Bu Sha

Volume 1, Chapter 5 : Breakfast Interlude

Volume 1, Chapter 5 : Breakfast Interlude

Had he not chosen to leave the organization to find Anise, she would still be alive today, right? And she probably would still be carrying her med kit, running around to save many more lives.

“If you don’t want to kill anymore, please come find me.”

Anise’s voice resonated in Liola’s head. However, the scene he remembered was not her firm expression, but rather one of Anise lying on the ground, bathed in blood, and still holding out a cross to him, because she wanted him to go to DuanChang Cliff 1 with it.

He shouldn’t have gone to look for Anise. Had he not done so, she would still be alive.

* * *

Liola suddenly opened his eyes and woke up. He felt his heart racing. Liola didn’t know if his eyes were filled with tears or sweat…

After a while, he sat up and wiped away the liquid on his forehead. He turned and looked, and he saw Kaiser was still sound asleep in a strange posture. His body was entirely wrapped in his blanket, and he was still drooling.

Liola put on his clothes, and wanted to do his morning exercises as usual. He walked to the window, stepped outside, and quickly jumped onto the roof of the building. He looked around and was happy to see there was no one around.

(Duh! Who would want to live in such a dangerous building, except you and Kaiser? Even Purity took Baolilong to a motel.)

Liola sat down cross legged, and began to examine his Ki. He started exercising his Ki as he had done in the past twenty years.

Exercising his Ki for 36 cycles was what he did every morning, as the first part of his basic Kung Fu training. His frustration caused by his dreams was slowly dissipating. All of his thoughts followed his steady Ki, and nothing else.

After 36 cycles were completed, Liola finished cooling down. With a few deep breaths, he suddenly jumped up, and while doing so, pulled out the hidden silver stick.

Although the organization’s leader had given it a name — Broken Silver — when he gave him the weapon, but Liola, as someone who killed almost every who had seen it, never had the opportunity to even mention its name.

Liola started exercising his second basic Kung Fu, Windborn Blade. He jumped around as if gravity had no effect on him, while performing various aerial stunts in the process.

You could see how incredibly flexible he was. Bending his body back until his head touched his leg, was child’s play to him.

Moreover, he did several unfathomable aerial maneuvers. Some people say that it’s impossible to dodge attacks mid-air, but to Liola, it sounded like a joke.

While his body were moving around, Liola’s hands weren’t idle either. “Windborne Blade” does have the word “Blade” in it, so Liola was also practicing various stabbing angles and positions with the Broken Silver in his hand…

* * *

“Breakfast…” Kaiser’s sleepy voice could be heard.

Liola stopped, turned around and looked at Kaiser, who was only holding onto the edge of the building by his arms. The rest of his body was swinging in air, plus he looked like he was about to fall asleep again.

“Is it time to have breakfast with Purity?” Liola sighed, remembered how difficult it was for him to wake Kaiser yesterday. It was surprising to see Kaiser awake because of breakfast with Purity at 7am. Of course, the reason was breakfast, definitely not Purity.

Liola jumped from the roof top and back into the room, grabbing Kaiser along the way, or else he might fall to his death while dreaming. After they both cleaned up, Liola dragged Kaiser toward the cafeteria.

When Liola got close to the cafeteria, he saw Purity standing at the doors already. He walked towards her, and said: “Morning.”

“Morning, Liola-dage, and Kaiser.” Purity laughed upon seeing Kaiser’s half-open eyes and drool.

“Papa!” Baolilong felt like he’d been away from his father for a year. As soon as he saw Liola, he ran towards him.

Liola, however, frowned slightly and looked at Baolilong. Unlike the naked child yesterday, Baolilong was now wearing a small black vest, black shorts, and a pair of riding boots.

He was also carrying a backpack with two small wings. His silver hair was also pinned up with a hairpin, which showed his forehead. This made his face look even more like an egg, and made his eyes shine brighter.

“Baolilong is really cute, right?” Purity asked excitedly.

She had been through quite a few shopping streets yesterday, and finally bought everything she needed. Baolilong’s clothes, and some necessities for Kaiser and Liola.

Liola nodded, but Kaiser complained loudly: “Who cares if he’s cute, I’m starving.”

With Kaiser pressing on, the three of them — and a Dragon — walked into the cafeteria. But as soon as they walked in, they found something rather strange.

Starting from the door, everyone to the left of Liola’s gang were wearing blue, short-sleeved, military uniforms, and everyone to the right were wearing white and black Knight uniforms, whose clothes were adorned with colorful garnishments.

Most of them were green and red, with a few blue ones dotted in between. And the blue ones were sitting in the most obvious seats.

But they didn’t see any gray robes, and this made Liola and Kaiser clueless as to where to go.

