Bu Sha

Volume 3, Chapter 2 : Six Forbidden Sins

Volume 3, Chapter 2 : Six Forbidden Sins

On the table, there were two people eating without a care in the world… Well, technically, there was one, and that would be Kaiser, while the other one was a Dragon, Baolilong.

Silver Mask, who was just as hungry as the others, was still chewing slowly as always. The way Daylight ate was more chic, following a Knight’s manners to be generous and elegant.

When Purity had eaten a couple of bites, she then took her food and fed it to Baolilong. As for Meinan, he was smiling so much, he almost had facial muscle cramps. He was desperately trying to lighten the mood between the two beautiful women.

“Princess Lanski, why don’t you eat something? You used a lot of energy just now, you’re probably hungry, right?” Meinan said as he put up a plate of salad before Lanski.

Meinan then turned around and put a plate in front of Yasha: “Beautiful lady, why don’t you eat something too? Don’t starve yourself.”

Yasha’s expression changed. She slammed the table and she yelled: “Why did you give her food before me? Are you looking down on me? Do you think lowly of me compared to her?”

“No, I don’t mean that at all.” Meinan was surprised, and immediately apologized.

“So in other words, you think that my social standing is the same as this unknown woman’s?” Lanski said coldly.

“No no no! I don’t mean that either…” Meinan turned his head to answer Lanski.

“You dare to look down on me?” Yasha yelled angrily.

“No, I would never dare to!” Meinan wailed again.

Seeing was Meinan in a difficult position, Liola remembered he was still friends with Meinan, so with a grim tone, he yelled. “Yasha!”

Hearing the master’s yell, Yasha pouted and sat down. She took a plate and angrily stabbed a piece of meat with a fork. As she ate, she stared at Lanski, and chewed it angrily as if the meat was Lanski.

Lanski’s face was cold and calm, and she did not react to Yasha’s provocation. On the contrary, Lanski ate small bites nobly and elegantly.

“Silver Mask, why aren’t we going to the healing center to treat your wounds, instead of coming here to eat? Are you sure you’re okay?” Daylight put down his silverware, and looked worriedly at the Silver Mask’s wounds.

“It’s fine. My wounds are mostly healed. There are only minor injuries remaining.” Liola answered straightforwardly.

Daylight thought about it for a moment and said in understanding: “Looks like you, Silver Mask, are worthy to be Paladin Lancelot’s apprentice. You even mastered the healing magic unique to Paladins, and cured such serious injuries.”

Kaiser quietly murmured:

“This guy isn’t anywhere near worthy to be Lancelot’s apprentice. Everyday he talks about some Assassin’s guide, and he can’t even feel magic elements. Good thing he learnt how to summon a Dragon, otherwise he couldn’t even be a fake Dragon Knight.”

“What?” Daylight frowned. He couldn’t hear Kaiser’s mosquito-like voice.

“Nothing, I was praying before a meal.” Kaiser said with a straight face, pretending that it wasn’t strange to pray before a meal, even though he already has more than ten empty plates stacked up in front of him.

Although Daylight found it weird, he wasn’t familiar with Sorcerers, so he assumed all Sorcerers prayed during their meals.

After eating quietly for a while, Lanski could no longer hold back to urge to ask: “Silver Mask, why does this woman keep calling you Master? What’s your relationship with her?”

‘Master-Apprentice relationship, duh… she already called him “Master”’.

Kaiser and others thought in their minds. However, to prevent the situation similar to Meinan from recurring, the three of them buried their faces in their bowls, even though they were all ears.

“She’s my apprentice.” Liola answered simply. At the same time he frowned when he saw the ground near Baolilong was covered with food. He used telepathy to express his discontent.

Baolilong’s eyes looked at Liola as if it Liola had wronged him, and took small bites of meat from its plate.

“Apprentice?” Lanski seemed to be eased yet worried at the same time.

She hurriedly ask again: “S-so how old are you?”

