Bu Sha

Volume 3, Chapter 4 : Violet College

Volume 3, Chapter 4 : Violet College

Liola hurried back to his room and saw Baolilong’s large body stuck in the hallway even though it was considerably wide for a person.

Baolilong howled in pain while struggling desperately, and as a result, shook the entire dorm.

Luckily the gigantic mecha dorm built by Barbalis was fairly strong and it wasn’t immediately destroyed by Baolilong. However, if Baolilong continued to struggle and turn, it’ll be hard to foresee the future.

After not getting any response with several telepathic attempts, Liola yelled angrily:

“BAO LI LONG?! I told you to transform back!”

Baolilong finally heard papa’s voice. It stopped struggling, and the humongous Dragon body started to shrink, until finally, a five year old child laid face down in the hallway, still sobbing.

Liola walked to Baolilong, and then grabbed it by its back.

Liola frowned and asked: “What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly throw a tantrum?”

Baolilong’s large eyes squeezed out pearl-sized tear drops. It reached out its chubby hands, ran into Liola’s arms and held on tight. Baolilong cried for a while, then murmured in Liola’s arms:

“Baolilong had a dream. Mama doesn’t move anymore, and papa was gone. Baolilong was the only one left.”

“Such a poor child, waahh.” Purity couldn’t open the door until now. She poked out her head, and heard Baolilong’s sad experience, then cried with him.

“Papa, you wouldn’t go away too, would you?” Baolilong raised its head out of Liola’s arms, and stared at Liola.

“No. Don’t be ridiculous.” Liola answered Baolilong directly.

Baolilong nodded and held Liola tightly as it whispered: “Baolilong won’t let papa disappear again.”

“Liola-dage, how was your date with the Princess?” Purity asked curiously.

Because Baolilong was in the hallway, they were unable to follow Liola. They even had to let Kaiser jump out the window to ask Liola for backup. All this made the fairy tale fanatic Purity upset.

Liola simply shook his head, and then he grab the gray robe in order to change out of his luxurious clothes. Though the robe wasn’t as pretty as what he had on, but it was loose and soft, thus very comfortable. This was the reason why Liola had gotten more and more used to wearing the robe.

Liola had just changed when he saw that Kaiser, had come back as well. Seeing Liola walk out, Kaiser immediately started complaining and yelling:

“I’m starving! Let’s go to eat, and I’m going to eat well. You’re not allowed to give me bread again!”

“I understand.” Purity snapped. She took out her wallet, which had gotten a lot thinner, and thought that she would have to go ask her brother for money soon.

* * *

“That was good.”

Satisfied, Kaiser began rubbing his stomach, and started to walked back towards the Academy. He was followed by Purity, who looked like she was about to burst into tears.

Who knew that as soon as they reached Academy gate, they’d see fires everywhere, and the sound of battle and weapons clashing could be heard. Armors were flying through the air, and the Knights were riding on their mounts fighting each other.

The whole situation was out of control. Even Purity and Meinan thought something was wrong. They ran to the window and stared at the chaos outside.

“Uh, if Mecha Fighters and Knights fought against each other, then it would be normal.” Meinan was completely puzzled and said:

“But now Knights are fighting each other and so are the Mecha Fighters. What’s going on?”

“Idiot!” Kaiser reminded him with a loud yell: “Look closely. Some of the students are wearing different uniforms than ours!”

Since Knight uniforms were universal in the world, the only thing different was their school badge. But since Liola and the others were too far away, they couldn’t see it clearly, so they all looked at the Mecha Fighters.

Aklan Mecha Fighters were wearing blue military uniforms, but about half of the students on Mechas were wearing a purple leather suit. They were obviously not from Aklan Academy.

“Ah! I know where these students are from.” Purity yelled: “It’s Violet Academy. Their uniforms are quite pretty. Purity had almost chose their academy for their uniforms.”

“Violet Academy…” Kaiser tried hard to rack his brain: “The second best school in Aklan Empire. What are they doing here? Unless… They want to take out Aklan Academy to become the best?”

“That’s correct!” A cold voice could be heard from behind.

Everyone turned around, and a few Red and Green Knights were behind them. Though their uniforms were identical to Aklan Academy’s, but there was a violet school badge on their chest. There were also two girls wearing long, light purple robes.

