Bu Sha

Volume 3, Chapter 3 : Method for Dual Identity Dating

Volume 3, Chapter 3 : Method for Dual Identity Dating

Purity’s face was full of seriousness, and Meinan was frowning. The two looked like they were deciding the fate of their world.

Meinan earnestly looked at Purity and said: “Purity, I have to tell you the truth. I feel that your…”

Purity raised her head, and stubbornly replied: “Meinan, actually, I too feel that your…”

“… Sense of beauty is twisted!” The two yelled in unison loudly.

Meinan brushed his hair, and pointed at a set of black clothes on the bed:

“Obviously this black and gold-lined uniform is the best. Why would you pick the white one? It’s not for a patient in a hospital. White doesn’t look majestic at all.”

Purity clenched her fist and protested.

“What’s wrong with white?! Even Purity’s brother looks good in white. If Meinan likes it, he could wear gold blocks for all I care! Don’t tell Liola-dage to wear that, it would destroy his aura!”

“Not being anal or anything, but…” Kaiser jumped from his sleeping posture with veins popping out of his head:

“Why the hell are you two yelling in someone else’s room so early in the morning?! Why don’t you go back to your own rooms and yell? Bastards! Don’t you know today is a weekend? Why can’t you let me sleep in?”

Purity became timid, and Meinan also moved awkwardly. They both said, as if they had been wronged: “We’re just worrying about Liola’s dates.”

Kaiser sat up on his bed, and he hugged a soft pillow. With a head of bed hair and a weak face, Kaiser asked: “Where’s Liola?”

“He’s practicing Kung Fu on the roof.” They said in unison.

Kaiser looked at the two sets of clothes on the bed. The black and gold-lined outfit wasn’t as bad as Purity had put it. It was pure black, and there was an elegant magic circle adorned near the chest with golden linen. Along with long and traditional black boots, this set of clothes would actually match the mysteriousness of Liola very well.

The white set consisted of a white, button-up shirt, an elegant, sleeveless silver vest, and a sepia trousers. On the side of the legs there was a gradient pattern that goes from light on the bottom to dark on top, and it matched well with the white boots.

Kaiser thought quietly, when Liola gets back, he will make him take those clothes off so he can sell them, but on the surface, he seriously gave them a recommendation:

“This is too simple. Give Liola the black set, and give Silver Mask the white set; they fit perfectly well.”

The two suddenly realized that it was the best way.

During this time, Liola jumped in through the window. He looked at the clock on the wall, and it was 9:50am. Liola prepared to take a bath to wash away his sweat. He pulled out his drawer to take out a gray robe and change.

“Liola, wearing the school uniform to a date would be rude to a lady. Why don’t you put on this black one?” Meinan quickly handed the black, gold-lined attire.

Without even looking, Liola took the clothes and walked into the restroom. In about three minutes, Liola walked out with the black clothes. It fit quite well, as the tight-fitting clothes showed his long body, and the gold-lined magic circle accentuated Liola’s mysterious nature.

“T-that looks good!” Purity’s heart raced, she almost fainted from Liola’s handsome features.

“Definitely looks magnificent.” Meinan said, admiring his own judgement.

‘Crap! The boss seems to like this set of clothes, I’m afraid that she won’t let me go sell it!’ Kaiser sighed. ‘It’s so hard making money!’

Liola wasn’t the slightest bit interested in what he was wearing. All he did was grab Baolilong from the bed, who was wrapped up like a sushi roll, and calmly said to the other three people:

“I’m going.”

Kaiser and others nodded. But as Liola walked out, three of them immediately began to move. An Assassin’s first date wasn’t something you see every day, and how could they possibly not secretly follow out of curiosity?

* * *

The date participant, Liola, treated his date as a common thing. In fact, after hearing Kaiser’s explanation, Liola finally understood that amusement parks were places where children played. Therefore, Liola automatically understood this as Jasmine wanting to take Baolilong out to play.

As for Kaiser’s long-winded explanation on male-female dates, Liola kept nodding his head, but in fact he didn’t understand a bit of it.

As soon as the gate opened, Liola could see Jasmine smiling and waiting outside.

Unlike her usual Knight’s uniform, Jasmine wore a ocean blue camisole, white shorts, and Roman sandals. She looked cute yet sensible.

