Bu Sha

Volume 1, Chapter 4 : Liola is a Dragon Knight?

Volume 1, Chapter 4 : Liola is a Dragon Knight?

“Heh, I ran into a person from another dimension in the morning, and then an X-ranked criminal forced us to go study at Aklan Academy.

Before noon we’ve already offended the son of the Commerce Alliance’s leader. The next day, without taking a sip of afternoon tea, we’ve also provoked the Dragon Empire, and now we even have a baby Dragon who does nothing but eat.”

Kaiser thought about what had transpired in these past few days:

“I say, Liola, there are only three countries in the world, and you’ve already offended two.

Looks like you’re running out of places to hide.”

“If I remember correctly, you caused every single one of those things.”

Liola refuted coldly:

“You wanted to catch Mizerui, you wanted me to teach Jetter a lesson, finally, you shot the Dragon to draw it away from those people.”

“Well, that is true, but you seem to have the potential to make everything a big deal.”

Kaiser was amazed, perhaps him and Liola were on the bottom of the list of people who are fated to be together?

One draws troubles, and the other make the troubles worse; it’s only the second day and they’ve already destroyed a dorm, a Mecha, and defeated a Dragon. The days ahead are… worrisome.

“Oh no, Kaiser, Liola-dage!” Purity screamed while running into the room.

“What’s wrong? What’s worse than sitting in a half-destroyed dorm staring at a Dragon-turned-baby?”

Kaiser leaned against the table, staring at the pink-eyed child on the table. The child seemed to be curious about Kaiser, and he always stared at him with his big eyes.

“The School of Knights i-is giving Silver Mask a final warning, if he doesn’t hand over the Sacred White Dragon, they will issue a kill-on-sight order on him, and search every last corner.” Purity turned pale.

“Sacred White Dragon?”

Staring at the child in front of him, whose stare had made him cross-eyed, it was hard for him to think of the child as a Sacred White Dragon.

“Then hand him back.” Liola said dispassionately.

“I do want to. But I’ve been thinking, which is worse? Not handing over the Dragon, or handing over the Dragon, only to have them find that the Dragon has already chosen a master?”

Liola was quiet as well. If the Dragon had already picked a master, then it would be useless to them, so wouldn’t it be the same either way?

What to do? All three thought about the problem in their hearts.

“I-I used to read in the book…” Purity said with some uncertainty:

“Dragon Knights are very moral, gracious people, and they respect Dragons. If they know that the Dragon has picked a master, they would be happy for that Dragon…”

Under Kaiser’s scornful gaze, Purity’s voice grew quieter as she spoke, until even she didn’t believe her words were possible.

After all, the Dragon Empire was very strict about Dragons. Everyone in the world knew that. There was a story about a Dragon egg being stolen from the Empire via the sea.

They were so angry, they butchered thousands of passengers on the ship, and when the egg was not found, they sank the ship. So even if they couldn’t get it back, they would never let anyone leave with it.

“Then I guess I have to do something I really don’t want to!” Veins started popping out of Kaiser’s forehead.

“Something Kaiser-dage doesn’t want to do?” Purity was surprised, and guessed, “Could it be running away?”

“No, running away from Aklan Academy means we would be chased by Mizerui. Compared to him, I think the School of Knights is easier to deal with.”

Liola said lightly, and a murderous intent flashed from his eyes: “You want to silence them?”

“F— you, you’re even more unrealistic than Purity.” Kaiser mercilessly rebuked:

“To quell this, are you going to kill the entire School of Knights? And if you do that, the other two schools will definitely react, so in the end are you going to kill everyone in Aklan Academy?”

“Well, it’s not like I haven’t done that…” Liola opened his mouth, and made the other two felt felt the hair on the back of their necks sticking up.

“No! Neither are what I’m want to do.” Kaiser ceremoniously denied.

Liola and Purity stared at Kaiser, as if they were asking, “So what the hell do you want to do?”

Kaiser held his hand into a fist, and with a serious his face, he said:

“Well, since we can’t offend Mizerui nor the School of Knights, then… Mizerui-dage, where are you? Help! If you don’t come out soon, we will get killed. If we get killed, then you letting us go would have meant nothing! Mizerui-dage, come out and help us!”