“Hey, guy in gray robe, you’re a student from the Aklan School of Sorcery, right?” One of the Red Knights smiled in satisfaction.

“Such an ugly color. Good thing we didn’t go to Aklan Academy.” The two girls laughed, making fun at the clothes Liola and others were wearing.

The few Violet Academy students slowly walked toward Liola, and their eyes were flashing with malice. Liola didn’t move, and watched their approach calmly.

Kaiser was pulling his hair wondering which way he should escape so they wouldn’t be able to catch up to him, and Purity ducked into Meinan’s protective shield.

The Violet Academy students looked like they were about to draw their weapons to attack.

“Stop!” Daylight hurriedly ran towards them, and yelled angrily at the Violet Academy students.

The Knights saw the Blue lining of Daylight’s uniform, and their face changed. They had no choice but to do what he said and stopped their approach, though their eyes were flashing with dissatisfaction.

One of the Red Knights started to talk: “We just want to duel with them.”

“Nonsense!” Daylight angrily replied: “If you want a duel, go find the Mecha Fighters or Knights, not the Sorcerers. As Knights, you shouldn’t bully the weak.”

‘Does that mean we’re weak… ?’ Liola and others pouted and thought.

“Then we can duel with them, right? Sir Blue Knight?” The two girl Sorcerers looked at Daylight with fawning eyes, and tried to get closer and closer to him.

Daylight frowned, and turned around to them and asked: “Will you guys be okay?”

Kaiser raised his eyebrow, and said: “Don’t worry. If it’s just a Sorcerer duel, then in worst case scenario we can sleep under Meinan’s protective shield.”

“What? Then what about me?” Meinan’s face turned pale. They can’t be asking him to hold a shield all night long, right?

“Let’s go to the dorm.” Liola said concisely. He had no plans in getting involved.

Kaiser immediately nodded in agreement.

“That’s a good idea. There’s nothing good about that dorm, except that it’s practically indestructible. Looks like we can at least sleep well in the dorm.”

“I’ll escort you guys back.” Daylight said worriedly, and then glanced at the Violet Knights ferociously. The two girl Sorcerers ducked behind their Knights.

“Sir Daylight, you’re just too good and far too kind.” Kaiser smiled flatteringly.

Daylight said awkwardly: “Let’s go. I still need to come back to defend the Academy.”

Kaiser continued his flattery: “Sir Daylight is certainly extraordinarily knightly, virtuous, kind hearted…”

“Let’s hurry!”

Daylight, who felt weird after listening to Kaiser’s flattery, immediately interrupted him. Then, he summoned his Fire Dragon, Flames, let Liola and the others ride on it, and took off towards the Sorcerer dorm.

Though many students were dueling in the air, but there was no Violet student who would be brave enough to provoke Daylight. A Blue Knight was considered to be the strongest among students, not to mention a Blue Dragon Knight.

The faces of Mecha Fighters and Knights in the air changed as soon as they saw Daylight, and they hurriedly gave way, fearing they would run into Daylight.

But of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

When Daylight was not far from the School of Sorcery, a light blue Water Dragon blocked his path, with a Knight standing on top of it. That’s right, just like Silver Mask, he was standing on the Dragon’s back.

The person had long dark purple hair reaching his hips, and a pair of cold black eyes. The blue-lined Black Knight uniform and the Violet on his chest had already proved his identity.

Daylight’s face remained calm, but his eyes were shining with anticipation for an impending battle.

Kaiser worriedly pushed Daylight lightly. Daylight turned and looked at the squeaky wheels… no, the Sorcerers to be escorted.

[T/N: Idiom – Squeaky wheel gets the oil. It means people who complain the most will get attention or what they want.]

He said to the Water Dragon Knight: “Wait until I escort these people back, then I will duel with you.”

“We’re all students, why do they need your escort!” The Water Dragon Knight coldly said: “If they can’t survive on the battlefield by themselves, they deserve to be eliminated.”

“They are Sorcerers.” Daylight frowned, disagree with the Water Dragon Knight.

Another voice came out of nowhere and said “So what you’re trying to say is, Sorcerers are weaklings?”

It wasn’t until then that they had noticed there was someone standing on air, covered in a cloak, staring at Liola and others in disdain.

“Levitation… it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Sorcerer who could do that.” Meinan said.

