Bu Sha

Volume 2, Chapter 6 : Lancelot’s Apprentice

Volume 2, Chapter 6 : Lancelot’s Apprentice

“I had a fair duel with Knight Lanski, but people have been spreading rumors of me bullying her.”

Liola opened his mouth and said coldly: “This rumor is an insult to both me and Knight Lanski, and I will not let the people who started this rumor go unpunished.”

“Shut up. It was obvious you who used dirty tricks to get Princess Lanski to duel you. How can you even defend yourself when you know you’re guilty?!” Red Knight yelled loudly at Liola.

Lanski, however, felt a bit dizzy. Since when did her duel with Silver Mask spread as such a twisted rumor? No wonder Silver Mask was angry. No Knight could stand such a dishonor. Lanski suddenly felt like crying, she thought Silver Mask must think she was one who spread such rumors to tarnish his reputation.

“He called you Knight Lanski, not Princess Lanski.” Jasmine started to admire Silver Mask. It was rare for someone to call Lanski as a Knight instead of a Princess.

Lanski smiled forcefully: “Yeah, Knights should call each other ‘Knight’.”

Lanski thought to herself: ‘He was able to get approval from the Sacred White Dragon, his actions is filled with a Knight’s pride, and his martial arts were amazing. For someone like him, what could he be, other than a Knight?’

Lanski blamed herself for even doubting Silver Mask.

“Can a Silver Knight handle ten Red Knights, plus two Blue Knights?” Jasmine smiled.


Before Lanski had time to react, Jasmine had already pulled out her sword and jumped into the group of Knights.

The Knights surrounded Liola, and Jasmine’s face was filled with desire to fight. A Silver Knight wasn’t something that she saw everyday. If she didn’t challenge him now, she feared she would not be able to sleep at night.

Liola took out Broken Silver from his boot. But unlike what he normally does, Liola pulled the dagger out. He held the sheath in his left hand and the dagger in his right.

Like a light breeze, Liola’s white outline appeared in front of a Red Knight. The Knight was frightened and lifted his sword to block but Liola had already, without any hesitation, cut the Knight’s broadsword in half with his dagger, and knocked the Knight out cold with the sheath in his left hand.

Jasmine took a deep breath: “In that instant, he hit the Knight 8… No, perhaps 10 times.”

It was too fast for Jasmine to see clearly. ‘Was this the strength of a Silver Knight?’ Jasmine held her favorite sword tightly, her eyes flashing with excitement for battle.

Liola continued towards his next target, and left Jasmine a surprise: “It was 13 times.”

The Knights knew that one-on-one, they had no chance of beating a Silver Knight, so they all rushed in, to try and win with numbers against Silver Mask.

However, they had no idea that the person in front of them was an Assassin, and chaos was always what Assassins favor.

Most of them blacked out before they even saw Silver Mask, let alone actually land a hit on him. The battle was one-sided.

Finally, Liola appeared in front of a Red Knight whose face had turned pale, and this was the Knight who punched the crap out of Liola.

With Silver Mask’s gold eyes narrowing, he appeared behind the Red Knight, the Red Knight’s mouth foamed and fell to the ground with injuries all over his body.

Jasmine frowned and asked: “32 times?”

“39.” After releasing some of his anger, Liola seemed to have calmed down a little, especially since he always had a good impression of Jasmine.

But, there was still one person who hadn’t been taken care of.

Liola slowly turned around to look at the Blue Knight who stood in silence with his mouth wide open. Of course, it was the other Blue Knight and not Jasmine.

Though the Blue Knight knew, he would never be a worthy opponent to Silver Mask, he couldn’t beg for mercy, that would be destroying his own honor.

When he saw Liola approached him, the Blue Knight was so scared, his knees almost gave out. He no longer doubted Silver Mask of being a Silver Knight. He knew he was one of the people who had tarnished a Silver Knight’s honor, and how serious the consequences would be…

Jasmine could no longer hold herself back and jumped in front of the other Blue Knight. Her right hand held a narrow sword, and a small shield on her left arm. She was wearing a light armor that didn’t restrict her movement.