Kaiser screamed and yelled, while pulling his hair and pounded loudly on the wall. If anyone saw him, they would probably think he was possessed.

“So he’s calling for reinforcements…”

Liola said disapprovingly: “I don’t think Mizerui would care about this.”

“Okay okay, didn’t dage come after all?” Mizerui’s outline really appeared on top of the table.

He sat cross-legged on the table while holding the pink-eyed child, playing with it. The big-eyed child was so scared, he ran off into the arms of his ‘papa’ without even looking back at Mizerui.

“Damn! You really came…” Kaiser’s jaws dropped as he looked at Mizerui.

“Hey, were you not the one who called me here?” Mizerui said with an aggravated expression.

“Well…” Kaiser only called for him jokingly, and it was done out of desperation. Who knew that this guy really had nothing to do, and came as soon as called upon!

“Ah, whatever. Now that you’re here, help us with these huge problem!”

“This problem isn’t going to be easy.” Mizerui shook his head and sighed,

“You two really are the epitome of ‘trouble-makers’. But luckily, you were clever, coming up with the Silver Mask.”

“I’ve already spoken with the principal, and he will help you suppress this. But, in the future, don’t let Silver Mask come out again, otherwise the School of Knights will create trouble again.”

“Mi-Mizerui-dage…” Kaiser was so grateful, that it looked like he was about to kiss Mizerui’s feet.

“Don’t thank me yet,” Mizerui smiled gently, but Kaiser already knew that this wasn’t the end. It wasn’t going to end simply like this.

“Go thank the Aklan Academy principal. You really owe him one so you should repay him.” As Mizerui said this, he disappeared again.

“He does this every time, and never finishes saying his thoughts. What the hell does that principal want with us?” Kaiser mumbled.

Liola frowned. This feeling… There was an evil scheme in progress, and it was making him unhappy… But under the premise of not killing a person, it was not going to be easy beating Mizerui, especially when he wasn’t familiar with Mizerui’s power of sorcery.

“Hmm.” Purity showed a worried expression.

“What’s up, boss?”

Purity raised her head and said: “Do you guys want to go to the eighth period? If we go now, we can still make it.”

Kaiser scratched his already messed up head: “Every time we go to class, it seems like something bad happens.”

“We still have to go.” Liola said firmly: “We’ll go to the principal directly, to ask him how we have to repay him.”

“What about the pink-eyed child?” Purity asked; but then everyone suddenly realized, the Dragon baby was gone… Even an idiot would know, Mizerui was the one who took him.

“Hey, Liola, your child was abducted.” Kaiser elbowed the father next to him.

“Ignore him.”

“What a heartless father, you don’t even care about your precious daughter.”

“B-but… I peeked a while ago; the pink-eyed child doesn’t have something that girls should have…”

“What? Holy sh*t, Liola, your son doesn’t have a penis!”


* * *

Mizerui’s appearance started as a light outline, and slowly became denser, until finally, he materialized.

However unlike his usual carefree appearance, Mizerui was busy comforting the crying baby Dragon child in his hand, and sometimes having to rescue his own hair and face from the child.

“Aiya, Mizerui, why did you make a little child cry?” Barbalis smiled while serving tea to Mizerui, and made fun of his good friend’s rare misfortune.

Mizerui laughed bitterly: “I didn’t make him cry. When I wanted to take this child, he tried desperately to get back to Liola, but instead Liola glanced at him coldly. And this is the result.”

“Looks like that guy is definitely strong, but he isn’t a good father.” Barbalis stroke his long beard, “Hmm, I guess, it wasn’t a good idea to give him the Sacred White Dragon.”

Mizerui snapped when he heard: “The Dragon already picked him. So even if it wasn’t a good idea there’s nothing we can do now.”

“But the Dragon Empire’s Princess is rather unhappy! This was her Dragon after all.”

“So I’ve heard. But even after having the Dragon caged for years, she still couldn’t obtain the Dragon’s approval. That little girl is clearly incompetent, and they should’ve let someone else try a long time ago.” Mizerui showed an unhappy face.