Although she couldn’t compare to the naturally beautiful Lanski, nor the voluptuous Yasha, her straightforward yet playful nature made people feel very comfortable.

“Wow, Liola, you’re really handsome.” Jasmine covered her chest hyperbolically, as if she couldn’t take it anymore.

Baolilong heard Jasmine’s voice, and its sleepy eyes opened.

With a nasal sound, it said:

“Meat, meat!”

Jasmine discretely shook her head:

“Aiya, even the baby thought of me as the meat deliverer.”

T/N: This carries a connotation that she’s practically delivering her body to Liola.

Liola heard, and frowned at Baolilong:

“Don’t be such a glutton.”

Baolilong lowered its head shamefully, and bent its mouth to pout.

Jasmine kept saying “so cute”. Jasmine smiled and retrieved a large hamburger from her backpack.

The moment Baolilong smelled the food, it immediately abandoned papa and run straight into Jasmine’s arms. It grabbed the hamburger and started taking large bites.

Jasmine said as she smiled: “I bought a fish one this time. I heard that children who eat more fish would become smarter.”

“The meat meat before tasted better.” Baolilong loudly announced. Though it said this, there was no way Baolilong was letting go of the hamburger in its mouth.

“Understood. Then I’ll buy more beef for you for lunch.”

Jasmine ran her loving hands through Baolilong’s white, soft hair, and beckoned Liola to walk toward a streamlined, ocean-blue flying Maxun.

When Jasmine was just about to step into the flying Maxun, she suddenly remembered that many guys didn’t like to be picked up by girls. She hesitated and asked:

“Do you want to drive?”

Liola shook his head. He had no clue how to drive a Maxun.

Coincidentally, who knew Jasmine would be pleased by Liola’s reply.

Jasmine, who loved her car as much as she loved her own life, wasn’t really willing to let someone else drive her beloved car.

‘No male chauvinism, +20 points.’ Jasmine happily started rating Liola. ‘A good father, +10 points, super cute kid, +10 points, mature personality, another +10 points. Hehe, handsome and stylish, +10 more points.’

‘Not bad! At least he passes.’ Jasmine had a slight headache when she remembered Lanski’s reminder.

* * *

“Jasmine, what do you like about that Sorcerer?” Lanski asked with curious eyes.

Though each person has their own preference, Lanski couldn’t understand.

How can Jasmine be attracted to someone who had no strengths, not from a well-known family, no knowledge, and has practically nothing…

Hmm, perhaps he was a bit handsome, but Lanski would stake her life believing Jasmine would not like Liola just because of his look. Besides, there were plenty others who were better looking than Liola.

Jasmine thought of it for a bit and said: “Because he’s handsome?”

Lanski was stunned, and then she understood Jasmine was just joking.

She angrily punched Jasmine, and forced her to surrender the real explanation:

“Aiyo, I don’t really know how to say it. I feel something special about him, and he seems to be a good father…”

“That is the real problem. He’s been married!” Lanski was trying to defend her good friend.

What’s wrong with being married? The baby was so cute! Even her own baby might not be as cute.

Jasmine thought as she drove the flying Maxun: ‘If one day the baby calls me mom, I would faint from excitement!’

* * *

Jasmine drove the flying Maxun to the most famous amusement park in Aklan. After she parked the car, she happily carried Baolilong and said, “Baby look, we’re here at the amusement park.”

Baolilong, who had just swallowed the hamburger, looked at the park curiously. Then it turned and asked: “Is there meat meat?”

Jasmine laughed: “Little glutton! Wait until lunch. I’ll buy beef for you. But for now, let’s go play.”

Jasmine happily bought tickets, and then rushed towards different rides while carrying Baolilong… Although she wasn’t able to get into any.

“Miss, you have to be at least 120cm (3’11”) to play this!”

Jasmine place Baolilong against the ruler: 98cm (3’2”).

Jasmine blinked, and with a headache she asked the worker: “Then is there anything someone who is 98cm can play?”

Finally, Jasmine was able to take Baolilong and Liola only to teacup rides…

Jasmine laughed awkwardly: “Haha, I forgot that Baolilong is still young, so he can’t go play those rides. Uh… Liola, are you bored?”

Seeing Liola’s expressionless face, Jasmine’s voice got lower and lower as she spoke.