‘Could he be really old?’ Lanski glanced at the mask again. Being a Silver ranked Knight, he should be at least 40 to 50. But no matter how Lanski looked, she thought that Liola didn’t look a day past 30.

“25.” Liola replied again as a matter of fact.

“25? How is that possible?!” Lanski and Daylight were in shock.

Being a Silver ranked Knight at the age of 25, it was practically unfathomable.

Lanski had just achieved Blue rank at the age of 20, while Daylight had begun to show glimpse of silver aura mixed with his blue aura.

These two were already considered to be prodigies amongst all prodigies. If Liola had really reached Silver rank at 25, he would be the youngest Silver Knight in history.

“What’s shocking about that? Master IS 25 years old.” Yasha taunted.

She was proud to be the an apprentice of such a gifted Master, but at the same time she was jealous at his talent.

“Same age as I am.”

Daylight couldn’t avoid being discouraged. He had originally thought he was the rare genius, so he couldn’t imagine the person in front of him to be even more talented. But it also meant he had to work harder, so he lifted his spirits back up.

“Wait, then how could you be her master? What is your real relationship?”

Lanski observed Yasha as she asked Liola. No matter how she looked, she felt Yasha was probably around 25 as well. How could people of the same age be in a master-apprentice relationship?

Liola frowned. He realized that if he started explaining this, then there was no way to hide his real identity. He replied: “I don’t want to say.”

He couldn’t have imagined how much jealousy this caused. Yasha laughed jauntily, and Lanski’s face sank. She said: “If you don’t want to say it, fine. You have the right to remain silent!”

Hearing this, Liola nodded and really wasn’t planning to say anything else.

Lanski had no idea that Liola would really act that way, so she assumed Yasha and Liola really had some unspeakable secrets.

Vexed, Lanski couldn’t restrain herself: “No! You have to tell me.”

Liola frowned, he couldn’t understand why Lanski’s attitude was so volatile. He repeated the same reply as before: “I don’t want to say.”

Lanski was furious, and she yelled: “Fine, then don’t ever tell me!”

She threw her silverware on the table and, without looking at Liola or Yasha, lifted her head and walked out the door. On the way out, she slammed the door shut.

Liola stared at the door for a moment, and asked cluelessly: “Is she mad?”

“What, you thought she left happily?” Meinan said in disbelief. He couldn’t imagine that Liola could be this dense.

“Why is she mad?” Liola couldn’t understand.

“Because some idiot’s brain is filled with mud.” Kaiser replied coldly.

“Li… Silver Mask-dage would score zero in a class of Romance.” Even Purity sighed and shook her head in disbelief.

Yasha put both of her hands on her hips and asked: “Master, why do they call you Silver Mask? You obviously are called Li…”

Before she finished, everyone had covered her mouth. She blinked with her long eyelashes, and her arms flailed around, struggling.

Everyone glanced at Daylight. Kaiser walked in front of him and said:

“We’re very grateful that you came with us to save Silver Mask. But now, we have to discuss some School of Sorcery secrets, do you think that…” Kaiser purposely showed Daylight an awkward expression.

Daylight was briefly stunned, then he understood: “Ah, all right, then I shouldn’t stay around. Silver Mask, I’m glad you’re okay, and I hope that one day I will have another chance to duel with you.”

Daylight touched his chest with his right arm, and gave a Knight’s salute to Silver Mask. He then followed Lanski’s footsteps and left.

“Such a chivalrous guy, so easily fooled. Looks like I have to get to know him more, so I can frequently take advantage of him in the future.” Kaiser laughed sinisterly, and this evil laugh made Meinan and Purity both pray for Daylight.

At this time, Yasha finally broke free. She yelled: “Let go! What the hell are you guys doing?”

“Because you were about to say Liola’s name out loud! That’s a gigantic secret around here. And if people know it, then Liola and I would be in deep trouble.” Kaiser threatened.