Barbalis couldn’t help but smile: “Looks like you’ve been dissatisfied about the Dragon Empire imprisoning the Sacred White Dragon, for a long time. After all, you have ties to the Dragons.”

Mizerui glanced at Barbalis, looked at the crying child in his arms, and patiently explained to the child:

“I didn’t mean to steal you away from Liola. It’s just that we have problems to solve first, you are the, after all, Sacred White Dragon, and you mean a lot to the Dragon Empire.

If you don’t wish to trouble Liola, then you must first meet with the Dragon Empire’s Princess, and explain to her that you’ve already chosen your master. Do you understand? Little White Dragon.”

Dragon child seemed to have understood, and nodded unwillingly. It stopped crying, but still murmured: “papa…”

“Why would such a dignified, Sacred White Dragon treat Liola as its father? This is difficult for me to comprehend. Ordinarily, the Sacred White Dragon is the most prideful amongst all Dragons.” Barbalis sighed.

“Perhaps…” Mizerui’s expression suddenly became strange: “This might have something to do with its father, the Black Dragon. In some ways, Liola does have a very dark side.”

“So that’s why… But, those two lads certainly didn’t disappoint us two elders. They are interesting, perhaps too interesting. We even had to intervene in their problems ourselves.”

Barbalis shook his head. Why did it seem like they were the ones being played?

“It’s a game, and if you’re not involved, how is it fun?” Mizerui showed an evil smile: “But I believe that you, Barbalis, will make sure that our efforts are worthwhile.”

Barbalis also showed an enigmatic smile: “Of course.”

At this time, they both suddenly showed a thoughtful expression. Mizerui tossed the Dragon child into Barbalis’ arms, and watched him fumbling with the child.

Mizerui smiled as if he were happy that Barbalis was there to help, and slowly started fading as he said:

“I’ll take my leave first, Barbalis, I don’t want to deal with the spoiled Dragon Empire Princess.”

“This guy…” Barbalis sighed, and he felt the presence of the Dragon Empire Princess outside his door. All he could do, while preparing to negotiate with the empire’s Princess, was straighten up his looks.

Barbalis thought: “This isn’t an easy job; later on, I will definitely have to ‘teach’ those two trouble-makers a lesson.”

“Little White Dragon, hurry and change back into your Dragon form.” Barbalis looked down, and saw that the pouting child in his arms was clearly not going to cooperate.

As expected, the white Dragons are a prideful race. Nowadays, humans aren’t even on the same level as Dragons.

Barbalis sighed: “Little White Dragon, if you want to return to your father, you can’t let the Princess see you in your human form, do you understand?”

Upon hearing “father”, the little child pouted and unwillingly started to change.

Starting from a cute, human child, its body was slowly covered by white scale, his fingers turned into claws, and his circular face also slowly grew longer to become a Dragon’s face.

Finally, a little white Dragon of about one meter long sat leisurely on the table.

There was a knock from outside. Although the Princess was extremely upset, the lessons in etiquette from her childhood had not been in vain. The knocking was unhurried, and no one could feel the anger of the person knocking, which, incidentally, had almost reached its limit.

“Please come in.” Barbalis secretly admired this little girl’s ability to keep calm.

The door opened gently, and the majestic figure of the girl outside stepped into the principal’s large office.

‘The Dragon Empire’s prideful Princess, Lanski?’ Upon seeing her Royal Highness’s unparalleled beauty, and her famous creamy, golden, long hair, Barbalis was in awe. She was indeed worthy of being called the Dragon Empire’s beautiful Princess.

As she walked in, her voice arrived before she did: “Principal, Sir, if you do not give us an explanation, I’m afraid that the Dragon Empire will not let this pass.”

Despite her perfect manners, Lanski still carried a forcefulness in her voice, and her mesmerizing eyebrows were standing up. After all, what happened had greatly affected her, and pressure from the royal family had almost made her explode and swear.

After Lanski had calmed down and looked, there was a Sacred White Dragon sitting on the table.

The fact that the Sacred White Dragon was found made Lanski sigh in relief: “Sacred white Dragon! Thank you for finding the white Dragon for me, Principal, Sir.”