She screamed in her heart: ‘Why must it be 120cm? That’s practically discrimination against short people!’

Liola couldn’t understand the point of sitting in a teacup at all, so he honestly nodded. Jasmine looked like she had just been hit by lightning, said in depression:

“Then let’s go back early.”

Downcast, Jasmine walked in front of Liola, but Liola glanced from the corner of his eyes, and he noticed there were people following them.

According to the number of people and their strange appearances, it should be Kaiser and others. Liola stopped, and turned around to look at the three.

* * *

“Hey, I think Liola found us.”

Said Kaiser, who was wearing a fur cap, sunglasses, and a mask, said.

Another man with a butterfly mask, top hat, and a black cloak quietly asked:

“What now? Should we go up and say that we’re here to play in the amusement park too?”

“No. We could turn into third wheels.”

A strange girl with a blonde wig and a coat full of red bowties said hurriedly.

“Is that going to make a difference? Looks to me like their date is going badly.” Kaiser already saw Jasmine’s depressed look. He sighed for her.

‘She’d be able to date just about anyone, so why must she date an ice cube? She deserved to be frozen to death.’

Purity hurriedly added: “Kaiser, do something.”

“Yeah, Kaiser, look: Liola already disappointed such a Lady. How ungentlemanly of him.”

Meinan defended Jasmine.

Kaiser rolled his eyes. ‘Are you kidding me? I have to be Liola’s love consultant?!’

However, the firmness in Purity’s eyes made Kaiser realized he had no choice, otherwise he might not get those three meals a day.

Kaiser bit the bullet and walked to Liola’s side, and quietly said: “You s.o.b., do you know how to date? Go grab her hand, and then go to a romantic restaurant. Sweet talk a bit, and then you can go to a hotel…”

Meinan and Purity both covered Kaiser’s dirty mouth, and then dragged away Kaiser, who was making muffled sounds. Then they said to Liola: “Other than the last part, do as Kaiser said.”

Liola stood stock-still, completely baffled, until Jasmine noticed and walked up to ask:

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Liola explained, and he hesitated before he said:

“Can we go to an romantic restaurant to eat?”

Hearing this, Jasmine’s depressed eyes once again glowed with rays of light. She grabbed Liola’s arm and said:

“Okay, let’s go to a restaurant with a good ambience. I just happened to know one.”

‘Romantic means good ambience?’ Liola learnt something new.

Baolilong dragged papa and asked: “What’s good ambience? Is there tasty meat meat?”

After they had left the park, Jasmine drove like a hurricane on the way to the restaurant. She then quickly dragged Liola into the restaurant, and nervously asked the receptionist:

“Are there any seats?”

The receptionist was shocked, and nodded at Jasmine, who was so happy that she was about to jump for joy.

She followed the receptionist with a smile, and her footsteps were so quick, she looked like she was about to fly.

Liola, on the other hand, was looking left and right, trying to understand the definition of good ambience.

There were yellow crystal lights, white laced curtains, and the tables were covered with a light pink and beautiful cloth.

Meinan would probably like this restaurant. Liola looked toward the door, and sure enough. There were three strangely dressed figures blocked outside by the receptionist.

As Liola looked, Jasmine went up to him, grabbed his hand and asked: “What are you looking at? Why don’t you sit?”

Thinking of what Kaiser said, Liola looked down at Jasmine’s hand in his, which made Jasmine so diffident, she wanted to pull her hand back, but Liola grabbed ahold of it instead.

Jasmine suddenly blushed, but Liola acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary and said: “Nothing, let’s sit.”

“Liola, what do you like?” Jasmine started chit-chatting, because she wanted to distract Liola, so he wouldn’t see through her shyness.

Liola thought about it and answered: “Weapons.”

“Really? You’re a Sorcerer but you like weapons?” Jasmine was a bit shocked.


“Then let’s go to a weapon exhibit next time…”

* * *

Kaiser and the others were standing outside of the variegated fences of the restaurant, peeking at the date within.

Liola was chewing slowly, and occasionally answering Jasmine’s questions. Baolilong was just finishing its sixth super jumbo steak, shocking the waitress who had delivered it.

The three of them looked very happy.