Jasmine wasn’t sure why, but she was shaking. Could it be trembling because of Silver Mask’s incredible strength? Or was she just excited to be able to fight a strong opponent?

Liola stopped and asked to verify: “Are you going to protect him?”

Jasmine raised her eyebrows: “If I have to find a reason to duel with you, then yes, I’m protecting him.”

Liola slowly put Broken Silver back to its sheath, and Jasmine’s face turned sour in dissatisfaction.

Jasmine said with frustration: “You’re not going to fight me? It is because I’m a woman?”

“No. Only when my dagger is sheathed will I be able to use my true strength.” Liola had already sensed Jasmine’s true strength, which was much higher than the trembling Blue Knight behind her. To fake his Knighthood, Liola planned on facing his opponent head on like a Knight.

Jasmine probably knew the difference in strength between her and Liola, and she knew how sharp Broken Silver really was. For him to turn it back to stick, would let him fight without holding back, so he wouldn’t injure her.

After she understood Liola’s intention, she said: “You’ll have to let me make 10 moves first.”

“Sure.” Liola said without hesitation.

Jasmine couldn’t hold back. After a few steps in the air, her sword had already reached Liola.

Jasmine was famous for her speed among Blue Knights, and the rate at which she swung her sword, made it seem like she was swinging three swords at once. However, to Liola, who had easily evaded Lanski’s nine Dragon Kis, three swords was nothing to him. With a swift move, Liola easily evaded Jasmine’s first attack.

Jasmine was determine to use all of her ten moves at once, so Liola wouldn’t have any breathing room, since he can’t attack.

For her second move, Jasmine’s body was wrapped with a blue aura. She jumped in the air, and jabbed her sword at an amazing speed. The sword jabs fell like raindrops toward Liola from above.

Liola took the Broken Silver in his hand, and waved it like an ordinary person waving his hand. Ten crisp metallic clashing sound filled the room.

Jasmine had two setbacks, but the smile on her face only grew broader. Jasmine increased her speed even more and attack again and again…

Under the naked eye, one could only see Jasmine’s outline moving around like a gust of wind.

Liola looked like he wasn’t doing much. Sometimes, it even looked like he was standing completely still. However, both Jasmine and Lanski knew, Liola wasn’t stock- still. He was just so fast that people didn’t notice him moving.

Jasmine finally stopped, her hands were on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. Her eyes were not filled with frustrations from setbacks, but instead, excitement for facing a strong opponent. She raised her head, and had a large smile on her face.

“You attacked 13 times.” Liola smiled slightly.

Jasmine stuck out her tongue, put away her sword, and laughed as she said: “So I attacked three more times than I should. Fine, we’ll count that as me losing.”

Clap, clap, clap!

Someone in the room suddenly started clapping. Everyone turned around to look the in the direction of the source of the applause. They saw a man dressed in black, whose face was filled with smile as if he was watching a show.

Jasmine and Lanski were both confused, but Liola wasn’t. He knew who exactly the man was. However, he thought that the man would still be in the Dragon Continent with the Paladin, Lancelot.

“You’re worthy to be Lancelot’s apprentice. Ten Red Knights were nothing to you, even a Blue Knight didn’t make you move more than a meter.” Blood Wolf laughed as he said this.

‘Lancelot’s apprentice?’

Everyone’s jaws dropped in disbelief, and even the other people in the restaurant who were watching the show sputtered wine from their mouths.

However, the person who was most surprised, was the Blue Knight who insulted Silver Mask. He looked as if he was about to pass out.

“Excuse me, Sir Knight, who are you? Or how would you reveal to us the identity of the Paladin’s apprentice?” Jasmine asked carefully and respectfully.

Blood Wolf smiled, and used his strange summoning: “Blood Wolf is my name, and I’m not going to say much. Damn Blackie come here.”

As always, every Knight was in disbelief when they heard the strange way of summoning, but Blood Wolf’s mount really did come.

It was the same as the last time Liola had seen it, a black wolf jumped out of thin air, and its majestic presence left all the Knights in awe.