Barbalis laughed bitterly: “I’m afraid you will have to withdraw your thanks in just a moment.”

Lanski, who was in a hurry to bring the Sacred White Dragon back, ignored Barbalis’ mutterings.

“Sacred white Dragon, please return with me.”

Facing a prideful Sacred White Dragon, even Lanski didn’t want to be disrespectful; she walked up to it and softly asked.

Little white Dragon turned its head in disgust, and neglected the Princess’s gentle request.

Lanski frowned slightly, even though the Sacred White Dragon had never liked her much, at the very least it never displayed such open disgust.

What was going on… Wait, Lanski sudden realized that, on the Sacred White Dragon’s forehead, there was a scale missing. That was the center scale, and it was replaced with a blood-red oval mark.

Lanski couldn’t believe what she saw. As the Dragon Empire’s Princess, she was very familiar with what this meant. In addition to how the Sacred White Dragon rejected her approach, this explained everything: the Sacred White Dragon has chosen its master!

The Sacred White Dragon chose its master, and its master was not her. This struck Lanski as if her boyfriend of many years was suddenly getting married, and the bride was someone else. Lanski felt her heart broken into pieces, and murmured while trembling:

“Why? I have been your companion for many years, and you still refused to recognize me as your Master. Yet, you’ve left me for less than a day, and you’ve already chosen another? In the end, what was the point of my many years of hard work?”

“Well, everything happened according to its destiny!” Barbalis shook his head.

Lanski’s beautiful clear blue eyes were filled with resentment. She asked bitterly: “Who? Who has the Sacred White Dragon chosen as its Master?”

Barbalis’ heart sank, but did not answer directly: “Princess, since the Sacred White Dragon had chosen its Master, the only thing you can do now is display your chivalrous spirit, and wish him well.”

Lanski’s beautiful face appeared to be struggling and unwilling. With that said, she had always been prideful of being the future master of the Sacred White Dragon.

Ever since she was a child, she had always loved the Sacred White Dragon, and personally prepared its food. Suddenly, her ambition had been in vain.

Even though she was brought up to accept the situation and be chivalrous, she could not easily let go.

“That man… Who is he? Is he the man who wore a mask that day?” Lanski forced herself to calm down. As a dignified Princess, she could not let her emotions get out of control.

Barbalis did not know if he should say anything, so he nodded.

But to his relief, the two guys were not stupid. Fortunately, they created a Silver Mask persona. Otherwise, he was afraid that as soon as the Empire’s Princess hears Liola’s name, she’d take her sword and destroy the remaining half of the School of Sorcery’s dorm…

Hmm, come to think of it, he still had to find a place for his few remaining students. It’s a real pain, but what if…

“I want to see him.” Lanski requested without hesitating.

“Uh…” Barbalis revealed an embarrassed expression.

Though Lanski said first: “Even if I have to give up the Sacred White Dragon, I must see its master, and test him to see if he is qualified to be a Dragon Knight; otherwise, how would I be able to explain this to my Father, the Emperor?”

Although Lanski said that, her true motive was to have a duel with the Silver Mask, otherwise she would never be satisfied.

Heh, a test really wasn’t necessary; Liola was definitely not a qualified Dragon Knight. Although that’s what Barbalis thought, he still said, with his head held high:

“There will be someone who will explain this to the Dragon Emperor, your Highness does not need to worry about that. As for your meeting with Silver Mask, well…”

Although she doubted anyone could possibly calm her Father’s anger upon hearing the news that the Sacred White Dragon had chosen another master, it was not something Lanski worried about at the moment.

She wanted to have a duel with the Silver Mask at any cost, and this determination was shown on her face.

Barbalis knew that if he didn’t let Lanski see the Silver Mask, then he, as a principal, would see no end to his problems.

Barbalis was helplessly forced to say. “Tomorrow afternoon at 1 o’clock, on the 20th sports field.”

Lanski receiving the appointment, raised her right arm across her chest, and performed a standard Knight’s salute. She then turned around and exited the principal’s office.

Barbalis was suddenly worried, how could he make a cold Assassin willing to have a duel with a lady, without killing her?