“WHY? Why do I have to stand here eating bread and drinking water, while watching that guy eat his steak? This is so unfair~~”

Kaiser yelled, and a loud growl came from his stomach. He could only watch the steak, and angrily tore off another piece of bread to chew. He then took another drink of water, and continued to yell:


* * *

Liola was standing in front of the dorm to say his goodbyes to Jasmine. Liola was carrying Baolilong, who ate so much; its tummy had turned into a semi-sphere.

Liola apologized: “I’m very sorry, Baolilong ate too much.”

After being in this world for some time now, Liola had slowly understood the value of money and the cost of living. He didn’t think romantic restaurants would be so pricey, and it just so happened Baolilong really liked the food there, so it kept yelling for more and more food.

Jasmine, too, had been busy talking to Liola to notice. It wasn’t until when they received the bill, did Liola stare at the amount of money. The money on the bill was enough for Liola and others to eat for a month and then some.

Jasmine, too, widened her eyes and stared at the check for quite some time, and then finally took out a card to pay. Her smile after did seem a bit forced. Liola felt deeply apologetic for that, and at the same time he thought he better make some money.

“It’s okay. But the baby really eats a lot. Is it normal to eat this much?”

Jasmine worriedly looked at Baolilong’s spherical tummy. She did blame herself too because she put all her attention talking to Liola.

Liola actually didn’t understand as well. How much does a Dragon have to eat before it gets full? With a helpless expression, indicating that he, himself did not know.

Jasmine burst into laughter: “It’s rare to see an expression on your face, so this meal was worth it. Baby’s papa, good night.”

Jasmine stopped briefly, and her face slightly blushed. She then tipped her toes and suddenly kissed Liola briefly.

While Liola was still stupefied, she smiled as she hurried back to the flying Maxun, sticking her tongue out at Liola playfully. Then, she started the flying Maxun back towards the School of Knights.

Liola could still hear echoes of Jasmine’s happy giggles even after she had left.

Liola touched his lips lightly with his fingers, and he could still feel Jasmine’s soft lips. Although Liola didn’t understand the intent behind the kiss, Liola probably wouldn’t reject her if she wants to kiss him again.

Liola turned around and returned to the dorm.

But before he had a chance to choose his room from the semi-transparent screen, Kaiser and others had already arrived at the door.

Purity carried a set of white clothes on her arms, and she had a bright smile on her face, she said:

“Liola-dage is going to see the Princess now, right?”

Kaiser snapped.

“You don’t have to go in. You only have 3 minutes left to change and find Lanski in the School of Knight.”

Liola nodded, and handed Baolilong, who was extremely drowsy after eating too much, to Kaiser.

Liola took the clothes from Purity and walked into a corner to change. He didn’t forget to put on the silver mask, and then he walked out, ready to pick up Lanski.

“Damn… This can’t be the same person, can it?” Kaiser said in shock.

With his elegant white button-up shirt, sleeveless silver vest, sepia trousers, and white boots, Liola disguised as Silver Mask, looked like a Prince who would normally appear to be living in a luxurious Palace.

“I’m not bringing Baolilong.” Liola stated calmly. Without turning his head, he walked out of the dorm, quickly disappearing in the direction to the School of Knight.

“Did that guy’s attitude change too?” Kaiser felt something strange about Liola. There was something different between Liola when he has his mask on and his normal self.

Liola had always given off the vibe not caring about anything, but this was a far cry than Silver Mask’s cold, inviolable pride. It’s no wonder that Jasmine and Lanski couldn’t realize these two people are one and the same.

Could the problem be the mask? Worry flashed through Kaiser’s mind.

‘Did Mizerui… really give him an ordinary mask?’

* * *

On the way to the Knight’s dorm, a crowd gathered behind Silver Mask, and it caused quite a stir.

The male Knights were angry but they weren’t brave enough to provoke a Silver Knight, and the female Knights were screaming when they saw Silver Mask’s long figure and his pride.

Before long, Silver Mask was followed by a long line of people. When he finally arrived at the Knight’s dorm’s gate, he was surrounded by a full circle of Knights.

Lanski nervously touched her skirt that reached her knees, hoping her simple yet elegant white dress would intoxicate Silver Mask like Jasmine said it would.

Lanski reached out and pushed the button to open the door, and when the door slowly opened…

Under the darkness of the night, Lanski’s eyes could only see the silver moonlight reflected softly from an upright yet prideful body.