Everyone knew that the Dark Knight Blood Wolf’s mount was a black wolf, they also knew of the friendship between the Paladin and the Dark Knight.

“Greetings, Dark Knight Blood Wolf.” Jasmine and Lanski both greeted, with their right hand across their chest, performing a standard Knight salute.

“Hello to you two, pretty ladies.” Blood Wolf greeted them dubiously, but no one could say anything about it.

The ranks among Knights were clearly defined, and there was nothing wrong even if Blood Wolf completely ignored the two Blue Knights.

Liola’s head was in a fog. Why did Blood Wolf say that he’s Lancelot’s apprentice?

Liola narrowed his eyes. He didn’t like the feeling of being involved a sinister plan.

Blood Wolf still kept the smile on his face. He placed his arm around Silver Mask’s shoulder and said:

“Little Silver, your master, Lancelot, asked me to talk to you about a lot of things. Why don’t we find another place for some wine?”

Liola maintained his cold expression, and still held onto Broken Silver in his hand.

He thought: ‘At least Knights use martial arts.’

To Liola, Knights were far more easier to handle than Sorcerers. Liola responded: “There sure are a lot of things to discuss.”

Seeing them acting strangely, and that they were about to find another place for a good talk.

Lanski asked somewhat impatiently: “Silver Mask, will I see you again?”

Liola turned to look at Lanski. He didn’t know why she wanted to see him again, and Liola wasn’t sure if he’s going to ever appear again as Silver Mask.

He was silent for a moment, and then he nodded, after which he saw a bright smile surfaced on Lanski’s face.

* * *

After Liola and Blood Wolf had stepped out, Jasmine had a mischievous smile on her face.

She prodded Lanski with her shoulder, who was still giggling, and said: “Wow, the Paladin’s apprentice? Wouldn’t that be a perfect match?”

Lanski suddenly blushed: “What are you talking about, what perfect match?!”

“You know what I mean.” Jasmine continued teasing her good friend, and enjoyed her rare blushing face: “Alas, remember to let me borrow your boyfriend later for sparring!”

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Lanski protested, even her ears were red.

As the two girls playfully talked to each other, the Blue Knight standing beside them, who had been ignored for all this time, let his sword fall to the ground. His face was filled with rage.

* * *

As Liola and Blood Wolf walked, a crowd gathered around them. A Silver Knight was a rare sight, and now there’s even a Knight with a huge black wolf…

There were already plenty of people who guessed Blood Wolf’s identity, and their jaws were almost reached the ground.

“Little Silver, you have to promise me, when you have time you’ll spar with me.” Blood Wolf rubbed his palm. Seeing the previous fight, he was itching to fight Liola — so much that he almost jumped in the middle of the fight.

“No.” Liola denied instantly.

Blood Wolf almost slipped off his mount, and he murmured:

“What the hell. Even Lancelot would give me some crappy excuse, something about a rain check. You little runt denied me without hesitation?”

On the way back, Blood Wolf kept pestering Liola with dissatisfaction, trying to make him promise for sparring.

However, as an Assassin, Liola had plenty of patience, and he actually answered “No”, “No”, “No” the entire way back, until they were back in Aklan Academy, and inside principal Barbalis’s office.

Barbalis was sitting inside his office, waiting for them. When he saw them walking in, Barbalis immediately asked: “Blood Wolf, did you do as I asked?”

With his mouth dry from pestering Liola, Blood Wolf snapped:

“Yes. But old geezer, aren’t you afraid of what would happen after Lancelot finds out he suddenly gained an apprentice whose face he has never seen. Won’t he be incredibly furious?”

Barbalis laughed: “Lancelot’s rage is nothing. He’s straight as an arrow, not to mention this was approved by the Dragon Emperor himself.”

“What are you two doing?” Liola’s expression started to change. Blood Wolf plus Sorcerer Barbalis, whose abilities are unknown, would be hard for Liola to handle.

“I’ll tell you the truth.” Barbalis stopped laughing: “At the same time, I’ll tell you the truth about your Dragon Cross necklace.”