The person in the air grunted mockingly: “That’s because Aklan Academy is full of degenerates. You can’t even learn Levitation and you got accepted into the academy. Hmph, seems like Aklan Academy is the place where only garbage attends.”

Purity protested in dissatisfaction: “What you’re saying is too rude! We all had a test of our abilities before we could get into the Academy. Right, Kaiser?!”

Purity turned and looked at Kaiser, waiting for his reply.

“Mhm, right!” Kaiser answered earnestly, though in his mind he thought,

‘There was a test of whether Liola and I could write our own name, and whether we know our gender.’

Purity turned to look at the Sorcerer in the air, and her face was covered with anger.

Curious, Kaiser whispered to Meinan: “Strange, since when did Purity became so brave?”

“Because Purity’s older brother is teaching in Violet Academy. Purity really hates letting her brother hear anything bad about her.” Meinan whispered back.

“So that’s why…” Kaiser realized.

“Little girl, how about a Sorcerer duel?” The person floating in air gave out a sinister laugh.

When Purity heard him, and her long, black hair began to dance in the air. She even took off her large glasses. Determination flashed in her eyes. Even Daylight could sense Purity’s change, and the surrounding tinkling magic.

The Sorcerer in the air also had a slight change of expression. He seemed to be even more excited.

He took off his cloak in one swoop, to show his real identity. Surprisingly, he looked identical to the Water Dragon Knight. The only difference was that his hair was short.

“How about a double duel then? You and that Blue Knight versus me and my brother.”

The excited Sorcerer slowly landed on the water Dragon, and stood shoulder to shoulder next to the Water Dragon Knight.

Purity and Daylight vs. Water Dragon Knight and floating Sorcerer, who would win?

Kaiser held his forehead to think: “Let me think. Either the Violet students beat Purity and Daylight, and then give us all a good beating, or Purity finally uses her ultimate, and the hundreds of people, including all of us, perish together.”

“Damn! No matter what we’re screwed. No! We demand to change our Sorcerer. Meinan go take Purity’s place.” Kaiser said firmly.

Meinan desperately nodded. Though a duel was dangerous, but experiencing Purity’s space magic was far more fatal.

“No!” Purity’s hair grabbed Kaiser’s neck like vines, and her eyes flashed with stubbornness, as if she’s going to use her ultimate right now if they were to change Sorcerers.

To prevent himself being teleport to Pluto or wherever, Kaiser immediately changed his mind:

“Then we demand to change Knights!”

Daylight appeared to be hurt and asked: “Why?”

“It goes without saying. If Silver Mask goes, he could finish those two before Purity even has a chance to do anything. This is the only way that Aklan and Violet won’t both perish!” Kaiser yelled.

Daylight was still doubtful, and skeptical of the a possibility that Purity could destroy both academies.

“Silver Mask, Lancelot’s apprentice?” The Water Dragon Knight finally spoke, but his tone was still extremely cold.

“That’s right! If you know what’s good for you, you better do yourself a favor and butt off. Otherwise who knows when he will have a little ‘chat’ with you, then you would be in deep trouble.”

By making use of the Paladin’s name, Kaiser became more bold.

“Imposter.” The Water Dragon Knight said coldly.

Kaiser widened his eyes, and even Liola, who seemed like he had nothing to do with this, raised his head to look at the Water Dragon Knight, unsure if the Knight had a lucky guess or if he really knew that Silver Mask wasn’t Lancelot’s apprentice.

Without a change in his facial expression, Kaiser said: “Imposter? Who are you calling imposter?”

“Lancelot has no apprentice.” The Water Dragon Knight got impatient and unsheathed his sword. He said with a deep voice: “I don’t care who you send. Let’s duel.”

Daylight curiously looked at Liola, as if he had something to ask.

Kaiser saw this and he was afraid that perhaps Daylight had already discovered Liola’s identity.

When Daylight saw Liola covered in blood and locked in a cage, Liola probably hadn’t transformed.

This could be a mess.

Kaiser immediately looked at Liola to see if he had any plans, but his expressionless face told Kaiser nothing.

‘Maybe that guy is thinking nothing at all!’ Kaiser thought.

“Let’s wait before we talk about it.” Kaiser had no choice but calmly negotiate with Daylight, whom nodded in agreement. Whatever Kaiser wanted to say, Daylight will have to wait.

