Bu Sha

Volume 3, Chapter 1 : Meeting between the Master and Apprentice

Volume 3, Chapter 1 : Meeting between the Master and Apprentice

“School of Sorcery students are looking for me?” Daylight found it strange. Considering he had never made any friends enrolled in the School of Sorcery, why would someone from there be looking for him?

“Yeah, Daylight, I don’t know why they’re looking for you, hurry up and go deal with them.” The student who delivered the message seemed unhappy, as if the student was troubled that Daylight had anything to do with the School of Sorcery.

Daylight nodded. And with questions in his mind, headed towards the School of Knights’ lobby.

Along the way, he saw many School of Knight students whose faces were filled with disdain, and all of these students seemed to be walking out of the lobby.

What happened with Barbalis seemed to have caused more hatred towards the Sorcerers. All the Knights probably felt it was an insult for them to even be in the same lobby as Sorcerers.

With curiosity, Daylight stepped into the lobby. In the empty lobby, there were only three Sorcery students with long faces, the girl among them was already covered in tears, and she was constantly trying to wipe them off. Daylight widened his gaze, and was clueless at the situation at hand.

These three students are, of course, Kaiser, Purity, and Meinan. Kaiser kept pinching the skin on the back of Purity’s hand, and she couldn’t stop crying. Kaiser also stepped on Meinan’s foot repeatedly, and it looked crooked as a result. But Meinan couldn’t yell in pain, so he shook his head, and his face looked as if he was trying to hold back the pain.

“Mr. Daylight, sir, we finally have the pleasure to meet you.” Kaiser opened his arms and yelled, then he forcefully threw himself into Daylight’s arms, who was so surprised that he took several steps back, trying to escape Kaiser’s claws.

“What do you want with me?” Daylight took another few steps back, stopping only after he saw that Kaiser was no longer getting closer to him.

With a sad expression, Kaiser said as he was sobbing: “Mr. Daylight, sir, we’re actually here to talk to you because of the Paladin Lancelot’s only apprentice, Silver Mask.”

Daylight, who felt awkward that Kaiser was calling him “Mr. Daylight, sir”, asked hurriedly as soon as he heard “Silver Mask”:

“Silver Mask is looking for me? What’s up? Does he want another duel?” When he spoke of a duel, Daylight’s eyes lit up, as if he wanted to pull his weapon out at that very moment.

Kaiser covered his face, faked two sobbing sounds (even though he actually laughed), then wailed: “I’m afraid that Sir Silver Mask can never duel with you again!”

“Why? Is he unwilling to duel with me?” Daylight’s expression immediately changed.

“Not at all. Sir Silver Mask really wants to spar you again, but he was sent by the Paladin to punish evildoers.” Kaiser shook his head and sighed.

“Oh.” Daylight no longer worried, and said: “It’s good that he went to punish the evildoers, I’ll wait for him to come back.”

Seeing Daylight fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Kaiser laughed in his mind, but his face looked as if his dad died and his belongings were donated to the museum. Kaiser wailed as if he was crying in front of his dad’s grave:

“I’m afraid that Sir Silver Mask may never come back again.”

“What do you mean by that?” Daylight was shocked.

“We’ve received news that, Sir Silver Mask had fallen for the enemy’s trickery, and is now captured, his life is in grave danger! But there is nothing we can do, and we don’t even know where Sir Silver Mask is being held!”

Kaiser yelled hysterically, and then covered his face while crying, while looking at Daylight’s reaction through a crack between his fingers.

Hearing this news, Daylight was both shocked and worried. He then fell deep into thought, and then finally said to the three:

“Come with me.”

And then Daylight turned around and walked outside. He seemed he was so worried that his walking speed was blazingly fast.

Kaiser was elated as he glanced at Purity, who was speechless, and Meinan, who was in disbelief.

Kaiser then shook his head and said in a quiet voice: “Sigh, why did he fall for this so easily, that wasn’t even a bit challenging for me.”

Daylight, who had been tens of steps ahead, yelled:

“Hurry up, the situation with Silver Mask is dire, and it can’t wait any longer.”

Kaiser snickered as he followed.