“You shut up, little kid!” Yasha said as she poked Kaiser’s forehead. Unfortunately, Yasha stood tall at 176cm with heels (approx. 5’9”), and the pitiful Kaiser was only 168cm (approx. 5’6”), not to mention he couldn’t wear heels. The difference in height made Yasha feel justified for calling Kaiser a little kid.

“Oh? Fine, I’ll shut up. Don’t get so angry, it’s causing your wrinkles to show, auntie!” Kaiser seemed like he didn’t care.

Round one, Kaiser wins!

After falling to the ground from receiving such a blow, Yasha grabbed Meinan’s mirror desperately checking for any sign of wrinkles.

No matter how she looked, she could only see a pair of attractive, electrified eyes, and no wrinkles!

Yasha sighed in relief and then resumed her previous jaunty look. She’s a natural beauty, how could she possibly have wrinkles at 27?!

“Yasha, after you left Kaiser’s home, where did you go?”

Liola’s tone was still cold, but to Yasha, who was used to having her master being completely indifferent, asking her for her whereabouts was unusually caring. She almost wondered if the person in front of her really was her master.

It made Yasha uncomfortable. The Liola before her wasn’t the master she was familiar with. The person that Yasha worshipped was a merciless Assassin, but could his heart have been defrosted?

“This doesn’t concern you, does it, master?” Yasha purposely gave an apathetic reply, and then she secretly glanced at Liola.

Yasha was hoping to hear the familiar cold tone, but all Liola did was remained expressionless and nodded, which made her very disappointed.

“I went to this world’s Assassin organization!” Yasha turned her head to answer.

To a stranger like Yasha, the only way she could survive in this world was to find places familiar to her, such as the Assassin organization.

Coincidentally, she actually got ahold of information regarding Liola there. With some hesitation, she looked at Liola and said:

“Master you should be careful. Someone hired the Six Forbidden Sins to kill you.”

Upon hearing the name, Meinan’s expression suddenly changed. His hands were trembling so much, he almost dropped the mirror he held in his hands.

But the name of the organization didn’t affect Liola much, and all he did was frown slightly.

‘Someone wanted to kill him? Who could it be? Was it Miluo?’

Liola nodded at Yasha: “I understand.”

Yasha’s face blushed, and suddenly stood up to yell:

“Don’t think for a second that it’s because I care about you! I’m afraid if you get killed, I’d end up in serious trouble, understand? Otherwise I wouldn’t care whether you live or not!”

‘Yeah right!’ Everyone knew Yasha’s mouth didn’t match what’s in her heart at all. Well, everyone except the unromantic Liola.

Liola simply nodded his head and said: “I understand.”

Yasha’s mood… was practically identical to Lanski’s who had just burst out the door. She was almost grinding her teeth at Liola’s bluntness.

Yasha stomped her feet a few times and said: “Anyhow, you are only allowed to die by my hands!”

Yasha stomped a few more times, but saw Liola was not going to respond. Her face turned completely red, and she turned to kick the door open.

Liola had made yet another woman leave…

“Your apprentice is quite strange. On one hand, she says she’s going to kill you, on the other, she obeys your every command.” Kaiser said as he shook his head.

“It’s an Assassin’s principle. Killing one’s own master indicates they are ready to graduate. If one’s master is killed by someone else, then they must avenge their master by killing the killer before they can graduate.” Liola stated emotionlessly.

Ever since the day Yasha became his apprentice, she had constantly tried to kill him.

“Then who the hell wants apprentices? You have to teach them then get killed by them.” Kaiser touched his neck, and felt lucky he didn’t have an apprentice.

Thinking about Yasha’s warning, Liola hesitated and asked: “What is the Six Forbidden Sins?”

“Six Forbidden Sins?!” Kaiser acted as if he had been shocked by ten thousand volts of electricity, his body straightened, and it wasn’t until now that his mind registered what Yasha had said before.