“We send Daylight and Mei—…”

With Purity’s terrifying gaze, and to prevent himself from taking a trip to Liola’s world, Kaiser immediately corrected himself:

“… Purity.”

Daylight nodded, and asked the Fire Dragon land slowly on the ground to drop off Kaiser, Meinan, and Liola. Then he took Purity back into the air, and confronted the Water Dragon Knight.

Both sides seemed to be extremely strong: the Water Dragon Knight and the levitating Sorcerer were obviously strong. But Daylight hadn’t gotten his Blue Rank for nothing.

Also, the immense magic emitting from Purity’s body made her opponents feel like they were about to face their nemesis… Though Kaiser and the others waited to see how it would turn out.

“Hurry! We should go as far as possible.” Before Kaiser had finished speaking, he was already more than ten meters away.

“What about Daylight?” Meinan nervously asked.

“What about him? I’ll visit his grave every Memorial Day.” Kaiser stood at the entrance to the Sorcerer’s dorm and yelled. He was so loud that even Daylight heard him and had a strange expression on his face.

Liola slowly walked to Kaiser, then dragged Kaiser by his collar back to where Daylight and others were dueling.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing?! I don’t care if you want to die but don’t drag me along with you.”

Kaiser desperately struggled using his hands, feet, and even mouth to hold onto the dorm’s door frame. Unfortunately, the strength he has in his entire body didn’t come close to the strength of one of the Assassin’s finger. In conclusion, Liola dragged Kaiser with ease to die… No, to the dueling ground.

“I need you to explain how the fight is going.” Liola’s eyes seemed to be flashing with desire for a battle.

Kaiser laid on the ground and muttered: “If you have to promise me that I won’t lose a single strand of hair, then I’ll explain.”

Liola nodded. After getting Liola’s promise, Kaiser immediately jumped up and started giving a live coverage:

“A double duel is actually fairly common. Normally, two Knights or two Mecha Fighters were the common duo. But before technology was as advanced as it is now, a duo commonly consisted of a Knight and a Sorcerer, because the Knight’s close-quarter combat and defense are both strong, and Sorcerer mainly handled ranged attack, healing, etc.”

“Am I responsible for ranged attacks?” Purity pointed at herself and asked Daylight.

Daylight frowned: “I’ve never partnered with a Sorcerer… Do you know Protective Shield? Fireball?”

“I don’t know either.” Purity answered honestly.

“Then what do you know?” Daylight asked straightforwardly.

“Teleport.” Purity thought about it, and realized only knew that.

“Uh… Then don’t do anything until the situation is dire.” Daylight said tactfully with an awkward expression.

The Water Dragon Knight couldn’t wait anymore; he yelled: “Let the duel begin!” He took his long sword and charged, and the Sorcerer wasn’t idle either, he shot a few ice bolts from his hands.

Since his opponents suddenly attacked, Daylight didn’t have time to respond, so he could only let his mount barely dodge the ice bolts.

Just as Daylight pulled out his long pike, the Water Dragon Knight’s long sword had already reached his eye brows. Daylight flustered to block the long sword, and took a few steps back, trying to get a stable footing.

However, the Water Dragon Knight wouldn’t give him that chance. With every step back Daylight took, the Water Dragon Knight pushed one step forward, which made Daylight remain a defensive stance and could not fight back.

What’s worse was that, the opposing Sorcerer was clearly not incompetent. He constantly threw ice bolts at Daylight’s Fire Dragon, which made the Fire Dragon wail in pain as it tried to block the Water Dragon’s claws. Daylight was already at a disadvantage at the start of the fight.

“Looks like they’re going to lose for sure. If they had Meinan’s protective shield, perhaps they would be at equal footing.” Kaiser raised his head to look, and said as if he had already predicted this outcome.

“Kaiser underestimates Purity too much.” Purity yelled from above in dissatisfaction. Her black hair then again began to fly, and her magic power made it impossible for her opponent to ignore her.

“No! Big boss, I didn’t underestimate you. Please, I beg of you to stay behind Daylight. Don’t do anything stupid!” Kaiser immediately yelled, fearing that Purity would use ‘group teleportation’ and God knows where they would end up.

“Hmmph!” Purity pouted, and slowly gather a black magic ball in her hands.