* * *

“Let me explain to you, there exists a force that allows Dragons to sense each other. Along with it, Dragon Knights can also sense each other, though it’s not as strong of a connection as that between Dragons. So I should be able to sense where Silver Mask is, and if he brought his Dragon with him, even better.”

Daylight said, as he walked to a nearby field. He drew a magic circle in the air, and it flashed and expanded into the sky. And then with a flash of a flame, a fire Dragon had came out of the magic circle with a roar.

‘We all know about this, why else would we come looking for you…’ Kaiser and the others quietly thought.

Daylight lightly touched his trusted partner, and said: “Flames, the Knight we dueled is now in danger, I need you to find out where he is, is that okay?”

The fiery Dragon nodded, and then closed its eyes to concentrate on the search.

Daylight, Kaiser, and others all stared at the Dragon, who sometimes raised its head, sometimes breathed flames out of its nostrils, as if it were angry. Finally, the fiery Dragon opened its eyes, and then put its forehead against Daylight’s.

The fiery Dragon transmitted the images he saw to Daylight, who immediately took a deep breath, and his face was filled with anger and worry. He suddenly turned and look at Kaiser and the others:

“The situation with Silver Mask is very dire, I have to go save him immediately. You…”

Daylight looked at Kaiser and the others skeptically, thinking that their ability to fight was questionable.

“We have to save Silver Mask!” Purity answered without hesitation, and the same firm expression could be seen on Kaiser and Meinan’s faces.

“Fine, let’s go…” Daylight was interrupted by another voice in the middle of his sentence.

“What did you say happened to Silver Mask?” Lanski stood with a pale face on the edge of the field.

Ever since she heard “Silver Mask” back in the lobby, Lanski had hurriedly followed them, but she didn’t expect to hear Silver Mask’s obituary. Now the only thing that resounded in her mind was what Daylight had said:

“The situation with Silver Mask is very dire”…

“Knight Lanski?” Daylight was surprised, then he explained truthfully:

“Because of a mission on behalf of the Paladin, Silver Mask unfortunately, has been captured. Now he is bathed in his own blood, and restrained by heavy chains within a cage.”

“What?!” Hearing this news, Lanski suddenly felt dizzy. Kaiser and the others were also surprised — they had never imagined that the situation with Liola would’ve gone this bad.

“The situation I saw was terrible, and it can’t wait any longer. We have to go help him immediately.” Daylight said with seriousness.

“I am going, too!” Lanski and the other three all said at the same time.

Daylight nodded. After jumping onto Flames’ back elegantly, he said to the others:

“Jump up, we will go directly to Silver Mask.”

With light steps, Lanski flew up the Dragon’s back, but Kaiser and others clumsily climbed up the back.

The three of them were both skeptical and terrified, because they all had an unpleasant experience with riding Dragons. Of course, the one who gave them that experience was none other than Baolilong.

Without waiting for them to get used to it, Daylight had already commanded the fire Dragon to take off, and impatiently urged the Dragon to fly faster.

Kaiser and the others feared for their lives, and each held tightly onto the person in front of them. Meinan grabbed Kaiser, Kaiser hugged Purity’s waist, and Purity had almost broken Daylight’s neck. Only Lanski sat beside Daylight, and constantly yelling, “Faster, faster.”

Daylight had no choice but to unwrapped Purity’s arms from his neck, while urging the fire Dragon to fly faster. He took the chance to breathe, so he wouldn’t die before they even get there.

* * *

Since he had time, Liola, who had never really liked to contemplate, began to think. Should he end his life like this, or should he join Miluo?

For some reason Liola thought that the former option was more attractive to him than the latter. Liola sighed, blaming his bad habit of unable to decide, and then asked:

“Baolilong, do you wish for me to join sides with your papa?”

Baolilong, however, wept: “Where is Purity? Baolilong wants meat-meat.”

Liola was quiet. He was blaming himself because to was his careless mistakes that made Baolilong hungry for three days.

At this time,the sound of footsteps came from behind the door, and a man with long, white beard walked through the door. He had a sinister smile on his face. Anyone would have loved to punch his front teeth.

“Young master’s master, have you made your decision?” The white bearded old man asked courteously.

Liola remained quiet and felt disgusted. He then said plainly:

“Kill me if you want, and remember to tell Miluo to help Baolilong find a good master.”