He pulled his hair in agony and said:

“My god, Mizerui and Barbalis, King of Dragons plus Dragon Emperor, Paladin plus Dark Knight, and now we have Six Forbidden Sins? Damn! Liola you practically messed with every strong person in this world. Wahhh, we’d have a better chance of living if we pit ourselves against Mizerui!”

“What exactly is Six Forbidden Sins?” Liola asked again impatiently.

Kaiser cleared his throat as he grabbed Purity’s large glasses. He put them on, and started lecturing as if he were a professor:

“This world has countless Assassin organizations, and the most terrifying of them is Adorning Flowers. And the reason why this organization is the best is because of six Assassins, who claimed they could kill anyone and everyone.

Rumor has it, their martial arts have many different forms, but anyone who would have seen them are already dead. Because I’m still alive, I’m not sure. the only thing I know is that the organization had announced their names: Black Rose, Clover, Gypsophila, Sunflower, Gladiolus, and Anthurium.”

“These six people are the Six Forbidden Sins. Trifling with them is a death sentence.” Kaiser said as he touched his neck.

“Assassins…” Strangely, Liola felt somewhat familiar.

Meinan’s face sank: “We aren’t playing around. The Six Forbidden Sins aren’t ordinary Assassins. Liola, you must not take them lightly.”

Purity glanced at Meinan, and her eyes were filled with sympathy. She knew roughly of what had happened to her good friend Meinan in the past, and it wasn’t a pleasant story.

“But, who would hire such Assassins to kill Liola?” Kaiser carefully pondered: “Could it be Miluo? Or… does Liola have some other enemies?”

* * *

After Lanski had rushed out of the room in anger, she sanked in deep regret.

It was hard for her to see Silver Mask, but now she parted with him on such unhappy terms.

‘Such an idiot!’ Lanski thought to herself, ‘Great, now Silver Mask would have a bad impression of her.’

Lanski was getting more worried, the more she thought about it. Not only did her feet stop their track various times, she occasionally walked backwards, thinking about reconciling with Silver Mask.

However, when she thought about the fact of her rushing out because of anger, and if she ran back to apologize, then that… that Yasha woman will definitely make fun of her. But if she doesn’t go back, when will she see Silver Mask again?

Lanski walked a few steps, she seems to be struggling with something on her mind, and turned around. She took a few steps, she bit down on her lips. And because she didn’t want to see Yasha crowing over her, she turned around again and continued walking towards the dorm.

Lanski walked back and forth, and even the bystanders who were enjoying the Princess’s beauty had gotten dizzy.

“Lanski? What are you doing and why are you pacing back and forth?” Jasmine held a large paper bag and walked up to Lanski from the other side of the street.

She was surprised when she saw Lanski’s unusual behavior. Lanski who was normally elegant and proud, was now frowning and lost, like a little girl.

She really did look like a young girl who had fallen in love for the first time, and contemplating whether she should run away from home to see her lover.

Jasmine couldn’t help but burst out laughing, with this Princess walking back and forth must be related to Silver Mask.

Lanski stuttered and she wasn’t willing to clearly explain what happened. Jasmine laughed mischievously and yelled: “I think I just saw Silver Mask on the street!”

“Really? Where is he? Was there a glamorous woman next to him?” Lanski asked immediately in response. But as soon as she saw Jasmine’s snickering, she immediately knew that she was tricked again and pouted in protest.

Jasmine, with a large smile on her face, she placed her right hand on Lanski’s shoulder, and said:

“Tell me, you know you can’t hide it from me.”

Lanski had awkward expression, but since Jasmine was her best friend, Lanski didn’t hesitate to tell her everything, and then she asked anxiously:

“Jasmine, do you think I should go apologize to Silver Mask?”

Jasmine purposely pretended to be deep in thought. At one moment she shook her head, and in the next, she nodded. It made Lanski quite impatient and anxious.

After pretending for a while, and seeing Lanski’s rare expressions, Jasmine finally burst into laughter, and Lanski knew that Jasmine was teasing her again. Lanski yelled, while blushing furiously: “Jasmine!”