* * *

Finally they’ve arrived at the sports field, for the last lesson of the day, but…

“The principal has just announced, the last class had been canceled.” Someone who wore the same gray robes as them said to the three late students with good intentions.

“No wonder it was peaceful on the way here.” Kaiser’s shoulders dropped: “We’re destined not to have any classes today.”

“Kaiser, don’t be discouraged. As long as we are persistent, we will definitely be able to go to class.” Purity earnestly encouraged Kaiser.

Kaiser scratched his head. Well, it didn’t really matter even if they’re not persistent. He wasn’t eager to the point of wanting to go to class. He only came because he was afraid of being expelled for skipping class, and Kaiser was not mentally prepared to go against Mizerui.

Liola thought it was a pity that he wouldn’t be able to understand the power of modern Sorcery. Still, Liola began to doubt his own heart. He had been wanting to ask more questions today than he had in the past twenty five years.

But this is something good, right? At least Liola felt more like a normal person, just as Anise wished upon him. Realizing this, Liola blurted out his question.

“Why didn’t the School of Sorcery flourish?” According to his thoughts, Mizerui was a Sorcerer, and he was so strong, there’s no reason for the School of Sorcery to be in ruins.

“Hmm, Liola-dage doesn’t know?” Purity showed a strange expression.

Because Sorcery had been in decline for many years, and it had been a trend throughout the world, so it was strange for Liola not to know.

“This guy came from another world, and he just arrived in this world today.” Kaiser explained on behalf of Liola.

Purity was surprised, but not too much. After all, the space around this world wasn’t too stable. Every two, three years, there will be a few new outsiders. Purity then started to explain this world to Liola.

“A long time ago, Sorcerers were also called Magicians, and they were mainly people who can control magical elements. But to those who didn’t understand, Magicians appeared to be people with strange powers, and then they were all called Sorcerers.”

“But as technology advanced, Sorcery declined.” Purity showed a regretful expression.

Liola felt that, if he asked Kaiser a question, Kaiser would answer casually without thinking about it seriously, and then Liola wouldn’t understand. But whenever he asked Purity a question, she would answer seriously, but her answer was always off the point…

Kaiser clearly couldn’t stand it, and started talking:

“Sorcerers can use elemental magic to make Fireballs, Ice bolts, etc, to attack the enemy.

This used to be something powerful, but now technology has overtaken it. You have already seen that the Mechas’ gun barrels could do a whole lot more damage than most magic.

Healing magic also used to be very desirable, but nowadays, it’s better to go to the hospital than to find a healing magician. Stay in the healing Maxun for a day, and whatever wounds you had would be healed.”

Finally, Kaiser added:

“You’d feel pretty bad if you were to spend a lifetime learning Sorcery, only to realize that different Maxuns could perform better than your magic, which you could’ve only gotten after you’ve spent all your time making that money.”

“Maxun?” Liola asked lightly, but he was thinking, that Kaiser’s last sentence seemed to be carrying some sadness.

“Just a name for all the products of technology. Mechas are also just a more complex Maxun.” Kaiser shrugged and explained.

Liola was still somewhat confused: “Mizerui is strong, and far stronger than Mechas.”

Kaiser answered in disdain: “How many Mizeruis do you think there are in the world?”

“Besides Mizerui, there is still me!” A geezer who had been eavesdropping jumped out and said; as a Sorcerer, he did consider himself to be powerful.

“What are you?” Getting used to Mizerui’s sudden appearance, Kaiser was no longer surprised by the geezer, but this guy seemed to be… “Ah, you’re the geezer who took our applications!”

The old guy facepalmed, and coughed: “I’m not a geezer…”

“Not a geezer?” Kaiser asked coldly: “Don’t tell me, you’re twenty five this year.”

“That’s not what I mean. I’m saying I’m no ordinary geezer.” He added.

“Then what are you? Super geezer?” Kaiser pouted.

But Purity, who had been standing beside him, turned pale. Because the guy in front of her wasn’t just an ordinary guy, but rather, the most powerful person in Aklan Academy.

“Cough, cough, listen up.” The geezer coughed again, and said proudly:

“I am the Aklan Academy principal, Barbalis, and I am also the only teacher in the School of Sorcery. Furthermore, I am one of the two top Sorcerers in Aklan Empire.”