The old man probably didn’t imagine for Liola to give such an answer.

He hurriedly said: “Wait, are you sure you don’t want to give it some more consideration? Think about it some more, we aren’t in a hurry. How about we give you three more days?”

“I don’t need to think about it. Kill me now.” Liola replied coldly.

If they were forced to go hungry for three more days, perhaps Baolilong would start eating the only food it could reach — Baolilong’s new dad, and unfortunately, that would be Liola.

“Papa!” Baolilong immediately started to struggle, and yelled loudly: “No! Baolilong doesn’t want another papa! White fur isn’t allowed to kill Papa, or else Baolilong will eat you!”

Hearing the contradicting answers from the man and the Dragon, the old man’s face went pale, and said as he trembled:

“Young master’s master, think about it some more, I beg of you. I still have to go with Master Miluo as he conquers the world, and I can’t be eaten by the young master here.”

“I don’t need to think about it! Do it now.” Liola replied coldly for the third time.

“You may not, Baolilong will eat you!” Baolilong emitted a paltry but terrifying growl.

Being forced by both sides, the old man’s red lips, which were buried inside his beard, cried as he ran out the door:

“Wooo, you guys are mean, I don’t want to play with you anymore, wahh!”

Liola was speechless as he watched the old man run out, and Baolilong innocently sobbed in his arms: “Papa, Baolilong is hungry.”

“Hmm, let’s go out.” Liola’s eyes flashed. With three days of rest, Liola had already used his Ki to heal most of his wounds, so all that remained were mostly scratches, though it was still hard to tell with all his external wounds.

He had originally planned to trick the old geezer into opening the cage to kill him, but he was unwilling to do so.

Liola thought it was regretful, so all he could do was fight head on with this cage of unknown powers. Liola tightened his Ki, and all the muscles in his body contracted. It was as if Liola had suddenly went down a dress size, and the tight chains before were now hanging on his body loosely.

With a slip of his body, Liola got out of the chains, but he still deftly held onto the chains. He examined the energy on the cage carefully.

As a habit, Liola tried to reach for the Broken Silver in his boot, but it was completely empty. Liola wasn’t surprised. He grabbed a metal chain and threw it against the cage. The instant the two touched, a strange cyan smoke emanated.

Liola pulled the chain back and realized a corner of the chain had completely melted. Liola grabbed even more chains, and spun it around him. He threw the chains, which now looked like a sphere of metal, and it dented a corner in the cage.

Liola kicked it hard. Because the metal chains had cushioned his foot from the cage, his foot did not end up melting, and a bar on the cage broke off. Liola slipped sideways, and perfectly escaped from the cage.

“Papa, can we eat now?” Though there were no more chains, Baolilong still held on tightly onto papa’s chest, its little head raised and pitifully asked Liola.

“Wait.” Liola decided to finish this, otherwise he may never be at peace again. Besides, Broken Silver was still in hands of those Sorcerers, so there was no way Liola could just leave.

Liola walked like a cat through the hallway, following the direction the old man departed in. He heard loud noises of people debating from afar.

Liola found the source of the sound without much trouble — there was a half-opened door on the hallway, where beams of light were emitted. Liola shadow-stepped to the back of the door, and peeked through an eye to observe.

* * *

“What do we do now? Young master’s master is not willing to join Miluo’s faction.” The white-bearded old man asked the other Sorcerers helplessly. They were the people who abducted Liola the other day.

“Kill him.” One of the young Sorcerers said coldly.

“But Master Miluo said to invite him to the faction at all costs. He is indeed a strong person and could be quite an asset to Master Miluo.” Another Sorcerer, whose age looked similar to the white-bearded old man, had a different opinion.

“But he isn’t willing to join! We should kill him, and then bring the young master back.” The young Sorcerer rebutted intensely.

The white-bearded old man put on a long face and said: “The young master said that it will eat whomever that kills Liola. So which one of you is going to volunteer to kill Liola?”

As soon as that was said, even the young Sorcerer immediately sat down. Everyone frowned, and some murmured:

“But we can’t possibly bring such a large cage back to the base, especially since Barbalis and the Dark Knight have already noticed that Liola is missing. Before long, they will definitely find this place since it isn’t too far from Aklan Academy.”