“Fine, fine.” Jasmine held her tummy and stopped laughing, and started analyzing the situation seriously with her friend:

“Why would you apologize? That wouldn’t increase his affection for you. Why don’t you just ask him out?”

“Ask him out? Wouldn’t that be…” Lanski stuttered and couldn’t say the last word.

“A date!” Jasmine said with a firm expression. She then forcefully dragged Lanski, whose face was completely red, and walked towards the restaurant Lanski had talked about.

“W-wait, Jasmine.” Lanski’s heart was filled with shock and shame when she thought about dating Silver Mask.

“What for? If we wait any longer, that red-hot beauty would rob Silver Mask from you!” Jasmine yelled as she turned her head. She was actually worried for her friend.

Lanski’s personality was rather firm and sometimes even stubborn. If someone stole Silver Mask away, who knows what would happen…

Hearing what Jasmine said, Lanski immediately stopped struggling. She timidly asked: “But, what do I do if Silver Mask doesn’t want to have a date with me?”

Jasmine put both of her hands on Lanski’s shoulders:

“Lanski, are you really the Lanski I know? I remember my good friend Lanski is a courageous, indomitable, and resolute woman! So what if Silver Mask rejects you? You can keep pestering him and he will eventually surrender!”

Hearing Jasmine’s reminder, Lanski’s shyness and timidness slowly faded. What replaced it was a firm and courageous attitude. Jasmine no longer had to drag her, but instead Lanski grabbed Jasmine and walked in front of her, towards the restaurant.

“He will agree even if I have to pester him!” Lanski’s blue eyes were burning with flames.

Jasmine was pleased and contented. Her good friend Lanski was finally back!

Jasmine glanced with the corner of her eyes, and she saw a familiar face, it was the person they were looking for. Jasmine immediately waved her arm, and yelled: “Liola!”

Lanski heard Jasmine’s shout, and stopped in confusion. She saw Jasmine running towards Liola, and it wasn’t until she widened her eyes to look at the person, did she remember it was Liola.

‘Wasn’t he the student with a child from the School of Sorcery?’ Lanski’s eyes suddenly glinted, ‘Weren’t the three people around Liola the very same ones with Silver Mask just moments ago?’

* * *

These four people had, of course, just filled their stomachs to the brim and were heading back to their dorm.

Liola had changed from his Silver Knight uniform to his Sorcerer robe, and he was carrying Baolilong on his back. Hearing his name called out, he turned and looked at Jasmine behind who was running to catch up to them.

With a few light steps Jasmine had caught up to Liola, and laughed as she raised up the large paper bag in her hand: “I bought a lot of beef jerky to feed your child. I didn’t think I would run into you half way!”

The smell from the paper bag had already attracted Baolilong, who kept climbing forward on Liola’s back while reaching forward with its chubby fingers. Unfortunately, its hands were too short to reach it.

Baolilong desperately tried to reach a tad bit further, and yelled: “Meat, meat!”

Jasmine saw Baolilong’s cuteness, and she went a bit closer, so that Baolilong could climb into her arms. Baolilong then grabbed ahold of the paper bag and wouldn’t let go.

“Didn’t you just finish eating?” Liola frowned and said. At the same time he wondered, can Baolilong never be full?

“Dragon? A pig is more like it.” Kaiser murmured to himself on the side.

After Jasmine had taken out a large piece of beef from the bag to give to Baolilong, she handed the child to Lanski, who was just as fond of children as she was. Then Jasmine walked in front of Liola, and said with a big smile:

“Is Baolilong’s papa interested in going to the amusement park with me this weekend? You and the child probably haven’t gone out to play for a long time, have you?”

Liola frowned. ‘What is an amusement park?’

“Are you free this weekend? If not, next weekend is fine too.” Jasmine took another step towards Liola. She definitely intended to do what she told Lanski before: pestering him until he agrees!

