to exceed the standard.”

“Are you planning to add another one to our old place?”

“No, how can one be enough? I want the corner of M City to become our old place …”

As a result, breakfast turned into lunch. Tian Mi had casually eaten two mouthfuls and followed You Xuanyao to Yuekai. She even specially dressed up when she went out.

Tian Mi was the kind of girl who didn’t dress up and looked like a little sister who hadn’t graduated from her neighbourhood. More than half of her appearance was enough to topple all living beings. In any case, she had fascinated You Xuanyao to the point of being infatuated.

You Xuanyao couldn’t help but hug Tian Mi’s waist when she saw her. Tian Mi hurriedly pushed him away. This person didn’t know how tired he was after exercising all morning!

You Xuanyao looked at Tian Mi happily in his heart. His little woman was really a beauty. Normally, she didn’t feel that as long as she was decorated with a little decoration, it would immediately be different.

Sure enough, she went to see her man’s ex-girlfriend. This person’s condition was different. Tian Mi was now like a warrior full of energy.

You Xuanyao and Tian Mi had been waiting for Su Jing to appear in the staff canteen. Tian Mi was a little nervous. After all, this was the first time she had seen Su Jing as a real person, and she had appeared as a woman from You Xuanyao.

At three o’clock, Su Jing did not appear again. After another half an hour, Su Jing still did not appear.

You Xuanyao even began to suspect that Wang Yaoyao had lied to him. She didn’t even invite Su Jing, so she said that she would go to the same place to perfunctory him. After that, she could definitely say that You Xuanyao had gone to the wrong place.

Just as You Xuanyao was about to leave with Tian Mi, You Xuanyao ‘s phone suddenly started vibrating. He picked it up and saw that it was an unfamiliar number. After a few seconds of hesitation, You Xuanyao slipped the answer button.

“Who are you?”

‘”It’s me. Su Jing, I saw you. Thank you for remembering our old place. But I won’t let you meet today. I told Wang Yaoyao to meet you, not your current woman. Let’s make another appointment. I hope you can come alone.”

“If you’re still here, hurry up and come out. I won’t see you alone. I also want to tell you that this is my current woman. She will always be by my side.”

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