* * *

They can’t kill, and they can’t not kill. Their situation was so pitiful that even Liola shook his head for them.

However, the reason Liola shook his head was because he couldn’t understand why Miluo would send a bunch of idiots to catch him. What put him off even more was he was actually captured by these idiots. It was quite a burning shame.

“Papa, can Baolilong eat them?” Baolilong looked at the people inside, as if he saw many, many pieces of meat lying there Baolilong’s mouth watered.

This terrifying sentence acted almost like a bomb thrown into the room. Every Sorcerer jumped up from their seats as if their butt was on fire, grabbed their staves and pointed at the door. Though no matter how fast the Sorcerers were, they were no match for the Assassin’s speed.

Liola had already slipped into the room before Baolilong had said anything. And when they stood up, all they felt was the numbness on the back of their necks. A pair of cold, silver eyes appeared before the white-bearded man, and a colder-than-normal hand (because he hadn’t eaten for three days!) held his throat.

“Young master… ‘s master, h-how did you escape?”

As the old man asked, the Sorcerers standing behind Liola all fell to the ground at the same time. He knew that there was absolutely no way for him to even use half a spell before Liola hits him unconscious. So all he could do was tremble as he surrender life in Liola’s hands.

“You underestimate me far too much.” Liola said calmly.

The old man laughed bitterly: “I think so, too. Are you going to kill all of us?”

Liola replied coldly: “No. I want you to go tell Miluo, as long as he doesn’t cause me any trouble, I won’t join the Dragon Emperor’s faction. If he continues to interfere in my life, then I will go directly with Blood Wolf to the Dragon Continent.”

“Understood.” The white-bearded man was still laughing bitterly. The punishment for not finishing his mission will be severe, but he was already extremely grateful that his life was spared.

“My weapon?” Liola asked coldly.

The old man slowly took Broken Silver out of his long robe, and handed it to Liola. After Liola received Broken Silver, he pulled his hand away from the old man’s throat, and then turned to yell at Baolilong: “Baolilong, don’t eat that. Let’s go eat hotpot.”

Baolilong opened its mouth, though it was somewhat unwilling to release the young Sorcerer’s hand it had been chewing on.

Baolilong climbed onto Liola’s back, and cheerfully yelled “Hotpot, hotpot!”

Liola looked at the old man and said: “Now, get out!”

The old man was scared by Liola’s cold tone. He used his staff and floated his unconscious colleagues into the air, and then threw them inside a door labeled “Garbage Recycling”.

Liola raised his eyebrows, and the old man hurriedly explained: “This is a disguised escape door. Now then, young master’s master, may we meet again…”

Liola glanced at him coldly and the old man immediately corrected himself: “No no, may we NEVER meet again. Farewell.”

As the man said his parting words, he, too, jumped into the garbage recycling door, and things like “ow my head” could be heard from the door.

Having finally taken care of everything, Liola turned to leave this baffling place and the incomprehensible situation about becoming a Prince.

Liola suddenly caught a weapon flying through the air with a soft whistling sound. He then side-stepped to dodge another fatal kunai [throwing knife], and what followed it was a series of ten other kunais.

Liola was surprised to see the knives, ‘Why did these knives look so familiar…’

With a swinging kick, Liola swept away all the kunais. Whoever threw them didn’t seem to learn. The kunais still flew towards Liola like snowflakes in a snowstorm. Liola, of course, dodged or swept away all the kunais. His body was so agile that it was as if he was dancing.

“Long time no see, Master, your skills are still very fascinating. It’s never tiring to watch you.” Yasha appeared from the shadows, and she took off the heavy black cloak she had on, which revealed her attractive body, wearing only a red-hot tube top and a mini skirt. Yasha flung her red-hot hair, and a pair of green eyes stared at Liola.

“It WAS you, Yasha.” Liola said lightly, he was uncertain why she suddenly appeared here after being missing for so long, and he actually didn’t notice her being there. Could it be that in a short month, her stealth abilities improved so much that even Liola didn’t notice?

“Yo, Master, I haven’t seen you for a month, and you already seem more talkative than before.” Yasha laughed seductively. With her long legs and heels, she was getting closer to Liola step by step.