Kaiser was stunned. This geezer who looked like a worker was actually the principal? And his only teacher? Uh… Kaiser suddenly showed admiration, and said with praise:

“So you’re Mr. Principal. No wonder I saw an extraordinary aura with you, as if you have hidden a gosu’s talent. I was even wondering which gosu you were, and it turned out that you’re the most famous, Aklan Academy principal, Mr. Barbalis! Nice to finally meet you.”

“Hahaha, this lad sure knows what’s good.” Hearing such flattering words, Barbalis laughed wildly.

As expected, when all else fails, use flattery. Kaiser had an evil laugh in his heart, while keeping the same fake smile plastered across his face.

“Mr Principal, wasn’t the last class canceled? W-why are you here?” Purity asked while trembling, for she was the person among the three of them who was aware of how terrifying the principal was.

“Oh, oh.” After Purity had reminded him, Barbalis finally remembered why he was here, and hurriedly stated the purpose of his visit:

“I’m here to tell Silver Mask, tomorrow afternoon at one o’clock sharp, go to the 20th sports field, for your entrance exam!”

What? Anyone who had heard this would have been suspicious. They said there would be no entrance exam, and now there suddenly was one.

What’s even more strange was that Liola was the only one being tested, but not Kaiser; not to mention it was specifically calling for Silver Mask. This made them very suspicious.

“What’s the test?” Kaiser asked curiously.

“Beat a Dragon Knight, but without seriously hurting or killing them.” Barbalis said proudly; this was something he finally came up with after hours of thinking — a good reason for Liola to duel with Lanski.

“So it’s the problem about the pink-eyed child.” Kaiser dawned on the truth.

“I decline.” Liola said without hesitation.

Barbalis stroke his beard and asked:

“Why? With your abilities, it shouldn’t be hard for you to beat her. As long as you beat her, you can obtain a Dragon, and the Dragon Empire would stop their investigation into this.”

Barbalis took out the pink-eyed child from behind his back, and placed him in front of Liola: “Look, what a cute child! Are you going to abandon him?”

As soon as the pink-eyed child saw his dad, he struggled out of Barbalis’ grasp, and ran towards Liola while yelling: “Pa, papapa…”

“I don’t want that Dragon.” Liola firmly declined.

Even though the child was already glued to his back, he really didn’t want a child who yells all day calling him “papa”, there was nothing that could possibly be more troublesome.

Barbalis’ face sank. Although he already heard Mizerui describing Liola’s cold personality, this was far too heartless. What a cold-blooded assassin, who could even firmly say no to such a cute child.

Barbalis had no choice but play his trump card: “Looks like I’ll have to expel you. Either pit your lives against Mizerui, or defeat a mere Dragon Knight, your choice. Tomorrow afternoon, 1 o’clock in the afternoon, 20th sports field.”

Before he left, he pounded yet another nail into the coffin. Barbalis said, “Kaiser, your fate lies with Liola. If he’s expelled, so are you.”

What! Kaiser was alarmed, and quickly said:

“That’s unfair! How could you punish me with him? This method was only used in ancient times. Principal, please be more modern. One has to be responsible for only one’s actions.”

Barbalis grunted, ignoring Kaiser’s begging, turned around and left, leaving Kaiser with Barbalis’ problem of how to convince Liola to duel with a Dragon Knight.

After thinking about it for a long while, Kaiser faced Liola with a sad look, and started bargaining with him:

“Liola, please go fight the Dragon Knight. I promise that I will answer all your questions seriously from now on.”

“Really?” Liola thought about it.

Kaiser seemed to know a lot of things, and if he could answer his questions honestly, then it would be a fair deal. After all, he hadn’t figured out a good way against Mizerui’s “Failed Lecture”.

“Really, and to show my sincerity, let me tell you the strengths of the Dragon Knights.” Kaiser cleared his throat purposely, and began to show his sincerity.

“Dragon Knights, like their name suggests, ride on Dragons. The combination of a Dragon Knight and Dragon, is the symbol of being powerful.