Purity then yelled: “Daylight, get down!”

Daylight was shocked but still obeyed Purity, but as a result the Water Dragon Knight’s long sword had scraped his arm.

Purity screamed “Your lives are mine!” and threw the ball as hard as she could.

A ball of magic darker than night left her hand. The magic power within it made the opposing Sorcerer panic and yell:

“Brother, dodge! Don’t touch that!”

Hearing his older brother’s warning, the Water Dragon Knight immediately rode the Water Dragon and back away from the black ball. He then carefully observed the trajectory of the ball, fearing that it would suddenly accelerate.

A second passed by, then two, then three… the black ball had only moved about 36 cm, and it floated like an air balloon. It wasn’t even going in a straight line, and it would occasionally float towards Daylight.

Everyone looked at the black ball with doubt. When the black ball floated to about 5-6 meters in front of the Water Dragon Knight, it completely stopped. Everyone waited for ten more seconds, and nothing happened.

“Hehe…” Purity laughed awkwardly: “It looks like it failed.”

Everyone’s faces had a miniature seizure, and Daylight’s face was especially rigid. However, Kaiser and Meinan sighed in relief. It was better for Purity’s magic to do nothing, and they would never wish for her magic succeed.

The Water Dragon Knight had an ugly look on his face.

He said coldly: “Is this the attitude Aklan Academy students duel with? Do you treat duels as games?”

Daylight angrily yelled back: “Then is suddenly attacking before your opponents are even ready something Knights should do?”

The Water Dragon Knight laughed coldly, but just as he was about to open his mouth to say something, a huge black hole suddenly appeared in front of him.

Before the Water Dragon Knight and his brother had the chance to scream, they were completely swallowed by the black hole. All they could see was nothing but falling deeper into darkness… After swallowing the two people, the black hole burped and then disappeared into thin air.

* * *

For a long while, Daylight stared at empty place where the two people were standing. Then, He turned around and ask Purity:

“Where did they go?”

“I don’t know!” Purity widened her eyes and answered honestly.

“Are their lives in danger?” Daylight seemed worried. Even if it were a duel, it wasn’t necessary to kill them.

“Their lives aren’t in danger, but they’re probably going to be doing a bit of traveling.”

Kaiser’s laughter at other people’s misfortune got louder and louder. Things were going better than Kaiser had ever imagined.

“Daylight, behind you!” Liola suddenly warned.

Liola felt there was some power rumbling behind Daylight and Purity.

Daylight was stunned for a moment, then he immediately turned his head, but it was already too late.

A huge Water Dragon suddenly appeared.

With the Water Dragon Knight’s spell, the Water Dragon spit out a large pillar of water towards Daylight and Purity, along with tens of ice bolts cast by the Sorcerer.

Daylight had no time to dodge. All he could do was hold Purity in his arms and use his back to protect Purity from the magic spells.

After ten large sounds of impact, the Fire Dragon could no longer hold up and fell out of the sky. When it landed, the earth itself rumbled, and the air around it was covered by dust. But the Water Dragon Knight and the Sorcerer weren’t about to give up. A few more rays of magic appeared and headed towards the Fire Dragon.

Liola grabbed Meinan and ran toward the Fire Dragon, and Meinan cooperatively started his own spell: “Protective Shield!”

All the rays of magic hit the shield, but the shield was completely unscathed.

Meinan firmly maintained the protective shield so the Water Dragon Knight would not have another chance to attack Daylight and Purity.

Liola turned around to determine their situation. The dust was slowly settling, and Purity’s sobbing sounds could be heard faintly.

Liola frowned. He saw Purity was under Daylight’s body and was still conscious. She seemed to have only suffered minor injures. But Daylight, as a human meat shield, wasn’t as lucky. His white Knight uniform had been almost torn completely, and his back was also covered in blood. Daylight was unconscious.

Liola immediately held Daylight up. He placed one finger under Daylight’s nose to check it he was still breathing. Then he grabbed Daylight to take him to a healing Maxus and patch up his wounds.

“Freeze! The duel isn’t over.” The Sorcerer’s continuous attacks failed to penetrate Meinan’s protective shield, and got upset. Seeing Liola was about to take away the Blue Knight, he immediately tried to stop him.

Liola answered with an expression on his face: “He is already unconscious. You win.”