“Why are you here?” Liola took a few steps back. The reunion between master and apprentice should be a touching scene, but when you’re an Assassin, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from your own apprentice.

Seeing Liola backed up alarmingly, Yasha stopped, and her eyes showed dissatisfaction. With a strong tone she said: “Why do you have to ask? Of course I’m here to defeat you.”

“I’m not the best Assassin in this world, even if you beat me you won’t be the best Assassin.” Liola stated as a matter of fact.

Yasha’s face sank, and her beautiful face seemed dark. With a cold voice she said:

“Who cares about being the best Assassin. Now as long as I take care of you, I will be a princess.” Then, she returned to her lazy tone:

“Master, your net worth keeps going up. Even as your apprentice I get quite a bit of benefits~.”

“Yasha, you don’t want to go back to our original world?”

Liola was filled with doubt. It was understandable for him to not go back, because Liola didn’t want to be constantly chased by Assassins. But Yasha was the leader’s daughter, in that world, wind and rain were practically at her command, could she really not want to go back?

“Go back?” Yasha’s face sank again, her eyes flashed a sense of sadness, but then she immediately said with a sinister smile:

“I have to at least kill you before I go back, Master.”

But Liola didn’t think much of it. She had probably said she wanted to kill him over a thousand times. Ever since she became his apprentice, she probably averaged at ten times a day. Plus, she tried to assassinate him once a day, every day of the week, and she used different methods everyday. Liola thought that the reason why he was so vigilant, was at least half due to Yasha’s frequent assassination attempts.

“You have somewhere to go?” Liola asked.

Yasha seemed somewhat disturbed: “Yep.”

Liola nodded, then without any desire to fight, he turned around to leave. He didn’t care how much Yasha yelled “stop” or other threats behind him.

It was always like this! Yasha bit on her red lower lip, and her clenched her fists tightly. Yasha pulled out two silver guns from her skirt, and pointed them at Liola.

“Halt!” Yasha said coldly.

Liola stopped, and asked without turning his head: “What is it?”

“I asked you, which side will you join?” Yasha held the guns, and asked threateningly.

Liola answered directly: “Neither.”

“Then, do me a favor and go to hell!” Yasha held the guns, and the muzzle had lit up with a bright light. Liola was familiar with this light, every time before Kaiser fired, his gun also emitted light like this.

Liola was just about to open his mouth to tell his apprentice not to do something so reckless, but a familiar voice was yelling:

“Silver Mask, Silver Mask! We’re here to save you. We’re here with Daylight and Lanski to save you!”

“How did Kaiser find me?”

Liola’s mouth kept twitching, he didn’t know if he should feel touched that Kaiser found people to save him, or complain that they should mind their own business. But Liola had no chance to complain. He instantly took off his gray robe, and then put on a silver mask.

Yasha observed with a curious expression. She had never seen her master wear anything but black or gray, much more, a silver-lined white uniform (though now it looked red), and he even wore a strange mask:

“Master, what are you doing?”

“Silver Mask where are you?” Kaiser put on an act and yelled loudly.

Liola had already understood why Kaiser had put in so much effort in screaming the words “Silver Mask”.

Kaiser was afraid that Liola’s true identity would be known by Daylight and Lanski from the School of Knights. So he yelled ‘Silver Mask’ and hope that Liola would hear it, thus letting him transform in time.

“Stay there and don’t move.” Liola commanded his apprentice, and Yasha really did put down the guns and stood still.

Liola was originally going to tell them that he had already escaped, but he lowered his head, and saw that Baolilong was still in his arms. Liola’s face sank, and said immediately to Baolilong: “Baolilong, hurry and transform to a Dragon.”

Baolilong stared at Liola with its big, pink eyes: “Big Dragon or small Dragon?”


Liola didn’t want Baolilong to turn into a big Dragon and ram its head into the ceiling, then try to rush into his arms while crying. A ten-meter Dragon ramming its head into his chest wouldn’t be a pleasant thing.

Baolilong obeyed and started transforming. Before long, the cute child had already turned into a majestic little Dragon. Liola then asked Baolilong to follow him. He opened the door, and kept a pose unique to Knights: raised jaw, straightened back, elegant yet proud.