Even though he was surrounded by many people, it didn’t seem to affect Silver Mask at all. He even closed his eyes, adding a ray of ease along with his pride. This scene made the bystanders hush. They were afraid of breaking the picturesque scenery by making a noise.

For the first time, Princess Lanski felt moved, seeing the man before her eyes actually waiting for her!

In her eyes, the plain dorm had turned into the Dragon Continent Palace.

Lanski elegantly walked down the stairs. At this time, Silver Mask opened his eyes. A head full of cream white hair greeted his eyes, and the familiar, beauty of Lanski’s face, was even more beautiful than ever under the moonlight.

Lanski shyly walked in front of Liola, and asked with a slight blush:

“So where are you taking me to dinner?”

Liola was quiet for a moment, and then he said:

“Romantic restaurant.”

“Oh… let’s go then.” Lanski’s face had turned into a deeper shade of red. She didn’t think Silver Mask would directly take her to a romantic restaurant.

Though they’ve said they were going, they still stood at the same place. After a while, Lanski tried to remind Silver Mask: “You can drive your Maxun here now.”

“I don’t have a Maxun.” Silver Mask answered honestly.

Lanski was stunned for a moment, then she realized, and said with a smile: “Are we riding the Sacred White Dragon then?”

Liola thought about Baolilong’s situation.

Normally, its flight was already scary enough, and now it was so drowsy from eating too much. It was anyone’s guess if it would fall out of the sky while flying.

Silver Mask thought about this, and shook his head. He didn’t want to fall a few hundred meters out of the sky just because he went to eat a meal.

“So… How are we getting to the restaurant?” Lanski started to panic a little.

This question gave Liola a headache too.

He originally thought Lanski would be like Jasmine, and carry them both with a flying Maxun… Liola suddenly remembered an even bigger question: would Lanski pay? He was a penniless person.

Liola carefully examined Lanski’s clothing, and noticed her clothes were simple, elegant… But mostly importantly, it had no pockets to store a wallet or even a card.

Seeing Lanski’s curious eyes, the penny-less and car-less Liola was clueless as to how to solve the situation before him, so he had a staring contest with Lanski.

“Silver Mask!”

Kaiser’s loud scream echoed around the area, and Liola finally sighed in relief. Kaiser was probably here to resolve his dilemma… Right?

“Hey! Silver Mask, that bastard of a Dragon of yours suddenly went crazy.” Kaiser tried to catch his breath but still continued to yell:

“When it woke up and didn’t see you, he threw a tantrum, and even the dorm has a huge hole now because of it.”

Ordinarily, there was nothing unusual for a five year-old child to throw a tantrum. However, the heartless Kaiser threw Baolilong out of the room, so he wouldn’t be bothered by the sight of the crying child, but it just happened that this child wasn’t ordinary child, but a Dragon’s embodiment.

Baolilong, who got thrown out of the room, got so angry; it tried to turn into a ten-meter Dragon while inside the dorm.

As a result, it hit its head hard against the metallic ceiling, which made it very dizzy. It then desperately rolled around in pain within the narrow dorm. But as it rolled, it hit even more walls, which made the pain even worse…

Liola was quite shocked. He used telepathy to call Baolilong, and as soon as Baolilong heard papa, it immediately howled:

“My head hurts! Papa, where are you?”

“Baolilong, transform back.” Liola commanded.

“It hurts! Waahhh, papa~~” Baolilong cried like a little child (though it is a little child), rolling around the ground even more.

Now, even Liola and Kaiser, who were at the Knight’s dorm, far away from the Sorcerer’s dorm, could hear the commotion. Some noises sounded like Baolilong’s earthshaking turns, and some were the well-practiced sounds of Sorcerer students yelling to escape.

Liola frowned, and turned to say to Lanski: “Sorry, I can’t go today. I’ll come find you another day.”

After he finished, Liola raced back towards the Sorcerer’s dorm alone, with Kaiser trailing and yelling something about waiting for him.

Kaiser seemed to have remembered something, as he turned around to look at Lanski.

Lanski was standing where she was; her face looked as if something had gone amiss. Lanski’s lonesome outline made Kaiser pray in his heart, hoping that this “standing up the Princess in front of crowd” thing wasn’t going to cause even more trouble.

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