“This is a double duel. As long as one person stands, the duel must continue.” The Sorcerer’s eyes were filled with malice.

Liola sensed that the unconscious Daylight was still bleeding, and his body temperature seemed to be dropping. He couldn’t wait any longer. So he turned and walked towards Purity, who curiously raised her head to look at Liola.

Liola said: “Close your eyes.”

Though Purity was confused, she had never doubted anything Liola said. She obeyed and closed her eyes, and then felt numb in the back of her head.

Purity fell over and fell unconscious just like Daylight. And what knocked Purity unconscious, was of course Liola’s foot to her head.

Liola turned and said to the Water Dragon Knight and Sorcerer.

“Both unconscious. You win.”

Liola’s cold silver eyes stared at them. They felt If they didn’t stop now, they will be paying a heavy price.

The Sorcerer looked at Liola up and down, then he asked: “What’s your name.”

“Liola.” Liola answered straightforwardly.

“Liola.” The Sorcerer repeated his name, confirming he had never heard his name. He then raised his head and said:

“I am Yiyu, and my brother’s name is Yizhou. Tell your principal that the school ranking matches are about to begin, and we, the Violet Academy, were here to greet you first.”

“After the next ranking match, the Violet Academy will no longer be the second best!” Yizhou said coldly, as the Water Dragon underneath him gave out a roar.

The Violet Academy students who were attacking Aklan Academy all stopped to look in the direction of the Water Dragon Knight. Yizhou gestured a command with his hands, and then flew away without looking back.

* * *

“Academy ranking match?” Liola raised his head to ask Meinan, whom cluelessly shook his head, indicating that he didn’t know either.

“What ranking match? How come I’ve never heard of it?! But I say, a match like that probably has nothing to do with the School of Sorcery, right?” Kaiser said restlessly: “No person would send Sorcerers to it, right?”

But then everyone thought: ‘Barbalis probably doesn’t count as a person!’

Though all the students were angrily waiting for the principal to come out and explain this ranking match, but even with such large disturbances, the principal was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t until Liola tossed Daylight into a healing Maxun, and then kick down the principal’s office doors with Kaiser, did they find the principal along with Blood Wolf.

“Liola? It’s a good thing you’re here. Have you decided to be a Dragon Prince yet? I’m busy, you know, I can’t wait all day everyday for your answer.”

Blood Wolf was sitting in front of a game with his eyes staring at a screen. Both of his hands were holding a joystick. After glancing Liola with the corner of his eyes, he muttered and went back to his game.

“Liola, why was the Academy so noisy today? Did you guys cause some more trouble? I told you, I can’t always go and fix your mess. As a principal, I’m really quite busy.”

Barbalis crossed his legs and sat on the sofa. His face was buried in some book entitled The Most Beautiful Magicians in History, and there was a cup of bubbling green liquid next to him.

Liola felt something he couldn’t comprehend. It was like anger but not exactly. It wasn’t until Kaiser had explain it did Liola understand that he was dumbfounded.

“F— you.” Kaiser swore as soon as he spoke, he also raised both his middle fingers and said:

“We were fighting for our lives outside, and what are you guys doing?! Playing games and looking at erotic magazines?!”

‘Did you even move a finger?’ Liola thought skeptically.

“I’m using the most popular Maxun to research for new moves!” Blood Wolf immediately looked at Kaiser to explain.

“And I’m researching the great history of magic.” Barbalis also put down his magazine and explained.

“Bullsh—!” Kaiser mercilessly gave out more middle fingers. He then sat on the principal’s seat, and acted like a principal yelling at his ‘students’:

“You’re still playing?! Other schools already came here. They shat in your toilet and didn’t flush, and just walked away.”

“What?” Barbalis got angry: “What kind of unhygienic guy would poop in my house without flushing? And he didn’t even wipe his ass? What a disgusting person.”

“It’s just a metaphor!” Kaiser snapped: “Hey, Barbalis, what is this Academy Ranking Match?”

Hearing the match, Barbalis’ face changed slightly, then he said awkwardly:

“Uh, it’s just a meeting between Academies where we exchange some ideas and learn from one another.”

Kaiser turned the lamp on the desk towards Barbalis. The light made Barbalis dizzy.