Not only do they have air superiority, the intelligence of Dragons is far higher than that of a Mecha. Thus, the difference in level of dexterity between Mechas and Dragons is similar to the difference of climbing abilities between humans and monkeys.”

“Under normal circumstances, a mounted Dragon Knight is comparable with a rank-A mecha.

Okay, Liola, I know you don’t know how strong Mechas are, so here’s some more freebies.

Mechas are divided into ranks A through D, but of course there are exceptions, and the three leaders of the Commerce Alliance each has a rank-X mecha. I think you already know what rank-X means? As in, the rank Mizerui carries.

Even though most Dragon Knights can’t match a rank-X Mecha, rank-A Mechas are already frightening. Not only are they powerful, the price is damn astronomically high. Astronomical is an adjective, don’t ask me what it means.”

“Though I don’t know what it means, I heard that Dragon Knights could use Dragon magic, and I heard it’s really strong. That’s why even when Mechas run around with their biggest guns, they still won’t be easily defeated.”

After saying all that, even the talkative Kaiser was tired, so he had to stop to take a breath, before he could continue his “sincerity”:

“Liola, you have to be careful. Even without their Dragons, Dragon Knights are not to be trifled with. After all, to obtain a Dragon’s approval, they have to beat the Dragon first. If that Dragon happened to dislike them, they would have to find another Dragon. I think you know, for someone who will be fighting Dragons left and right, they won’t be weak.”

Liola thought for a bit, then asked: “Is there a way to judge how strong they are?”

“Yes!” Kaiser put up his index finger: “but you have to promise me, that tomorrow you will duel with the Dragon Knight, then I’ll tell you.”

Liola nodded.

Seeing Liola finally agree, Kaiser sighed in relief, and continued to pay his dues:

“All Knights will learn a Kung Fu called ‘Aura’.

I heard that these auras will have different colors based on its strength: there are gold, silver, blue, red, and green, with the latter ones being weaker.

I heard that there are exceptions, too. Supposedly the strongest Paladin Lancelot had a pure white aura, and the strongest Dark Knight Blood Wolf had a black aura with strings of red. But these are just rumors, don’t hold me liable for them.”

“So, are you happy with my payment?” Kaiser asked snappily.

Liola was very satisfied, for he finally had a basic grasp of the world’s strongest fighters.

“Jeez, can we go eat dinner now?” Kaiser complained, his over-exercised mouth had caused his stomach to growl.

“We can go to dinner, but I have a condition too!” Purity sudden held up her chest… her flat chest, and said.

Kaiser and Liola looked Purity, puzzled: “What condition?”

“I-I want Liola to name the pink-eyed child, then let me go buy him some clothes.” Purity sadly looked at the naked child on Liola’s back, who couldn’t even get Liola’s attention.

“Isn’t this easy? Liola, give your penis-less son a name.” Kaiser said with indifference.

“It’s not like he doesn’t have th-that.” Purity refuted: “I looked up Dragon Knight’s Glory and Honor, and it said that, before a Dragon matures, it is genderless.”

A name? Liola put the pink-eyed child in front of him. The child’s chubby face smiled, and the chubby arms waved around, as if it was trying to get closer to its father.

“How about we call it Pink Eyed White Dragon?” Liola asked seriously.

“Your naming abilities are about as good as Mizerui’s!”

Kaiser shook his head and sighed, and with a sinister smile, he suggested:

“His dad is Liola, so why don’t we call him Lilebao (Li – Happy – Buns)?”

“Fine.” Liola nodded in agreement, since he didn’t care what it was called.

Purity was worried: “No, we can’t name it Lilebao (Li – Happy – Buns), it isn’t a food.”

Kaiser suddenly hit his palm, and yelled:

“I’ve got it. Let’s call it Baolilong (Baby/child – Li – Dragon). It has Liola’s Li, Dragon, and baby. What about that? It fits, right?”

“What!” Purity was very alarmed.

“Baolilong, then you’re called Baolilong.”

Liola said to the pink-eyed child, who was now named Baolilong, and started to happily nodded, for it was happy that its father had finally given it a name.

It did not realize that, many years later, it would regret that, due to the foolishness of its youth, it would be known to many as Baolilong…

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