Purity was already striding towards the few seats in a corner furthest away from the food stand. It was then when everyone saw, that there were a few people in gray robes sitting there and eating quietly.

“The difference in treatment is quite obvious.” Kaiser murmured, but he wasn’t planning on starting any trouble. So long as he could eat, he didn’t care where he sat.

As soon as they found some seats, Kaiser impatiently ran towards the food stands. Liola, instead, was walking leisurely behind him, with Baolilong holding his right leg.

“Get down.” Liola said to Baolilong, who obediently got off his right leg, and stood next to him. Liola handed a tray to Baolilong, and said: “What do you want to eat? Tell me, I’ll get you some.”

Baolilong scanned the food stand with his eyes, and then pointed at the ham cutely and yelled: “Meat meat!”

Liola understood something else, Dragons were carnivores. He cut off a large piece of ham for Baolilong, whom looked at the other half of the ham in Liola’s hand, and yelled in dissatisfaction: “More.”

Liola frowned, and was just about to tell Baolilong not to waste food. Then he thought, Baolilong was ten-meter tall just yesterday, and to a large Dragon, this bit of food was definitely not enough.

Upon realizing this, Liola took the whole leg of ham and gave it to Baolilong altogether, and then took another plate that had an entire turkey. Baolilong happily carried the two plates of food that were even bigger than his body, and followed his father closely.

As Liola looked to see what food looked appetizing, he suddenly heard a commotion around him.

“Really cute!” A few girls screamed while looking at Baolilong.

“You took the ham and the turkey, so what are we going to eat?” A few guys in blue military uniforms blocked Liola’s path.

Liola looked at the food stand, and he was sure that there were more ham and turkey.

These students from the School of Mecha Fighters probably just wanted to cause trouble. Liola frowned slightly, not sure how he should respond.

He didn’t want to get into any more trouble, especially since he still had to deal with the duel in the afternoon.

“You’re that guy from yesterday!” Jetter recognized that the guy in front of him was the same person as the one who saved that damsel in distress.

Rage filled his heart. Had this guy not bothered him, Jetter wouldn’t have had to take revenge, he wouldn’t have ran into Silver Mask, or destroyed a rank-C mecha.

* * *

“I guess we can’t avoid our enemies after all !” Kaiser, who had just piled his plate with food and sat back down in his seat, was about to eat his breakfast comfortably, and was going to watch the show.

“What do we do? Aren’t we going to help Liola-dage?” Purity said anxiously.

Kaiser snapped: “And how would we do that?”

“Even if you can’t help, you should try. That’s what friends are for. ” Proudly said by a student dressed in gray robes, unlike the usual timid attitude of a School of Sorcery student.

Kaiser looked up curiously the guy in front of him.

Golden hair, gold eyes, handsome looks, and arrogant, but… This guy was actually carrying an elegantly carved mirror, and looking at his reflection in the mirror as he spoke.

He even took out a bottle of cologne and used it every now and then. What was even more disgusting was that, on the originally plain gray robe, he used golden threads to sew in a Mona Lisa Smile.

Kaiser quickly stuffed his mouth with a few small sandwiches, to stop himself from laughing out loud, because this horrifically elegant man might give him more trouble.

Purity hesitantly asked: “Meinan2, could you help Liola-dage?”

Beautiful guy? Kaiser almost choked on the sandwiches in his mouth.

Meinan suddenly stood, and elegantly took Purity’s hand, and kissed it then said:

“Since such a beautiful lady asked, and a gentleman should never reject a lady’s request. Meinan will definitely help your dage get out of trouble.”

“He…” Kaiser looked surprised: “His back had the ‘Last Supper’ sewed on!”

* * *

Jetter thought about the time when he went to the School of Knights for revenge. Not only did he fail to do so, the School of Knights teachers even put him on record.

Filled with anger, he made up his mind to teach this silver-haired guy a lesson. After all, the only teacher in the School of Sorcery was Barbalis, and he obviously doesn’t care about his students.

“You f—er!” Jetter said as he pushed Liola.

Liola originally wanted to duck, but he didn’t want to expose his abilities. He was worried Jetter might suspect him of being Silver Mask, then, he would never have any peaceful days.

Liola decided that he wasn’t going to do anything about it, and ignoring him would be enough. Jetter didn’t even pose a threat when he was in a mecha, so there was nothing to worry about.

Just because Liola doesn’t care, didn’t mean that Baolilong wouldn’t care about other people bullying his dad.

Seeing this guy push his dad, Baolilong’s face turned red, put down his food, and jumped onto Jetter’s leg. He opened his mouth wide, and took a huge bite.

“Damn!” Jetter screamed, and pushed Baolilong aside. Two rows of bite marks appeared on his legs, and blood was oozing out.

