Black Iron’s Glory

Chapter 592: Guzheng Song (2)

Chapter 592: Guzheng Song (2)

“Oh, right. Use all the alchemy weapons, items, whatever you have. If you don’t, you’ll never get the chance ever again.” Li Yue suddenly remembered he was an alchemist, plus a prodigal alchemist too. He had many weapons with him.

“They’re useless. I just blew up tens of thousands of people just now. That used up all of my alchemy bombs and crystals. What I have left is not enough,” said Ye Lang.


“Moya… Tens of thousands…” the middle-aged man muttered to himself, his face turning darker.

“You two killed two of my sons, and killed so many of my men! You will die for this!” he bellowed.

“Sons? Oh, so you’re Moya’s father, Moji! Could you all not say that? You can’t blame us for that. You guys just keep coming after us for no reason,” said Ye Lang calmly. And because he was calm, Li Yue wasn’t anxious either.

What’s the use of anxiety now? The result would still be the same. Might as well fight alongside each other. They would die together too. At least there was company.

“For no reason…” Moji was about to say something when there was a report from his soldier. They had received news that there were survivors at Moon Hotel.

Moji seemed to heave a sigh of relief. This was probably good news. However, after a moment, his face darkened again.

“So you’re Grand Marshal Li’s granddaughter, Miss Li Yue. And the Ye family’s thirteenth prince. What’s all this? Why are you both causing so much trouble here?”

Both their identities were slightly more sensitive now, especially Li Yue. Ye Lang wasn’t a huge problem since he had no relations with Soaring Sky. However, Li Yue was Grand Marshal Li’s granddaughter and Grand Marshal Li had never been happy with the Tanlang Military Group. Many times he wanted to initiate reform in this organisation.

At the same time, Moji also knew Zhao Yarou didn’t like him. Given the opportunity, she would kill off the Tanlang group too.

That was why Li Yue’s presence made Moji suspicious. Maybe they were here on purpose to trigger chaos. Then the Li family and Zhao Yarou would swoop in to clean up the mess.

“Like what Ye Lang said, you all keep coming for no reason. We’re just passing by, we’re not doing anything,” said Li Yue calmly.

“If you’re passing by, why here? You know this is the centre of the Tanlang’s territory,” scoffed Moji. To him, Li Yue was blatantly lying to his face.

There was a pause. “That is just a coincidence, we’re just heading northwest!” It really was a coincidence, they didn’t think of this.

“I’m afraid I don’t believe you! Where are you going then?” Moji asked coldly.

“We don’t have to tell you that. All you have to know is that we are just passing and we don’t want all this. Alright, just open up a path and we’ll prove to you we’re just passing,” Ye Lang interrupted. He did not want to tell them because that would just invite unnecessary trouble.

“Prove? That’s a joke. Your proof would just be us letting you go. Do you think we would do that?” Moji let out a guffaw. He mocked Ye Lang for treating him like a child, lying to him like that.

He didn’t know that Ye Lang was telling the truth. He was the joke!

“I don’t think so but for your own good, I suggest that you don’t make me fight you. Or you’ll die a very painful death!” said Ye Lang flatly.

“Hahaha… I’m so scared! Look, more than ten thousand of us are afraid, we’re afraid of two people!”

“Hahaha…” The Tanlang soldiers laughed too. As if it was the funniest joke on earth to them.

Ten thousand against two people. And the two people were threatening them, saying they would die a painful death. It was a joke.

Even if they had just blown up eighty thousand people, that was due to a mistake. Here in the plains, Ye Lang could not do anything.

“Hahaha…” Ye Lang laughed louder than everyone else.

“Ye Lang, what are you laughing about…” Li Yue asked.

“They’re laughing, so I’m laughing. I have to laugh louder than them to look stronger. Hahaha…” Ye Lang answered and then laughed again.


“What the hell are you laughing at?!” Moji was drowned out by Ye Lang’s voice so he was very annoyed.

When he stopped, everyone in the army stopped too!

“I’m laughing at whatever you’re laughing at! Hahaha…” Ye Lang laughed even more, as if to say, my laugh will also be longer than yours.

“I’m laughing because you’re stupid and you’re naive!” Moji said coldly.

“I’m also laughing because you’re stupid and you’re naive!” Ye Lang threw the words back at Moji.

“You…” Moji was too angry to function.

“Pfft….” Li Yue was secretly laughing too. Arguing with this idiot was a dead end, he could give anyone a heart attack just with a conversation…

“Let’s not waste any time! Everyone, charge! I will have a handsome reward for anyone who can kill the kid!” Moji did not want to talk anymore. This time, he was straightforward.

“Wait!” Ye Lang yelled.

“What?” Moji and everyone else paused.

“Are you really going to force me into this?” Ye Lang asked mildly. His two hands were behind his back. He looked arrogant.

“…” Li Yue wanted to laugh again because she knew he was faking it.

“I am forcing you into it! What can you do? Kill us?” Moji scoffed.

“You’re sure?” Ye Lang asked again.

“I’m sure!” Moji cocked an eyebrow.

“You’re sure?” he asked another time.

“I’m sure!” The vein in Moji’s forehead bulged.

“Then I have no choice!” Ye Lang yelled as if he was exasperated. Like he didn’t want to do it but had no choice. Google search 𝗳𝔯𝒆e𝘸𝗲𝗯𝓷𝗼𝘃𝘦l. 𝒄o𝓂

“Yep. Let’s not waste any more time. Everyone, attack!!” roared Moji. He was very annoyed by now. The kid was very good at acting.

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