Lanski observed from the side. She admired her friend’s courage but at the same time, she wished her well. Though she felt that Jasmine was a bit… too good for Liola, but if Jasmine liked him, Lanski would definitely give them her blessings.

“I’ll pay for the tickets and lunch!” Jasmine remembered that the child’s papa seemed to be a bit short on money, so she immediately added.

“Lunch!” As soon as Baolilong heard of food, no matter if it was day or night, it will raise its hands and start cheering.

Kaiser hurriedly pushed Liola and said:

“Hey, they’re going to pay for it, so why don’t you agree now? At least you can save Purity some money, it’s not like you don’t know how much Baolilong eats.”

‘Kaiser, you wouldn’t lose to Baolilong either…’ Purity thought and remembered the money left in her bank account was going down rapidly. Looks like she will have to pettishly charm her brother for more allowance again.

Although Liola had no idea what amusement parks were, he was fond of Jasmine. With a push from Kaiser, Baolilong’s excitement for food, and anticipation on Jasmine’s face, Liola nodded in agreement.

Seeing Liola had agreed, Jasmine happily jumped up and hugged Liola. After she saw the three people behind them, with an ambiguous expression she playfully stuck out her tongue, then let go of Liola.

With a smile, she said: “Then, Baolilong’s papa, come pick me up at ten o’clock this saturday… No, I’ll pick you up.”

Liola nodded. With Jasmine’s sudden hug, he felt a bit… embarrassed. It was another emotion that Liola didn’t understand until Kaiser explained it to him.

After she had transferred the paper bag into Liola’s hand, Jasmine happily walked back to Lanski: “Okay, my things are all taken care of. Now let’s go take care of yours.”

Lanski put Baolilong back in Liola’s arms, then walked up to Kaiser and the others. She asked with a bit of embarrassment: “Excuse me, where did… Silver Mask go?”

Kaiser pretended calm and said: “Oh him? He left first. What’s the matter? I could take a message for you.”

Lanski held back the disappointment and worry in her heart, and said to Kaiser: “Can you ask him to meet me this Saturday?”

“Saturday?” Kaiser said and drowned in his thought. And in his mind, he thought:

‘Are these two women joking? One asks ‘Liola’ to go play on Saturday, and another asks ‘Silver Mask’ to meet her. Damn! I wonder if the best Assassin knows the rumored ninja skill: Shadow Clone?’

“Er, please, tell him to meet me this Saturday!” Lanski’s hands made fists, and she was asking almost as if she were begging.

Kaiser was completely clueless as to what to do in this situation. He took a few steps back, turned, and pushed Meinan in front of him.

Kaiser yelled: “I don’t know! I don’t know anything! I’m not that familiar with Silver Mask, but Meinan is! Ask him!”

Meinan, who was enjoying the show on the sidelines, suddenly got pushed forward. Scared, Meinan tried to evade looking into Lanski’s eyes.

But when Meinan finally gave up the thought of escaping, Meinan bit the bullet and answered: “Perhaps if it’s dinner…” …Maybe? Meinan glanced at Liola from the corner of his eyes, and saw that Liola didn’t give any indication of rejecting, so Meinan calmed down a bit.

“Dinner? I understand. So Saturday night at six o’clock, could you please ask him to come to the Knight’s dorm to look for me?”

Lanski couldn’t hold back the happiness in her heart. Her excitement, shyness, and beauty intoxicated quite a few of the male audience. Jasmine was also happy for her friend and she gave her a thumbs up.

Meinan again glanced at Liola once again. Only after he confirmed that there was no expression on Liola’s face, he nodded his head to accept Lanski’s request.

Lanski was so happy that she almost couldn’t control her face. With a wide smile, she ran back to Jasmine. They happily squealed at each other: “Very good!”

“Very good? Very miserable is more like it…” Kaiser and others looked at Liola strangely.

Of course, Liola was still expressionless. He was too busy thinking, what did Lanski want from him?

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