Liola followed the hallway towards the source of the sound. He turned a corner, and ran into the fixe backups. The five people were stunned as soon as they saw Liola.

“You…” Kaiser narrowed his eyes: “Aren’t you bathed in blood… Okay, there is plenty of blood on you, but why aren’t you chained and locked in a cage, and almost dying?”

How did Kaiser know his situation? The curious Liola still said coldly: “I escaped.”

“Silver Mask, h-how are you?” Lanski heard what Kaiser said, and suddenly realized that the white uniform on Liola’s body was practically red. Lanski suddenly felt a pain in her heart, and quickly asked how his wounds were.

“I feel…” Liola showed a heavy expression.

Everyone seemed worried at what Liola may say. But…

“Very hungry.” Liola solemnly stated his feelings.

Everyone fell to the ground…

Kaiser gave Liola a death glare and then yelled: “Who the hell cares if you’re hungry?! We’re asking about your wounds!”

As if he just found out that he was injured and bleeding, Liola lowered his head and looked at his bloodied clothes and then calmly said: “I’m fine.”

Kaiser shook his head in disbelief:

“You must be related to earthworms, even if you’re cut into 8 segments you won’t die. Next time if Bao… your Dragon gets hungry, you should just feed it meat from your body, because you will grow it back anyway, and it saves money.”

Purity and Meinan, who had both seen the severity of Liola’s wounds after his fight with Miluo, were worried at what Kaiser said. They wondered if Liola could be injured so much that only his skeleton remains, and he was still able to calmly say that he’s fine.

However, Daylight and Lanski didn’t see it that way. To them, the Silver Mask wearing bloodied clothes, with a tired expression (but it’s actually because he hadn’t eaten for three days) didn’t look okay at all.

“Silver Mask, are you really okay?”

Lanski worried and walked up to Liola. She touched the 30 cm wound on Liola’s chest. Though it was no longer bleeding, the wound was still terrifying. Then Lanski touched the wound on Silver Mask’s shoulders, and looked at many of the other wounds. Lanski felt several heavy blows to her heart. The strong girl she had always been was actually starting to cry.

“This Liola guy is really lucky with women.” Kaiser shook his head, but he didn’t really care about Liola’s luck.

However, having spent almost a month with Liola, Kaiser knew that this luck with women could easily turn into tendency to get into trouble.

Kaiser only hoped the troubles this time wouldn’t involve him. With him and Liola, the problems could only get bigger.

“They look quite a couple. Knight and Princess are best together, just like in fairy tales.” Purity engrossed herself in a fairy tale, but this is the part where the villainess usually appears, and then…

“Get your dirty hands off him!” Two silver guns appeared on Liola’s shoulder, and they were pointed at Lanski.

At the same time, Daylight’s flashing sword was also appeared at Yasha’s long neck, and he warned: “Put down the guns.”

So the situation was as follows:

Lanski’s hand was on Liola’s chest, Yasha was standing behind Liola, with her guns resting on Liola’s shoulders, pointing at Lanski.

Daylight stood behind Lanski, with a long sword reaching over Lanski and Liola’s arm, resting on Yasha’s shoulder.

As for the three other people, they were more than five meters away, and Meinan had already put up countless layers of shielding. Purity was cheerfully watching the fairy tale story unfold, and Kaiser was sitting there eating popcorn.

Oh, of course, and there was the hungry Baolilong ramming at the shield from outside. It was drooling as it looked at the popcorn in Kaiser’s hand… or perhaps just Kaiser’s hand.

“Take your dirty hands off of my Master!” Yasha said as if she didn’t notice there’s a sword on her shoulder, and stared Lanski’s beautiful yet strangely familiar face.

“Point your guns away from the princess!” Daylight also yelled.

“Who is she?” Lanski seemed to be unhappy. She instinctively hated the beautiful redhead, and she wasn’t willing to remove her hand from Liola’s chest.

Facing such a messy situation, Liola speechlessly looked at Kaiser, and his eyes were screaming for help. But Kaiser seemed to be enjoying Liola’s misfortune, and continued eating his popcorn.