Kaiser said with a deafening voice:

“Barbalis, tell me the truth, otherwise all your beautiful magician girl’s books, pictures, and even statues will all be turned into muscle men.”

“No, don’t turn my beautiful magician girl into a muscle man! I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you anything!” Barbalis cried.

Blood Wolf was speechless, and he felt regretful of the accident that lead him to meet Barbalis.

“Well… Everyone had always been unhappy about Aklan Academy being the best. So the last time there was a meeting between the academies, they decided on a ranking match every three years. The academies would compete with each other, and became better because of it.” Barbalis said with and innocent look on his face.

Kaiser coldly continued to inquire: “When was this decided?”

“A year ago.” Barbalis looked even more innocent than before.

Kaiser jumped over the desk and flew onto the sofa. He grabbed Barbalis’ The Most Beautiful Magicians in History and tore it to shreds. Then, he pointed at Barbalis’ nose and said exaggeratedly:

“You better tell me the rules now. Otherwise I’ll announce this news to all the schools. I promise, the students who just fought with the Violet Academy would love to come to the principal’s office and give you a piece of their mind!”

“Ah! My beautiful magician girl…” Barbalis knew he did something wrong. He howled as he grabbed the shreds from the ground, and explained as he did so:

“Every academy sends a group of five students, and they will be competing in elimination matches.”

“Really? That’s all?” Kaiser narrowed his eyes to inquire.

Barbalis desperately nodded. He had no choice. He fell asleep during the last meeting, and he hadn’t heard anything else.

Kaiser sat down, and cross his legs to think:

“Five people, who should we send then? Liola is a must, and Daylight isn’t bad. Meinan’s protective shield should be useful too. Hey, Barbalis, are there some useful students in the School of Mecha Fighters? If we don’t send one from their school, I’m sure we’ll never hear the end of it.”

Barbalis looked uneasy: “We probably have to send Jetter Motor.”

“You’re talking about the guy controlled a rank-C mecha and was no better than someone controlling a rank-D mecha?” Kaiser snapped:

“We’re better off sending one less person, at least he wouldn’t be able to hold the rest back.”

Barbalis looked uneasy again: “I have no choice. If we don’t send him, I would never hear the end of it from the Commerce Alliance. Liola can 1v5 them anyway, so it’s not going to make a difference.”

“Well, that’s true.” Kaiser nodded. With Liola there, even if the other four people were all Jetters, they can’t lose.

Barbalis put his hand on Kaiser’s shoulder, and said as a matter of fact: “Then we’ll send you as the last man!”

Kaiser opened his mouth wide and stuttered: “Wa-wa-wa-wa-why me? Wouldn’t Jasmine or Lanski be much better?”

Barbalis shook his head: “This is something you don’t understand. The battle between the academies in Aklan Empire will be full of trickery, deceit, and cheating. And who else is more contemptible than you? No one, right? So you have to go. And it’s decided. I will draft a list of names for the council.”

“Wait…” Kaiser still tried to protest.

Barbalis turned and looked outside the window: “Hmm, I hear that Mizerui will be back soon!”

Kaiser’s shoulders collapsed: “Fine. But I will only be responsible for tactics. Don’t ask me to fight.”

“Liola will be there, there won’t be one for you to fight with even if you wanted to.” Barbalis laughed loudly as he patted Kaiser’s back.

Kaiser had no choice but nod his head forcefully and agree.

The silent Liola had another strange feeling. Blood Wolf, too, patted Liola’s shoulder and sighed:

“This is called helplessness! Little bro, I’m going to ask you again, are you not going to the Dragon Empire?”

Liola finally gave Blood Wolf an assured answer: “I’m not going.”

Blood Wolf was shocked at the unexpected answer, and he laughed loudly:

“Good for you, Liola. Now I can see the Dragon Emperor’s shocked expression! But because of your decision, Lancelot probably won’t have you as his apprentice. Honestly, being Lancelot’s apprentice would be quite an injustice to you.”

“We can’t do that!” Kaiser suddenly remembered something. He jumped up from the sofa and yelled:

“If we’re entering Silver Mask into the match, there will be someone who would question Silver Mask’s identity. It’d be fine if he wasn’t Lancelot’s apprentice, but he’s not even a Knight!”

Upon hearing this, Blood Wolf laughed mysteriously: “Who says Liola isn’t a Knight?”

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