It was obvious the Dragon’s teeth were very sharp. Considering that Jetter was wearing long boots, yet the teeth was still able to penetrate the boots, socks, and pierce into Jetter’s flesh.

The pain in Jetter’s legs was dreadful, and his scream also caught a ton of unwanted attention around the cafeteria. Some of it was mixed with laughter, which completely dulled Jetter’s face. He roared:

“You little runt! Do you want to die? Fooling around with me!”

As a proud White Dragon, Baolilong would never fear this guy. He just made a funny face and grunted, which made Jetter even more furious.

Liola started to worry, but he wasn’t worried about Baolilong. Instead, he was worried that Baolilong might swallow Jetter whole, and it might cause him to be expelled, and subsequently having to duel with Mizerui.

Jetter raised the barrels on his hands, and aimed them at Baolilong to teach him a lesson.

The girls surrounding him started a commotion:

“My god, he’s going to attack that cute child”

“What a monster! He is going to fight a little kid”

“Bastard, if that pink-eyed child loses even a hair, I will break him!”

As soon as Jetter heard them, the hairs on his body stood up. He hurriedly changed his target back to Liola. As long as he could take it out on someone, it didn’t matter who it was.

Having barrels pointed at him, Liola thought it wasn’t a bad idea to test the power of these weapons, so he would have knowledge about them later on.

Bang! Bang! After two loud sounds, two blue shots flew towards Liola. Smoke covered the place, and many people sitting in the cafeteria complained, because their food got ruined.

As the smoke cleared, what appeared wasn’t an injured Liola, but a gold-haired, gold-eyed, man posing, wearing a gray robe with a golden Mona Lisa Smile threaded across it.

His left hand playing with his hair, and his right hand was held out in front of him in a straight line. In front of his right palm there were some light blue energy shield.

Meinan smiled brightly, showing a flash of light reflecting from his white teeth, and said:

“Dage, seeing as I’m here, how about letting my fellow classmate go? Otherwise I would have a hard time answering to a pretty lady.”

“Who the hell are you? How could you tell me to…” Jetter couldn’t take his revenge, and his rage made him open his mouth to scream. But then a member of his gang pulled him from behind.

The person behind him had a worried expression:

“Boss, that’s Meinan from the School of Sorcery. His defensive abilities are quite amazing, and he once saved a Blue Knight, so he’s heavily favored by the School of Knights. We shouldn’t mess with him.”

Jetter’s face froze. He turned and looked towards the School of Knights, and sure enough there were a few Blue Knights glaring at him, which caused cold sweat to run down his back.

Blue Knights were something Jetter couldn’t afford to mess with, and so he could only grunt, and led his gang off in disdain.

“My dear classmate, are you hurt?” Meinan asked softly.

Liola shook his head, but thought, why would this guy sew a bunch of people eating on his back?

“Then why don’t you guys take your breakfast and sit down to eat, otherwise it’s almost time for class.” Meinan said passionately, and he helped Baolilong carry his turkey and ham, although he got bitten as a result, because Baolilong thought he was going to rob him of his food.

Back at their seats, there was very little food on Purity’s plate, because she was worried about Liola. Kaiser, on the contrary, already has a stack of plates in front of him, and was currently finishing his desserts.

While eating, Liola said to Meinan: “Your powers are quite impressive.”

Meinan replied proudly: “Of course. I studied magic for three years, and I’m completely familiar with every defensive magic, even more so than the principal.”

“You didn’t just learn defensive magics, right?” Kaiser asked skeptically.

“Of course not.” Meinan denied: “I also know some luminescent magic, and I could also make a spark to start a fire. I also know some water magic which could create some drinking water. These are also very useful magic skills.”

So basically no attack magic whatsoever… Sweat ran down Purity and Kaiser’s foreheads.

“Liola, what’s your relationship to this little child? Your younger sister?” Meinan curiously looked at Baolilong, who was swallowing a turkey whole.

“No, his name is Baolilong. He’s Liola’s son.” Kaiser rushed to explain, and then satisfactorily enjoyed the sight of Meinan’s dropped jaw.

“Uh… Being a young father is rather difficult, isn’t it?” Meinan sighed, happy that he hadn’t had any “accidents” yet, otherwise, like Liola, he would have to take his son to school.

Liola was speechless.

“Liola and Kaiser, what kind of magic are you going to learn? Or do you guys have some special abilities?” Meinan asked.

Liola was quiet for a while, then asked: “Are there any healing magic I could learn?”

Kaiser almost did a spit take with his milk, and Purity’s jaw also dropped. They both wondered, an Assassin wants to be a Healer? What is he going to do, cut someone, then heal them back up for fun?

But they both didn’t know Liola was thinking that, since Anise was a godly doctor, then he will continue her path, and become a ‘Godly Healer’!

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