Black Iron’s Glory

Chapter 591 - Guzheng Song (1)

Chapter 591 – Guzheng Song (1) At that moment, many people wanted to cheer and celebrate but as they were still afraid, they forced themselves to keep quiet.

However, they would never forget what they saw for the rest of their lives. They could barely suppress their emotions!

After this, the entire mainland would be shocked by this incident!

Ye Lang, who had caused this, had already left the city with Li Yue on the lion. They had already sprinted off during the explosions. That was because he believed that the explosions would destroy his tunnel too or affect him. It was best to leave as early as possible.

However, in the end, Ye Lang and Li Yue were still held up.

“Li Yue, which way?” shouted Ye Lang.

“What? What did you say?” Li Yue could not hear after the explosions temporarily affected her hearing.

Although the explosions did not injure them, the sounds had echoed across the tunnels and it was unbearable. Fortunately, Ye Lang could seal his hearing and at the same time block some of her meridians to prevent damage in her ears.

“Whatever! We’ll just go ahead. I’ll take a nap…” Ye Lang patted the lion while sprinting in a direction and he slept, leaning against Li Yue.

It was impossible to say he had slept enough last night. Right now, he had to pay his sleep debt!

“…” Li Yue had no choice but to sleep too. The lion could travel on its own and had enough rest last night.

A long time had passed. The sun was almost directly above them when the lion stopped. This woke them up.

“Lion, what are you doing? Oh, it’s noon. Time for lunch…” Ye Lang opened his eyes to see the sun in the middle of the sky.

“…Ye Lang, there’s trouble!” Li Yue looked up towards the side.

“What?” Ye Lang asked, confused.

“Are you even awake? Look around!” Li Yue smacked him to wake him up. At this point, her hearing was a little better but not fully healed.

“What? It’s just a lot of people… Hello? What are you all doing here?” Ye Lang looked around to see a lot of people about five hundred meters away. Everyone was walking towards them.

The clothes they wore and the flags they flew all pointed to one answer— they were the Tanlang Military group. Looks like they were once again surrounded.

Ye Lang had not noticed this, he waved at them.

“Stupid! They’re the Tanlang group, we meet them again… There are at least a hundred thousand people here. If we can, we should run now!” Li Yue knew he hadn’t understood this so she had to explain.

“Fuck! That’s annoying, how were we surrounded again?” Ye Lang cursed.

“I believe they saw your lion and then started to slowly surround us. I couldn’t hear much so I didn’t even know they were here,” guessed Li Yue.

It was true. Ye Lang’s ride was too flashy and it was identified by the Tanlang group.

Just to avoid suspicion, they had secretly surrounded them. Under regular circumstances, both of them would’ve noticed already.

However, they were asleep and Li Yue had a hearing problem. The worst thing was that the lion was probably hungry and tired after the run so it was a little slow.

Everything added together resulted in their current situation. Ye Lang and Li Yue were now surrounded by more than a hundred thousand people.

Li Yue and Ye Lang were cursing their luck for offending the main powers of the military group. In just such a short period of time, they met half of the military group.

“Lion, miss, sir. You must be the Sorceress, Li Yue.” A deep, confident voice rang. Ye Lang and Li Yue looked in his direction to see a middle-aged man who looked like Moya.

Was this Moya’s father, the legendary Moji?

Li Yue and Ye Lang looked at each other and shook their heads. “No!”

“If you aren’t, why are you riding a lion? Only the Sorceress and her brother have a red lion,” said the man. He couldn’t believe these two were denying it.

“No, we just admire the old Sorceress a lot…” said Ye Lang. Li Yue pinched him when he said ‘old’.

“Cough, cough. I admire her a lot so we decided to dye our own lion red!”

“You dyed your lion red? You think I’m a child?” the man said coldly.

“I don’t think you’re a child!” Ye Lang quickly shook his head. That was fine but he then said something very dumb…

“I just hoped you were a little stupid, stupid enough to believe me!”

Was this kid mocking our boss?

Everyone was sure he was mocking their boss.

These two really were the legendary Sorceress and her brother. Ye Lang’s words confirmed this.

“You’re stupid!” Li Yue shook her head, exasperated.

“How did you both escape? Weren’t you both trapped in the Moon Hotel just now?”

“Oh, I dug a tunnel and we escaped. I even blew up the rest of you people…” Ye Lang said.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid…” Li Yue couldn’t stop him in time. Now they definitely couldn’t run. This army of hundred thousand was going to squash them.

That was because Ye Lang had mentioned something he shouldn’t have said– the bombs.

“Blew who up?” the man said coldly.

“We blew Moya up… Ah, Li Yue, what are you doing?” Ye Lang was still talking.

“Don’t say that—” Li Yue shouted but it was no use. “Whatever, looks like we’ll have to fight for our lives now. It’s a flat terrain here. Us and a hundred thousand soldiers. We’re going to die…”

“Why are you scared? You have me…” Ye Lang said nonchalantly.

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