Purity was still euphoric in her fairy tale dream. Perhaps the only person here who knew anything about sandwiched between two women would be Meinan, but unfortunately, he wasn’t much help either.

Without Kaiser’s backup, Liola had to save himself. With a flash, he escaped from the sandwich. Without Liola being the insulating middle part, the eyes of the two women met, and it was as if lightning appeared before them.

‘What is this! Wearing a Knight’s uniform? Not feminine at all. And that face, it was identical to Anise’s, no wonder Master would be enthralled by her…’

Yasha angrily stared at Lanski’s beautiful cream hair, and couldn’t help but show jealousy in her eyes.

‘Red-hot wavy hair, and lipsticks bright as a rose. Plus she’s wearing such tight top, with such a short skirt… Silver Mask wouldn’t like a girl like that, right?’

Lanski held herself back from commenting on Yasha’s beautiful long legs.

“Yasha, put the guns down.” Liola said condemningly.

Hearing Liola’s commands, Yasha unwillingly put down her guns, then unhappily said:

“Master, are you really going to let this woman touch you like that?!”

“I’m worried about Silver Mask’s wounds.” Lanski blushed, realizing how unlady-like her actions were. But Lanski didn’t want to appear weak in front of the other woman, so she forced out a reason.

“Caring about his wounds? Hmph!” Yasha grunted contemptuously, and then added casually: “You were obviously taking advantage of Master, you shameless slut.”

“What did you say?!” Lanski pulled her sword out angrily: “You may not insult me.”

“Your shame turned into anger just because I’m right~?” Yasha said mockingly.

“You…” Lanski was so angry that she gritted her teeth, and had forgotten all the rules of a duel. She angrily took hold of her sword and took a jab towards Yasha.

Yasha, whose favorite pastime was making people angry, was obviously prepared. Her guns formed a cross and blocked the sword, and her long leg used this opportunity to sneak an attack at Lanski.

Lanski barely dodged this kick, and her rage grew more. These two women immediately fell into a fight.

Although a cat fight between two gorgeous women would normally be a welcoming thing to watch, this scene gave two men a headache.

Daylight put away his sword, and frowned: “Since Princess Lanski was the one to attack first, then it should count as a duel. I won’t intervene.”

“Hey, Silver Mask, do you think your apprentice will win, or the princess?” Kaiser was extremely excited, and he even wanted to have a bet with Meinan next to him.

However, Meinan was too nervous about the two beauties fighting each other. He was afraid that their faces might even be scratched even just a tiny bit, and thus damaging their beauty. He was so nervous that he forgot to maintain his shields, let alone have bets with Kaiser.

“Kaiser, what would you use for a wager?” Purity thought it was strange, since she remembered that Kaiser was so poor that the only person poorer than him would be Liola, who had nothing because he was from another world.

Kaiser seriously thought about it: “Then I will wager Liola. He’s currently worth a lot.”

“Liola-dage is the wager? Then Purity will bet with you!” Purity’s glasses flashed, and she started observing the fight between the two beauties, trying to figure out who had better odds of winning.

Meinan took a second to advise the two gambling addicts: “Are you sure it’s a good idea to wager ‘Liola’ in front of ‘Silver Mask’…?”

“What’s not good about it? Even if I lose him to Purity, then he might even be happy to have left me!” Kaiser snapped.

‘That goes without saying!’ Liola thought in response, as he watched the two women fight.

“This fight really is exciting. Princess Lanski actually lives up to her name and the fact that she has already reached Blue Rank, and the opposing woman can’t be overlooked either. Her moves are very agile. This is a Knight’s duel worthy of cheering.” Daylight examined both women’s martial arts, and even praised them.

Hearing Daylight’s conclusion, then turning to see the two women, Kaiser said accurately: “If two women escalating jealousy into a catfight counts as a Knightly duel, then my pillow fight with Baolilong should be called the Brave Hero vs. the Evil Dragon.”

“Can we just ignore those two women and go eat first?” Kaiser pointed at Baolilong:

“Look, this Dragon even ate the plastic bag that held my popcorn, if we don’t go eat soon, I think we seriously have to go up against ‘Hungry Dragon’.”

[T/N: Evil Dragon and Hungry Dragon in this context sounds identical in Chinese, so the author was trying to make a pun here.]

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