“You probably didn’t know this, but as long as you wear that cross necklace, the Dragon Emperor will know everything you’re doing.” Blood Wolf pulled the chain on Liola’s neck and revealed the cross pendant.

Blood Wolf added: “Even what you did in the past.”

Liola’s face sank, and he pushed Blood Wolf’s hand away.

No one likes to be watched, but Liola knew he would never let go of this necklace. Even if his life was broadcasted to the world, he wouldn’t let it go.

Barbalis simply said: “Anise is Lanski’s twin sister, and also a Dragon Empire’s Princess.”

Liola’s face suddenly changed. Though he had guessed it before, but he never thought about it seriously. Now it was finally confirmed that Anise was from this world.

“Twenty years ago, there was an accident. Princess Anise, who had just been born, was sent to another world.”

Blood Wolf continued: “That accident had also caused Miluo’s wife, that is, your Sacred White Dragon’s mother, to die. Because of this, Miluo and the Dragon Emperor had turned into each other’s nemesis.”

“When the Dragon cross returned to this world, the Dragon Emperor had already felt it.” Barbalis sighed:

“He originally wanted to obey to the will of his daughter and let you live peacefully, so he didn’t come to disturb you. But he didn’t think that, not only would the Sacred White Dragon recognize you as its master, you even let Miluo out.”

“Destiny is like a drunk man. You never know what it’ll do next. In my opinion, you were never meant to be an ordinary person.” Blood Wolf laughed.

Liola, however, couldn’t laugh. He sank deep into self-blame again. Had he not caused Anise’s death, she may have already returned to the Dragon Empire, lived peacefully and happily as a Princess.

“You now have two choices, Liola.” Barbalis continued:

“Declare Silver Mask is Liola, and Lancelot will really accept you as his apprentice. Then the Dragon Emperor will announce to that world, that twenty years ago, you were taken in by Lancelot to be trained in secret, and Princess Lanski’s twin brother. Then, you will become a Prince of the Dragon Empire.”

Blood Wolf laughed secretly: “Or, you can continue your current life, and see where destiny takes you.”

Liola’s mind was in chaos. After finding out many truths, Liola was clueless on how he should respond. So he could only remain silent.

“Think about it. I will be here for a week. If you plan on being a Prince, in a week I will bring you back to the Dragon Continent.” Blood Wolf leisurely laid down on the sofa.

* * *

Liola had no idea how he had gotten back to the dorm.

After he had gotten back, he saw Kaiser turning himself in a sushi wrap again, and Baolilong actually did the same thing and wrapped itself up on Liola’s bed.

Liola frowned, and decided not to ask Kaiser to look after Baolilong too much, or else who knows what other habits Baolilong would pick up.

When Liola got on the bed, Baolilong immediately unwrapped itself while half-asleep and went to Liola’s arms.

Before Liola closed his eyes, he prayed Anise would appear in his dreams tonight. He had far too many questions to ask her.

* * *

“Anise, where is your home?” Liola asked suspiciously. The doesn’t seem worried about her family.

My home?” Anise blinked her beautiful eyes: “My home is right here.”

Liola was confused: “Here? This is the headquarters of the organization that abducted you.”

Anise laughed sweetly, and pointed at the sky and the grass: “My home is here. I swore to travel the world, and practice healing around the world!”

Practice healing around the world!

* * *

Liola opened his eyes again, and saw a pair of blue eyes, and Liola realized his face was being pulled in opposite directions by four fingers.

Liola asked coldly: “Kaiser, what are you doing?”

Kaiser said in all seriousness: “Getting the lazy Assassin off the bed.”

And then, Kaiser added: “Originally I was going to leave you alone, but then I thought, without you, boss might not be willing to go pay for breakfast, so I had to get you up.”

“How come you were so sound asleep?” Kaiser raised his eyebrows.

Before today, he could never get within ten meters of Liola without being noticed, but now he was even able to touch Liola’s face. This was more unfathomable to Kaiser than winning the lottery.

Liola did not respond, and instead he asked Kaiser: “What exactly do I have to do to learn healing magic?”

“Meditation, sensing magic element. Practice magic, continue meditation. Learning magic is fairly difficult, and there is no shortcut at all.”

Liola sighed in his heart, and understood he was too impatient. Even when he was trying to learn martial arts, it took years of practice and training. How could he expect to learn any healing skills like those of Anise in a short time?

Liola, Kaiser, and Baolilong, who clung onto papa’s leg, walked outside of the dorm.

As soon as they did so, they saw Purity and Meinan already waiting outside. When Purity saw Liola, she cheerfully went up to him, and said with curiosity: “You guys seemed slow today.”

“Because someone was still on the bed, and I couldn’t get him up!” Kaiser replied confidently.

As soon as he replied, he saw Purity and Meinan glancing at him, as if there were no possibility of the Assassin, who was standing right next to him, to be the person who couldn’t get up.

Kaiser immediately protested: “Hey! I wasn’t the lazy bum, it was that silver-eyed guy.”

Purity’s eyes widened in complete disbelief, and Meinan looked at him as if his eyes were saying “stop feigning your innocence”. Even Baolilong poked its head out from behind Liola, and its eyes were filled with doubt.

Veins popped out of Kaiser’s forehead: “I wasn’t the bum! When there’s breakfast, I will never stay on the bed!”

Purity and Meinan both suddenly realized: “That’s right, when there’s food to eat, Kaiser would struggle and crawl over even if he hasn’t had sleep for seven days. So did Liola really oversleep?”

Should he be happy that his friends believed him? Or sad about what they said of him? The corner of Kaiser’s mouth twitched. But in the end, he succumbed to the smell of food. He grabbed the bag from Purity’s hands. Kaiser asked as he pulled food out of bags:

“We aren’t going to the cafeteria today?”

“Didn’t you see the class plans announced yesterday? Yesterday the principal said, we will be having classes inside the dorm today.” Purity worriedly said.

She was suspicious that the principal might have came up with some new stunts to pull on the students.

“This dorm is beautiful, but something seems very strange about it.” Meinan sighed.

He wasn’t sure if he could graduate from the School of Sorcery. He heard the graduation rate in recent years had become terribly low.

“Of course it’s strange.” Kaiser said as he was swallowing: “I noticed the other day, the room we’re staying in is on the top floor. That floor was completely empty other than our room. Why didn’t they make more rooms in that floor?”

‘If the principal’s plan only involved Kaiser and Liola, then it’d be great…’ The Sorcery students congregated in front of the dorm thought.

“Dear students,” The principal had suddenly appeared behind everyone with a satisfied smile on his face.

All the students trembled. Seeing the smile on Barbalis’ face, everyone’s heart sank.

The principal must have thought of something absurd for class. And unfortunately, this class probably had something to do with their dorm. Meaning even after class, the dorm they would go back to probably won’t be a safe place at all.

“Come, come, everyone take a textbook.” Barbalis cheerfully handed out textbooks, completely ignoring the dropped jaws of every student.

‘Since when did we have something like textbooks?’

Dormitory User’s Manual. Kaiser blinked, realizing he didn’t read it wrong.

Kaiser started wondering:

‘What needs to be explained about a dorm? Can it be that they need to explain where you should go to pee, or where the fire escapes are? No, Barbalis can’t be that bored… To be exact, Barbalis was pretty boring, but no matter how bored he might be, he would never care about the students’ escape in the event of a fire. On the contrary, he was more likely to be the arsonist who sets the dorm on fire, and expel anyone who dies in the fire.’

Liola was more practical. He didn’t make any guesses. He immediately opened the book and started reading. However, Liola was completely clueless as to what this manual had to do with the dorm, because it was obviously a Mecha manual. More specifically, it was one that required multiple pilots.

‘Can’t it be…’ Liola raised his head to look at the metallic hull of the dorm.

“Principal, sir…” A student raised his hand hesitantly.

“Don’t ask me. Every room has an assigned number, use your eyes! I’ll give you half an hour, go learn what you need to control it.”

Barbalis yelled: “We will begin drills in half an hour! Anyone who makes a mistake will be expelled!”

All the Sorcery students gave a long sigh. ‘Why is graduating this difficult?!’

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